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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 23, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, June 23, 2003

by CBS

Sally tells Clarke that the last thing Macy needs right now is to be around a baby - especially Brooke's. Massimo apologizes to Jackie, acknowledging that they got off to a bad start and asking for another chance. Jackie isn't ready to forgive the way Massimo treated her when she came to town, but she is touched when he offers her a special bottle of wine that brings back memories of a romantic evening from their past. Nick assures Brooke that she did the right thing, pointing out that if she refused to let Deacon spend time with Hope, she could make the situation worse. Nick talks about what it was like to grow up without a father and explains to Brooke that children like to see their parents getting along with each other. Brooke wonders why Deacon is suddenly so determined to have a relationship with his children. Deacon's time with Hope is running out and he worries about what he'll do if Brooke won't let him see her again. When Hope gets fussy, Macy offers to take her and try to calm her down. She sings her a lullaby. When Deacon leaves with Hope, tears are running down Macy's face.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

At Brooke's house, Nick and Brooke attempted to spend a whole day together alone. Their plans were ruined when Ridge arrived with his children.

Stephanie made Bridget an offer. Stephanie asked Bridget to move in with her in her Beverly Hills home. At first Bridget was suspicious that Stephanie wanted her to live close by so she could keep an eye on her. Bridget felt that Stephanie did not trust that she is no longer in a relationship with Ridge/and or spending time with Ridge and the children. Stephanie trusted that Bridget is no longer spending time with Ridge and the children. Stephanie explained to Bridget the reason for her offer is simple-she is lonely and wants Bridget's company. Bridget accepted Stephanie's offer to move into the Forrester home.

Massimo did everything to sweep Jackie off of her feet. Jackie was cautious about falling for Massimo even though she was tempted to. Massimo took Jackie to San Francisco in his jet.

While alone momentarily, Nick and Ridge took the opportunity to insult one another. Nick warned Ridge that he would ultimately win Brooke's love.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

by Anna

At the pool, Ridge tells Brooke that the kiss she gave Nick didn't bother him. He tells her that it's good for her to date and take some time before they commit to each other. He dares her to admit that she hates being away from him. She smiles when he tells her that she is driving him crazy.

Eric accompanies Nick to a local pub. As they drink and play pool, Eric tells Nick that Jackie is happy to have Nick in one place, so she can spend time with him. Nick admits to Eric that his mother went through a lot while she was married and after her husband died. Eric reassures Nick that he and Jackie are just good friends and not to worry. Eric is glad to have had her friendship during the last few months. Eric warns Nick that he should be concerned about Jackie's relationship with Massimo. He tells Nick that Massimo wanted Jackie to set Nick up with Brooke. Nick says that it is impossible, his mother has never even met Massimo.

On Massimo's plane, Jackie is amazed at Massimo dropping everything to fly her to San Francisco. They begin to talk about their past. Massimo asks her why she didn't come to him if her marriage was so unhappy. He tells her that she knew how he felt about her, but she says, no, she didn't know. Massimo said that the only reason he didn't contact her after their affair was because her husband told him that she didn't want anything to do with Massimo and to stay away. Jackie tells Massimo that she never told her husband about their affair. She then realizes that her husband knew about the affair all those years and was resentful, punishing her by keeping her in the marriage. Jackie tells Massimo that her husband made her life so miserable for revenge. She admits to Massimo that she thought of him everyday. Massimo admits that he thought of her too, and that losing her was very hard for him. He tells her that he had planned on coming for her until he received the call from her husband. Massimo wishes things had been different; they could have had a life together and a family. Suddenly, the plane's pilot bursts in, just as Jackie is about to admit that Nicky is Massimo's son. The pilot orders them to buckle their seat belts. The electrical system is malfunctioning and the landing gear is not working. They have turned back to LA, dumped their fuel, and are preparing to make an emergency landing on the runway. As they rapidly descend, Massimo demands to know if Nicky is really his son. Just before the crash, Jackie admits that he is Massimo's son.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Massimo and Jackie were taken to the hospital after the harsh jet landing. Bridget and Mark were both working at the hospital at the time. Bridget was surprised to learn that Jackie had been on the jet with Massimo. Massimo was disoriented but alert enough to tell Bridget that he would feel responsible if Jackie died.

Meanwhile, Nick and Eric spent time together. Nick told Eric some stuff about his childhood. Nick explained how well liked his mother was by everyone because of her kindness.

At his apartment, Deacon acknowledged to Macy that she is the reason he is pursuing a relationship with his children. Deacon invited Macy to accompany him on a visit with Little Eric. When Macy declined, Deacon felt guilty about upsetting Macy regarding her recent hysterectomy. Brooke stopped by Deacon's apartment unexpectedly. Macy hid in another room while Deacon spoke with Brooke.

Brooke bluntly informed Deacon that she is no longer going to allow him further visitation with his children. Macy became angry with Brooke for cutting Deacon off from his children once again. After Brooke left, Macy encouraged Deacon to keep fighting to have a relationship with his children.

Bridget notified Nick that his mother had been in an accident. Nick rushed to the hospital to see Jackie. Nick was surprised to learn that she had been on Massimo's jet-with Massimo. Massimo thought about telling Nick that he is his father. Massimo observed from the door as Nick begged Jackie not to die.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Nick's mom is stable but has fallen into a coma. After her physician tells Massimo and Nick that her brain functions are slipping even more, Nick becomes so distraught that he runs out of the room and out of the hospital. He goes to his boat and frantically sails out of the harbor, leaving Massimo behind at Jackie's bedside.

Brooke visits Deacon at his apartment to tell him that it was a mistake for her to let him send time with Hope and that he should not expect to have that opportunity again. She doesn't realize that Macy, who had come over earlier to visit Deacon hid in the bathroom when she heard Brooke announce herself when she knocked on Nick's door. Macy is livid as she eavesdrops on the conversation between Deacon and Brooke. Brooke ignores Deacons pleas to be involved with his daughter and son, since Brooke has also included Little Eric/Dee in the restrictions against Deacon she is tying to impose. Deacon tells her he only wants to be a good father to his children. Brooke insists it is too little, too late. Feeling that she has finally laid down the law with Deacon about his connections with his children, she leaves. Macy storms out of the bathroom asking Deacon "Who does she think she is?" Macy tries to encourage Deacon and reassure him that Brooke does not call all the shots. She tells him that he has rights when it comes to his children.

After she arrives back home, Brooke receives a call from Bridget at the hospital. She tells him about Nick's mom being in a plane crash and how Nick reacted to the news about the extent of her injuries. Knowing that Nick will not reach out to anyone on his own, Brooke leaves to go find him and offer him her support. Little does Nick know as he races out of the harbor, that Brooke has been waiting for him in another area of the boat. Nick wants to turn around and take her back, telling her he wants to be alone and that he doesn't need anyone. Brooke hangs in there, determined to be there for him whether he likes it or not.

Ridge goes to Massimo's office to find him after hearing the news about the accident. Massimo has gone there from the hospital to get the insignia ring that he took from Jackie. He says the ring has always been lucky and that's what she needs now. Massimo is angry and impatient at Ridge's negative comments about Nick. He is disgusted to hear that Nick allowed his emotions to dominate his need to stay at his mother's side when she needs him most. Massimo will not tolerate Ridge's judging Nick. Especially now that he knows Nick is his son. A new piece of information he still has to share with Ridge.

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