The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 30, 2002 on B&B

Eric convinced Deacon to give Brooke some space and leave Italy. Ridge punched Deacon when Deacon insisted on having a moment alone with Brooke. Thomas was touched to learn that Brooke had dedicated the Portofino Challenge to Taylor. Lorenzo convinced Adam that they had to move. Adam and Lorenzo searched for Macy, who was secretly meeting Thorne. Bridget confronted Stephanie about Ridge and Massimo. Eric and Ridge continued their competitive banter as the fashion show got underway.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 30, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, December 30, 2002

Eric storms into Deacon's room and demands that he starts packing and says there is a car waiting to take him to the airport. Deacon asks Eric where is he going and Eric gives him a one-way ticket to New York and tells him after that he could care less where he goes. He tells Deacon that he know everything that happened between Deacon and Brooke. Deacon tells Eric that he knows he is right for Brooke and he is trying to protect her from Ridge who picked another woman over Brooke because he thought that woman had more class. Deacon says that when he holds Brooke in his arms it feels right and he knows that Eric could understand that. Eric is surprised by how deeply Deacon feels for Brooke. Eric asks Deacon what he thought being with Brooke would do to Hope and Bridget. He tells Deacon that what he is planning would hurt them. He convinces Deacon that the best thing for Brooke is to go away and give her some time to see that Ridge is not right for her.

Sally sits by and fumes while Stephanie holds a press conference for Forrester concerning the fashion challenge. Sally remembers when Stephanie pushed her in the lake the last time they were there. She tells Clark that she is going to seek revenge and does not listen when he tries to stop her. Sally interrupts the press conference and confronts Stephanie. After a few words, Sally lunges at Stephanie but falls into the lake when Stephanie steps aside. Sally is furious when Stephanie laughs and walks away while the press take photographs.

Ridge tells Brooke that he is connecting to Hope. He watches as Brooke feeds her. They try to get Thomas involved in the conversation, but he is sulking on the patio. Steffy and Phoebe put on a fashion show for Ridge and Brooke and they all have a laugh while Thomas stands by and watch. The doorman delivers the fashion show programs for Brooke who will not let anyone get a peek at them. One falls on the floor and Thomas picks it up. When he opens it, he sees a dedication to Taylor and is overwhelmed. He follows Brooke into the bedroom and asked her if she meant all the wonderful things she said about his mother and she says yes. She says that those were things she wanted to say at the funeral but never got a chance to. She finally breaks through his anger and they hug as Ridge watches from the door with a look of approval.

As Eric is escorting Deacon from the room Ridge and Brooke are walking by. Ridge asks Deacon what he was doing in Portofino while Brooke watches with a look of terror on her face.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, no original episodes of your favorite CBS soaps were shown today. Regular programming will resume on Thursday, January 2nd.

Wednesday, January 1, 2002

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Thursday, January 2, 2002

As Deacon was leaving the Hotel Splendido escorted by Eric, they met Ridge and Brooke in the hallway. Deacon requested to speak to Ridge. Ridge rudely ignored Deacon's request and punched him in the face instead. Deacon continued to leave although he had unfinished business with both Brooke and Ridge.

Thorne thought about Macy. He decided to go find her. Thorne demanded that Darla tell him where he can find Macy. Darla refused to tell Thorne where Macy is. She explained to him that Macy does not want Thorne to know where she is. Thorne asked Darla to tell Macy to meet him at the church in Portofino. Darla did agree to deliver Thorne's message to Macy.

Lorenzo and Adam told Macy that they must move today. Lorenzo told Macy to pack immediately or Adam's life would be at risk again. Lorenzo refused to tell Macy where the three of them would be moving to.

Darla arrived at Macy's apartment. When Macy said she was moving, Darla assumed that Macy was moving back to LA. Macy informed Darla that she is not going back to LA. Macy advised Darla that Adam's life is in jeopardy if they stay in Portofino or move to LA. Macy denied that she wants to reunite with Thorne. Darla begged Macy to meet Thorne at the church. When Lorenzo and Adam arrived home, Macy was not there. They left to find her. Macy went to Portofino to meet Thorne at the church!

Friday, January 3, 2002

Bridget goes to see Stephanie before the showing to tell her that she knows Ridge is not her brother and that she learned this information from Massimo. Bridget is upset because she says she feels like she has lost a brother. She feels uncomfortable because she has to carry this big secret about Ridge's paternity. Stephanie tells her that maybe Bridget's relationship with Ridge is different but that it can be better than it was - more special. Stephanie tells Bridget that she must keep Ridge's paternity a secret.

Meanwhile, Sally tells Thorne that she's glad to see him because as long as he's there with her; he's not out chasing after Macy. She also tells Thorne that she lost her daughter once before because of him and she is not going to see that happen again. Thorne says to himself after Sally storms off, that he hopes to be able to bring Macy back to her for good. Neither of them is aware of the fact that Macy is in a taxi on her way to meet Thorne or that her father and Lorenzo are in hot pursuit.

Backstage at the showing, Ridge and Eric trade friendly barbs and tease one another about the prospects for losing their bet. Everyone is laughing and having a great time except for the troubled Bridget. Nobody notices her distress except Stephanie.

The Portafino fashion challenge is kicked off with two of Ridge's creations for Spectra fashions. Thorne finds Darla to find out if she was able to convince Macy to meet him at the church in Portafino. Sadly, Darla tells Thorne she doesn't believe Macy will come.

As the fashion show begins, Thorne watches the opening not very happily. Until, looking up, he sees Macy standing outside of the church.

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