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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 7, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, July 7, 2003

Macy went house hunting with Deacon. Deacon's self esteem has taken a downhill tumble. He has to be persuaded by Macy that he is good enough to live in one of the places they find and that he really likes. Macy tries to pump him up by telling him that he will be able to afford the new home because she has lots of contacts and she plans to get him connected using her resources. All of this comes as a surprise to Deacon who thought he was helping Macy look for a place for herself. This new home is the first step in Macy's plan to change Deacon's image. The house is like a resort by the ocean in Deacon's eyes. He feels so good about agreeing to move in it leads to his taking Macy into his arms and kissing her.

Brooke rushes over to Nick's thinking that he has called her because his mother's condition has taken a turn for the worse. What she finds when she gets there is Nick and take out burgers. Realizing there isn't a real emergency, Brooke is about to leave, but Nick convinces her to stay and eat with him. During the conversation, he asks her how the birthday party for Hope went. She tells him that it didn't happen because Deacon showed up trying to convince her still, that he is a changed, dedicated father. When Nick seems to indicate how he can relate to Deacon's efforts, Brooke says it must be because he compares it to the absence of his own father. This makes the perfect opportunity for Nick to tell Brooke that history of his mother's affair with his biological father and how Nick came to be separated from and not know whom his father is. However, he goes on to say, his mother admitted the truth to his father when she thought she might not survive the plane crash. Nick tells Brooke that he now knows that his father is Massimo. Brooke is shocked to hear this news. She tells Nick it changes everything between them because she has been down the road before (having feelings for Ridge's brother). After learning that Ridge is Nick's half-brother, there is no way she can continue to see him if she is to be true to her intent to change her behaviors in relationships. Nick doesn't completely understand, but Brooke leaves without saying more.

Across town, Ridge and Thorne are enjoying a rare day together at Thorne's beach house. They discuss their relationships. As Ridge tries to convince Thorne that things will work out between him and Macy, Thorne says it is definitely over between them because Macy will never forgive him for getting her best friend pregnant. Thorne tires to convince Ridge that things will work out for him and Brooke. Ridge says he knows but he also is dealing with the irritation of his half-brother also wanting to become involved with Brooke. Both brothers agree that hearing the news of Ridge's latest sibling won't be easy for Brooke to deal with.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Rick tried to persuade Brooke to allow visitation between Deacon and his children. Brooke was not convinced. Brooke confided in Rick that Nick is Ridge's brother. Brooke told him that Nick has become another disappointment for her because he's related to Ridge. Rick pointed out to Brooke that Nick is a good man. Rick encouraged Brooke to make amends with Nick.

Meanwhile, Nick told Jackie that Brooke walked out on him upon learning that he is the son of Massimo and Ridge's brother. Jackie tried to be supportive to Nick. Nick, however, didn't heed Jackie's advice.

At Deacon's new house, Sally noticed how upbeat and cheerful Macy had become since her recent association with Deacon and his children. Sally wondered if it was Deacon or his children that was making Macy so happy. Sally was present at Deacon's visit with Little Eric at Macy's request. Sally observed the warm and playful interaction between Macy and Little Eric. Sally thanked Deacon for negotiating a good music contract for Macy. Sally warned Deacon that if Brooke learns of his association with Macy, things could become worse for him. Sally took Macy aside and warned her that because Little Eric is a Forrester, she could get her heart broken once again.

At Forrester Creations, Amber reported to Rick that Deacon picked up Little Eric on time for his visit with him. Amber noticed that Deacon was sober, and that Deacon was renting a very nice house. Amber tried to show Rick that Deacon was really making an effort for his children.

Brooke went to Nick's boat to apologize for walking out on him. Brooke explained to Nick that she could not tolerate the thought of him being Ridge's brother. Brooke revealed she walked away from Nick only because she has feelings for him.

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

by Anna

Brooke explains that she walked out on Nick because she cares. She admits that she has feelings for him and doesn't want to face them. Nick tells her that he wanted to be the one uncomplicated thing in her life. He suggests they forget about he past 24 hours and go on. Brooke asks him if he is going to get a bigger boat now that he is a Marone. Nick tells her that he is attached to the boat he has. He explains that she is a stubborn boat, but she fits. He tells Brooke that he doesn't get rid of something that fits. He assures her that he'll have "her" for a long time. He passionately kisses Brooke and she enjoys it. After they break away, she tells him that she ought to go back to the office, but it's hard after a kiss like that. Nick tells her that being with him will be quite a ride and asks her if she is up for the ride. She responds with, "aye, aye, captain."

At the beach house where Jackie is recovering, she admits to Eric that Massimo is Nick's father. Eric informs her that it is Massimo's fault that she was miserable raising her son alone. Jackie assures Eric that Massimo never knew about her pregnancy and it couldn't be his fault. Eric tells her that even back then Massimo was a powerful man and could have found out about Nick if he had been interested. Eric is sure that Massimo took advantage of Jackie all those years ago when she was young. He warns her that Massimo will use her again to gain the family that he wants, but has not earned. Eric tells her that she could do so much better than having Massimo in her life. He kisses her and afterward Jackie admits that she enjoyed the kiss. Eric reveals his attraction for her. As they kiss again, Massimo sees them through the window. Jackie sees Massimo.

In Massimo's office, Ridge wants Massimo to tell him more about his relationship with Jackie Payne. Massimo explains to him that he never knew that Nicky was his son. Jackie thought she had been abandoned and Massimo admits that he had allowed her husband to rob them of a lifetime together. Massimo wants to make up for all those years apart. Massimo wants Ridge to tell Thomas and the girls that he is their grandfather so that he is not robbed of a family with them. Ridge knows that it will not be an easy thing to tell them. Massimo urges Ridge to tell them before they hear it from someone else.

Macy explains to Sally that Deacon had to leave in a hurry and left his cell phone behind. He was worried if he was late returning Little Eric that they wouldn't let him spend time with his son again. Macy admires pictures that Deacon took of Little Eric and realizes how much Deacon loves his son. Unfortunately, without his cell phone, Deacon cannot call Amber and Rick when he is delayed by a flat tire. When he is 30minutes late returning Eric, Rick informs Deacon that he won't be able to have another visit because he was late. Deacon argues that it wasn't his fault he was late. Angry, Deacon turns to leave and informs them that he will be a part of Eric's life. When he arrives back home, Macy can tell he is upset. He tells her what happened and that he has decided to fight for his parental rights. Macy agrees to help him by getting the best lawyer she can.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

At home, Bridget questioned Brooke about her intentions towards a relationship with Nick. Brooke admitted that at present she is happy being pursued by both Nick and Ridge. Bridget advised that Brooke should be moving forward in her relationship with Ridge .Brooke explained to Bridget that right now she did not intend to jump quickly into any relationship, because she wants to be sure of what she is doing.

Massimo saw Eric kiss Jackie. When Jackie noticed Massimo outside of the beach house she told Eric that she is not ready for a romantic relationship. Eric offered to stay with Jackie all day in order to provide help to her while she is recovering from her injuries.

Ridge gently informed the children that he is the son of Massimo, hence Massimo is their grandfather. Thomas worried about Eric no longer being his grandfather. Ridge assured the children that Massimo is a third grandfather. Ridge explained that Eric and Jack will always be their grandfather. Thomas figured out that Bridget is not biologically their aunt. Thomas revealed that he missed Bridget. Ridge assured Thomas that he will not lose any family members even though they are not biologically related.

Meanwhile, Bridget told Brooke that she is concerned that Ridge's children will become confused. Brooke realized that Bridget did not approve of her casually dating both Nick and Ridge. Bridget tried to caution Brooke that she will hurt the children if she gets their hopes up that she and Ridge will marry. Bridget told Ridge she knows that Nick is his brother. Ridge and Brooke exchanged endearments in front of Bridget.

Jackie went to Massimo's office. Massimo did not want to hear Jackie's explanation about Eric's kiss. Massimo told Jackie that he is determined not to allow his pride to keep him from a relationship with her. Massimo proposed marriage to Jackie.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Massimo proposes to Jackie and she accepts. Immediately he wants to summon movers to take her belongings out of the beach house she shares with Eric. Jackie asks him to give her time to tell Eric in person. She knows that Eric has feelings for her and doesn't want him to find out about her engagement from movers. Frustrated at having to make allowances once again for Eric, Massimo agrees to give in to Jackie's wishes. Jackie says she wants to go home for a quiet celebration, but Massimo tells her they need to make a stop because he doesn't have any champagne at his home.

Everybody's eating at Café Rouse this evening. Stephanie Joins Eric and in a private dining room, Ridge and Brooke arrive for dinner. Stephanie is happy Eric asked her out but her hopes are dashed when Eric tells her they do need to talk about how they plan to handle their separation. Stephanie seems intent on bashing Jackie, telling Eric Jackie has not been completely truthful with him in not sharing any information about her past or current relationship with Massimo. Eric isn't comfortable talking with Stephanie about Jackie.

Ridge continues his quest to get Brooke to agree to marry him. They discuss her dating his half-brother, Nick. Ridge admits that he is uncomfortable in the position he finds himself, not knowing what Brooke is going to do or when she'll decide if she will marry him. Brooke tells him that now he must know how she has felt many times over the years. She tells Ridge she isn't sure if she is ready to make a commitment to him or anyone, but she does know that she will always love Ridge. After they sit down to dessert, Brooke comments on the fact that their lives are so predictable; they know everything about one another and maybe they need some surprises. She's saying this as she picks at her dessert. Her fork hits something unusual in the dessert. Brooke is speechless as she pulls out a diamond necklace from her dessert cup. Ridge tells her that he plans to surprise her everyday that they are together.

Back in the main dinning room, Massimo arrives to pick up a bottle of champagne, not realizing that Eric and Stephanie are across the other side of the room. He decides instead that he wants to share his happiness with everyone in the restaurant, and invites everyone to join him in a toast. He announces the reason for his happiness is that he is getting married, and raises a glass to Jackie. Eric sits stunned as his and Jackie's eyes meet.

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