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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 14, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, October 14, 2002

While Erica is trying to convince Rick to sleep with her, he continues to push her away. She tells him that she is ready to let him be her first and he tells her that he is not ready. As he pushes her away, he hears someone banging on the door. Rick, thinking it's Amber, rushes downstairs with a flashlight and opens the door to Ridge. Ridge tells Rick that Sheila is in town and has kidnapped Amber. Rick questions why Sheila would risk coming back to town and Ridge informs him that Sheila is in town for her daughter Mary. As Erica hides on the stairs, Ridge tells Rick that Erica is Mary. Rick is flabbergasted. As he tries to take it all in, Erica tries to sneak out of the house. Just as she gets to the door the electricity comes on. Rick confronts Erica and tells her that Sheila Carter is in town and she has Amber. Erica acts surprised as if she didn't know Sheila. Rick asks her if that's why her mother didn't come to the dinner help in Erica's honor. Erica said that her mother had left town and she had not spoken to her in weeks. Rick grabs Erica's cell phone and asks her if he hit redial will her mother answer. Rick then grabs Erica's shoulders and asks her where Sheila has taken Amber. She tells Rick that Amber is fine and Sheila would not hurt her. Ridge scoffs and informs Erica that Sheila is a murderer. Erica tells Rick that Sheila has taken Amber to her apartment.

As Sheila points the gun at Amber, Massimo calls out Sheila's name. Sheila lets Massimo and Stephanie in a gunpoint. While Stephanie rushes to Amber's side, Massimo tries to talk Sheila into putting the gun down by telling her she is ruining Mary's life. Stephanie asks Sheila how she could put her own daughter through this. Sheila says it is Stephanie's fault that Mary never had a normal childhood. They were constantly moving every few months to avoid being found. Sheila threatens to shoot Amber and Stephanie if Massimo does not stay away from her. Sheila hears the sirens and panics. She rushes out of the apartment and threatened to shoot anyone that came after her. Massimo goes after Sheila and she shoots at him and misses. Amber calls Rick and tells him she is alright and she was coming home. Amber tells Rick that Sheila got away and he needs to keep Erica there until the police arrive. Massimo tells the police that Sheila got away and she is armed.

Eric and Brooke fantasize about how there live would be if they could be together for their children. Eric suggests that Brooke and Hope spend the night because of the storm. Brooke informs Eric that she is tempted but Stephanie would not like it. She tells him that he has something good with Stephanie and she did not want to ruin that so she better go home. After she leaves Eric has his back to the door when someone enters. Thinking it's Brooke, Eric says, "I knew you would come back." Little does he know it's Sheila.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

At Erica's apartment, Amber told Lt. Baker that Sheila had abducted her and cut off her ankle tracking device. Amber also explained to him that Sheila admitted she had set up Amber to make it appear that she had spent the night with Lance. Sheila had been responsible for all of the things that Amber was recently accused of doing! Stephanie apologized to Amber for not believing in her. When Taylor arrived to help, Amber said that she was grateful to Taylor for never doubting her. Lt. Baker allowed Amber to return home to Rick. Stephanie and Massimo drove Amber home.

At Rick's, Erica plead forgiveness from Rick. Rick was ballistic because Ridge had informed him that Erica is Sheila's daughter. Rick refused to believe that Erica had only recently learned what Sheila had done to Amber. Erica tried to make Rick understand that although she made mistakes, she never lied about her love for Rick. Rick told Erica that nothing about the last few weeks had been real. The police arrived to take Erica in to the station for questioning. Amber and Rick had a happy reunion with passionate hugs. Amber told Erica that she is as sick as Sheila is.

Eric was shocked to see Sheila in his house. Sheila explained that she was there only for her daughter's sake. Sheila revealed that Erica is really Mary. Sheila also told Eric that Erica is named after him. Sheila tried to make Eric understand that Erica is better for Rick than Amber. Erica did not want to hear anything Sheila had to say about Erica. Eric became quite hostile with Sheila and told her to "go to Hell." Taylor drove to Eric's. When Taylor walked into the house, she was horrified to see Sheila pointing a gun at Eric.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

by Anna

As Eric tries to call the police, Sheila pulls out her gun. She asks him, "is it too much to ask for a better life?" Then Sheila notices Taylor, who is still standing at the door. With her gun pointed at Taylor, Sheila forces her to stand beside Eric. Taylor tells Sheila she just wants to talk to her as a mother, but Sheila says that after being married to James, she doesn't trust shrinks. Sheila insists that she has done all she has done to try to give Erica a happy life. If Taylor had just stayed out of it, Erica could have been happy.

At Rick and Amber's house, Ridge apologizes to Amber for doubting her. Then he and Stephanie leave, giving Rick and Amber some time alone. Amber tells Rick about her time with Sheila. She tells him how proud Sheila was of Erica for trying to seduce Rick and get pregnant. Rick assures Amber that he wouldn't have slept with Erica. He apologizes for not believing in Amber while she was out there with Sheila, fighting for her life. Amber tells him that it wasn't his fault. She stayed strong by thinking about her family. Amber and Rick kiss passionately, glad that the whole ordeal is finally over.

Meagan stops in to visit Brooke and the baby. She is curious to know if anything has been happening between her and Eric. Brooke assures her that nothing is going on and that right now she is doing just fine without a man in her life. Brooke asks Meagan to stay with Hope for a few minutes while she goes over to Eric's to get a bottle that she left behind in the refrigerator.

In the car, Ridge and Stephanie discuss the evening. Ridge is anxious to get home to Taylor and apologize for not believing Taylor and Amber. Stephanie is also anxious to get home and talk to Eric. She realizes that she never called him to tell him that Sheila was in L.A. Ridge is worried that Sheila might be crazy enough to go to Eric's house.

Taylor tries to reason with Sheila and begs her not to pull the trigger, ruining Erica's life. Sheila doesn't believe anything Taylor says. As Taylor comes closer to Sheila asking for the gun, Brooke enters from the kitchen with the bottle of milk. When Brooke sees Sheila, she drops the bottle, startling Sheila. Sheila turns and aims the gun at Brooke as Brooke turns to run. Taylor quickly tries to grab the gun from Sheila's hand and is shot in the struggle. While Sheila stares at what has just happened, Brooke and Eric jump on Sheila and try to get the gun. Brooke is shot and slumps to the floor. Eric gets the gun from Sheila and knocks her to the floor. He goes to Brooke who is conscious and asks her if she is okay. Then the two of them notice Taylor lying on the floor in a pool of blood. When Eric goes to her, Taylor is unresponsive and is bleeding heavily. "God help us," Eric cries.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

At his home, a shaken Eric tied Sheila up with a telephone cord. He then called 911 for help for Brooke and Taylor. He also told 911 that Sheila was there. Stephanie and Ridge were horrified to see Brooke lying on the floor. Stephanie discovered that Taylor was also hurt and lying on the floor. Ridge was shocked to find Taylor injured because he believed that she was home with the children. Brooke told Stephanie that she felt guilty because she did not realize that Sheila was in the house. Brooke felt responsible that Taylor was shot. She told Stephanie that Taylor had tried to save her.

At the hospital, the doctor informed Brooke that she would require immediate surgery. The doctor told her that surgery would have to be performed in order to get the bullet out of her. Despite her own injury, Brooke remained concerned about Taylor's well-being. The nurse allowed Ridge to speak to Taylor before she was brought into surgery. Taylor woke up long enough for Ridge to tell her that he loves her. Taylor requested that Ridge tell the children that she loves them. Ridge insisted that because Taylor was going to be okay, she could tell the children that she loves them in person.

At home, Rick and Amber were unaware that Sheila had shot Brooke and Taylor. They were grateful to Stephanie and Massimo that Amber had been rescued. Amber and Rick concluded that they would never see Sheila or Erica again. They began their celebration by making love.

At Spectra Fashions, Massimo told Sally that he and Stephanie had rescued Amber from Sheila. Sally advised Massimo that Sheila is a psychopath and very dangerous. Massimo admitted that he had been seduced by Sheila's charms.

At Eric's, Sheila was arrested by Lt. Baker. She tried to apologize for injuring Brooke and Taylor. Sheila tried to explain to Eric that she was only trying to help her daughter. Eric shouted at Sheila to "go to hell."

Friday, October 18, 2002

Rick and Amber arrive at the hospital to learn from Brooke's doctor that she came through her surgery and is expected to make a complete recovery. Ridge and Stephanie wait for news of how Taylor is doing in surgery. He blames himself for not being a better father and husband and being away for weeks on a business trip, and for not trusting and believing in her when she told him that Amber had done no wrong. Stephanie comforts Ridge and encourages him to remember that Taylor is a fighter and will get through this. Taylor's physician comes to tell Ridge and Stephanie that she came through the surgery but her condition is still very serious. He warns them about the things that could still be a problem, such as possible blood clots or infection. He also says there is a chance of brain damage due to the amount of time Taylor spent on the heart and lung machines. Ridge demands to see his wife and goes in to sit by her bedside and hold her hand and tell her how much he loves and needs her, as do their children.

Erica goes to visit her mother for what she claims will be the last time that Sheila will ever see her. She angrily corrects her mother telling her that her name is Mary not Erica but not to get used to saying it because she will never see her again. Erica blasts Sheila for all the wrong that she did to so many people. She leaves out her part in all of it telling Sheila she finally accepts her mother to be the evil person that she has always known she was except in the past Erica/Mary admits she had allowed herself to listen to the excuses her mother made about her antisocial behavior. She goes even farther to tell Sheila that she hopes she feels the same sense of betrayal that Erica/Mary has felt. Sheila tells her daughter that she never betrayed her and in fact, Erica/Mary has been the one thing she has always been true to. Smiling like the devil she maneuvers her daughter back against a wall and tells her that she may think she can run and hide but she will always have a part of Sheila inside of her. She tells Erica/Mary to "carry on." Because even if she is in prison, she will always be with her every minute of every hour of every day.

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