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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 31, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, March 31, 2003

by CBS

After making love again, Macy tells Thorne she wants to have a party to let her family know they've reconciled. Thorne calls Darla to say that he needs to talk to her about the night they slept together. Massimo decides to fly down to Mexico to check on his crew. He blames the accident on the captain's incompetence. With oil spilling into the sea, Massimo puts Ridge in charge of organizing the clean-up effort. The doctors agree that Dominick may not survive. Bridget convinces Dr. Brauer to take her along to help with the survivors. Massimo is pleased to hear that Bridget is joining the team from the university and tells Ridge pointedly that he hopes one day she'll have the fortitude to pursue all of her dreams. Darla admits to Clarke that she can't get her mind off Thorne. She's thrilled when she gets his message asking her to meet him at the Café Russe. Darla assures Clarke that she and Thorne were meant to be. After she heads out to meet him, Thorne leaves another message explaining that he and Macy are back together and Macy can never find out that he slept with Darla. Thorne is waiting for Darla, but Sally and Macy arrive first. Before Thorne can say anything to Darla, Macy happily informs her that she and Thorne are back together. Bridget sits next to Captain Payne and takes his hand.

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

At the Café Russe, Darla was shocked to learn that Macy and Thorne had reunited. Thorne invited Darla and Clarke to sit and join their celebration. Clarke admitted that no one expected that Thorne and Macy would reunite. While everyone was sitting at the table, C.J., Sally, Darla and Clarke, Thorne and Macy proclaimed how much they love each other. Darla left the table when Macy asked Darla to be her maid of honor.

Meanwhile, Bridget was hard at work assisting the victims of the tanker disaster. Bridget telephoned Massimo with an update of the victims and the captain. Bridget then told Ridge that helping the victims of the tanker accident is just what she needed- to forget about Ridge. Ridge informed Massimo that he and Bridget have agreed not to inform anyone that they are not siblings. Massimo assumed Ridge was sacrificing his feelings for Eric's sake. Ridge informed Massimo that he was wrong. He revealed to Massimo that Bridget advised that she no longer has romantic feelings for him. Ridge explained that Bridget discovered she no longer has feelings for him when the two of them kissed and she felt nothing.

Back at the Café Russe, Thorne took Darla aside and warned her that Macy must not learn that the two of them slept together because she will not understand. Darla told Thorne that she was very uncertain if she would be able to keep that secret and live with herself. Macy discovered Darla and Thorne talking quietly and asked them what is going on?

At the hospital, Dominic lay in his bed unconscious. His mother told him that although he does not know it, he is the son of Massimo.

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

by Anna

Macy finds Thorne and Darla talking and wonders what's wrong. Thorne tells her that Darla is just surprised that he and Macy are back together. Macy tells Darla that, thanks to her advice, she's never been happier. Thorne thanks Darla for the comfort she gave him the night he thought he'd lost Macy. Seeing that Darla is still upset, Macy assures her that there's someone out there for her, too. Darla, crying, runs out of the restaurant.

In Amber's office, Rick and Amber discuss April's career. Amber tells Rick that she doesn't want April to get too excited and think that it's always so easy to get noticed. Rick accuses Amber of being jealous of her sister, but Amber insists that she's not jealous. She tells Rick that April has had her 15 minutes of fame and there is nothing to be jealous of. April should be envious of Amber for all that Amber has - marriage, family and a great job.

At the restaurant, everyone leaves to give Thorne and Macy some time alone. Macy is worried about Darla. She tells Thorne that Darla used to support them getting back together, but now she seems unhappy. Something just doesn't make sense.

At the Liar, April is enjoying a drink when Deacon approaches her and tells her she looks like someone he knows. April introduces herself at Amber's twin. She tells him that her life has turned around since meeting Amber. Deacon admits that he didn't see her performance on the Late, Late Show, but April brags about another gig she has. He looks over the contract she has been reading and insists that she should get more than $500. When she calls the manager of the club, Deacon gets on the phone and tells him that April deserves more. He negotiates $3000 for her. April is so happy that she kisses him.

Darla comes home to her dark apartment. Clarke knocks on the door, checking on her. Darla tells him that she shouldn't have been surprised that Macy and Thorne got back together. Thorne sleeping with her was just a horrible mistake. Clarke comforts her, Darla tells Clarke not to feel sorry for her; she slept with her best friend's husband. She tells him that she is an idiot for thinking that Thorne would have feelings for her. After Clarke leaves, Darla listens to a message from Thorne on her answering machine telling her that he and Macy had reunited.

Thursday, April 3, 2003

At the hospital in Mexico, Dominick awoke. Dominick demanded to be told what happened to his crew members. Bridget told him that his best friend, and a crew member, had died in the accident.

April told Rick that she had met Deacon. Rick advised her that Deacon is bad news and to stay away from him. Later, April telephoned Deacon and invited him to hear her sing in a club. She also tried to persuade Deacon to become her agent.

Brooke went to Ridge's office to support the hard work he was doing involving the tanker accident. Brooke was impressed by Ridge's supervision of the accident clean up. Brooke told Ridge that she suspects Bridget went to Mexico to help the tanker accident victims in order to forget about the mysterious man she is dating. Brooke told Ridge she is certain that Bridget is in love with this mysterious man.

Massimo vowed that Dominick will pay for causing the tanker accident. At the hospital, Massimo accused Dominick of causing the tanker accident and hence the death of eight crew members. Out of anger, Massimo sarcastically told Dominick that his name should be listed amongst the dead!

Friday, April 4, 2003

Massimo is furious with Dominick Payne over the accident with his oil tanker. They argue at Captain Payne's hospital bedside. Massimo tells Dominick that he is a liar, a coward and a fool Dominick thinks that Massimo is going to let him get away with wrecking his tanker and the death of members of the crew. He warns Dominick that he had better not try to run away to avoid taking responsibility for the disaster. His words anger Dominick who jumps up out of bed and attacks Massimo. Bridget, who orders Massimo out of the hospital room, breaks up the fight. Dominick pleads with Bridget to help him get some clothing so he can leave the hospital and try to clear his name. He says he is worried that Massimo's investigators will try to scapegoat him for the accident. Bridget reassures him that she knows the accident wasn't his fault and that the truth would come out. While they are talking, the telephone rings and Bridget answers it. It is a reporter calling to try to get a comment from Dominick. The caller tells Bridget that it has been discovered that an underwater earthquake caused the accident. Bridget and Dominick embrace in relief.

Stephanie is at Ridge's home bearing gifts from her honeymoon. The initial happiness of the visit turns sour when Stephanie hears from Ridge that he has forgiven Brooke and that he is romantically seeing her again. Stephanie asks Ridge why he would want to settle for Brooke instead of waiting to find someone more like Taylor to love him and help raise their children. Ridge says everyone makes mistakes and his mother should know that. He also says that he loves Brooke and his mother, but Ridge tells Stephanie that he can't understand how Stephanie can point blame at Brooke when her actions are no better. Stephanie tells Ridge there is no comparison between herself and "that slut." Brooke enters and things become more tense.

Amber's twin sister is on cloud nine following her performance at Deacon's club. Her mood improves even more with the arrival of Cruz Nunez, a local celebrity. Cruz tells her that he is impressed enough by her performance to invite her to perform at an upcoming charity event in Miami. She is happy to be included and thanks Deacon for his part as her surrogate agent. A position she hopes he will accept full-time.

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