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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 16, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, June 16, 2003

by CBS

Rick warns Deacon that if he tries another stunt like this, he will never see his children again. Rick tells Deacon that they have everything they need, but Deacon points out that they need their father. Deacon swears that he cares about his children and wants to be a part of their lives. Rick insists that Brooke wants nothing to do with him, and orders him to leave. Thorne advises Darla to concentrate on the baby, not on what happened with Macy. Amber points out that if Deacon wanted to cause a scandal for the family, he could have done it a long time ago. She believes he's really interested in his children. Rick is disappointed when Little Eric asks where Deacon is. Sally tries to calm Macy, but Macy reminds Brooke that if it wasn't for her, she and Thorne would have had a marriage that lasted a lifetime and maybe a family. Brooke is baffled by the onslaught, still thinking that Macy and Thorne had reconciled. When Nick returns, Macy asks Brooke if he's her latest victim. When they're gone, Brooke admits to Nick that she's made a lot of mistakes and hurt her share of people. Nick turns down her suggestion to call it a night, reminding her that he shaved his beard for the occasion. Macy arrives too late for the AA meeting and runs into Deacon. When Macy realizes that it's Brooke that is keeping him from his children, she promises that Brooke is not going to steal Deacon's family the way she stole Macy's. Deacon is surprised by Macy's animosity.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Macy told Deacon her entire name-Macy Alexander-Forrester. Deacon realized who Macy is; a world famous singer who was presumed dead, and the ex-wife of Thorne. Macy realized whom the mother of Deacon's child is-Brooke. Deacon realized that Macy was married to Thorne when Brooke became involved with him. Deacon revealed to Macy that he had an affair with Brooke while he was still married to Brooke's daughter, Bridget. Deacon also revealed that Hope was conceived during his affair to Brooke. Deacon admitted that it is not public knowledge that he is Hope's father. Deacon also revealed that he is Little Eric's father. Macy told Deacon that Becky was married to her brother, C.J. when she died. Macy believed that Brooke's affair with her daughter's husband was consistent with the rest of her behavior. Macy realized that Brooke continues to hurt many people, including children. Macy vowed to force Brooke to allow Deacon Visitation with his children. Initially, Deacon told Macy to back off because he does not want to battle Brooke. Deacon listened to Macy and became determined to establish a relationship with his children.

After dinner, Nick took Brooke out into the harbor in a rubber dinghy. Brooke reminisced about her carefree days when she hung out at the beach and surfed. Nick assured her that she is still that same person. Nick and Brooke shared a romantic moment.

At the beach house, Ridge discussed Brooke with Eric. Ridge was surprised to learn that Eric had a female roommate-Jackie. Eric explained to Ridge that he had been unaware that the beach house is being leased to Jackie when he decided to stay there for the night. Eric admitted though, that he continues to stay there because he enjoys Jackie's company and that she helped him through a very difficult time. Ridge resumed his discussion with Eric about Brooke. Ridge was unaware that Jackie is Nick's mother. Ridge pointed out to Eric that he is not too upset that Brooke is dating-it is whom she is dating. Eric pointed out to Ridge that Jackie is Nick's mother. Ridge explained to Jackie that he does not believe that Brooke and Nick have anything in common. Ridge warned Jackie that Nick is "way over his head" with Brooke because Ridge plans to win Brooke back. Jackie predicted that Nick would be more of a competitor for Brooke than Ridge is aware.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

by Anna

Deacon cleans up trash from his apartment and sets out juice and apples in preparation for Little Eric's visit. He calls Amber at work, asking when Little Eric will be over. Amber hesitates but agrees to bring them. After she hangs up, Rick enters and is angry when he finds out Amber is planning to take their son to visit Deacon. He calls their lawyer, Jonathon, and is reminded that Deacon gave up his parental rights. Amber is worried what Deacon might do if they cut him out of Eric's life. She is sure that Deacon has changed, but Rick feels that this is just a phase for Deacon and he will move on.

Jonathon goes to Deacon's apartment to tell him that Eric will not be visiting. Deacon insists that he has a lot to offer the kids, but Jonathon reminds him of his alcohol problem, unstable living conditions, and fluctuating employment. Jonathon reminds Deacon that he has no rights to Eric and advises him not to drag Little Eric or Hope into court and put them in a tug of war.

Sally visits Stephanie to congratulate her on a coming grandchild. Stephanie is excited, thinking that Macy and Thorne have decided to adopt. She is shocked when Sally announces that Thorne is having a baby with someone else. Stephanie can't believe that Thorne would cheat on Macy, but Sally assures her that he slept with Macy's best friend Darla, and that now his marriage is over. Sally informs Stephanie that, after all these years, she doesn't envy Stephanie anymore.

Macy meets Thorne at Spectra and hands him annulment papers. Thorne insists that Macy give it more time and that they could work it out. Macy says if he cares for her, he'll let her go. She tells him that she doesn't want to live a life of bitterness and resentfulness because of the child. Thorne reluctantly signs the papers, but tells her that he loves her. He leaves and Macy cries.

Thursday, June 19, 2003


Megan stopped Ridge from trying to sneak into Brooke's office. Megan told Ridge that Payne meaning Nick is in the office. Jackie Payne was in Nick's office. Ridge marched into Brooke's office, uninvited. Ridge was surprised to see Jackie Payne-not Nick. After Jackie left, Ridge asked Brooke about her date with Nick. Brooke recapped her date with Nick. Brooke commented that it was refreshing to date someone and not have to argue with Stephanie or Massimo after the date. Ridge apologized for his past mistakes. Ridge told Brooke she is the only woman he wants. Brooke could not believe Ridge. Brooke nixed all of Ridge's efforts to win her back. Ridge predicted to Brooke that he would eventually win her back.

At the Insomnia, Nick told Bridget that he is aware of her romantic relationship with Ridge. Bridget assured Nick that whatever their relationship was is all over now. Bridget warned Nick that Brooke strings men along then always returns to Ridge-her true love.

Macy arrived at Deacon's to find him distraught over losing his children. Deacon explained to Macy that the Forrester attorney had informed him that his parental rights to Little Eric had been terminated. The Forrester attorney also told him that the Forrester's do not want Deacon around Hope. Deacon admitted to Macy he cannot fight the Forrester's in court.Deacon acknowledged that he is a bad role model for his children. Macy supported Deacon and pointed out Deacon's positive aspects. Macy pointed out that he is now employed as an entertainment agent. Deacon belittled his employment because he has one only client. Macy complimented Deacon for helping his one client to become a super-star. Macy hired Deacon as her entertainment agent .Deacon was appreciative to Macy and revealed that no one else had ever helped out as she is trying to.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Macy urges Deacon to take control of his relationship with Hope by calling Brooke and telling her that he wants to spend time with his daughter. At first Brooke takes her usual position of saying that it's not a good idea and she doesn't want Deacon to be around Hope. Encouraged by Macy, Deacon insists that he wants very much to make up for the time he's already lost. With Macy's help he is completely ready to take Hope with him for a couple of hours. Macy helped him to get formula, a car seat, and a portable crib. It takes a while, but Brooke finally agrees to let Deacon see Hope. Deacon leaves Macy's home and goes to get his daughter.

Sally comes home and to receive the shocking news from Macy that not only are Deacon and Macy friends, but she also learns that Deacon fathered Hope. Sally tries to warn Macy that her emotional state may be too fragile for any kind of friendship with Deacon. She thinks Macy hasn't known Deacon long enough. Macy disagrees. She is determined to help keep Deacon from being victimized by Brooke. Macy tells her mother that if Brooke hadn't come between her and Thorn, they might have children now. She vows she will do everything in her power to stop Brooke from letting Deacon be part of his child's life.

Nick arrives for a planned run with Brooke. She tells him she can no longer go because of Deacon coming over. Nick doesn't understand why Deacon would be coming to Brooke's home until Brooke explains their connections. She is surprised when Nick is not shocked, disappointed or judges her past actions. On the contrary, he is supportive of Brooke while being fair in his comments about Deacon. He tells Brooke that Hope needs to spend time with her father and that on the previous occasion when he met Deacon at Marone Industries, he didn't think that Deacon was such a bad guy. Just when he thinks he may have made his point, he hears Brooke give Hope's nanny permission to take her out of the house to the park before Deacon arrives in an attempt to interfere with his visit. It doesn't work because as they are walking out the door, Deacon arrives. After more convincing of Brooke, he is able to take Hope with him back to Macy's home.

Macy tells Deacon she is glad that he is getting the chance to be a dad to his daughter and she plans to leave them alone to bond. Deacon asks her to stay. It doesn't take long for Macy to become completely enchanted with Hope.

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