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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 4, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, November 4, 2002

Clarke is thrilled and surprised to see Mark. Clarke apologizes for not being there when Mark was growing up and says he is sure that Margo, Mark's mother, has told Mark all kinds of bad things about him. Mark assures Clarke that he doesn't hate him. Clarke tries to explain the he was young and ambitious and he made a mistake by not being there for Mark as he grew up. Mark adds that Clarke can make up for his mistakes now and hands him a piece of paper with his phone number on it. He wants Clarke to call him so they can get to know each other. Clarke says he would like that very much and they share a father and son hug.

Brooke tries to convince Jack that she and Taylor were friends, but Jack insists that Brooke tried to destroy Taylor's marriage and now she's after Ridge. Stephanie and Ridge try to calm Jack down and Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn't mind if she stays. Brooke is embarrassed about the scene Jack created and agrees that it would be for the best if she left. Megan goes after Brooke to console her and Brooke explains to Megan that she just wants to help Ridge because she feels she owes it to Taylor to be there for her family.

Eric is the first to speak at the funeral service, and he reminds everyone to be grateful to have known Taylor as long as they did. He states that she touched a lot of lives in a positive way. Stephanie expresses how much Taylor meant to her and how she will miss her very much. As Kristen speaks, Thomas walks in and is hesitant about sitting in the seat next to Ridge. Ridge hugs and kisses Thomas and assures him that he will be o.k. After Ridge shares his memories and his grief with the group, he tells Taylor how much he will miss her and states that he still does not understand why she was taken from her family. After he kisses her forehead, he takes off his wedding band and places it in the coffin. Phoebe and Steffy sing a dedication to their mother that appropriately said they know she is out there watching over them and then Steffy breaks away and places her blanket in the coffin with Taylor. She says good-bye to her mother.

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Stephanie goes to see Sheila in prison. Stephanie wonders how anyone could get to be so evil, and why someone like Sheila would be allowed to live when someone like Taylor is taken away. Stephanie reminds Sheila that she's left Erica with nothing -- no trust and no past. Stephanie points out that it is justice that Sheila will never again see the person she loves most in the world and has the added guilt that it was her own doing. Sheila says that it wasn't Taylor who should have died, but Stephanie. She promises that when she gets out of jail, Stephanie is next. Ridge tries to answer his children's questions and tries to stay strong for them. When Brooke hears that Ridge sent everyone away after the service so he could be alone with the children, Brooke is convinced that he needs support and urges Bridget to go help him. Tricia stops by to see if Brooke is all right after the scene with Jack at the funeral. Tricia explains that before Taylor died, she asked her to watch out for Brooke. Brooke's hackles go up and she assures Tricia that she and Ridge will do fine without her. Thomas has trouble getting to sleep, and an exhausted Ridge answers his questions as best he can. Ridge is grateful when Bridget arrives and offers to read with Thomas until he can go to sleep. Ridge goes to his bedroom and breaks down in tears.

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

by Anna

At Massimo's office, Massimo is upset that Brooke was at Taylor's funeral, right at Ridge's side. He warns Stephanie to keep an eye on Brooke and to protect Ridge, who is very vulnerable right now. Stephanie leaves, headed for Forrester.

Brooke has assembled everyone in her office for a meeting. She suggests getting Ridge back at Forrester to strengthen the company and the family. Brooke wants to pay Taylor back by taking care of Ridge and getting him to come back to the company. Rick disagrees, saying that Ridge has different ideas of what the company should be, but Brooke is sure that they can work through the problems they had before. Stephanie enters the room just as Brooke announces, "I want Ridge back." After Stephanie realizes what they are discussing, she reminds them that Ridge has a job. Brooke insists that she wants to heal the family and that she wants input from everyone on her idea. As everyone leaves, Eric thanks her. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is amazing, but not in a good way. Stephanie insists that Brooke will not get what she wants, but Brooke denies that she is making a play for Ridge. Brooke reminds Stephanie that she has changed in the last few months, but Stephanie doesn't believe her and warns her to stay away from Ridge.

At the Insomnia, Bridget tells C.J. how she stayed at Ridge's last night and helped with the kids. She feels that Stephanie or Brooke would be better at being with Ridge, but C.J. thinks that the last thing Ridge needs is Brooke putting the moves on him. Bridget assures C.J. that Brooke is not after Ridge. C.J. thinks that Bridget is just the person to be with Ridge right now, and she is helping a lot by just being there for the kids and giving him time to grieve.

As Ridge stares at a picture of Taylor, the grief counselor that Taylor had contacted arrives on a motorcycle. Ridge is impressed by the bike, and she tells him that she had it shipped from her home in New York. As they go inside, Ridge tells her he is thinking about moving to escape the painful memories. She warns him not to make any big changes right away. She reminds him that he is not alone. Taylor used to tell her what a wonderful father Ridge was and she is sure that Ridge will make the right choices for his family.

Thursday, November 7, 2002

At Forrester Creations, Brooke plead with Stephanie not to undo all of the progress that they had made with their relationship. Brooke acknowledged that Ridge still loves Taylor. Stephanie requested that Brooke promise that she not pursue Ridge. Brooke asked Stephanie why she is against her and Ridge reuniting in the future? Stephanie admitted that she was not really Brooke's friend all of this time-she was only trying to help Brooke with her baby. In essence Stephanie told Brooke that she was not trying to protect Eric, Thorne and Ridge from her.

Massimo visited Ridge to offer his support. He advised Ridge against re-involving himself with Brooke. Ridge was very defensive about Brooke. Massimo told Stephanie that Ridge is very stubborn about Brooke. Stephanie concurred with Massimo that Brooke is plotting to get back into Ridge's life.

At the Insomnia, Clarke revealed to C.J. that his older half-brother is in LA. Clarke told C.J. that he was enthusiastic about his son, Mark, and hopeful that he and C.J. could be close. C.J. was unaware of who is brother is-Dr. Mark MacClaine.

Meanwhile, Bridget met Mark at the beach club for a mentoring session. Mark announced to Bridget that he likes her a lot and this could be considered their first date! Mark confided that he had introduced himself to his father. He told Bridget that he holds no resentment towards his father.

Brooke visited Ridge. Ridge told Brooke that he was warned about re-involving himself with her. She revealed to Ridge that Stephanie told her to stay away from him. Brooke asked Ridge whether she should leave? Brooke observed how much pain Ridge is in over Taylor. Brooke gave Ridge a comforting embrace as they both cried.

Friday, November 8, 2002

Clark excitedly tells Sally he has met his son, Mark who is now living in LA. He tells her what a great young man Mark is but when Sally asks if Clark told Mark about C.J., he says that he hasn't. On the other side of town, C.J. seems jealous of Bridget's lunch "date" with her hospital "mentor." Bridget says it wasn't a date, although Mark had indicated that it was. Mark comes to Insomnia looking for Bridget and is confronted by C.J. who tells him to stay away from Bridget. They trade barbs back and forth until finally Mark tells C.J. that he couldn't understand what Bridget might need because C.J. has probably never experienced a personal loss in his life. No sooner than the words are out, C.J. punches Mark sending him to the floor in surprise.

Brooke talks with Ridge about coping with Taylor's death and suggests that it might help if he came back to work at Forrester. He tells her he can't think about work right now. She also tells him that she knows Taylor's psychologist friend, Trish has offered to help him and the kids but Brooke thinks he would be better surrounding by people who know and love him than with a stranger.

Massimo and Stephanie discuss their concern that Brooke may use this vulnerable time in Ridge's life to get closer to him. Stephanie says she wishes she could honor Taylor more by trying to see the good in Brooke but confesses that she just doesn't trust her. Trish stops by Stephanie's office to check on how she is doing. She admits that she has met with Brooke who "isn't an easy person to get to know." Trish listens to Stephanie and Massimo's concerns and offers advice and her card if they need to talk more. After she leaves, Stephanie tells Massimo she is going over to see Ridge because she wants to get to him before Brooke does. When she arrives, she finds Ridge being embraced by Brooke who is comforting him as he laments Taylor's absence and not knowing how he will get on with his life without her.

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