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January 6 to 10, 2003
Moments before the winner of the Portofino Challenge was announced, Ridge declared himself the winner because of Eric's influence over him. Thorne realized that Macy still loved him, but he was unable to convince her to stay with him. Sally was shocked and devastated to learn that Macy, Lorenzo, and Adam had moved on. Bridget began to feel sorry for Massimo and so uncomfortable around Ridge and the children that she moved out as soon as they returned to Los Angeles, despite Ridge and Stephanie's pleas for her to stay. Stephanie confronted Massimo, who became upset when he learned about Bridget's decision to move out. Ridge continued to make advances toward Brooke.
January 13 to 17, 2003
Massimo tried to convince Bridget that she is the type of woman Ridge and the children need in their lives. Disgusted by his suggestions, Bridget accused Massimo of simply trying to cause a wedge between Brooke and Ridge. Stephanie again warned Ridge about Brooke. Brooke and Ridge became snowed in at Big Bear after a day of skiing. As Sally was about to tell C.J. about Macy, Thorne interrupted their conversation. Clarke overheard Sally discussing Macy being alive. Lorenzo and Macy were married in Portugal as Sally grieved about their estrangement, and collapsed.
January 20 to 24, 2003
Lorenzo and Macy learned about Sally's heart attack and flew to Los Angeles. Bridget became annoyed when Ridge called and asked her to babysit the kids while he was at Big Bear with Brooke, and later became disturbed by a dream she had about a future with him. Ridge tried to seduce Brooke but she told him they should wait until they were ready for a commitment. Bridget confronted Brooke about Ridge. Stephanie confronted Ridge and Brooke about Brooke's motives. Ridge sought solace at Taylor's gravesite. Massimo tried to convince Deacon to fight for Brooke and Hope.
January 27 to 31, 2003
Eric agreed to continue a clothing line for Amber that compliments his haute couture line. Amber was later mortified when a young man asked her to autograph a provocative videotape titled, "Ambrosia Undressed." Macy agreed to stay in Los Angeles with Sally. C.J. was overjoyed to be reunited with her. Massimo became furious when Bridget told him of Ridge's plans to give Brooke an heirloom ring and put more pressure on Deacon to reveal the truth to Ridge. Tricia gave Ridge advice about pursuing a future with Brooke. Moments after Ridge placed the (pre-engagement) ring on Brooke's finger, Deacon arrived and insisted that Brooke tell him who Hope's father is.
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February 3 to 7, 2003
Ridge became disgusted when Brooke confessed her affair with Deacon and left to comfort Bridget, whom he convinced to open up about the betrayal. After Brooke told Eric and Stephanie that Ridge knows the truth, Eric went to find him and became incensed by Massimo's attitude. Meanwhile, Stephanie gloated to Brooke that it was Deacon who finally saved Ridge from her. On Sally's first day home from the hospital, Thorne arranged for a flurry of reporters to arrive to confirm the news of Macy being alive.
February 10 to 14, 2003
Ridge convinced Bridget to admit her feelings about Brooke and Deacon's affair and comforted her while she cried. Brooke was stunned to overhear Bridget's real feelings and more so when Bridget refused to help smooth things over for her with Ridge. After reporting the news of Brooke and Ridge's break-up, Deacon questioned Massimo's motives. Thorne tried to convince Macy to start a family with him instead of Lorenzo. Rick and Eric were stunned when they accidentally viewed Amber's videotape. As Brooke pleaded with Ridge to forgive her, Thomas drank from a bottle of vodka until he collapsed.
February 17 to 21, 2003
At Thomas' bedside, Ridge told Brooke that they should both concentrate on their children from that point on. Massimo blasted Brooke as she prayed for Thomas in the hospital chapel. Bridget promised Thomas that she would remain in his life. Stephanie became livid at Massimo's suggestion that Bridget and Ridge become involved romantically and -- with Bill Spencer's assistance -- arranged for Bridget to be accepted into a medical program in Copenhagen. Thorne was thrilled to learn that he and Macy were still legally married. Macy and Tricia were stunned by the news, and Tricia led Sally to believe that she and Thorne were involved romantically. Amber tried again to explain the videotape to Rick.
February 24 to 28, 2003
While Thomas begged Bridget to stay in town, Massimo told Ridge that he is his father, and that Bridget was leaving town because she's in love with him. Stephanie whisked Bridget to the airport, reiterating the importance of her trip to Copenhagen. Ridge arrived at the airport to find that Bridget changed her mind about leaving at the last minute. He told her that, although their feelings for each other are love, they are not romantic. Stephanie blasted Massimo for telling Ridge the truth. Brooke insisted to Deacon that Ridge is her future. Tricia played up to Sally and Gladys when she found them spying on her. Tricia was hurt when she overheard Thorne telling Macy that there is nothing between them.
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MARCH 2003
March 3 to 7, 2003
Tricia made plans to leave town. Macy admitted to Lorenzo that she loves Thorne and asked for some time to think things through. Brooke questioned Bridget about the new man in her life. Ridge blasted Stephanie but stopped short of telling Eric about her deception with Massimo. Bridget eavesdropped on Ridge and Brooke at Taylor's grave. Massimo gave Ridge the Marone family ring. Ridge asked Bridget for advice about Brooke. C.J. questioned Bridget's cancelled plans and wondered about an exchange between her and Ridge. Amber told the Forresters about the videotape and made plans to resign at a press conference.
March 10 to 14, 2003
Amber was stunned when her twin showed up at the press conference and announced to everyone that she was the person in the video. Deacon ruined a chance meeting between Ridge and Brooke. Bridget admitted to C.J. that she loves Ridge, who is really a Marone. Massimo insisted that the truth come out but Ridge decided not to tell Eric when he learned of his plans to remarry Stephanie. Macy made plans to reconcile with Thorne.
March 17 to 21, 2003
As Macy was telling Lorenzo that he should go back to Italy, Thorne misinterpreted the situation, got drunk with Darla, and later had sex with her (thinking she was Macy). Thorne later apologized to Darla, who later confided in Clarke. After taking Lorenzo to the airport, Macy went to Thorne's and announced that she's there to stay. Massimo changed his mind about telling Eric the truth after Ridge threatened to cut him out of his life. Eric and Stephanie renewed their wedding vows. Thomas encouraged Ridge to make up with Brooke and invited her to dinner.
March 24 to 28, 2003
Ridge and Bridget were surprised by their reactions to an experimental kiss which was meant to prove they don't care for each other romantically. April landed a singing spot on Craig Kilborn's Late Late Show and was a success. Brooke overheard Ridge discussing kissing someone but later told him that it didn't matter, and they made love. Bridget confided her feelings for Ridge to C.J. and was unable to become intimate with him. As Deacon asked for credibility from Massimo, they learned that one of Massimo's tankers hit a reef and the captain, Dominick Payne, was knocked unconscious. Bridget was taken back when she phoned Brooke and Ridge answered, revealing that they spent the night together.
March 31 to April 4, 2003
Darla was devastated to learn that Thorne and Macy reconciled. With Ridge in charge of the clean-up efforts, Massimo went to Mexico and confronted Captain Payne. Payne's mother, Jackie, removed the Marone family ring from his finger while he was sleeping and was later stunned when Massimo didn't recognize her. Bridget and Payne were relieved to learn that the accident was caused by an earthquake. Neither Massimo nor Stephanie were pleased when Ridge told them that his future is with Brooke. Surprised to learn of April's existence, Deacon interceded on her behalf and reluctantly became her agent. Ridge evaded Brooke's questions about Bridget's new love interest.
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APRIL 2003
April 7 to 11, 2003
Though Rick and Amber warned her about Deacon, April excitedly flew to Miami with him for a gig that he arranged. Amber fretted about her abandoned singing career. Stephanie refused to support Brooke and Ridge's relationship. After Massimo apologized, Nick blasted him for his insensitivity regarding the lost lives. Massimo was intrigued when Nick explained that his missing ring is exactly like Massimo's. Ridge and Bridget agreed to be friends and keep their real feelings to themselves. Ridge and Brooke became acquainted with Nick. Massimo made plans to get Nick and Brooke together. Darla learned that she's pregnant. Thorne and Macy learned that they may have to go to extraordinary measures to have children.
April 14 to 18, 2003
After getting advice from Bridget, the twins and Thomas asked Brooke to marry their father and she gleefully accepted. Upset about Ridge and Brooke, Bridget found herself stranded at a bar with Dominick and spent the night with him after drinking herself silly. Ridge was stunned to find Bridget with Dominick after C.J. alerted him about Bridget's abandoned car. April and Deacon celebrated her success in Miami and Amber made plans to cover for the next singing engagement when April suddenly became ill. Massimo dismissed the notion that he could be Dominick's father and insulted Jackie. Brooke asked C.J. about the man in Bridget's life.
April 21 to 25, 2003
Ridge warned Nick about taking advantage of Bridget. Bridget declined Brooke's request to be her maid of honor. Amber was thrilled by her success, performing as April. April mused about a relationship with Rick. Massimo told Brooke that he is Ridge's father. Brooke confronted Stephanie about her deception. Ridge convinced Brooke not to tell Eric the truth and told Massimo that they would have no relationship if Eric learned the truth. Darla told Thorne that she's pregnant and scheduled an abortion. Thorne and Macy worried about a growth on her cervix that could necessitate a hysterectomy.
April 28 to May 2, 2003
Sally, Macy, and Thorne were devastated after Macy underwent an emergency hysterectomy. Thorne rushed to the clinic in time to stop Darla from having an abortion and implored her to let him and Macy raise the baby. Massimo hosted a surprise party for Ridge and Brooke, and arranged for Brooke to overhear Ridge and Bridget discussing their relationship and kiss. Brooke left the party devastated and agonized over her decision to marry Ridge, even after Stephanie taunted her and Bridget offered to be her maid of honor the next morning. Deacon warned April about the Forresters. Because it would mean reporting to Ridge, Nick declined Massimo's offer to be put in charge of his Pacific Fleet.
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MAY 2003
May 5 to 9, 2003
Jackie encouraged Nick to accept Massimo's job offer. Nick and Deacon shared their views on Ridge, Brooke, and Massimo. Overwrought with doubts about Ridge and Bridget, Brooke stopped the wedding. Bridget blasted Massimo when she realized he arranged for Brooke to overhear her conversation with Ridge. Brooke lashed out at Ridge and Bridget, and then abruptly left. Stephanie made plans to tell Eric the truth. Darla tried to comfort Macy. C.J. told Sally about Ridge and Bridget.
May 12 to 16, 2003
After learning the truth, dumping Stephanie, and hearing Ridge call Massimo "father," Eric went to the cabin at Big Bear. Brooke blasted Massimo for his manipulations. Massimo told Brooke that Stephanie confessed to Eric. Brooke told Stephanie that she is finally free of her and was inspired after an evening with Nick. Jackie and Nick accepted jobs at Marone and Fenmore's in Los Angeles. C.J. tried to convince Bridget to go after Ridge. Thorne begged Darla to let him and Macy raise the baby. Bridget and Ridge embraced when they met at the cabin, searching for Eric.
May 19 to 23, 2003
Darla told Macy that she's pregnant. Eric watched in horror as Ridge and Bridget kissed and later demanded that they end their relationship. Nick told Brooke that she shouldn't compromise her integrity for any man. When Nick told Jackie about Ridge, she realized that Ridge is Nick's brother. Eric told Brooke about Ridge and Bridget's kiss and she told him about Massimo's role. Eric attacked Massimo and was escorted away by security guards. Brooke refused when Ridge asked for a second chance. Eric met and was comforted by Jackie at the beach house. Deacon paid Brooke and Hope a visit. Stephanie confronted Bridget about Ridge.
May 26 to 30, 2003
Eric, Bridget, and Brooke mended fences and promised to move forward. Eric told Ridge that his relationship with Bridget must end. Brooke and Stephanie blamed each other for Bridget's confusion. Nick confronted Ridge about Brooke and Bridget and later surprised Brooke with a kiss. Jackie was insulted when Massimo suggested that she encourage a relationship between Brooke and Nick. Stephanie told Thorne the truth about Ridge when she was barred from Forrester Creations. Stephanie demanded that Jackie move out of the beach house and stay away from Eric. Rick confronted Ridge after Brooke told him the truth about Hope, Ridge, and Bridget.
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JUNE 2003
June 2 to 6, 2003
Rick blasted Ridge and Bridget for being at the house together and apprised Eric of the situation. Bridget suffered a concussion and was rushed to the Emergency Room after trying to stop Ridge and Eric's argument. Amber confronted Jackie about Eric and was later stunned to learn that Jackie is the West Coast buyer for Fenmore's. Darla agreed to let Thorne and Macy adopt her baby under the condition that Macy be told the truth. Macy was devastated by the news. Darla arrived at Thorne's as Sally was confronting him.
June 9 to 13, 2003
Sally fired Darla and told her to stay away from her family. Ridge told Bridget their relationship has to end and pleaded with Brooke for another chance. After becoming acquainted at an AA Meeting, Macy encouraged Deacon to involve himself in the lives of his children. Nick offered words of encouragement to Brooke and took her out to dinner. Deacon convinced Amber to let him see Hope and Eric III. Incensed after recalling her accident, Macy approached Brooke during her date with Nick.
June 16 to 20, 2003
Upset that Amber allowed Deacon to see the kids, Rick contacted Jonathan who later encouraged Deacon to stay out of the lives of his children. Unfazed after Macy's confrontation, Nick took Brooke for a relaxing boat trip. Ridge and Jackie discussed Brooke and Nick's relationship. Sally told Stephanie about Thorne and Darla's baby. Thorne reluctantly signed Macy's annulment papers. Bridget cautioned Nick about Brooke and Ridge. Brooke again refused Ridge's pleas. Macy asked Deacon to manage her career and helped him with his visit with Hope.
June 23 to 27, 2003
Massimo and Jackie admitted they were in love with each other years ago. During an emergency landing of Massimo's jet, Jackie admitted that Nick is Massimo's son but later slipped into a coma. Ridge interrupted Brooke and Nick's afternoon and was later stunned to learn that Nick is his half-brother. Macy was overcome with emotion while holding Hope and insisted that Deacon spend time with his children after overhearing Brooke tell him there will be no more visits. Bridget accepted Stephanie's invitation to move into the guest house. Brooke comforted Nick.
June 30 to July 4, 2003
Nick opened up to Brooke about his fears and accepted the fact that he's Massimo's son and Ridge's half-brother. Massimo and Nick were thrilled when Jackie regained consciousness. Massimo was elated by the fact that he has two sons. Brooke witnessed a tender moment between Bridget and Ridge, and told Ridge she's not ready to be involved with him, though he vowed to win her back. Brooke was irritated when Deacon crashed Hope's birthday party, despite his assertion that he plans to be there for his children.
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JULY 2003
July 7 to 11, 2003
Brooke walked out on Nick when she learned that he is Ridge's half-brother, but later admitted she has feelings for him. Bridget was puzzled by Brooke dating Nick and Ridge. Deacon kissed Macy after she leased a house for him. Rick and Amber vowed Deacon would not have another visit with Eric III when a flat tire caused a delay in the boy's return. Macy offered to contact an attorney for Deacon. Ridge told the children that Massimo is his biological father. Brooke and Ridge had dinner in the private dining room. Jackie accepted Massimo's marriage proposal, much to Eric's dismay.
July 14 to 18, 2003
Ridge gave Brooke a diamond necklace and asked to remain in her life. Bridget tried to warn Nick about competing with Ridge for Brooke's affections. Jackie welcomed Brooke into her family, and later Nick suggested that Brooke try a new way of life and serenaded her. Darla pleaded with Sally for another chance. Thorne surprised Darla when he showed up for the first ultrasound of the baby. Amber, Rick, and Brooke were shocked to learn that, because Eric III was never legally adopted, they could not keep him from Deacon. Brooke was later stunned to learn that Macy had been urging Deacon on.
July 21 to 25, 2003
Ridge and Nick were cast for Marone family busts. Bridget and Stephanie argued about Brooke and Ridge, and later offered advice to Nick. After a heated confrontation with Macy about Hope and Eric III, Brooke obtained a restraining order against Macy, much to Amber's dismay. Deacon proposed to Macy. Nick and Brooke embarked on a boat trip to Catalina Island.
July 28 to August 1, 2003
Stephanie convinced Corky to sail away in the Shady Marlin, leaving Brooke and Nick stranded on an island. Brooke admitted that she loves Nick. Upon learning about his mother's scheme, Ridge set off to rescue Brooke and Nick and found them asleep in each other's arms. Bridget confronted Stephanie about her constant interference. Deacon was convinced that Amber double-crossed him, despite her assertions to the contrary. Macy accepted Deacon's marriage proposal, much to Thorne's dismay.
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August 4 to 8, 2003
Eric pleaded with Jackie to reconsider marrying Massimo. Stephanie cautioned Macy and Deacon about their intentions. Amber and Rick dropped the restraining order in hopes that Macy and Deacon would not get married and were floored when they insisted on taking Eric III with them on their honeymoon to Mexico. C.J. refused to give Macy and Deacon his blessing. Thorne told Macy he would always love her. Brooke warned Macy about Deacon's unresolved feelings for her.
August 11 to 15, 2003
Amber objected during Macy and Deacon's wedding and attacked Macy after she and Deacon made their intentions about Eric III known. Julie filed papers to reinstate Deacon's parental rights and Edward advised Rick to distance himself from Amber, which totally devastated Amber. Sally gloated to Stephanie and Eric that Eric III is now her grandson. Ridge and childhood friend, Samantha Kelly, became reacquainted, much to the delight of Stephanie. Brooke and Nick had another date. Thorne and Darla delighted in their baby's first kick.
August 18 to 22, 2003
Amber was relieved when Rick tore up the divorce papers and promised they would not lose Eric III. Samantha scoffed at Brooke, Nick, and Ridge when Nick tricked her into thinking Ridge wanted her to be his date at Massimo and Jackie's wedding. As a gesture of family unity, Brooke gave 2% of her shares in Forrester to Eric III. Stephanie and Macy tried to convince Deacon to vote Eric III's shares with the rest of the Forresters to reinstate Eric as CEO of Forrester Creations.
August 25 to 29, 2003
Macy and Stephanie gloated to Brooke after Eric was reinstated as CEO of Forrester Creations. Thorne thanked Macy for Deacon's vote. Nick berated Ridge for voting against Brooke. Though initially devastated that he voted to oust her, Brooke was elated when Ridge offered her the CEO position at her new company - Logan Designs (formerly known as Spectra Fashions). Rick filed papers for the adoption of Eric III.
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September 1 to 5, 2003
Ridge announced his plans for Logan Designs to the Spectra family. Clarke offered his services as a designer to Brooke. Sally faked a heart attack to garner sympathy. The judge awarded custody of Eric III to Deacon. When Eric III told Amber that he did not want to go with Deacon, Amber took him and fled. Deacon reported the kidnapping to the police. Nick noticed Brooke and Ridge's newfound closeness. Ridge affirmed his love for Brooke.
September 8 to 12, 2003
Deacon and police officers followed Amber and Eric III to a cliff near Furnace Creek where Amber released Eric III and then suffered a tragic fall. Amber later bit Macy when she threatened to keep Eric III from her. Brooke and Ridge made love, made plans to elope, and announced their intentions at a press conference that was later crashed by Stephanie. Brooke informed Macy about Logan Designs while Nick brooded about losing her. Samantha accepted Ridge's offer of designing her own home line, much to Brooke's dismay. Massimo was annoyed when his troublesome cousin Oscar came crashing back into his life.
September 15 to 19, 2003
Ridge forced Stephanie to offer support to Brooke but she later recanted. Sally and Stephanie got drunk, and Sally gave Stephanie a very bad haircut. Ridge and Brooke eloped to South America and were married. Terrorists targeted Marone Industries in South America. Rick called it quits with Amber when their visitation rights were revoked. Bridget saved Oscar when a thug tried to kill him in the hospital. Oscar overheard Deacon taunting Amber and surprised both of them by bringing up his tumultuous past with Deacon.
September 22 to 26, 2003
While Brooke showered, Ridge was kidnapped. Massimo and Nick paid the initial demand for ransom but Ridge was later shocked to discover that Sheila was responsible. Samantha helped Stephanie refine her new look. Oscar told Bridget about his past with Deacon and later shared a kiss with her after he purchased The Lair.
September 29 to October 3, 2003
Amber is convinced her marriage is over and leaves Forrester Creations. Sheila and Sugar are the kidnappers, and they now have Ridge and Nick. Both will die if Massimo doesn't come through with the gold, and maybe even if he does. At the drop, Massimo is shocked to see Sheila. Macy agrees to headline the grand opening of Ozzz, and Deacon goes along with it. Macy, Darla, and Thorne reconcile before the show. Oscar's "friends" from Vegas find him at Ozzz. Oscar refuses to stay in business with them, so the thugs ruin opening night by dropping a huge chandelier on Macy during her performance.
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October 6 to 10, 2003
Deacon and Sally are informed that Macy may never awaken from her coma. Massimo and the police searched for the missing Ridge. Brooke charged at Sheila with a machete, but ends up chained up along with Nick and Ridge. During a struggle, flames shoot through the building, trapping Brooke, Ridge and Massimo.
October 13 to 17, 2003
Amber offered to be Oscar's new manager at Ozzz. Oscar initially declined her offer, but later agreed so that he could go out on a date with Bridget without interruption. After learning of the date from Amber, an angry Deacon showed up at Los Olas and lashed out at Bridget. Stephanie didn't believe Brooke when she announced that Ridge had been killed. Later, Stephanie came to terms with how much Ridge must have loved Brooke and took her into an embrace. Brooke went to the foundry and found Ridge's charred pocket watch. Later while sitting by a pond in the rainforest singing "Unforgettable," Brooke believed she saw Ridge.
October 20 to 24, 2003
Deacon asked Amber to move out. Amber kissed Oz when he praised her for being a good mother. Oz vowed his club would reopen in explosive fashion, though Sally asked him not to reopen the club out of respect for Macy. When the club opened, Oz announced he would sell the club to fund coma research. Nick told Stephanie about Ridge's death. Later upon seeing Ridge was really alive, Stephanie embraced Brooke. Nick told Brooke he was leaving so as not to cause more trouble for her and Ridge.
October 27 to 31, 2003
A pep talk from Bridget convinced Oscar that Massimo might not be as bad as he believed. Massimo suggested Oscar take a job at Logan Designs. Thorne gave Darla the Forrester christening gown as a sign that she's a part of the family. Samantha admitted to Ridge that she has feelings for him. Jackie figured out that Brooke and Nick slept together, but not that it was while Brooke and Ridge were married. Brooke nervously awaited the results of a pregnancy test.
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November 3 to 7, 2003
Jackie urged Nick not to run away from his feelings for Brooke. Brooke learned that she was pregnant, but wasn't sure whether Ridge or Nick was the baby's father. Brooke convinced Ridge to keep her pregnancy a secret. Darla and Thorne found Brooke's pregnancy text. Sally announced that Brooke was pregnant as Brooke walked down the aisle. Nick decided to remain in town. Deacon agreed to rehire Amber, and Amber urged him to hire Oscar.
November 10 to 14, 2003
Bridget refused Deacon's request to join his new fashion house. Nick interrupted Brooke's conversation with Ridge before she could tell Ridge the truth. During a doctor's appointment, Sally eavesdropped on Nick and Jackie's meeting with Dr. Paxson and determined that Brooke must not know the paternity of her unborn child. Sally blackmails Brooke into turning over her company to her - or risk having Ridge told the truth. Clarke worried that Samantha might have designs on Ridge. Eric devised a plan to get Deacon out of his family's life forever.
November 17 to 21, 2003
A tearful Brooke revealed the truth about her tryst with Nick to Bridget. Bridget later headed to Nick's boat to confront him. Nick urged Ridge to hold onto his love for Brooke no matter what. Sally told Jackie of her plans to blackmail Brooke and Jackie later told Nick of those plans. Ridge was able to connect the dots and determine what Brooke was trying to tell him about her pregnancy. Ridge confronted Nick and later surprised Brooke by revealing that he wasn't going to leave her... yet.
November 24 to 28, 2003
Deacon was shot during a gun struggle with Eric. Eric was told that he could face charges - possibly murder, if Deacon were to die. Sally uncovered confidential documents detailing Brooke's paternity test. Brooke and Ridge told Stephanie that it was possible Nick had fathered her child. Stephanie refused to accept Brooke's apology for her affair with Nick.
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December 1 to 5, 2003
Stephanie and Little D showed up at Deacon's hospital room before Bridget could tell him about his paralysis. Later, Bridget was forced to come clean when Deacon couldn't come up with a rational explanation about why he couldn't feel his legs. Oscar spotted Bridget giving Deacon a kiss. Jackie used Nick and Massimo's relationship as an example of why Nick shouldn't desert Brooke. A disguised Sally hovered while Dr. Paxton sent test samples off with a courier.
December 8 to 12, 2003
Eric and Stephanie held a dinner party in an attempt to learn more about Oscar. Amber told Bridget that her feelings for Deacon were nothing more than feelings of guilt and sympathy - not true love. A computer hacked named Marv agreed to help Sally access Brooke's paternity test results. Dr. Paxon phoned Brooke to tell her that the results of her test were in. Deacon proposes to Bridget, but was taken into surgery before she could tell him of her engagement to Oscar.
December 15 to 19, 2003
Brooke learned that she was carrying a baby boy, a boy whose father was Nick. Ridge vowed to raise the child as his own, but Nick was concerned that the baby would grow up not knowing his biological father. When Jackie informed him that Nick was the father of Brooke's baby, Massimo feared that his family would be destroyed. Oscar demanded that Bridget bid Deacon goodbye forever. Deacon noticed that Bridget wasn't wearing his ring, prompting Bridget to come clean about her true feelings. Deacon signed an agreement clearing Eric for the shooting in exchange for his company becoming a subsidiary of Forrester.
December 22 to 26, 2003
Eric played holiday tunes on the piano as the Forresters celebrated Christmas. Stephanie gave Sally a locket with both of their pictures inside. Massimo urged Brooke to raise her child with Nick. Oscar accepted a job offer from Eric that came with strings attached. Sharpe Designs moved into their new offices at Forrester Creations. Bridget's massage helped Deacon regain the ability to have an erection.
December 29, 2003 to January 2, 2004
Massimo told Stephanie that he was afraid that the tensions between Nick and Ridge would tear apart his family. Bridget withheld information about Deacon's recovery from Oscar. Later, goaded by Oscar, Deacon was able to take a step on his own. At the cabin Big Bear, Brooke told a devastated Ridge that she had decided to leave him for the sake of her unborn child. Darla delivered her baby - a little girl - on New Year's Eve. She told Sally that she'd decided to name her baby Alexandria, in honor of Macy.
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