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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 20, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, January 20, 2003

Ridge and Brooke make the best of the situation when they get snowed in at the cabin. Brooke prepares the couch for Ridge to sleep on and Ridge does not believe that she intends for him to sleep on the couch. Ridge is worried because it is the first time he is away from the children since Taylor died. Brooke tells him to call Stephanie, but he states that if she knew he was there with Brooke, she would come and get him herself. He is hesitant to call Bridget because he is trying to let her live her life. Bridget is prepared to go on a date with C.J., so she hesitates when Ridge asks her to spend the night with the kids. He explains that it is there first night without him since Taylor's death, so she reluctantly gives in for their sake. She is surprised to find out that Brooke is with Ridge at the cabin. She apologizes to C.J. for canceling their date and rushes off to the children.

Macy tells her father that she wishes she could have told Sally where she was going. Adam convinces her that it was for the best that they left Italy the way they did. She wishes her mother could have been at her wedding and regrets not being able to tell Sally where goodbye and where she was going.

Clarke and Thorne go with Sally to the hospital while Darla calls C.J. When C.J. gets to the hospital, he accuses Thorne of trying to kill his mother just like he killed Macy. Mark tells them that Sally had a heart attack and is in intensive care. He informs them that Sally will need surgery to open a blockage to her heart and the procedure could be very dangerous.

Bridget calls Ridge so the kids can say goodnight. They ask why he left them and he tells them that he would be there with them if he could. Thomas is a little upset that Ridge is at the cabin with Brooke. After the kids go to bed, Bridget asks to speak to Brooke. She warns Brooke that she should take things slowly because Ridge is very vulnerable right now. She tells Brooke to be smart about things. When Ridge tells Brooke that he knows she does not want him to go and sleep on the couch, she tells him they need to be smart about the decisions they make. Ridge says no and kisses her to persuade her otherwise.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Bridget cared for the children while Brooke and Ridge were snowbound at the Cabin in Big Bear. Bridget hoped that Brooke would not throw herself at Ridge.

At the cabin, things got heated between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke would not allow them to make love. She told Ridge that she did not feel that the time was right for either of them to take their relationship to that level.

Massimo went to Ridge's house while Bridget was with the children. Massimo was skeptical when Thomas blurted out that Ridge was at the cabin with Brooke. Massimo did not believe that Brooke would not throw herself at Ridge. Massimo hounded Bridget about how perfect a person she is for Ridge, rather than Brooke.

When the children were asleep, Bridge had a dream that she was happily married to Ridge. Bridget suddenly awoke from the dream very shaken!

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

by Anna

Ridge comes home from the cabin to find Bridget asleep on the couch. When he wakes her, he notices how jumpy she is and wonders what's going on. She goes upstairs to get her purse and kiss the kids before she leaves. Stephanie comes by to take the kids to breakfast, not knowing that Ridge was already home. He admits to her that Brooke was with him at the cabin. Stephanie immediately assumes they slept together, but Ridge tells her they didn't, but not because he didn't want to. Stephanie finds it hard to believe that Brooke turned down a chance to get him into bed. She accuses Brooke of playing hard to get. Ridge defends Brooke by saying she made a responsible decision. Stephanie is sure that Brooke is just more cunning and devious than ever and that Taylor wouldn't want Brooke in his bed. Ridge gets mad and leaves, telling his mom to stay with the kids when Bridget leaves.

Amber stops by the office to see Brooke. She pushes Brooke for details on her night with Ridge. Brooke admits it was the most romantic night of her life, but they did not sleep together. Amber doesn't understand why Brooke is so happy then if they didn't make love. Brooke tells Amber that Ridge wanted to, but that she wants to wait until she is surer of the relationship. Brooke doesn't want Ridge if she has to chase after him and seduce him.

Brooke comes by Ridge's house to bring back gloves he had left. Stephanie accuses Brooke of being manipulative and vows that Brooke won't get away with this.

Ridge goes to Taylor's grave to take flowers and tell her what has been happening. He admits that he wanted to make love with Brooke in order to feel normal again. He tells Taylor that he misses her.

Brooke and Stephanie argue. Bridget, who is listening from the stairs, hears Brooke ask Stephanie if there is anyone better for Ridge. Bridget remembers Taylor telling her from her deathbed not to hold her love back. Bridget wonders if Taylor was talking about Ridge.

Wednesday, January 23, 2003

At Forrester Creations, Bridget reprimanded Brooke about shunning her responsibility at Forrester Creations to take Ridge up to Big Bear so she could sleep with him. Bridget informed her that the children were very upset when Ridge told him he was not coming home last night. Bridget also informed her that she ruined Bridget's date with C.J. because she had to stay with the children. Brooke revealed that she is planning to obtain a marriage proposal from Ridge-hence Bridget would no longer need to care for the children. Brooke sensed that Bridget was upset with more than she was saying.

At the hospital, C.J. accused Thorne of not only causing Macy's death, but now Sally's heart attack. Clarke broke up the argument and sent C.J. home to rest. Clarke warned Thorne that C.J. needed to now that Macy is alive. Mark told Thorne and Clarke that Sally suffered heart damage and that her condition is grave.

Meanwhile in Portugal, Adam informed Macy that Sally suffered a heart attack. Lorenzo advised Macy that they must go to LA to see Sally. Macy realized that the moment she left Adam she would be followed and she would never be able to return to Adam. Macy and Lorenzo said goodbye to Adam knowing they may never see him again.

Ridge and Massimo got into a debate over Brooke. Massimo told Ridge that he does not want him in a relationship with Brooke. Ridge informed Massimo that there is nothing Massimo or anyone can say to change his mind about Brooke. At Forrester, Ridge told Brooke that Massimo again nagged him about their relationship. Ridge assured Brooke that Massimo could never influence his feelings for her.

Massimo went to the Lair to find Deacon. After telling Deacon that he is a loser, Massimo told him that perhaps it is time for his "luck" to change.

Friday, January 24, 2003

While visiting Brooke at Forrester, Ridge receives a call from Thorn informing him about Sally's heart attack. The news is shattering to Ridge. At first Brooke thinks Ridge is upset because Sally's heart attack may represent a reminder of Taylor's death. Ridge explains that it goes deeper than that. He is concerned about his children and how much loss they have already experienced in their lives. He worries about the uncertainties of life and how anything could happen at any time; an accident, an illness. Brooke reassures him that if anything happened to him the family would always look out for the children. And she tells him that he can depend on her because she will never go away or leave him or the children.

Massimo taunts Deacon about his drunkenness and his failure to hold on to Brooke. He tells Deacon that he is a fool to have listened to advice from Eric Forrester; that good things don't just fall into the laps of people like Deacon the way the would with the Eric Forresters of the world. Massimo charges Deacon that if he wants Brooke he shouldn't sit around thinking that she will come back to him if things don't work out with Ridge. If he wants Brooke and his little girl, he should be prepared to fight for them. As Deacon continues to down shot after shot of Jack Daniels, Massimo muses that Brooke should enjoy her time with Ridge while she can because that time will be coming to an end very soon.

Macy arrives at Sally's hospital bedside with her new husband, Lorenzo at her side. As Lorenzo stands watch for Thorne outside the room, Macy visits and whispers words of encouragement and support to her mother. She tells Sally that she should have realized how much it would hurt her to think that she would be losing Macy again. She confesses that she always thinks of her mother as being so strong that she forgot how much a second loss might affect her. As Macy is sitting with Sally, Thorne walks in and embraces Macy. He takes her outside and continues to glow in the fact that Macy has come home. Suddenly, Lorenzo walks through the door. Thorne asks Macy what Lorenzo is doing there. Lorenzo answers for Macy, telling Thorne he will be happy to answer his questions as soon as "You take your hands off of my wife." Thorne is stunned speechless.

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