The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 23, 2002 on B&B

In Italy, Thorne vowed to never let Macy go, but Macy refused to leave Lorenzo. Ridge's brotherly teasing started to feel inappropriate to Bridget. Brooke was shocked to find Deacon in her hotel room, holding Hope. Eric was devastated to learn that Deacon was Hope's father, but Eric vowed to keep Deacon from hurting their family any further.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 23, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, December 23, 2002

Thorne swore that if Macy left again, he would follow her around for the rest of her life. He insisted that since he'd seen her, there was no turning back. Though admitting she still had feelings for Thorne, Macy informed him of how important the new man in her life had been to her. Thorne admitted to Macy that he was more in love with her than ever, even though Macy confessed that she couldn't trust her own feelings -- or Thorne. Thorne begged Macy to trust him one more time and kissed her.

After seeing Brooke and Ridge kiss goodnight, Stephanie blasted Brooke for carrying on with her son. Brooke wondered why Stephanie would want Ridge to be unhappy and insisted that she was Ridge's lifeline. Stephanie pointed out that Ridge didn't know what Brooke was capable of. Brooke was tired of Stephanie and Massimo constantly throwing her past with Deacon in her face. Brooke assured Stephanie that she planned to be there for Ridge, and no one was going to stop her.

Ridge and Eric bantered about the upcoming competition. Ridge just laughed when Bridget said that his tickling and teasing were inappropriate. Brooke received flowers and was surprised to learn they were not from Ridge. Brooke panicked when Hope was missing from her bassinet. Deacon stepped in from the balcony with Hope in his arms.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Kissing Macy passionately, Thorne started to remove his shirt, but she pulled back and told him it was going too fast. She then announced that she could never go back to L.A. Thorne went on to describe how they could be together, offering to move to Italy. As he talked, she ran out and returned to Lorenzo. She apologized for leaving him and admitted that she had seen Thorne. Macy also claimed she'd told him it was over and they couldn't be together.

Returning to the room in her robe, Bridget was embarrassed when Ridge commented on how cute she'd looked earlier. She changed the subject to his relationship with her mother, and though he downplayed it, she pointed out the silly grin he got on his face every time he was with Brooke.

As Deacon kissed Hope and talked about how cute she was, Brooke sternly demanded that he hand her baby over to her. Instead, he placed Hope in her bassinet and revealed that he was there to talk. She insisted she never wanted to see him again and boasted that her life had changed since they had been together. Ruining the flowers he had given her, Deacon accused her of only being interested in Ridge, calling him an addiction for her. Brooke demanded that Deacon leave, and she panicked when Ridge knocked on the door.

Wednesday, December >25, 2002

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air an original episode this day. Instead, an episode from June 18, 1990, featuring Caroline's wish for Ridge's future aired.

The show resumed Thursday, December 26, where Tuesday's show concluded.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Ridge knocked on the door of Brooke's hotel room while Deacon was still inside. Deacon refused to leave before Ridge entered. Deacon hid in the room when Brooke finally opened the door for Ridge. Ridge told Brooke he wanted her opinion on jewelry for the fashion show the next day. Ridge became suspicious that something was going on when Brooke behaved strangely. Brooke assured Ridge that she was whispering to him because she did not want to awaken Hope.

When Ridge left Brooke's room, Deacon told Brooke that she was wrong if she thought Ridge would not hurt her again. Deacon reminded Brooke that Ridge had left her in order to marry Taylor. Deacon admitted to Brooke that he could not forget about their love affair. Deacon tried to convince Brooke to give their passion another chance. Deacon told Brooke that their passion was worth fighting for. Deacon told Brooke to go and find him down the hall when she was ready to get back together with him.

At Forrester Creations, Rick complimented Amber on her new design. Rick commented that Brooke had been a friend to Ridge during his grief period. He also told Amber that he believed Brooke was a changed woman.

Eric visited Bridget in her hotel room. Eric told Bridget that he had observed how much happier Ridge had seemed lately. Eric attributed it to Brooke's friendship with Ridge. Eric admitted that he approved of what Brooke was doing because Ridge was getting his mind off all his grief over Taylor.

Eric questioned Bridget about why she and Brooke had been estranged from one another. Bridget told him that she did not want to discuss it with him. Eric continued to press for an answer. Eric assured Bridget that whatever Brooke did, she would never intentionally do anything to hurt Bridget.

Eric went to Brooke's hotel room to check in with her before the following day's showing. Eric complimented Brooke on how she had been able to help Ridge during his period of grief over Taylor. Eric became concerned when it appeared that Brooke was crying. Initially, Brooke was reluctant to reveal to Eric what was wrong. Eric managed to get Brooke to let her guard down.

Brooke revealed that she was upset over Hope's father. Brooke also revealed that Whip was not Hope's father. When Brooke commented that the matter had everything to do with Bridget, Eric realized that Deacon was Hope's father. Eric was horrified by the news. He begged Brooke to tell him that Deacon was not Hope's father.

Friday, December 27, 2002

Eric confronted Brooke about her involvement in the breakup of their daughter's marriage to Deacon and the fact that Brooke had not only slept with Bridget's husband, but had also delivered a child by him. As furious as he was, putting the pieces together of all the things that didn't make sense about the problems between Brooke and Bridget, he couldn't stay angry with Brooke when he saw her tears and remorse. Eric asked Brooke to tell him who else knew about the affair and the baby.

When Eric learned how many people had been keeping the secret, he was devastated again that his position as head of the Forrester family was nonexistent and that family secrets were kept from him. Brooke told Eric that Deacon had promised to stay out of her life at first but was back and wanted to resume their past relationship. She feared he might tell Ridge. Eric insisted that couldn't happen because Ridge needed Brooke right then. Eric said that as head of the family, he would protect them all from Deacon. Brooke was skeptical that anything they tried to do would be able to stop Deacon.

Thorne went to see Sally to try to find out where Macy was. He told Sally that he didn't want to spend another day without Macy in his life, since he knew what it meant to be without her. Sally told Thorne she'd heard all that from him before. She wondered why she should think that time would be any different. Thorne told her that he had feelings for Macy that he had never had for anyone else -- ever. He had hated being without her all that time, and he was determined to have Macy back in his life again.

Thorne was not aware that Macy, hiding in Sally's closet, had heard every word that Thorne had said. However, even as tears fell, she didn't make a move to reveal her hiding place. Macy had earlier acknowledged her feelings for Thorne to Sally but was determined that she would not walk out of Lorenzo's life after everything he had done to help her.

Deacon sat, drank, smoked, and fantasized about Brooke returning to him and admitting that he was right to want to put their relationship back together again and raise their daughter together. He vowed that he was not giving up and would not give up on trying to get Brooke back.

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