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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 7, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, April 7, 2003

by CBS

Brooke is grateful that Ridge stood up for her against Stephanie. She is sure that nothing can stand in the way of their relationship now. April excitedly explains to Amber and Rick that her agent got her a gig in Miami. Amber and Rick are stunned when they realize that April's agent is Deacon and try to convince April that she's being conned. April insists that Deacon is good at what he does and hiring him is the best decision she's ever made. Amber is concerned when she hears that Deacon is going to Miami with April. In the interest of family unity, Brooke asks Stephanie to stand up for her when she and Ridge get married. Seething, Stephanie spots a bottle of champagne and suggests they toast. She shakes up the bottle and douses Brooke. On the way back to Los Angeles, Nick tells Bridget that he wants more than an apology from Massimo for blaming him for the tanker accident. Nick is concerned when he realizes his ring is missing. Massimo is given the news that an earthquake caused the accident and there was nothing the captain could have done. Ridge greets Bridget when she returns home, but Bridget warns him that she doesn't want to see him. She admits that she felt something when they kissed and is stunned when she realizes that he did too. Massimo apologizes to Nick for misjudging him. Nick blasts Massimo for his lack of compassion and for only caring about his ship.

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Bridget orders Ridge to leave and says that she can't see him anymore. They agree that they can never tell anyone about how they feel, and they can never act on it because the scandal it would cause would destroy them all. Ridge points out that avoiding each other is not a solution. Bridget and Ridge make a pact that protecting the family is more important than any feelings they have for each other. Nick refuses to accept Massimo's apology and can't believe he used to admire him. Massimo warns Nick that he is walking a very fine line. He insists that he cares as deeply about the men who were lost as Nick does. Nick spots Massimo's ring. Massimo claims it's impossible when Nick reveals to him that he has the identical ring. April and Deacon head out to Miami. April is sure that Amber is wrong about Deacon, and that they'll be a huge success. April is thrilled when a fan recognizes her from her Late Late Show gig and not from the adult video. She kisses Deacon. Amber recalls how hard she worked on her music career and admits it doesn't seem fair that April has the chance to sing in a concert in Miami just because she happened to be in the right place at the right time. Amber insists that she doesn't want to be a rock star any more, but Rick and Eric don't quite believe her.

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Due to coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode was pre-empted by war coverage. Broadcasting will resume tomorrow -- barring additional pre-emptions -- where Tuesday's show concluded.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Massimo tells Nick that he must be mistaken because there are only three of those rings in the world. Nick hopes that the hospital gave the ring to his mother along with his other belongings. Nick calls Jackie from Ridge's office and asks her about the ring. He mentions that Massimo has one just like it. Jackie urges Nick to come home, but Nick says that he has other issues to address with Massimo. Darla admits to Clarke that she feels like an idiot because she thought that she and Thorne connected the night they slept together. Sally wants to know where Ridge has been because he's holding up production. Ridge is apologetic, but Massimo informs her that Ridge has more pressing business to deal with. Darla isn't feeling well and leaves. When she gets home, she pulls a pregnancy test out of a bag. Massimo isn't happy about Ridge's reunion with Brooke. Sally suggests that if Massimo can't find another woman for Ridge, he should find another man for Brooke. Thorne and Macy express their love for one another. They look forward to renewing their vows and starting a family as soon as possible. Macy admits that she has a doctor's appointment scheduled to make sure that, after the accident, she can still have children. Brooke is surprised to find Nick in Ridge's office. Massimo overhears them talking and notes Nick's interest in Brooke.

Friday, April 11, 2003

Brooke stops in to visit Massimo to tell him how sorry she is about what happened with the Tanker. What she gets from Massimo in return are references to Ridge's interest in another woman beside Brooke. Brooke says it's only a matter of time, that Ridge is waiting for the children to be ready to handle the news. Massimo tells her it's more than that. He says Brooke is premature in calling herself Ridge's fiancÚ. Brooke says she is not going to get caught up in Massimo's game of trying to undermine her relationship with Ridge and make her feel insecure. Massimo says he isn't playing games but trying to give Brooke a friendly warning. Massimo suggest to Brook she might try setting her sights on some other man like Nick Payne. After Brooke leaves, Massimo considers what he needs to do to keep Nick in town.

Ridge returns to his office to find Nick Payne making himself quite at home. Nick gives Ridge the message that his girlfriend, Brooke stopped by, and comments about Brooke's attractiveness. Ridge and Nick hit a rough spot in their conversation when Nick questions Ridge's qualifications for making decisions about his career. Ridge kicks Nick out of his office.

Macy and Thorne await the results of her gynecological x-rays. The doctor gives them devastating news. The injuries Macy suffered in the car accident may have caused internal damage that resulted in blockage of her fallopian tubes. Macy realizes she may not be able to conceive a child. Her doctor tries to reassure Macy by telling her that there are alternatives such as surgery and invitro fertilization.

Meanwhile, Darla learns the results of her home pregnancy test are positive. She is pregnant with Thorne's child. Clark stops by with soup for Darla, thinking she may only be coming down with a virus until he sees the pregnancy test box. Darla is crushed about the position she finds herself in - pregnant with her best friend's husband's child. She wonders what kind of person she is to have done such a thing but at the same time Darla tells Clark there is a part of her is happy. Clark has doubts about whether Darla should go through with the pregnancy because she is already having such a hard time letting go of her feelings for Thorne.

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