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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 9, 2002 on B&B
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MONDAY December 9TH

Sally notices a smell after the refueling stop, and Hal explains that they picked up a load of cod. Sally and Darla scream when they realize they also picked up a stowaway seal, who barks and claps its flippers together. By the time they land in Italy, Sally is fuming. Sally and Clarke arrive at the Hotel Splendido but find that, despite Darla's assurances, there are no reservations for their suites. They are sent to another hotel outside Portofino.

The Forresters arrive in Portofino and check into their beautiful hotel. They are excited to be back in Italy, and about the upcoming competition. Ridge is surprised when he finds out that Brooke has the room next to his. Ridge admits that the trip is just what he needs, and he's feeling better already. Thorne wonders if he should have stayed behind because Italy brings back such memories of Macy and how she came to find him the last time they were there. Thorne points out that Macy wanted them to start over, and he blew the chance to be with Brooke.

As Lena sings, a waiter notices Lorenzo's troubled look. Lena turns to smile at Lorenzo, revealing that she is really Macy. Lorenzo suggests they go out alone for a romantic dinner after her last song. With tears in her eyes, Macy sings "Separate Lives." Sally and Clarke arrive at the Hotel Splendido but find that, despite Darla's assurances, there are no reservations for their suites. They are sent to another hotel outside Portofino.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

In his hotel room at the Hotel Splendido, in Portofino, prior to the reception, Ridge warned Julio that Sally can be very hard to please. Meanwhile, Eric prepared for the reception. Stephanie told Eric that she was worried that Brooke would seduce Ridge. Eric was disappointed that Stephanie continued to worry about Brooke.

During a moment alone, Brooke recalled that she had provided money to Deacon to locate employment and a new life away from LA. Brooke did not mention anything about Deacon to Ridge when he approached her. Ridge thanked Brooke for coming to Italy to support him. Brooke told Ridge that she recalled his marriage proposal when they were at Lake Como some years ago.

Thorne told Bridget that he was not in the mood to attend the fashion show reception. Bridget convinced him to attend.

Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, Thorne, Sally, Clarke, Darla and Massimo all arrived for the fashion show media reception. Eric told the reporters that the fashion show is a duel between he and Ridge for king of fashion.


At a sidewalk cafe in Portofino, Massimo asks Sally where she slipped off to with a judge from the competition. She assures him that nothing happened, at least not yet. After she leaves, Massimo sees Brooke on the arm of Ridge, strolling down the street. Massimo watches them in disapproval as the two look for a place to have the fashion show. When Ridge leaves Brooke, Massimo approaches her and warns her to leave Ridge alone.

Macy sings in a restaurant in Portofino. She sings the song that was hers and Thorne's song long ago. After she finishes, she joins Lorenzo at his table. He asks if she was singing for "him." Lorenzo urges her to concentrate on the present and forget about her past. Macy tells him not to worry. He warns her not to sing American songs, or someone could realize who she is. Macy is sure that won't happen. Lorenzo tells her how strong she was for surviving the explosion that threw her from the car. Macy says she was lucky to have found that abandoned cabin where her father and Lorenzo found her.

In the hotel bar, Thorne hears the same song and remembers when Macy declared it their song. He thinks about the night Macy died in the explosion. Sally enters and realizes that he's thinking about Macy. She accuses him of being responsible for Macy's death and of having no remorse. Thorne admits that he's still haunted by thoughts of Macy. Now that he is in Italy, she is all he thinks about. He tells Sally that Macy was the one woman that he truly loved.

Macy tells Lorenzo that she misses her family and wishes she could call them to say she is okay. Lorenzo assures her that if she called, someone could track her down. Her father's life would be at risk if anyone found out where he was. After seeing Sally's picture in the newspaper, her father comes in to the restaurant to find her.

Thursday, December 12, 2002


In her hotel room, Massimo reprimanded Brooke for trying to take Taylor's place. Brooke insisted that she is not trying to do that. Massimo expressed his disapproval of Brooke having a relationship with Ridge. Brooke boldly told Massimo that she does not care what anyone thinks of her relationship with Ridge, except Ridge. Massimo revealed that he is aware that Deacon is Hope's father. He promised that the secret is safe for now-only because he does not want to hurt Bridget.

Bridget questioned Ridge's intentions toward Brooke. Ridge dodged giving Bridget an answer. He pretended to be upset and started a "play fight" by shooting elastics at Bridget.

Adam told Lorenzo that he intends to tell Macy that Sally is in Portofino. Lorenzo warned Adam against doing so. Adam guessed that Lorenzo is worried about Macy's feelings for Thorne. Lorenzo denied he is worried about Thorne. Lorenzo said that he is worried that Adam will blow his cover and they will be killed.

Sally arrived back at her hotel room to be surprised by Clarke and an elegant dinner. Clarke wanted Sally to know that she is not alone. He predicted that things would get better for Sally.

Adam revealed to Macy that Sally is in Portofino. Adam made Macy very happy when he told her he intends to take her to see Sally tonight!

Friday, December 13, 2002

Brooke and Ridge have a conversation after the fallout from Massimo raking Brooke over the coals about her attempts to get closer to Ridge. Ridge is surprised that Brooke seems to have taken Massimo's comments to heart. Brooke says that she can't totally rule out everything Massimo said; after all she has disappointed and let Ridge down in the past. Ridge is surprised by her comments. He asks her if she honestly thinks there is nothing that he doesn't know about her. All the while, Brooke is aware there is a lot Ridge doesn't know. Ridge goes further to tell Brooke that even though he hasn't said it, he wants her to know that she has been a lifesaver to him. Brooke says all she wants is to be his friend but she has doubts about whether that is the right thing to do. She points out that if Ridge weren't spending so much time with her, he'd be available to spend time with anyone he wanted. Ridge makes it clear to Brooke that he's not looking for someone to be in his life at this time. Ridge reassures Brooke that Stephanie has noticed her positive character changes and he has noticed them too. Brooke agrees that she has grown a lot. Ridge says he's going to miss rescuing her but lets her know that she has come to his rescue more than once. She can't believe what she's hearing. The moment brings them close and they share a tender kiss.

Clarke tries to encourage Sally who is feeling pretty down in the dumps thinking about Adam. When Clarke starts to say how angry is for Adam going off and leaving Sally all alone to go through Macy's funeral; Sally corrects him by saying that Adam didn't have much choice because he did what he had to do to keep his loved ones safe. Clarke tells Sally she's the strongest, toughest woman he knows. He puts one of his favorite Macy recordings in the stereo, kisses Sally and leaves her alone with her thoughts.

As the result of his conversation with Macy, Adam has flashbacks to happier times when his whole family was together. There's a flashback to he and Sally being close with Macy, C.J. and Kimberly all together. Macy sees his anguish and tells him she thinks he wants to see Sally as much as she does. She's surprised to hear that Sally is staying right in the same town. Happily, father and daughter grab their coats and head of to figure out how they are going to break the news to Sally that Macy is still alive without shocking her too much.

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