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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 28, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, July 28, 2003

When Rick questions Sally about Macy's motives, Sally points out that the only one who's acting vindictive is Rick. She insists that Deacon is making Macy happy again. Rick still believes that Deacon is a user. Deacon tells Macy that he loves her and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. They kiss. Macy is uncertain about getting married because it's such a big step, but Deacon is persuasive. They make love. Deacon agrees to wait to get married, if that's what Macy wants. Brooke is finally able to get a signal on her cell phone. She calls Rick and lets him know that she's on Nick's boat and they're stuck in the fog. Nick makes the best of the situation. After catching a fish, he sets up a romantic candlelight dinner for two. Brooke finally finds herself able to relax and enjoy Nick's company. Nick thinks they have more in common than Brooke realizes. They kiss.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Ridge is worried about Brooke, certain that Nick is taking advantage of her. Stephanie points out that Brooke is stringing him along. Ridge is sure that Brooke will come back to him, but Stephanie wonders how he'll feel if Brooke sleeps with Nick. When Nick and Brooke wake up, the fog has cleared. They see that they are near one of the Channel Islands and Brooke wants to go ashore. Nick is surprised that Brooke isn't anxious to get back to the real world. Brooke relaxes as they enjoy their picnic and Nick sings to her. As they kiss, they realize that Nick's boat is gone. Amber fills Bridget in on Deacon's quest for visitation and her concern over how he'll react to the restraining order. Bridget encourages Ridge not to give up on Brooke because she's always loved him. Corky tells Stephanie that he took care of everything. Stephanie is pleased to hear that Corky took Nick's boat and that Nick and Brooke are stranded.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

by Anna

Macy tells Sally that Brooke got a restraining order against her. Macy feels that Brooke thinks that Macy is the reason that Deacon has suddenly taken an interest in his children. Macy assures her mom that Deacon really does want to see his kids, and the Forrester's are not going to win this one. The restraining order is for Macy Alexander, not Macy Sharpe. Sally is shocked when Macy tells her that Deacon proposed. Sally warns Macy that a restraining order is not a good reason to get married, but after Macy explains how she feels about Deacon, Sally wishes her happiness if this is what she truly wants. Macy assures Sally that she is not marrying Deacon just to spite the Forresters. She admits that she has gotten married for the wrong reasons before, but this time it is for the right reasons. She and Deacon want to raise his children together.

At Stephanie's, she pays a friend of Nick's for his help in making sure that Nick and Brooke don't return to LA tonight. Corky assures her that they are safe, but stranded. After Corky leaves, Ridge comes by with the girls. He reminds Stephanie that she agreed to let the girls spend the night. Ridge tells his mother that he has made reservations at the Cafe Rus for him and Brooke. Stephanie asks if he has spoken with her, and he admits that he hasn't, but he has left a message for Brooke and he is sure she will call soon. Ridge kisses girls good night. Stephanie warns Ridge that Brooke is just stringing him along. Ridge is sure that she is not, but if she were messing around with Nick, their relationship would be over.

Amber goes to talk to Deacon, but he is angry when he sees her, sure that she has not been fair to him. She assures Deacon that she had nothing to do with the restraining order, but Deacon doesn't believe her. As Amber and Deacon talk, Macy bursts in and, not seeing Amber, begins to tell Deacon that she told Sally about their plans to marry. Amber is stunned and then angered by the idea of Deacon taking Eric away from her to raise with Macy. Deacon tries to tell her that she will always be part of Eric's life, but Amber angrily stomps out.

On the island, Nick is sure that they won't be stranded long. Brooke's family knows they went sailing and would call the coast guard if Brooke didn't return. Nick admits he has never lost his boat before, so it must be Brooke that brings him so much "good" luck. He invites her to come with him to look for firewood. They go off hand in hand. When they return and get the fire started, Nick informs Brooke that she has gotten her wish and escaped the real world for a while. As Brooke feed Nick berries that she picked, he notices that she is enjoying herself. She admits that she is, but she misses Hope. He invites her to lay down on the sand and relax. As they lay together in the moonlight, she tells him that she is glad to have gotten away from the real world.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

While stuck on the Channel Islands together, Brooke told Nick that she loves him. Brooke told Nick that she "supposes that she loves him" in a teasing manner. Nick seriously admitted to Brooke that he has one true love-the sea. Brooke had assumed that Nick's true love was another woman. Nick then told Brooke that she is his "sea."

Amber told Thorne that he needed to stop Macy from marrying Deacon. Thorne agreed with Amber that Macy could be taking revenge against Brooke by marrying Deacon and helping him obtain custody of his children. Meanwhile, Macy accepted Deacon's, romantic, on his knees, marriage proposal. To Macy's surprise and displeasure, Thorne showed up at Deacon's house.

Thomas told Stephanie that he misses Bridget. Nick's friend arrived at Stephanie's house to give her back the five thousand dollars that she had paid him. Stephanie had paid the money for Nick's friend to steal Nick's boat so Nick and Brooke would be alone together on the Channel Islands. This was Stephanie's plan to have Brooke spend time with Nick alone. Unfortunately, Ridge walked in and overheard Nick's friend return the money to Stephanie. Ridge was furious with Stephanie. Stephanie admitted to Ridge that she was again trying to get Brooke out of his life by stranding her on the island with Nick. Ridge and Nick's friend left to rescue Nick and Brooke. Ridge searched for Brooke. Ridge was very surprised to find Brooke asleep in Nick's arms.

Friday, August 1, 2003

Ridge shines the light (as in flashlight) on Nick and Brooke as they lay cozily sleeping on the beach. Ridge asks Brooke if she's ready to go home but before they leave, he asks if anything happened between her and Nick. Brooke tells Ridge that nothing happened (leaving out the conversation where she told Nick she "supposed she loves him"). Corky arrives on the scene laughing at the joke he's played on Nick but sees that Nick doesn't see the humor. Corky tells Nick how Stephanie tried to pay him $5000 to take Nick's boat, but that he gave the money back because he sensed that something is wrong with the Forrester family relationships. Nick can't believe what lengths Stephanie will go to in an effort to keep Brooke and Ridge apart. In an effort to undermine Ridge, Nick tells Brooke that Stephanie was behind their being stranded - mentioning that Ridge must have conveniently forgotten. Brooke is furious and says she wants to wring Stephanie's neck. Ridge tells Brooke that enough is enough. He's made his feelings for her clear and he has three children and she has Hope to think about. Ridge thinks it's time that they stopped playing around and take serious steps toward cementing their future together. Brooke is momentarily left speechless.

Thorne and Deacon almost come to blows. Thorne insists on speaking to Macy alone at Deacon's house. Telling him that she can handle Thorne, Macy asks Deacon to give them some time together. Thorn tells Macy that he still loves her, Deacon is no good for her, and that what Macy is really doing is not out of love for Deacon but because of her hurt and anger over Darla's pregnancy and her anger at Brooke. Macy almost admits what may be her true feelings for Thorne but just as she is about to say something, Deacon reenters the room and shoves Thorne away. He asks Macy not to let Thorne get to her.

Bridget chides Stephanie on her continuing efforts to come between her mother and Ridge. She asks Stephanie how she can be so smart in so many ways yet not be able to see that all of her schemes will backfire on her because the bond between Ridge and Brooke is too strong. Stephanie says she will keep on trying because she promised Taylor that she would always look after her children. She also says that if it was just about Ridge, she would but out because Ridge is a grown man. She can't allow herself to let Brooke hurt the children.

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