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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 21, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, July 21, 2003

Brooke accuses Macy of being behind Deacon's sudden fatherly interest and assures her that she won't get away with it. Brooke is certain that Macy is interested in revenge, not Deacon. Macy tries unsuccessfully to reason with Brooke. Brooke insists that Deacon has a lot of demons, but Macy knows he is trying to deal with them. Brooke wants Macy to admit that she tried to kill her the night of the accident. Macy is appalled. Brooke wants Macy to stay away from Eric and Hope. Macy warns Brooke that she can either make this a nightmare for everyone or accept her friendship with Deacon and get over her paranoia. Massimo plans a honeymoon surprise for Jackie on an island he's bought for her. After spending time with Macy and Little Eric, Sally admits to Clarke that Macy may finally have found something worth fighting for. Sally is worried about what will happen when Brooke finds out about Macy and Deacon and adds that Brooke had better not get in Macy's way. Ridge and Nick take potshots at each other as the casts are made for their Marone busts.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

At Brooke's request, Thorne arrived at her house. Brooke informed Rick, Amber and Thorne that Macy had hooked up with Deacon. Also, Brooke told them that Macy was behind Deacon's new drive to obtain visitation and custody of his children. Brooke suspected that Macy's relationship with Deacon is about revenge against the Forrester Family. Rick refused to believe that Macy would do such a thing. Amber and Rick went to Deacon's house to see for themselves. Rick and Amber secretly observed Macy singing Little Eric to sleep. They also witnessed a romantic moment between Macy and Deacon.

Bridget spent time with Ridge's children. Steffy asked Bridget to move back into their house with them. Bridget reminded them that Ridge and Brooke are planning to get married. Stephanie, who was present, could not help but notice how much the children love Bridget. While alone, Stephanie told Bridget that she would prefer that Brooke date Nick rather than Ridge. Bridget pointed out to Stephanie that Ridge would be devastated if Brooke chose Nick. Stephanie remained convinced that Brooke is not the woman who could make Ridge happy. After Bridget and the children left, Brooke arrived to speak to Ridge. Brooke told Stephanie that she did not wish to speak to her. Stephanie accused Brooke of playing hard to get with Ridge by using Nick. Brooke made it clear to Stephanie that she and Ridge love one another. Brooke warned that when she and Ridge get together again, there is nothing that Stephanie can do to stop it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

by Anna

Ridge's secretart interrupts him with a message from Brooke to meet her at his house right away.

At Ridge's house, Brooke and Stephanie argue. Stephanie wonders aloud what Nick would think of Brooke's plans to marry Ridge. She accuses Brooke of just playing hard to get. Brooke tells Stephanie that Stephanie is just jealous because she never had a great relationship with Eric. Stephanie is sure that since Brooke has chosen to date Nick, it proves that Brooke is not serious about a relationship with Ridge. Ridge arrives home. He tells Brooke he got her message that she needed him. He asks his mother if she would please leave so that he and Brooke can have some time alone. Ridge promises Brooke that he will help her get through whatever problem she is having. As Stephanie leaves, she watches Ridge comfort Brooke.

At the pub, Bridget comes to see Nick. She asks him how serious he is about her mother. Nick wonders if Bridget is worried about her mom, but Bridget says, no, that she is worried about Nick. Bridge tells Nick that he has a lot going on in his life right now with his new job and finding out about Massimo being his father. She doesn't want Nick to get hurt. Nick tells Bridget that he has a date with Brooke for tomorrow. Bridget is worried that Brooke is not as serious about the relationship as Nick is; Brooke as loved Ridge for so long. Nick assures Bridget that he won't have any troubles steering Brooke away from Ridge. Nick excuses himself to go back to playing cards with his friends, and Bridget leaves.

Brooke tells Ridge all about Deacon's sudden interest in spending time with his children. She is sure that Deacon and Macy are working together to take the children. Brooke is afraid that Macy is going to try to get back at Brooke by convincing Deacon that Brooke ruined his life. Ridge tries to comfort her by telling her that no judge would give the kids to Deacon. He holds Brooke while they sit on the couch. Brooke tells Ridge that Stephanie told her not to bother him with this. Ridge assures her that his commitment to her and her family are as strong as ever. He tells her that no one will threaten that. They kiss.

Stephanie goes looking for Nick at the pub. She introduces herself to him and his friends. She tells him that she is there to encourage him and give him advice on how to win Brooke. Stephanie feels Nick should know what he is up against. Nick tells Stephanie that she doesn't care about him or Brooke. Stephanie tells him that they have mutual interests. Nick is sure that he doesn't need Stephanie's help. Before she leaves, Stephanie informs him that Brooke is with Ridge right now.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

At home, Amber was depressed at the thought of losing Little Eric to Deacon and Macy. Rick made certain that Amber understood that Deacon, Macy and Little Eric are not a family. Rick predicted that no judge would deny him and Amber permanent custody of Little Eric. Ridge hired Ed Bradley, an attorney specializing in family law to help out Rick, Brooke and Amber. Ed advised Brooke to file a restraining order against Macy. The restraining order would bar Macy from being in the presence of Little Eric or Hope. Ed said the restraining order would be based on Brooke's accusations that Macy had attempted to kill Brooke in the car accident when Macy was believed to be dead.

Amber went to pick up Little Eric at Deacon's. Deacon assured Amber that Macy does not want Little Eric for herself, nor is he using Little Eric to impress Macy. Deacon complimented Amber for being a great mother to Little Eric. He promised Amber that she would always be Little Eric's mother. He also promised he would not take Little Eric away from Amber. Macy assured Amber that she is not out to steal Little Eric. Macy did admit that she loves Little Eric. Macy promised she would never try to take Little Eric away from his mother. Amber agreed with Macy that Little Eric could not have too much love. Amber promised to convince Brooke and Rick that Deacon and Macy should also be a part of Little Eric's life.

Meanwhile, Ed Bradley told Brooke and Rick that Macy would be served the restraining order papers tonight.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Amber picks up Little Dee/Eric from Deacon's to take him home after spending the night with his biological dad. After talking with Macy, Amber is no longer worried that Macy is using her influence to convince Deacon to take their son to live with him and Macy. Deacon and Macy also feel relieved that the time Deacon had with his son went so well. The good feeling is shattered when a process server arrives with a restraining order stating that Macy may not come within 100 years of either Little Dee/Eric or Hope. Deacon is sure that Amber didn't know about the restraining order, but he also knows that she is not calling the shots in the Forrester home. While he waits for his lawyer to return his phone call, Deacon takes another look at the order and realizes that the order is against Macy Alexander but doesn't say anything about Macy "Sharpe." Macy can't believe Deacon could be suggesting they get married. But he tells her that he'd be a fool not to realize that she is really good for him and his kids and he doesn't want to lose her.

Amber is upset to arrive home and learn from Rick that Ridge has helped Brooke to find a lawyer, who has taken out a restraining order against Macy. She panics because she thinks this action will only make Deacon angry and more determined. She says he will not back down and she gave him her word that she would support his spending time with his children. She's also upset that Rick got involved in making the decision to go ahead with the restraining order without consulting her.

Brooke is surprised when Ridge doesn't seem jealous at the thought that she has a date with Nick. Ridge tells her he has no worries because he knows they belong together, and he's sure that the more time she spends with "Popeye" the sooner she'll realize it too.

Sailing on a midnight cruise to Catalina, Brooke is glad she kept her date with Nick. A fog sets in, but Nick makes her feel safe and what might have been scary night becomes romantic.

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