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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, July 14, 2003

Jackie is stunned that Eric is at the restaurant and heard Massimo's announcement. When Eric leaves abruptly, Jackie follows him to his car and jumps in before he can drive away. Eric calls Massimo a monster. He pulls over to the side of the road and kisses Jackie. She insists that she has loved Massimo all her life, but Eric tries to convince her that she's making a mistake if she marries him. Massimo shocks Stephanie by revealing that Nick is his son. Stephanie points out that Massimo has little in common with Jackie other than their son and suggests that he rethink his proposal. Ridge puts the necklace on Brooke and kisses her. Ridge apologizes to Brooke for putting her through hell over the years. He realizes he kept her hanging on so she'd always have a little hope, but he sees now that he should have given her up. Ridge admits he's dazzled by the woman Brooke has become and asks for the chance to keep on surprising her. Jackie is relieved that Massimo isn't angry with her and they're both still excited about getting married. Bridget realizes that Nick is competing with Ridge for Brooke. She warns him to let Brooke go if he's not serious about her because this is Brooke's chance to be with the man she's always wanted.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

On Nick's boat, Massimo and Jackie told Nick that they are engaged to be married. Nick agreed to join them for their celebration that evening, only if he could bring Brooke as his date.

Sally and Clarke stressed about a deadline for a dress order at Spectra Fashions. Sally admitted to Clarke just how stressed she has been. Clarke tried to convince Sally that she had made a mistake by firing Darla. Sally admitted to Clarke that she still thinks about Darla every day. Sally said she could not re-hire Darla because Darla is pregnant by Thorne. Clarke hired Gladys to replace the last temporary worker. Gladys brought her pet skunk to work. Sally and Clarke were sprayed by the skunk. Sally realized that Clarke hired Gladys to show Sally that she should rehire Darla.

At the Insomnia Café, Bridget listened to Darla's troubles. Darla sought Bridget's advice about how to forget her feelings for Thorne. Sally came into the Insomnia. Darla asked Sally to forgive her. Darla told Sally that she needs her through her pregnancy and when her baby is born.

Jackie told Nick that she is happy with Massimo. Jackie hoped she could now provide Nick with the family he missed out on. Massimo told Jackie and Nick that he will always be there for them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

by Anna

At the restaurant, Brooke tells Nick that she thinks Massimo's proposal to Jackie is romantic after not seeing her for so many years. She admits, though, that she and Massimo don't get along, but Nick is sure that Massimo will behave tonight since he is so happily engaged. Massimo enters the restaurant with Jackie and, seeing Brooke, tells Jackie what he thinks of Brooke. Jackie warns him to be polite because Brooke has become an important part of their son's life. Massimo and Jackie join Brooke and Nick at their table. Brooke orders champagne to celebrate the engagement. Massimo tells them that he is planning the wedding on his own. When Brooke offers to recommend a good wedding planner, Massimo tells her that is something she ought to know a lot about. Jackie suggests they just elope instead. Brooke notices Jackie's discomfort with the thought of an extravagant wedding. After they finish eating, the men go to get the coats. Brooke congratulates Jackie again. Jackie tells her that it has meant a lot to her and to Nick to have Brooke with them tonight. She tells Brooke that her son finally has everything she has wanted for him. He has a family and someone special to share it all with. Brooke is speechless when Jackie tells her that she would be happy to have Brooke as part of her family. When Nick and Massimo return, Nick kisses Brooke and tells her that he is glad she came with him. Jackie is thrilled to witness the look that Nick and Brooke share.

At the Insomnia, Darla begs Sally for her job back. Sally tells Darla to stop feeling sorry for herself, that she brought all this on herself. Darla reminds Sally that Thorne doesn't care for her and she is doing this all alone. She tells Sally that she has had time to think and realizes she has taken Macy and Sally for granted. Darla asks her to please take her back into their lives. She tells Sally that she loves her and misses her. Darla leaves.

Bridget comes to Thorne's office to tell him that Darla is lonely and needs him. Thorne assures Bridget that he will be there for Darla and the baby when the baby is born. He confides in Bridget that he still loves Macy, but she refuses to talk to him. Thorne is upset that he promised Macy that this time would be different, but now he has let her down. Bridget reminds him not to take it out on Darla, that Darla has lost a lot too. Bridget mentions to Thorne that Darla is going to her ultrasound today all alone. Bridget tells Thorne that she doesn't see him "being there" for Darla, and neither does Darla.

Darla arrives at the doctor's office alone for her ultrasound. As the doctor is about to start, Darla is surprised when Thorne rushes in the door. He tells her that he is glad he didn't miss anything. Both are excited when the doctor points out the baby's body parts on the screen. Thorne touches Darla's tummy and smiles.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

At home, Little Eric kept telling Rick and Amber about "Cuckoo" who was present during his visit with Deacon. Little Eric wanted to sing "Cuckoo's" song. Rick worried about Deacon's next move regarding Little Eric. Ridge arrived and asked if Brooke was home from her date with Nick yet. Ridge told Rick and Amber that he and Brooke are going through a strange period presently. Ridge predicted that he and Brooke would soon reunite, regardless of Nick. Ridge told Rick that he plans to re-gain his trust. Ridge promised to do right by Brooke. Rick was skeptical that Ridge could win Brooke back.

Macy convinced Deacon to meet with Julie Shumaker; a high priced attorney. Initially Julie advised Deacon that he could not beat Brooke in court. She then reported that her clerk had found no official documents in court that gave Rick and Amber custody of Little Eric. Julie advised Deacon that he could simply take Little Eric away from Rick and Amber.

Meanwhile, Nick and Brooke continued their date on Nick's boat. Brooke told Nick that she was happy that Jackie would want her as part of her family. Nick told Brooke a story about the migration of whales and compared it to her and her history. He also told her a story about himself and how change is good. Nick serenaded Brooke.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Brooke and Macy face off at Insomnia when Brooke stops in to buy a cup of coffee after a leaving a meeting nearby. Macy makes it clear that she and Brooke will never be friends and wants Brooke to get the message and stop trying to make pleasant conversation whenever they happen to bump into one another. Brooke seems to be amazed that Macy is still holding a grudge against her for coming between Macy and Thorne. Macy tells her that if it had not been for Brooke's interference in her marriage, she would already be a mother by now. Brooke says Macy should consider that she could still be a mother. Maybe she can't have biological children, but she could meet someone and be a mother to that person's children. Macy says she intends to do just that, all the while thinking about how she plans to keep helping Deacon to get closer to his children, including his and Brooke's daughter, Hope. As she turns to leave, Macy drops a shopping bag and Brooke helps her pick up some of the spilled contents. One of the items is a stuffed animal, which she quickly says, "Hope would just love to have."

Later, Macy and Sally share conversation while Macy makes cookies for Little Deacon. Sally asks her daughter if the only reason Macy is helping Deacon is to get back at Brooke. Macy tries to explain to her mother how exciting it is to see the look on Deacon's face when he is with his children and she resents Brooke talking as if Hope belongs only to her; like she doesn't have a father. Macy says she is determined to help Deacon and if Brooke gets hurt in the process, the blame it on fate.

Deacon arrives at Brooke's home with his attorney to pick up little Dee/Eric. Rick and Amber don't want to let the boy go with his father, saying that Deacon gave up his parental rights. The lawyer corrects them when she explains that although Deacon did sign away his rights, he has the right to retract his earlier action because Rick and Amber never formally adopted the child. She goes on to say that if they want to make it difficult, she can come back but will do so with a court order. Rick and Amber realize it will be pointless to try to stop Deacon from taking his son for the night. Reluctantly, they let him go, but then Amber breaks down.

Brook arrives home and learns what has happened. She says she thinks someone else must be behind everything that Deacon is doing and she is going to find out what's going on. She goes over to Deacon's new apartment and brushes past him demanding to know where little Dee/Eric is, who's car is parked out front of his house, etc. Deacon tells Brooke that she is taking time away from his time with his son and he asks her to leave. Brooke is being condescending, nosey, and rude. Grudgingly she is about to leave just as Macy brings the child downstairs. A look of total shock crosses Brooke's face when she sees Macy standing there holding Little Dee/Eric, Brooke suddenly realizes just who has been encouraging Deacon to spend more time with his children.

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