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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 28, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, October 28, 2002

Megan asks Brooke if she thinks about being with Ridge if something, God forbid, should happened to Taylor. Brooke is outraged that Megan could even think such a thing. Brooke says that she is praying for Taylor to come home to her husband and kids. She tells Megan how much she admires and respects Taylor for being a good wife and mother. Brooke states how Taylor is her inspiration and how she wishes she was the mother that Taylor is. Brooke says that her time with Ridge has past and she no longer has that dream. Megan tells her that it is only natural to wonder how things would turn out if Taylor should happen to die. She also informs Brooke that through a friend, she has learned that Taylor's Condition has been downgraded and things do not look good. Brooke can only hope and pray that things get better for Taylor.

Bridget tries to entertain Ridge and Taylor's kids by doing the things that Taylor would have done if she was there. She tries to keep them occupied by carving pumpkins for Halloween. When she leaves the secret ingredient off the baked pumpkin seeds, they inform Aunt Bridget that she has a lot to learn about being a mom. Bridget realizes that Taylor's shoes would take a lot to fill. The kid's talk about the traditions they have with Taylor for the upcoming holidays. They ask Bridget if Taylor would be home by then. Bridget tells them that the doctors are doing all they can to make Taylor well.

As Ridge is reeling from Taylor's death, Stephanie and Eric walk in to check on Taylor. They think Taylor is just sleeping. Stephanie notices that Taylor's monitors are turned off and she questions Ridge. Ridge informs them that Taylor requested that the monitors be turned off. Stephanie moves closer and realizes that Taylor is not breathing. She panics and tells Eric to go and get the doctor. Ridge stops them and tells them that this is what Taylor wanted. Stephanie has a hard time accepting the fact that Taylor wanted to die. She questions Ridge as to how he could allow this to happen. She wants to know why he didn't get the doctors to restart her heart. He tells her that it will only fail again and Taylor was at peace with her decision. Stephanie finally realizes that she has lost her close friend and confidante. She promises Taylor that she will raise her children just as Taylor would have and make sure that all her dreams and aspirations for her children would come true. Eric presents a Forrester Original nightgown that he made for Taylor. He said that he didn't want her in those old hospital gowns because she deserved the best. He stated how the imported hand made silk could not possibly do justice to her beauty. He reminisced about when he first saw her and admired her beauty, not realizing then how important she would become to his family. The doctor comes in with the orderly and expresses his sympathy to them all. When Ridge sees the orderly with the gurney he explodes and tells them that they are not taking his wife anywhere and tells them to get out of her room. Mark tells Ridge to take all the time he needs with his wife. Stephanie and Eric leave Ridge alone with Taylor to say his goodbyes. Ridge rants at God and ask him how God could take Taylor away from him and the kids because they need her more than He does. Ridge asks Taylor to come back to him and the kids. Reality hits, and he finally breaks down and expresses his pain with loud sobs and tears.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

At Ridge and Taylor's home, Eric informed Bridget that Taylor had died. Eric and Bridget grieved for Taylor and the children. Eric advised Bridget that now the family must care for the children and support Ridge. Eric emphasized that their love will not be enough or the same kind of love that Taylor would have given them.

Tricia Quick, Taylor's friend from school went to the hospital at Taylor's request. Tricia told Ridge and Stephanie that she is a grief counselor and that Taylor had requested that she come to the hospital. Ridge understood immediately that Taylor had sent Tricia to counsel he and the children. Ridge was very resentful toward Tricia.

In prison, Sheila had requested to see Massimo. Massimo went to the prison out of curiosity at Sheila's request. Sheila was adamant that she shot Brooke and Taylor accidentally. Sheila tried to convince Massimo that she is really the person he knew before the shooting. Sheila explained to Massimo that she had gone to see Eric because she is a mother-for her daughter's sake. Sheila's words continued to make Massimo angrier. Sheila explained that because the shooting was an accident, she does not belong in prison. Sheila asked Massimo to use his influence to help get her out of prison. She offered to repay him by working for him and offering sexual favors. Massimo received a telephone call informing him that Taylor was dead. Massimo warned Sheila before leaving that no one is going to be able to help her in this life or the next one.

Out of grief and rage, Ridge decided to pay Sheila a visit at the prison. Sheila was shocked to see Ridge!

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

by Anna

Ridge visits Sheila in jail. Sheila, looking frightened, apologizes for Taylor's death. She insists that it was an accident, and that she panicked. Ridge gets in her face and tells her that the time to panic is now. Ridge tells Sheila that she is a sicko for involving her own daughter in kidnapping and murder. He can't live with what Sheila has done and neither should she. As Ridge pushes Sheila up against the wall and chokes her, Sheila tries to call for a guard. Ridge threatens to send her to hell for what she has done. Three guards finally arrive to pull Ridge off of Sheila, as Sheila lies on the ground coughing and struggling to catch her breath.

Stephanie comes to visit Brooke, who is on her way out to visit Taylor at the hospital. Stephanie breaks the news to Brooke that Taylor died during the night. Brooke can hardly believe what Stephanie is telling her. Stephanie assures her that Taylor died peacefully. The two discuss how caring and compassionate Taylor was towards everyone. They wonder how Ridge will survive without her. Brooke says that at least he has the children, but Stephanie wonders how he will face them. What will he do without his life partner?

Stephie gets up early and asks Bridget and Eric when her mommy will be home. Eric sends her upstairs to get ready to go to breakfast. Bridget is saddened thinking about all the things that Taylor will miss in the children's' lives. The children will never get over loosing their mother. Eric, knowing that Ridge is probably not ready to face the children, takes them all out for doughnuts. Bridget stays behind to talk to Ridge. When he arrives home, he begins to remember some of the special times that he had with Taylor and his children. The phone rings and he motions for Bridget to let it ring. When the answering machine picks up, Taylor's voice fills the room. Ridge replays her outgoing message several times before collapsing in tears. Bridget puts her arms around him while he cries.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Unable to take the sound of Taylor's voice anymore, Bridget stops Ridge from playing her answering machine message again, just as Eric drives up with the kids. Done with breakfast, the kids are thrilled to find their father home and show him the donuts they have for him and their mommy. Realizing he must tell them about Taylor, Ridge decides it's time. Before he can, though, Tricia arrives and introduces herself as a friend of their mother's. She takes Ridge aside and advises him to be honest with the children and tell them their mother has died. When he does so, Thomas is quick to vent his anger and tells Ridge he hates him for saying Taylor is dead. Dr. Cooper chats with Mark about Taylor's death. Mark laments the fact that modern medicine was unable to save the life of someone like Taylor. Mark takes a moment to remember advising his mother Margo that he's taken a job in Los Angeles. Hearing where he would be working, Margo urged Mark to reconsider because she's afraid that he's going to look for his father. Margo went on to worry that he would find nothing but anger and resentment once he found the man. Kristen, Rick and Amber arrive at the mansion and there, in front of them and Thorne, Stephanie lets them know that Taylor died last night. Amber is quick to blame herself for what happened but Stephanie calms her.

Friday, November 1, 2002

Stephanie opens the front door to find Taylor's father, Jack. He comes in and tells Stephanie he was supposed to go straight to Ridge's home but the thought of Taylor being gone, and seeing Ridge and the kids there was more than he was able to handle before the start of the funeral. He also tells Stephanie that he hopes Brooke has no intention of showing up. Stephanie tells Jack that Brooke hadn't been a problem for Ridge and Taylor for a very long time. Jack doesn't care. He says Brooke caused Taylor enough pain while she was alive that the decent thing for her to do would be to stay away.

Meanwhile, Ridge sits down to prepare the children for what they may see at the funeral.

He asks them if there is anything they'd like to say or do. The girls ask if it will be ok to sing a song. Ridge tells them that would be fine. Everybody would like that. Thomas is still very angry about his mother's death and says he doesn't want to go to the funeral. Ridge tells him that even though it is an important day for the whole family, nobody was going to make him go to the funeral if he doesn't want to go. He tells his son he will save a seat right next to him if he changes his mind.

Guests start to arrive at the funeral. Ridge has requested an open casket. Different family and friends go to say personal good-bys to Taylor. Clark doesn't join Sally, C.J., and Darla. He remains behind at the office. Ironically, Dr. Mark chooses this day as the perfect time to confront the father he feels abandoned him when he was a baby. He asks Bridget and C.J. to pass along his condolences to the family. Leaving the hospital, he follows the address to his father's office and says hello to his dad, Clark Garrison.

At the funeral, Jack's worst fears are realized when he turns away from saying good-by to Taylor to see Brooke arrive clutching the arm of Ridge in the company of the twins. Sally makes a statement about Taylor not even being in the ground before Brooke has draped herself all over Ridge. Thomas shows up but falls back from entering standing behind a shrub at the entrance to the garden area. Sally isn't the only one to notice Brooke's arrival. Jack is furious that she has shown up. Stephanie tries to calm him down and tells him to let her talk to Brooke and ask her to sit in the back. Brooke heads toward the casket so that she can pay her respects to Taylor but is unable to control himself and angrily grabs her arm and yanks her to the back of the seating area. He loudly asks Brooke what she thinks she is doing, and then tells her even more loudly to get out. He wants her to leave. He says that Taylor would not want her there and he doesn't want her there either. Unbeknownst to either of them, the already angry and upset Thomas sees and overhears Jack's tirade against Brooke.

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