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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 18, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, November 18, 2002

Stephanie is updating Eric on Brooke's behavior regarding Ridge, when Brooke walks in to complain to Eric about Stephanie's behavior and attitude towards Brooke. The two begin to argue and Eric becomes distracted by a picture in a magazine. He recognizes it as a picture of one of his designs with the Spectra Original label on it. He becomes outraged that Ridge would allow Spectra to continue to knock off Forrester designs. He heads out to confront Ridge and the Spectra group. Stephanie tries to assure him that Ridge would never do anything like that and she decides to go with him to try to calm him down. When Brooke tries to accompany Eric and Stephanie, Stephanie stops her in her tracks and tells her not to even think about coming with them. The Sprectra group are having a welcome back celebration for Ridge. They tell Ridge that they are excited about him coming back to work. Ridge tells them that he is not ready to come back yet. Eric bursts into the Spectra office and demands that they stop copying the Forrester designs. Sally tells Eric that the dress is an Spectra Original design and not a copy of a Forrester Original. Eric states that no one in the whole Spectra organization had enough talent to design a dress of that stature and demands to know who designed the dress. Ridge tells Eric that he designed the dress. Eric is appalled that Ridge would copy one of his designs. Ridge tells Eric that he designed the dress and it is not a copy. Eric tells Ridge that he could not compete with Eric when it comes to design. He challenges Ridge to a showdown in a fashion show in Italy.

Mark surprises Bridget with a new mentor. He also sets up a masseuse to help relieve the stress that she is going through. As Bridget is enjoying her massage, Mark takes over and sends the masseuse away. When he asks Bridget if she is enjoying the massage, she says yes and is startled that he is giving her a massage. Mark convinces Bridget to relax and enjoy the massage because she really needs it. An emergency page from the hospital interrupts them and Mark promises to continue the massage later. As Mark drives away, C. J. laughs at him as he holds his cell phone and Mark's pager number written on a sheet of paper.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

At Spectra Fashions, Ridge accepted Eric's challenge to compete against Eric in the Portofino fashion show. Massimo, Sally, Tony, Darla and Sonya were outraged by Eric's insensitivity toward Ridge. Later, Ridge told Massimo and Sally that its possible that Eric had a very unselfish motivation to be so harsh with Ridge.

C.J. surprised Bridget and the twins with an ice cream party. C.J. advised Bridget that the children need something a few minutes every day to take their minds off their grief for their mother. C.J. told Bridget he totally understands her priority of assisting Ridge with the children during their period of grief.

At Forrester Creations, Eric admitted to Stephanie that he was trying to anger Ridge into being motivated to return to work. Eric felt that his plan had worked perfectly. Later, Ridge went to Forrester Creations to tell Eric that he had figured out why Eric appeared to be so angry with him. Ridge thanked Eric for helping him to be motivated to return to work during his period of grief over Taylor.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

by Anna

When Brooke stops by Ridge's house, she is glad to see him sketching again. He tells her that he's ready to begin competing with his father again. Brooke leaves, on her way to have a drink with Megan before going home. At the bar, Megan notices how happy Brooke is after her visit with Ridge. Brooke tells Megan that her relationship with Ridge is purely platonic, and she is not afraid of what Tricia or Stephanie thinks is right for Ridge. She is sure that they will not change Ridge's feelings toward her. Brooke tells Megan that she is not afraid to stand up for what she feels is right. When Megan asks if Brooke thinks Ridge will ever look to her for a relationship in the future, Brooke assures Megan that she cannot predict the future, but that she is content to be happy with what is happening now, instead of the future. From across the room, someone watches the two women.

In Rick's office, Amber admits that she was afraid she wouldn't have a job at Forrester after Brooke offered Ridge his job back. Amber feels that Brooke is still attracted to Ridge. Rick defends his mom's actions, saying she is in a good place right now. Rick feels that Brooke is looking out for Hope right now, and that Ridge is focused on his family. Amber is sure that nothing will stop Brooke, though, if she decides to go after Ridge.

At Ridge's, Bridget admits to tension between her and Brooke. When Ridge tries to find out what went wrong, Bridget tells him that she just wants to put the past behind her. She apologizes for snapping at Ridge, but assures him that she is an adult, and she wants to forget about the problems she had with her mother.

Brooke is sure that she has changed, and she doesn't need to cut herself off from Ridge to prove it. The two ladies call it an evening and Megan leaves. As Brooke heads to the ladies room, she comes face to face with a drunken Deacon. He asks, "Brooke, did you miss me? Daddy's back."

Thursday, November 21, 2002

At Las Olas, an intoxicated Deacon confronted Brooke. Brooke was less than happy to see Deacon. Brooke became concerned about Deacon being back in LA when Deacon behaved in an obnoxious manner. Deacon would not tell Brooke the reason that he had returned to LA. Deacon alluded to Brooke that he might make trouble for her by revealing he is Hope's father.

Massimo suggested to Stephanie that they inform Ridge that Deacon is Hope's father. Massimo wished that Ridge would finally become disenchanted with Brooke if he had that information. Stephanie begged Massimo not to divulge to anyone that Deacon is Hope's father. Stephanie reasoned that Bridget and Hope would be subjected to scandal unnecessarily.

At Ridge's house, Bridget looked at Ridge in his bedroom and had flashbacks of the night she saw him doubled over with grief, crying over Taylor. Ridge complimented Bridget over the fact that she had become so sensitive and mature in such a short period of time. Bridget revealed she that she continually thinks about the rift between herself and her mother. Ridge advised that he wished he had not argued with Taylor before she had died. Ridge encouraged Bridget to mend the differences between she and Brooke. When Tricia arrived, Ridge was not receptive to her visit. He resisted any further grief counseling sessions with Tricia. She advised him it would be wrong for him to lean on Brooke right now. Tricia attempted to explain to Ridge the importance of the grief counseling. As Tricia was leaving Ridge's house, he imagined that Tricia was Taylor!

Friday, November 22, 2002

Sally and Clarke are elated at the thought of being able to go to Italy to compete with the Forresters. They're especially happy that this time they won't have to sneak into the fashion show but will be welcomed guests.

Brooke is in the middle of telling Megan about running into Deacon after she and Megan finished their drinks. Brooke comments about Deacon not being interested in knowing how Hope is doing and his attitude being very hostile and bitter. Bridget stops by and she and her mother discuss Ridge's failure to keep his appointments with Dr. Trisha. Brooke insists that if he doesn't want to meet with her he shouldn't have to as well as she shouldn't be able to tell Brooke that Brooke should stay away from Ridge. Brooke insists that she has no romantic designs on Ridge and is only trying to be a good friend to him. Bridget wants to believe her mother has been and is trying to make positive changes in her life. Bridget leaves and Brooke asks Megan to call a favorite Italian Restaurant and order a picnic basket for two, which she plans to pick up and deliver to Ridge personally.

Trisha stops by to see Ridge because he missed another one of his appointments. Ridge is excited to be happily sketching away because it takes his mind off of his grief. Something Trisha says makes his mind flash to an image of Taylor sitting in her place and for a moment he's very disturbed. He has to leave to go to Spectra and Trisha volunteers to remain behind to greet his children when they arrive home.

Brooke arrives and is greeted at the door by Trisha who smiles as she takes Brooke's lunch for two out of her hands, telling her she thinks Ridge will be happy that she dropped it off. Trisha closes the door in Brooke's face leaving her on the outside of the house. Not to be so easily dismissed, Brooke lets herself into the house and is told by Trisha that she should leave. They begin an exchange of catty remarks back and forth.

Trisha telling Brooke it's a pretty low act to stoop to, to creep around a man in grief and take advantage of his sadness to make inroads romantically. Brooke counters by telling Trisha she's beginning to think that maybe Trisha is fantasizing about being the next lady of the household and that Trisha's interest in Ridge seems to be more than professional.

Finally, Brook goes to the picnic basket and takes out a jar of marinara sauce which she dumps down the front of Trish's shirt telling her that she doesn't know anything about Brooke's and Ridge's relationship; and she should just take her dirty little shirt along with her dirty little mind and get the hell out of their lives.

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