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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 26, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, May 26, 2003

by CBS

Eric apologizes to Jackie for reacting the way he did to seeing Nick's jacket. Eric decides that he's not going to turn his back on his children. Nick is happy to hear that Jackie had an overnight guest until he finds out it was Eric Forrester. Nick warns Jackie that Eric's life is imploding and this is the wrong time to get involved with him. Jackie insists that Eric is dignified and considerate, and last night he just needed a friend. Bridget and Eric apologize to each other. Eric assures her that no amount of disappointment will change the fact that he's her father and he loves her. Bridget tells Eric that she and Ridge were trying to protect him. Eric knows that Massimo was manipulating Bridget and Ridge. He promises never to walk out on Bridget again. Stephanie points out that Bridget is the person Brooke has raised her to be. Just like Brooke, it doesn't matter how many people get hurt as long as love is the rationale. Stephanie notes to Brooke that she poisoned her daughter's childhood with obscenity and scandal, and now that poison has infected them all. Brooke warns Stephanie to blame her own checkered past for what's happened.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

At Forrester Creations, Brooke advised Bridget that she must end her relationship with Ridge for her own sake and that of the family's. Brooke told Bridget that Eric had informed her that Bridget and Ridge were at Big Bear together. Brooke presumed that Bridget had just gotten her feelings for Ridge out of control for a few minutes and that is all that it was. Brooke predicted that Bridget would not find happiness with Ridge because a romantic relationship between them is wrong. Bridget had nothing to say to Brooke, but changed her mind as she left the office.

At the beach house, Nick and Jackie discussed Eric. Nick condemned Ridge for having had a relationship with Brooke and her daughter. Jackie advised Nick not to make trouble with Ridge at Marone Industries.

Massimo recalled that Jackie had said that Nick is his son, and then denied it. While Nick was still there, Massimo telephoned Jackie to invite her to dinner. Jackie refused the invitation. Jackie did not want Nick to know that Massimo was on the telephone. Jackie later decided to meet Massimo for dinner.

Eric went to speak with Ridge at Marone Industries. Eric asked Ridge to help him understand Ridge's feelings for Bridget. Ridge assured Eric that his relationship with Bridget is not about lust or desire-they have come to depend on one another emotionally. Eric condoned their dependence on one another, but not any romantic feelings as he witnessed at Big Bear. Eric offered to help Ridge resolve his feelings for Bridget and end their romantic feelings. Eric advised that Ridge and Bridget were simply victims of Massimo's plot for Ridge not to marry Brooke. Eric expressed that he still considers Ridge family. Eric revealed that he intends to focus on his family now. Eric also revealed that he would never forgive Stephanie for lying to him about Ridge's paternity and he and Stephanie would never reunite.

As Nick entered Ridge's office, he taunted Ridge. Nick taunted that he can no longer call Ridge "Forrester' because from what he hears, Marone suits him better. Nick bluntly told Ridge that he had traveled the world many times, but never met anyone like Ridge who had feelings for Brooke and Bridget-mother and daughter. Nick wanted to discuss the situation with a surprised Ridge.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

by Anna

Bridget tells Brooke that she is angry with herself. She is sorry that she has kept Brooke from Ridge. Bridget tells her mother that she has tried to deny the feelings she has for Ridge, but she can't seem to get away from them and she doesn't know what to do. Brooke tries to comfort Bridget. Bridget says that she doesn't want to cause trouble for her mother, but a part of her was happy when Brooke called off the wedding. However another part was sad that she had ruined it all. Brooke tells Bridget that they have hurt each other enough and that can't change, but they have to stop fighting. She tells Bridget that they shouldn't let any of it change them. She assures Bridget that she is still her little girl and she would do anything for her.

Massimo and Jacque dine at the Cafe Ruse. Massimo wants to make a toast to rekindling old friendships. He apologizes for treating her so unkindly before. As he orders their meal, she wishes to herself that Massimo could see Nick as his own son. She asks him why he really invited her here. Massimo explains to her that Nick needs a woman. He suggests that she direct him toward Brooke Logan. Brooke didn't work for Ridge, but she'd be perfect for Nick. Jacque says she understands - Brooke was not good enough for Ridge, but she is good enough for Nick. She leaves the restaurant angrily.

In Ridge's office, Nick tells Ridge that Brooke and Bridget are both good women who deserve better than Ridge. Ridge tells him to stay out of his personal life, but Nick doesn't want to see either woman get hurt. Nick suggests that Ridge leave both women alone. He tells Ridge that he is too close to see clearly. Ridge accuses Nick of having no personal life of his own, which is why Nick is so interested in Ridge's life. Ridge warns him to stay away from Brooke and Bridget. Nick leaves.

Nick is waiting for Brooke in her office. He tells her she should escape it all by running away with him. He tells her that he talked to Ridge and that she deserves better. Nick grabs Brooke and kisses her. Brooke pulls away intrigued.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

At Forrester Creations, George, the security guard, told Stephanie that she was banned from entering the building per order of Eric. Thorne intervened and allowed Stephanie inside. Inside Thorne's office, Stephanie told Thorne that Eric had left her. She revealed that the reason Eric left her was because he was so hurt and upset by what she had told him. Stephanie subsequently revealed to Thorne that Eric is not Ridge's biological father, Massimo is. While shocked by Stephanie's revelation, Thorne told her he would stick by her.

At the beach house, Eric told Stephanie that thanks to her, he had reconnected with Ridge and Bridget. Jackie told Eric that she admires a man who tries to hold his family together. Eric revealed that he would do anything to keep his family together except reconcile with Stephanie. Jackie informed Eric that Massimo was trying to match make between Brooke and Nick. Eric became infuriated while he realized that Massimo wants Brooke occupied so Ridge would be available to have a relationship with Bridget. Jackie and Eric decided that although they are new friends, they feel as though they have known one another for years.

At Forrester Creations, Rick told Amber that all his hard work at Forrester Creations is all for her and Little Eric. Amber told Rick that she is very happy with the way their marriage is going. Rick and Rick and Amber discussed April's concert tour. Amber admitted that she has no regrets about not having a singing career like the one April does.

Eric went to Thorne's office after learning that security had a problem with Stephanie. Eric explained that he had to ban her from the office, otherwise they would be arguing all day. Eric told Thorne that he should be angry with Stephanie. Eric said the reason is because Thorne is now Eric's oldest son. Thorne should have been the one that Eric trained in clothing design business. Stephanie took all of Thorne's opportunity away by lying about who Ridge's father is. Thorne defended Stephanie and explained that she had no idea that Massimo could have been Ridge's father. Eric embraced Thorne and told him that he is his oldest son. Eric planned for him and Thorne to re-build the Forrester family-without Stephanie.

Stephanie went to visit Eric at the beach house. Stephanie was surprised when Jackie, who Stephanie did not know, answered the door. Jackie explained that she rented the beach house unbeknownst to Eric. Jackie explained that Eric had told her all of his troubles. Stephanie was very put out that Eric would tell details about their family problems to a stranger. Jackie tried to be both friendly and honest with Stephanie. Stephanie did not return Jackie's pleasantries. Stephanie viewed Jackie as an unknown woman who has been staying with Eric and privy to the Forrester family problems. Jackie bluntly told Stephanie that Eric told her that he has no intentions of reconciling his marriage to her.

Friday, May 30, 2003

Stephanie is annoyed that Jacqueline knows so much of her personal business. Jackie tells Stephanie that Eric needed someone to confide in, and she happened to be there. She tries to reassure Stephanie that she has no intention of escalating the problems between Stephanie and Eric. Stephanie says if that's true she shouldn't have any trouble moving out. Stephanie offers to handle the arrangements with a realtor for her. Jackie tells Stephanie that her offer is not necessary because she isn't going anywhere. Stephanie leaves her with a warning to not get in the middle of the problems between herself and her husband, Eric. When Eric comes back to the beach house (that he is now sharing with Jackie), he learns that Stephanie has been by. Eric calls Stephanie to tell her he got the message that she had come around. Stephanie tells Eric to come home. He says he can't do that. She asks him to come over so they could talk. Eric asks what's left to say? Stephanie says that he seemed to have an awful lot to say about their problems to a total stranger. Eric simply says, "Good-by Stephanie." More disturbed over the call than he wants to admit, Eric tells Jackie he's going out for a walk. After he leaves, Stephanie calls back but Jackie answers the phone. Even though Jackie politely tells Stephanie that it might be better for her to try to get Eric after dinner, Stephanie tells her to stay away from her husband.

Bridget brings the kids home from an outing at the arcade. She's a little surprised to find Ridge home early. She tells Ridge she had a talk with her mother, and it seemed to her that Brooke's concern was genuinely about Bridget and not about herself. She also says she has always dreamed of coming home to a house like his, with kids like his, and a man like him. Ridge says she can have that, but the two of them need to be careful not cross a huge line because he doesn't want to hurt Brooke again. Bridget agrees but isn't sure she'll be able to control her feelings.

Meanwhile, Rick is at Brook's home. Brooke tells him the truth about why she called off the wedding to Ridge. Rick is sure it was due to something Ridge had done. Brooke comes clean about her affair with Deacon. Before Rick can get over the shock of that news, she follows by telling Rick how close Ridge and Bridget have become. At first Rick doesn't understand what she means. He doesn't understand why it would bother Brooke that Bridget would get closer to her brother, Ridge. Brooke tells Rick that Ridge is not Bridget's brother; that Eric is not Ridge's father. She says she doesn't know how far the relationship between Ridge and Bridget has developed, but she does know they have kissed - twice. Rick is furious and Brooke can't stop him from storming out saying he is going to Ridge's house to put a stop to whatever is going on between Ridge and his sister. No sooner than Ridge and Bridget finish their talk and she goes off to help the kids with a puzzle, there's a knock at the door. Ridge opens the door to Rick raging in calling him an "s.o.b."

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