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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, August 4, 2003

Bridget and Stephanie discussed Brooke and Nick's stay on the island and what effect it would have on Ridge and Brooke's relationship.

On the island Ridge tried to convince Brooke that she was only having fun with Nick. It was time to commit to him and their relationship. Brooke told Ridge that she was not ready and she needed more time to be sure. Not just for her sake but also for Hope.

Massimo wanted Jackie to move in with him but she refused until after the wedding. She assured him that he had nothing to worry about where Eric was concerned. As he stood outside on the porch listening to their conversation Eric had a flashback to when he warned Jackie about what kind of man Massimo was. As Massimo described his grand wedding plans as one night in a lifetime Jackie was enthralled and enchanted. Eric went unseen as Massimo departed.

Bridget spent time reading to Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe. They all expressed how much they missed her and asked if she would ever come to live with them again.

Ridge was steering the boat while Nick was on deck helping Corky with the dinghy. Ridge told Brooke that he respected the changes he saw in her. He reiterated that he wanted a life with her. Brooke kissed him on the cheek and responded that her love for him had not changed.

On the porch Jackie is thinking Massimo. When Eric startled her by speaking from the shadows, he implored her not to marry Massimo and told her what a mistake it would be if she did. Jackie tried to convince Eric that she really loved Massimo and wanted to marry him but Eric vowed that he would not let the wedding happen.

Ridge went to visit Stephanie to find out what she was trying to prove by having Nick and Brooke stranded on the island. Stephanie told Ridge that she would not let him become involved with Brooke again and why could he not see that Brooke was leading him on. Ridge denied it and said that Brooke just needed more time. Stephanie told Ridge that Brooke was not committed to him that he needed to move on. But Ridge is determined that Brooke will be his.

As Brooke was getting out of the shower the phone rang. It was Nick calling to thank her for a wonderful time and to tell her how much he enjoyed himself on the island. He joked that maybe he should call and thank Stephanie. He asked Brooke to remember what they said to one another and to remember how they felt, Brooke is flattered but then glances at picture of her and Ridge and a look of confusion crosses her face.

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Brooke went to Stephanie's house unannounced and voiced her anger toward Stephanie. Brooke fumed at Stephanie for paying Corky to steal Nick's boat, leaving Nick and Brooke alone on the Channel Islands. Brooke gloated that she and Nick had not slept together that evening as Stephanie had assumed. Brooke told Stephanie that she and Ridge may still get married. Stephanie grilled Brooke about her continued relationship with Nick. Stephanie could not comprehend why Brooke would continue to see Nick if she intends to marry Ridge. Brooke reminded Stephanie that she is not ready to make a decision yet if she will marry Ridge.

At Spectra Fashions Macy and Deacon celebrated their engagement with Sally and Clarke. Macy asked Sally to be the matron of honor at her wedding. Clarke surprised Macy by giving her a wedding gown that he had designed. Later, Clarke questioned if Macy and Deacon are not getting married just a little too soon. Sally reminded Clarke that Macy knew Thorne for years, yet their relationship kept ending in disaster.

Rick and Amber learned from their attorney that there is no legal way to stop Deacon and Macy from getting married. Macy and Deacon paid Rick and Amber a visit with the intention of working things out regarding Little Eric in a civil manner. Macy and Deacon invited Rick and Amber to their wedding. Amber and Rick became hostile when Deacon requested that Little Eric travel to Mexico with him and Macy on their honeymoon. Deacon warned Rick, Amber and Brooke that Little Eric would be traveling to Mexico with him and Macy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

by Anna

As Macy works on wedding plans, the doorbell interrupts her. It is Stephanie, who has come to warn Macy about Deacon. Stephanie tells Macy that she hates to see her throw her life away on Deacon. She tells Macy that Thorne made a terrible mistake, but the two of them could work it out. Macy is sure that she could forgive Thorne one day, but she can never forget what he did to her. Stephanie encourages Macy to just talk to Thorne, but Macy reminds her that she is marrying Deacon. Macy tells Stephanie that she deserves better than the disappointment that Thorne gave her. Just then the door bell rings and Macy is handed flowers and an unsigned invitation to dinner at the private dining room. As Stephanie leaves, she asks Macy to just give Thorne a chance.

At the private dining room, Thorne prepares for a surprise dinner with Macy. He has ordered the room to be filled with flowers and pictures of him and Macy together. Ridge stops by. He can tell that Thorne is working hard to make everything just right. Thorne tells him that Macy is getting married tomorrow and this is his last chance. Ridge gives him some advice on winning Macy back. He tells Thorne to show Macy what is in his heart, not just tell her. Thorne tells Ridge that this it a challenge for the two of them, but one that they can get through.

Deacon comes to the Insomnia to talk to C.J.. He tells C.J. that Macy was hurt when C.J. didn't come to the engagement party. C.J. tells Deacon that he hurt Becky and Bridget, and he will hurt Macy too. Deacon asks C.J. to support the marriage because it is what Macy wants. Deacon informs C.J. that he has changed. C.J. feel that Macy has enough to deal with without helping out a looser like Deacon. He tells Deacon that if he really loves her, he'll leave her alone. Deacon asks C.J. to be his best man. C.J. refuses to approve of the wedding and Deacon leaves.

Stephanie goes to visit Ridge at his office. She wonders if he has talked to Thorne. She hasn't been able to get through to him on his cell phone. Stephanie tells Ridge that she has been to see Macy, but Macy seems committed to Deacon, and is dining with him at the private dining room. Ridge informs Stephanie that the invitation was from Thorne, not Deacon. He tells Stephanie that Thorne is out to prove that they are meant to be together. Stephanie is sure that that may be hard, after the conversation she had with Macy.

Macy arrives at the private dining room and is surprised to find pictures of her and Thorne covering the room. Thorne enters from the patio and tells her how beautiful she looks. Macy accuses him of tricking her. Thorne asks her to look around. He reminds her of all the special moments that they have shared. Macy asks him why he is doing all this. Thorne tells her that he loves her, even if she marries someone else. Macy is the greatest thing that has come into his life and Thorne tells her that he refuses to let her walk out of it.

Thursday, August 7, 2003

At the private dining room, Macy reacts to Thorne's gentle arm rubbing by telling him he shouldn't be here since she's getting married tomorrow. Thorne argues that it's precisely why he is here to convince her that she'll be making a big mistake and ruin her life by marrying Deacon. Thorne kisses her but she pulls back and isn't swayed by his efforts. Stephanie confronts Deacon at his place and is quick to make a threat if he doesn't back away from Little Eric. Calling her on her angry words, Deacon boasts that he's had to deal with threats all his life and can certainly handle hers. When Stephanie argues that the boy is Rick's son, Deacon reminds her that his blood flows through "little D's" veins and becomes furious the more he tries to argue with her. Claiming she's here to defend her two-timing son, Deacon eventually kicks Stephanie out. Edward advises Rick and Amber that he can't do anything about adopting Little Eric for now and certainly not before the wedding tomorrow. Mentioning they'll be able to take the boy on their honeymoon, the attorney continues that since Deacon is the boy's father, he has every right to be with his son and, once he's married, might be able to take Little Eric from them permanently. Back at home Macy tells Deacon about her surprise at the restaurant. Deacon lets her know that he's not upset.

Friday, August 8, 2003

Macy and Deacon's wedding day has arrived. Although she knows that C.J. will not support her marriage and come to her wedding, Macy understands her brother's attitude and tells Sally that it's better that he not be there feeling the way he does. As Macy bubbles over with excitement, Amber keeps a careful watch over Little Eric while he sleeps. She's obsessed with fears of losing her son to Deacon forever, when he takes the boy to Mexico on his honeymoon. Brooke encourages Amber not to worry. Without saying where she's going, Brooke leaves. When Rick returns home after visiting his lawyer, he doesn't have good news for Amber. Their lawyer has only repeated earlier statements, advising that Deacon has every right, as the biological father, to take his son for a week, even out of the country to Mexico. When he asks where Brooke is, Amber tells him she suspects that Brooke has gone to try to stop the wedding.

At the chapel, everyone is in a festive mood. Deacon arrives and is surprised by Clark's request to be his best man. Even as he is volunteering his support to Deacon, he warns him to be good to Macy. Everyone is excited at everything this marriage promises to bring to their lives - importantly; it represents Macy and Deacon moving forward with their lives and putting Brooke and Thorne out of their thoughts.

As Macy sits happily applying her make-up, she looks up to see Brooke reflected in her mirror. Macy holds her own against Brooke's threats. She tells Brooke how good it feels to finally be holding all the cards, to not be in Brooke's shadow anymore. Brooke says she is only trying to help Macy. She challenges that Macy doesn't really love Deacon but only wants to marry him to steal Rick and Amber's child and to get back at her for taking Thorne away from her. Macy tries to laugh it off as nothing more than Brooke's ego talking. Brooke changes her tone, telling Macy she will do anything to protect her family and promises her that if she goes through with the wedding, one wink, one word from her and she can have Deacon back anytime she wants him. She warns Macy that if she doesn't walk away from the wedding, Brooke will take another husband away from her and break her heart again.

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