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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 24, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, February 24, 2003

Massimo asks Bridget if she really believes that going to Copenhagen will give her peace of mind. Stephanie reminds Bridget that if she stays, she'll just wind up destroying the people she's trying to help. Bridget responds that she's running away from Massimo, and the crazy ideas he's put in her head. At her farewell party, C.J. maneuvers Bridget away from Mark and kisses her. He thanks her for giving him a reason to start living again. Thomas rushes in and begs Bridget not to go. Sally asks Gladys to help her come up with disguises so they can go check on Thorne's living arrangement. Dressed as workmen, Sally and Gladys tell Tricia that they are there to service the hot tub. Gladys doesn't find any incriminating evidence in the bedroom. Tricia sees Sally's red hair protruding from the wig and decides to turn the tables on them. She pretends to make sexual comments on the phone to Thorne when she's really talking about a meal she's preparing. Sally is shocked by Tricia's end of the conversation and falls in the hot tub. Massimo explains to Ridge that he knows why Bridget is leaving. It's something that will change Ridge's life forever and it's time for Ridge to be told.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

At Forrester Creations, Massimo finally found the words to tell Ridge that he is his father. Ridge denied that it could be true-at first. Massimo explained to him that he and Stephanie accidentally discovered that he was his father. Massimo explained that they learned about this when Ridge had been injured in Massimo's office a few months ago. When Ridge was hospitalized, Stephanie was shocked to learn that Eric's blood did not match Ridge's blood. Ridge accepted Massimo's explanation but was shaken by the revelation.

In Eric's office, Bridget said goodbye to the entire family before leaving for Copenhagen.

Thomas cried and begged her not to leave. Bridget did her best to console Thomas. Her efforts were in vain. Rick told Bridget that he sensed that she was hesitant to go to Copenhagen. Bridget denied being reluctant to leave. Rick suspected that her reluctance to leave is because Bridget loves the children so much and that she is involved with either C.J. or Mark. Bridget admitted to Rick that she loves the children, but denied involvement with Mark or C.J..

Ridge continued to miss Bridget's farewell party as he and Massimo talked. Massimo revealed to Ridge that Bridget had accidentally discovered that He is Ridge's father. Ridge realized why Bridget had pulled away from he and his children. Massimo also revealed that Bridget is in love with Ridge-that is why Stephanie is sending her to Copenhagen, so Ridge would not learn that he is his father. Ridge left Massimo's office determined to see Bridget before she left for Copenhagen. Eric informed Ridge that she had already left for the airport. Ridge did not mention his shocking news to Eric.

At the airport, Bridget was not sure that she could leave for Copenhagen. Stephanie remained with her to ensure that she would board the airplane. As Bridget began to walk to the airplane, Ridge raced in his car to the airport to see Bridget.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

by Anna

At the airport, Bridget stalls and tells Stephanie she can't get on the plane without saying goodbye to Ridge. Stephanie reminds her that the plane is boarding. She insists that Bridget must put her needs first and be her own person. Bridget thanks Stephanie for all her help and goes through security to board the plane.

Ridge drives through the rain trying to get to the airport, and he thinks about the good times he's had with Bridget. He arrives, but can't get through the security, and looks for another way to get to Bridget at the gate. Meanwhile, at the gate, Bridget thinks about Ridge and the kids, then boards the plane.

In Brooke's office, Deacon comes to see Brooke. He insists that Ridge doesn't respect her. Deacon tells Brooke that he loves her and wants their family to get back together. Brooke tells him that there is nothing between them, but Deacon tells her that she and Hope both need him. He doesn't want Brooke to pretend to be someone she's not and beg Ridge to take her back. Deacon tells her that he loves her and wants her just the way she is. He reminds her that not long ago she told him that he was the only one that could help her forget her troubles.

After leaving the airport, Stephanie goes to Massimo's office to tell him that Bridget is off to Copenhagen. She tells Massimo to leave Bridget alone and forget about Bridget and Ridge together. She accuses Massimo of using Bridget to have an excuse to tell Ridge about his paternity. Massimo tells Stephanie that he has told Ridge everything, that Ridge is Massimo's son and that Bridget is in love with Ridge. As this stuns Stephanie, he tells her that Ridge is on his way to the airport to stop Bridget.

At the airport, Ridge demands a ticket onto the plane to Copenhagen. He buys one and rushes to the gate, only to find out that the plane has already been cleared to take off and it's too late to get on. As he stares out the window into the rain, Bridget enters the gate area and runs to Ridge's arms.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

At the airport, Bridget told Ridge that she could not go to Copenhagen without saying goodbye to him first. Ridge surprised Bridget by telling her he was not at the airport to say goodbye to her-he was there to take her back home!

Sally informed Macy that Thorne is romantically involved with his roommate, Tricia Quick. Sally revealed that she overheard a conversation between the two of them which indicated that they are more than just friends.

Stephanie was livid with Massimo for telling Ridge that he is his father. Massimo reasoned that it is the only way to prevent Brooke from getting back together with Ridge. Massimo also reasoned that he is looking out for he and Stephanie's grandchildren. Stephanie accused Massimo of using Bridget as an excuse to tell Ridge the truth. The idea of a relationship between Ridge and Bridget continued to disgust Stephanie.

Thorne admitted to Macy that Tricia lives in his home. He vowed to Macy that he is not involved with Tricia. He informed Macy, that prior to finding her in Italy, he became friendly with Trisha. Thorne told Macy that once he knew she was alive, he informed Trisha that there was no chance of a relationship between them.

At Bridget's apartment, Bridget admitted to Ridge that she does have feelings for him. Ridge agreed with Massimo that Bridget is good for he and the children. When Bridget revealed that Massimo thinks she is a replacement for Taylor, Ridge did not disagree with the idea.

Friday, February 28, 2003

Ridge and Bridget continue their heart-to-heart discussion after he brings her back to her apartment from the airport. Ridge feels much compassion for Bridget who has had to keep the secret of his paternity to herself. As they talk, he continues to put the pieces together that explain why Bridget has acted so differently toward him since their return from Italy. Bridget tells Ridge that she hasn't thought of him "like a brother" since learning that he really is not her brother. She also tells him that even though Massimo has been steadily trying to plant thoughts in her head about how she belongs with Ridge and his children, she confesses that she is ashamed to admit that she does love Ridge. Ridge tells Bridget that he loves her too but she should remember that there are all kinds or types of love. He says he loves her too, but it is not a romantic love. His love has grown stronger toward her since she came into his life and that of his children after Taylor's death. Ridge tries to assure Bridget that she doesn't need to go away to deal with her feelings about him. He also tells her that he and the children really do need her in their lives and it won't be uncomfortable for him to have her around knowing how she feels. He does admit that Massimo doesn't really understand the meaning of love and that he is disappointed in his mother for knowing all this time about his paternity. Ridge thinks about the adjustment he will have to make with Eric, whom he has modeled his life after and loved as a father. Bridge tells Ridge that his connection with Eric is much strong than any blood connection.

Macy and Thorn sort out the misunderstanding about Trisha's place in Thorn's life. AS they talk, Trisha has come in to the house and eavesdrops on their conversation. She hears Thorn tell Macy that she is merely a tenant and that once there might have been a possibility for "something" between them, he has not considered it further since learning that Macy was alive. Macy wants to know where she and Thorn stand and she also would like Thorn to be completely honest with her about his feelings. Thorn tells her that where they stand depends on Macy.

Eric arrives home to find Stephanie there. Stephanie has just come from a meeting with Massimo where she learned that Massimo told Ridge the truth about who his father is. Stephanie is shocked to heat that the secret is now out. When Eric comes in and invites Stephanie to dinner, she tells him she has something she needs to say to him that she has needed to tell him for a long time. Before she can tell Eric, Stephanie takes a phone call from Ridge and she apologizes to him for the way that he found out about his parentage. She tells Ridge she wants to talk to him in person. Ridge tells her they can talk, but not today.

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