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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 24, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, March 24, 2003

by CBS

Thanking April again for saving her job, Amber offered to help April get a job at Forrester, but April turned down the offer. She talked about her hopes to become a star in Los Angeles and capitalize on her fifteen minutes of fame, courtesy of every tabloid paper in town. Amber tried to warn April that it was not going to be easy to break into the music business, but April continued to insist that she was good. Later, when Craig Kilborn's producer stopped by to see Eric to thank him for the suits, April tried to convince him to have her on Craig's Late, Late Show.

Deacon was caught off guard when Brooke stopped by his motel room. He apologized for spoiling her night with Ridge, but she insisted he had done no such thing and went on to claim that her relationship with Ridge was stronger than ever. Brooke revealed that Ridge was getting dinner ready for her that night and claimed that she and Ridge were going to be a family.

Ridge stopped by Bridget's place and sought her ear to talk about his identity and the confusion he had because of what he had learned from Massimo. He confirmed that he hadn't told Brooke the truth but added that he was having dinner with Brooke that night, thanks to an invitation from Thomas. When Ridge admitted how overwhelming it was, Bridget advised Ridge that in spite of his assurances, she still had romantic feelings for him. To prove her wrong, Ridge kissed her passionately.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Due to live CBS News coverage of the Pentagon briefing, The Bold and the Beautiful was preempted.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

by Anna

Staring at each other after sharing a passionate kiss, Bridget and Ridge moved in for seconds. Stumbling for words, Ridge then claimed that their kissing obviously lacked any romantic spark. Bridget agreed that she "felt nothing," but the two found it awkward as they ended the experiment. Ridge finally left for his dinner at home.

An excited April announced to Amber and Rick that she had approached the producer of Craig Kilborn's show to put her on the talk show. Amber guessed the producer had lied about wanting her for the show and tried to ease her sister down, but April remained confident she'd get the call. As she did, Craig's producer called and invited her to appear on the show that night.

Brooke took Hope for dinner with Ridge and was surprised to hear from Catherine that Ridge wasn't home yet. Thomas and his two sisters welcomed Brooke with a collection of appetizers. Trying to shake off the aftereffects of the kiss, Ridge entered his home and was pleased to see Brooke with the kids.

C.J. found Bridget in a daze and learned that she was reacting to a couple of kisses from Ridge. She went on to explain her "experiment" for romance and called it a success, like "fireworks on the Fourth of July, times ten." Ridge suddenly called to make sure she was okay. Brooke overheard him tell someone on the phone that the kiss had caught him off guard. Bridget again lied that the kiss had been just a kiss. After he hung up, Brooke confronted Ridge and demanded to know who he had been kissing.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Asking Ridge about the kiss he had mentioned during his phone conversation, Brooke pressed him to name the lucky lady. He evaded her questions until she claimed that it didn't matter, since she knew how upset he had been with her. The two hopped into the hot tub for a few minutes, and when they emerged, Brooke asked if his mystery lady friend had had fun with him in the tub.

Ridge reminded Brooke that she had claimed she hadn't needed to know who that woman was then apologized to Brooke for being hard on her lately. Ridge also admitted that he'd been distracted lately but wouldn't tell her why his life had gotten so complicated. The two then fell into bed.

When C.J. told Bridget that she needed to follow through with her feelings for Ridge to see if they were real, Bridget refused and reminded him that Ridge had felt nothing after their kiss earlier. Asked for his advice, C.J. urged Bridget to remember what they'd had in the past, and he kissed her.

Rick and Amber escorted April to the studio where Craig Kilborn's show was taped. The producer was shocked to realize that April had failed to take any sheet music for the band but hurried her to makeup anyway.

In the audience, Amber worried to Rick about her sister embarrassing herself that night with her singing. April finally emerged from backstage and waited nervously for the cue to start singing. After Craig had fun introducing her, April sang a smoky version of the classic "Fever" and wowed the crowd.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Unable to make love to him the night before, Bridget apologized to C.J. in the morning. Stopping her, C.J. admitted that the previous night had shown him that her heart was definitely with Ridge. Bridget announced her intention to concentrate on her medical studies in order to put Ridge behind her.

Meanwhile, Brooke and Ridge were all smiles after making love. She hinted that she'd like to spend the rest of the day in bed with him and explained why she'd changed her mind about postponing their lovemaking until they were married. Ridge asked Brooke if she thought they'd ever be able to get back to "that special place" where it had just been the two of them.

Massimo had no time for Deacon, who sauntered into his office and claimed that he wanted Massimo to teach him how to become respectable. When Massimo refused, Deacon suggested that if he became respectable, he might become more attractive to Brooke. A call from his associate Rodriguez sent shudders through Massimo as he learned that one of his tankers had hit a reef and was spilling oil into the Sea of Cortez.

Massimo angrily ordered his man to reach Captain Dominick Payne, who was busy trying to save his crew and his ship during a violent storm. When he reached Payne, Massimo blasted him for ruining his ship. As they argued, another huge wave hit, and a flash of light sent the ceiling down on the captain, knocking him out.

At the hospital, Bridget decided to call her mother but was upset when Ridge answered her mother's cell phone. When he admitted that Brooke and Hope had spent the night, Bridget was hurt but didn't let on as she hung up.

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