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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 16, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, December 16, 2002

Brooke pulls away from Ridge and says it's too soon. She tries to leave until Ridge, amused, reminds her that they're in her room. Brooke tells Ridge that they have to slow down. Ridge insists that Brooke is thinking too much and suggests they just relax and enjoy being in one of the most beautiful places in the world. He adds that the connection between them has helped him get through the most difficult time in his life. Brooke and Ridge agree that Stephanie would go ballistic if she knew Ridge had been in Brooke's room, kissing her. Brooke thinks they should call it a night. Ridge leaves, but not before sweeping Brooke off her feet with a romantic kiss. Sally is stunned when she opens the door and sees Adam. They hug, and Adam expresses to Sally how much he missed her. They talk about how much Sally has missed Macy, too. While Adam is preparing Sally, Macy waits outside the door. When Darla approaches and sees Macy, she faints. Darla comes to and Macy assures her she's not imagining things. She explains how Adam rescued her after the crash and that they've been living in Italy. Macy is concerned about how Sally will react, but Darla is sure Sally will be thrilled. Sally puts the song, "Because You Loved Me" on again. Adam lets Macy in and when Sally turns the song down, Macy continues singing a cappella. Sally's eyes go wide as Macy says, "Hi Mom."

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Inside Sally's hotel room, Macy revealed herself to Sally. Sally was shocked, but overwhelmed with happiness to realize that Macy is alive. Macy explained what happened after the explosion, and how she almost died in a cabin. She revealed that Adam had saved her, but had to get her and himself out of the country before being discovered by the men looking for him. Sally told Adam and Macy that she felt betrayed because they made her believe that Macy was dead. Sally's anger was overshadowed by her joy that Macy is alive.

Trisha told Thorne that she misses him. When he did not respond, she told him it was okay if he did not feel the same way right now. Bridget teased Thorne about all of the time that he is spending in the hotel lounge. He revealed to Bridget his wish to have been able to apologize to Macy before she died. Bridget assured Thorne that Macy knew of his wish to apologize as she watches from Heaven.

In his hotel room, Eric tried to seduce Stephanie. She nixed Eric's efforts at seduction. Eric and Stephanie danced on the terrace while being serenaded by singers outside.

Macy announced to Darla and Sally that she considers Italy her home now. Macy explained that she can never leave Italy-she would put herself and Adam in jeopardy.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

by Anna

Lorenzo asks Macy about her reunion with Sally. Lorenzo admits he's worried that reconnecting with her past could put all of them in danger. Macy assures him that she's not going back to her old life, and she's not going to see Thorne. Massimo can't conceal his fury and disgust when he sees Ridge kissing Brooke. Ridge thanks Brooke for taking him from the lowest point in his life to here. When Bridget realizes that Massimo intends to confront Brooke, she insists that he'll have to get past her first. Bridget orders Massimo to leave Ridge and Brooke alone. She wonders if Massimo wants Ridge to be happy. Massimo stuns Bridget when he slips and refers to Ridge as his son. Macy asks Darla to meet her and quizzes her about what's happened while she was gone. She's can hardly believe it when she hears that Thorne and Brooke haven't been together for a long time. Darla informs Macy where Thorne is staying and asks Macy where her heart is. Remembering past moments with Macy, Thorne wanders into Lorenzo's café. Lorenzo is stunned when he realizes who Thorne is...and that Macy is about to sing.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Lorenzo lied and told Thorne that he would have to leave the bar because a private party was going on. Lorenzo accomplished his goal of Thorne not learning that Macy is alive. After Thorne left, Lorenzo criticized Macy for singing in English. Lorenzo was suspicious that Macy was singing these songs in English because she was again thinking of Thorne. Lorenzo accused Macy of planning to contact Thorne.

Sally was annoyed that Darla went to see Macy. Sally made it clear to Darla that she does not ever want Thorne to learn that Macy is alive. Darla disagreed with Sally over Thorne. Darla told Sally how much in love with Thorne that Macy continues to be.

Bridget was startled when Massimo called Ridge his son. Massimo tried to cover his slip-up, but Bridget was not buying his cover-up. Bridget threatened to ask Ridge about it. Massimo had no choice but to tell Bridget that Ridge does not know. Massimo explained to Bridget that he did not know that he was Ridge's father until recently. Massimo assured Bridget that he does not want Ridge to know. Bridget realized that Ridge is not her brother!

When Thorne left the bar, he went for a walk throughout the town. Macy saw Thorne and followed him. Macy approached Thorne. He turned and looked directly at her. Macy ran with Thorne in hot pursuit. Macy ran into a lighthouse and locked the door in order to avoid Thorne. Thorne yelled up to the woman (Macy), that he meant her no harm. He also told her that she reminds him of his deceased wife whom he misses badly. When Macy heard those words she came out and called out Thorne's name. Macy revealed herself to Thorne who was in severe shock!

Friday, December 20, 2002

Brooke and Ridge continue to enjoy the romantic turn their friendship has taken since arriving in Portofino. Ridge, determined to have a carefree day where nobody worries about his grief over the loss of Taylor, rents a sporty car and he and Brooke set off on a tour of the Portofino countryside complete with the sounds of Dean Martin in the background.

Deacon arrives in Portofino intent on surprising Brooke with flowers and an appeal for them to make a new start in beautiful new surroundings. His hopes are dashed when, while waiting at her hotel for Brooke to arrive he spies Brooke and Ridge exchange a kiss. Deacon is not happy with his discovery.

Thorne finally reunites with Macy. As tears stream down his face he listens to Macy's retelling of her miraculous escape from the exploding car, rescue by her father and subsequent recovery in Italy. Thorne's happiness over learning that Macy is alive and that he has "found her again" is shortened when Macy tells him she has to go, to get back to her life and that he must forget that he ever saw her and can never tell anyone that he has. Thorne is shocked by Macy's comments.

Bridget and Massimo continue their discussion about Stephanie's failure to be honest with Eric, Ridge and the rest of the family about Ridge's paternity. Bridget challenges Massimo's intentions for keeping the secret and helping Stephanie to keep the secret. She tells Mass that she doesn't trust his motives. Insisting that Massimo will only use the information to hurt her father and Ridge when they least expect it. Bridget finds it hard to believe that Stephanie could compromise her integrity in this matter. Bridget takes it farther by asking Mass why he can protect Stephanie for wanting to protect Ridge and Eric but not her mother who also wants Ridge to be happy. Massimo apologizes to Bridget for her finding herself in the position of also having to keep the secret of Ridge's paternity and reluctantly, Bridget agrees to go along for the time being with the plan to keep Ridge in the dark.

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