The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 19, 2003 on B&B

Eric was horrified as he witnessed Ridge and Bridget kiss, and Eric confronted Massimo for encouraging an intimate relationship between the two. Darla told Macy that she was pregnant. Brooke refused to give Ridge -- or Deacon -- another chance.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 19, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, May 19, 2003

by CBS

Darla told Macy that she and Thorne were concerned about Macy. Darla finally confessed there was something she'd been keeping from Macy and revealed that she was pregnant. Without naming names, Darla explained what had happened and that the father didn't want to raise the baby with her.

Macy tearfully told Darla that she'd be a great mother. Darla was touched by Macy's support. Macy couldn't help but notice the irony that Darla had gotten pregnant by accident when Macy had tried so hard for so long.

Ridge filled Bridget in about what had happened before Eric disappeared. Bridget berated herself, saying she should have kept her feelings to herself. Everything had unraveled because Brooke had heard them talking about their feelings and their kiss. Ridge insisted that it wasn't wrong for Bridget to admit how she felt. They agreed that they needed to focus on family and help Eric deal with what had happened.

Eric walked through the woods, trying to sort things out. C.J. ordered Brooke to stay out of Bridget's personal life. Brooke couldn't believe C.J. condoned Bridget pursuing a relationship with Ridge. She insisted that Massimo had manipulated the situation and planted the idea in Bridget's head. C.J. pointed out that Brooke had had her chances with Ridge, but Brooke refused to give up on him.

When Eric tried to reach Bridget, C.J. informed him that everyone was out looking for him. Eric returned to the cabin. Through the window, he spotted Ridge give Bridget a supportive hug. He was horrified when he saw Ridge kiss Bridget.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Outside at the cabin at Big Bear, Eric witnessed Bridget kissing Ridge. Eric ran inside and told Ridge to stop kissing his sister. Ridge gently pointed out to Eric that Bridget was not his sister. Bridget tried to explain to Eric that her feelings for Ridge had just happened.

Eric did not believe Bridget or Ridge. He told them what they were doing was dirty. He accused Ridge of taking advantage of Bridget. Eric told Ridge that he had taught Ridge decency and the difference between right and wrong. Eric forbade Ridge to ever touch or look at Bridget again.

Before leaving the cabin, with disgust, Eric told Bridget he was ashamed of her behavior with Ridge. Eric said equally strong words to Ridge. Eric told Ridge that at first he had not been able to believe that Ridge was not his son. However, after seeing Ridge with Bridget, Eric could see that Ridge was not his son.

Nick went to Brooke's house to give her an earring she had dropped while on his boat. Brooke apologized to Nick but explained that Ridge still wanted to marry her, and she was considering it. Nick was curious why Brooke would consider marrying Ridge after learning he was in love with her daughter. Brooke explained that she and Ridge had a long history and had survived many situations together. Brooke told Nick that she believed that she and Ridge belonged together.

Nick advised Brooke that perhaps it was time to let go of Ridge. Nick predicted that if Ridge walked through the door right then, Brooke would forgive him. Nick reminded Brooke that Ridge had crossed the line with Bridget. Nick advised Brooke not to compromise herself with Ridge or any other man then he left.

Stephanie told Massimo that she was well aware of what Massimo had done to stop Brooke from marrying Ridge. Stephanie revealed that Eric had left her. Massimo explained to Stephanie that Eric was very hurt. Massimo reminded Stephanie that he at least had not told Eric about Ridge and Bridget. Massimo predicted that Eric would be even more hurt if he knew about Ridge and Bridget.

Still disgusted with Ridge and Bridget, Eric went to see Brooke. Brooke admitted she had known that Ridge was not Eric's son but had not wanted to hurt him by telling him. Brooke also defended Ridge and Bridget to Eric. Brooke told Eric that she could understand with the turmoil Ridge and Bridget had in their lives that they had developed a bond. Brooke explained to Eric that they had kissed once, but their relationship was all over.

Eric shocked Brooke by telling her that he had just left Big Bear, where he had seen Ridge and Bridget kissing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

by CBS

Brooke was shocked to hear that Ridge and Bridget had been kissing. Eric wondered in despair what had happened to the Forrester family. Eric informed Brooke that he had insisted that Ridge and Bridget end their relationship, and Brooke hoped they had listened to him.

Brooke explained that Massimo had initiated the relationship between Bridget and Ridge because he thought Ridge deserved a better woman than Brooke. Eric left in a rage, determined not to let Massimo get away with the destruction of his family.

Bridget suggested that if they let the truth out, then the fighting would stop, and in time, maybe people would accept their relationship. Bridget recalled Taylor telling her that she should love, no matter what the cost, because love was the greatest gift.

Massimo wondered how Nick had found out that Ridge was his son and assumed Brooke was his source. Nick noted that Massimo thought Brooke wasn't good enough for Ridge, but she was just fine for Nick. He accused Massimo of trying to run Ridge's life and allowed that if Massimo were Nick's father, he wouldn't appreciate the interference. Eric angrily told Massimo that he had gone too far and assured him that he was not getting away with it.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Eric confronted Massimo at his desk. Eric acknowledged that Massimo had promoted a relationship between Ridge and Bridget. Eric described Massimo's plan to put Bridget and Ridge together as revolting and sick. He criticized Massimo for having devastated Ridge's life.

Eric could not decide if Massimo was evil or very insensitive to Ridge and his family. Massimo warned Eric to go along with him regarding Ridge or stay out of his way. Eric fumed and reached his boiling point. He got out of control and demanded that Massimo stay away from Bridget. Massimo had security remove Eric from his office.

Nick stopped by the beach house and helped Jackie unpack. Jackie had recalled to herself a conversation with Massimo, regarding her observations about how he had changed. Jackie had told Massimo during the conversation that Nick did not need Massimo in his life. Nick told Jackie that Massimo had a son -- Ridge Forrester.

Angry and upset by his blowout with Massimo, Eric went to Taylor's beach house. While in the bedroom, Jackie heard noise in the living room. She walked out and found Eric there.

Deacon unexpectedly stopped at Brooke's house. He made Brooke aware that he had made changes in his life. He had quit drinking and was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Deacon pointed out to Brooke that he wore dressy clothes and had his hair styled because he was attempting to be a success as April's show business agent. Deacon revealed to Brooke that she was and always would be important to him.

Deacon congratulated Brooke because she had not married Ridge. Deacon offered to help Brooke any time she needed it. Deacon asked Brooke if he could see Hope for a few minutes. While Brooke was refusing to allow Deacon to visit with Hope, Marta took Hope out to say goodnight to Brooke.

Marta placed Hope in Deacon's arms. Deacon told Hope that he would always be there for her. Brooke was happy to see Deacon leave. When the doorbell rang a few minutes later, Brooke expected to see Deacon back at her door.

Brooke was surprised to find Ridge was at the door. Brooke automatically told Ridge that she knew that he and Bridget had been together at Big Bear -- kissing. Brooke did not hide her hurt and questioned why Ridge was there to see her.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Bridget showed up at Stephanie's home, looking for her father. Stephanie was surprised to learn that Eric had been at their cabin at Big Bear but had left more upset than when he had arrived there. Bridget was forced to tell Stephanie the reason Eric was even more upset was because he had seen Bridget and Ridge kissing.

Stephanie exploded, telling Bridget that was exactly what she had expected would happen if Bridget and Ridge hadn't kept their distance from each other. Bridget maintained that the kiss had been an accident, and they hadn't meant for it to happen -- again. Stephanie was furious with Bridget and said she hated to say it, but in spite of Bridget's intelligence, she was becoming more like her mother in terms of her poor judgment and lack of morals.

Jackie was as surprised to find Eric standing in the living room of her rented house as he was surprised to see her. Eric was unaware that Lorenzo had rented the house to Jackie, her new west coast buyer. Once Eric realized that she was not an intruder, he started to leave. Jackie was sensitive to his emotional state. She told Eric that he should stay, and if he wanted to be alone, she would make other arrangements.

Jackie said she could relate to the way Eric felt, comparing it to when her husband had died. She said the one thing she remembered she wanted and needed was for someone to just give her a comforting hug, and that was exactly what she gave to Eric. Eric was taken aback by the compassion of a stranger and decided to stay a while.

Eric told Jackie he didn't understand what had happened to his family. He blamed himself, as the head of the family, for being blind to what had been going on. He was beginning to feel at ease in sharing his problems until his glance fell on a jacket with the Marone emblem. Furious, he demanded that Jackie explain her connection to Massimo. Eric thought Massimo might have planted her in the house to somehow do more harm to Eric and his family.

Jackie told Eric the jacket belonged to her son, who was a captain in Massimo's fleet of ships. She was angry at Eric's change in attitude and tone and told him she didn't have to explain anything to him and wanted him to leave. She added that she didn't know what the problems were between Eric and Massimo, but whatever had happened, she assured Eric that she disliked Massimo as much as, if not more than, Eric.

Ridge tried to convince Brooke to give him a few moments to explain to her what was going on. Brooke told Ridge that she had learned from Eric that he had kissed Bridget again, and she didn't understand how he could have let that happen if he loved Brooke as much as he said he did. She said that for years, she had always had to deal with the insecurities created by his feelings for other women, especially Caroline and Taylor, and just when she'd thought she could settle into a comfortable place, confident in his commitment to her, he seemed to not be able to get past his "crush" on her daughter.

Ridge tried to assure Brooke that he had no feelings of passion or sexual attraction to Bridget. He said that Brooke was the one he loved, and he would not allow what had happened between him and Bridget to get between him and Brooke. He wanted Brooke to trust his words and trust his feelings for her. Brooke said she couldn't -- not without time alone to think.

Ridge agreed to give Brooke time, but he didn't leave without telling her that she could have the life with him they had planned and she had always wanted. All she had to do was say the word.

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