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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 2, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, December 2, 2002

Eric and Ridge banter about the upcoming competition during a press conference. Both Ridge and Thorne notice that Brooke is missing. When Brooke comes back from feeding the baby, Megan tries to tell Brooke that she saw Deacon, but is interrupted by Stephanie, who wants Brooke to leave. Brooke lets Stephanie know that she is there to support Ridge who gives her a smile from the podium. Brooke receives a note asking her to go to the steam room and guesses it's from Ridge when she cannot locate him in the crowd. She asks Stephanie to look after Hope for a little while.

Eric asks Stephanie if she'll go to Italy to celebrate his victory with him, and reminds her that she wanted to be courted. Ridge finishes the press conference and wonders where Brooke is. Stephanie tells Ridge to stay away from Brooke because nothing good can come of that relationship. Ridge is disappointed in Stephanie and wonders why she can't accept that he and Brooke are friends, but Stephanie is concerned about Ridge's vulnerability. Ridge asks Stephanie what has Brooke done to make Stephanie distrust her so much. Stephanie looks down at Hope and says nothing.

Deacon appears in the steam room with Brooke and taunts her about Ridge. He suggests that he and Brooke get together for old times sake. Deacon touches her shoulder and reminds her that a year ago she couldn't keep her hands off him. Brooke tells him to get his life together because he is drunk. Deacon wonders what would happen to Brooke's future with Ridge if Ridge were to find out her dirty little secret. He marvels at how the tables have turned.

Amber and Rick are watching the press conference from their bedroom. They express how happy they are being back together. They agree that they've been enjoying their time at home together with Little Eric and decide not to go to Portofino.

Tuesday, December 3, 2002

In Brooke's office, she and Megan prepared for the Portofino showing. Josh notified Brooke that Eric's designs for the showing are ready to go. Josh verified exactly what he will be doing at the showing. Josh told Brooke as soon as he arrives in Portofino he will make certain that everything is ready for the showing. He assured Brooke that he is ready to leave for Portofino on this evening's flight.

At Spectra fashions, Sally teased Stephanie about the Portofino competition. On a more serious note, Sally advised Stephanie that because Massimo loves Thomas and the twins, he will find it harder to be considered an outsider. Stephanie and Sally made a playful $1000 bet as to whether Eric or Ridge will win the Portofino competition.

Massimo cooked and served an elegant meal for Ridge and the children. He captivated the children's attention with his stories about Portofino. After the children went to bed, Bridget told Massimo that everyone including Brooke has been supporting Ridge and the children. Massimo insisted to Bridget that he will not allow Brooke to interfere with Ridge and his children. Bridget defended Brooke to Massimo.

When Josh left Brooke's office, Brooke revealed to Megan that Deacon has been taunting her. She relayed to Megan the incident in the steam room during the press conference. Megan advised Brooke that perhaps she should tell Bridget that Deacon is back in town. Brooke told Megan that she did not want to tell Bridget at this time-in an effort to shield Bridget from Deacon. During their conversation, Deacon telephoned. He taunted Brooke about their meeting in the steam room. Brooke agreed to meet Deacon at his hotel room in the hope of reasoning with him. Brooke told Deacon that she is no longer going to put up with his threats. She made it clear to Deacon that he is out of her life for good!

Wednesday, December 4, 2002

by Anna

At Ridge's, Massimo and Bridget talk in the living room. Massimo questions whether Bridget can forget all that Deacon and Brooke did to her. Bridget tells him that Brooke didn't intentionally set out to hurt her. Bridget defends Brooke, saying that she really cares for Ridge. Massimo, however, is sure that Brooke is not helping Ridge out of the kindness of her heart. Bridget realizes that Massimo really cares for Ridge and his family. Massimo tells Bridget that he hopes Ridge realizes how lucky he is to have Bridget in his life, and he'll need her in Portafino. As Ridge enters the room, Bridget informs Massimo that she is too busy to go with Ridge and the kids to Portafino. Ridge insists she must change her schedule. He tells Bridget that the kids need her there. When she tells him that she can't go, Ridge makes her feel guilty until she decides that she will go after all.

In Deacon's hotel room, Brooke tells Deacon to stay away from Forrester and to get on a plan out of L.A. Deacon informs Brooke that no one tells him what to do. When Brooke insists that he shouldn't be drinking, he tells her that he drinks because his life is in pieces. Brooke admits that she realizes he made a big sacrifice for her. Deacon feels that he has nothing left in his life. Brooke tells him that she will send a messenger from Forrester over with a check for him so that he can live comfortable until he gets a job. She offers to help him find a job back east. Brooke insists, though, that he cannot be a part of her and Hope's life. After she leaves the hotel room, Deacon vows that getting rid of him won't be that easy.

Darla interrupts Sally in her office at Spectra to tell her that she has been unable to find any plane tickets for them to go to Portafino. Sally suggests that Spectra charter a plane and ride in style like the Forrester's.

Thursday, December 5, 2002

In Eric's office, Thorne and Eric prepared for Portofino. Eric invited Ridge and the children to fly to Portofino on the Forrester jet. Amber and Rick toasted Eric good luck on his competition with Ridge. Ridge said goodbye to Sally, Clarke, Darla and Kristen before leaving for Portofino.

Megan was worried that Deacon might cause trouble for Brooke when Brooke left for Portofino. Brooke assured Megan that Deacon would keep his promise and stay away.

At the Insomnia, Mark and C.J. attempted to say goodbye to Bridget before she left for Portofino. When Mark and C.J. began bickering, Bridget slipped out of the Insomnia without their noticing.

Sally, Darla and Clarke were shocked and appalled when they boarded the chartered luxury jet to Portofino. Instead, the airplane looked more like a cargo plane than a passenger plane. The pilot took off before they could get off the plane.

Tricia arrived at the Forrester jet to say goodbye to Thorne. Brooke immediately assumed that Tricia was there to see Ridge. Brooke was surprised that Tricia was there to see Thorne. Tricia gave Thorne a goodbye kiss that the children happened to witness.

Friday, December 6, 2002

Sally, Clarke and Darla are having a miserable flight on the old cargo plane. Sally throws an egg at the pilot's wife, Marge, when she realizes there's nothing to eat on the plane but the chicken's eggs. The egg hits Clarke instead. Clarke talks Marge into sharing the food she brought for Hal and her. Marge returns with some canned meat and a beer. As Sally, Clarke and Darla shiver with cold, Marge announces that they're landing in Iceland to refuel. Lorenzo reads about the arrival of the Forresters and Spectra and tosses the paper into the trash. He buys up all the copies the street vendor has and throws them in the trash as well. Lorenzo returns to his café as the pianist introduces the singer, Lena. After the song, Lorenzo embraces Lena. Thorne is being ribbed about kissing Tricia. Brooke overhears and offers a toast to Tricia and Thorne, and new beginnings. Stephanie seethes, knowing exactly what Brooke is up to. Stephanie tells Thorne that he's moving on now, and not to let anything stand in his way. Ridge plays with Hope, wondering how Whip could have walked away from her. Brooke insists that Whip didn't abandon them, but left because it was what Brooke wanted. Stephanie warns Ridge that Brooke is trying to use her baby to forge a bond with Ridge and his family.

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