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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, August 11, 2003

Nick tells Ridge that the wedding wouldn't be happening if he hadn't interfered. Rick wants Amber to accept Little Eric's trip with Deacon and Macy, but Amber is still determined to stop the wedding. Macy reminds Brooke that this is her wedding day, but Brooke insists that it won't be a real marriage. Brooke suggests that Macy and Deacon are getting married for all the wrong reasons. She warns Macy to call off the wedding or Brooke will make her wish she had. Sally sees Brooke with Macy and orders her out. Deacon asks Amber not to freak out on him, but Amber knows he is after more than just a week with his son. She wants Deacon to let Rick and her adopt Little Eric, but Deacon tells her to forget it. Amber tries to convince Deacon to wait to marry Macy. Brooke explains to Amber that she's sure Macy will call off the wedding. Macy wonders if she's wrong about marrying Deacon. Sally is furious when Macy reveals what Brooke told her. She reminds Macy that Brooke would say anything to keep her away from Deacon. The ceremony begins, and Macy starts down the aisle.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Brooke walks out as the minister begins. Rick tells Amber that they can leave as they watch Macy give Little Eric a reassuring hug. Amber grows more agitated as the ceremony proceeds, and is on her feet when the minister asks if anyone objects to the marriage. Sally offers to call the police. Amber insists that Little Eric is her child, but Deacon exclaims to Amber point blank that he's not. Amber expresses to Deacon that the marriage is about revenge and Macy doesn't love him. Deacon wants her to sit down so they can get on with the wedding. Rick is leading Amber away when she overhears Macy tell Sally that she feels like taking Little Eric and running off. Amber charges up the aisle and tackles Macy, swearing that Macy will never take her son. Thorne informs Darla that Macy is going through with the ceremony and she's going to get hurt all over again. Darla tries to convince Thorne to focus on the future and holds his hand against her stomach to feel the baby kick. Stephanie points out that if Brooke had left Macy and Thorne alone, none of this would be going on. Brooke comments to Stephanie that her real problem is that Stephanie has no life. Stephanie assures Brooke that Ridge will never marry her. Brooke orders Stephanie to get out, suggesting that Stephanie's irrational hatred is the reason she's alone in the world. A small dog followed by its beautiful owner appears at Stephanie's house.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

by Anna

Rick pulls Amber off of Macy as Amber screams at her. The Deacon's lawyer warns Amber that her actions aren't helping her case. Rick escorts Amber out the back of the church. As the wedding continues, Amber tells Rick that she won't leave without her son. Back inside, Macy encourages the minister to hurry the ceremony before they are interrupted again. Meanwhile, Amber and Rick find Little Eric in a side room with Clark. As Amber tries to take Eric home, Clark tries to stop them. Deacon's lawyer then enters and convinces Amber that she can't take him away from Deacon. The newly married Deacon and Macy enter and remind Amber that they are still planning on taking Eric to Mexico with them. Amber and Rick say goodbye to Eric, urging him to call him whenever he wants. After Deacon and Macy take Eric, Rick promises Amber that they'll get him back.

In Ridge's office Brooke tells Ridge that Deacon and Macy are still getting married. Ridge invites Brooke to dinner, but Nick bursts in the room and tells Ridge that Brooke already has plans to eat with Nick. Brooke confirms that she does have plans to eat with Nick. The two of them leave together.

At Stephanie's she is surprised to see a former neighborhood kid, all grown up, behind the dog at her door. It is Samantha, who Stephanie hasn't seen since Samantha was 12 years old. Stephanie invites her in and congratulates her on her architectural accomplishments. Samantha admits that she always loved the Forrester home because it was always so festive. Stephanie informs her that it is not as festive anymore, then updates her on her separation from Eric and Ridge's tough year. Samantha reminisces about the fun she had growing up with Ridge and Thorne. Ridge comes over to tell his mom about Brooke going out with Nick, then sees Samantha. He is surprised and happy to see her. Immediately the two break into a game of football with a pillow from the couch. As Ridge and Samantha collapse on the couch, Stephanie gets that gleam in her eye.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Perched on the sofa, Ridge and his old neighborhood pal Samantha joked and talked about the great memories they had of growing up in and around the Forrester home. Ridge grew somber as he stared at a picture of his wife. Samantha explained that Stephanie had told her how hard she was taking her split from Eric and that she had thought they would be together forever. Ridge asked Samantha if his mother had told her why she and Eric had split and she said that Stephanie hadn't elaborated, but that she got the feeling that it wasn't her idea. Ridge explained that Eric had felt too betrayed to work it out because Stephanie had kept the fact that Eric wasn't really Ridge's father from them for too long. Samantha was equally surprised when Ridge told her that even Stephanie hadn't known until about a year ago, but had still kept the secret even when she found out so that she wouldn't ruin Ridge and Eric's relationship. Ridge explained that it hadn't destroyed the relationship because Eric had raised him. Samantha relayed that Stephanie had said Ridge was taking it hard and Ridge agreed, but said she didn't know the half of it. Samantha recounted that he'd lost his father, his wife, his wedding fell apart and his fiancée was dating another man. He laughed and apologized for dumping on her all at once, but she said that is what old friends were for. He thanked her for listening and then asked about her life. When she explained that she was staying at the hotel he convinced her to stay at one of the guesthouses on the grounds and she joyously accepted.

Meanwhile, Amber and Rick defended their decision to try to take Little Eric from Macy and Deacon's wedding by explaining that they were trying to take the boy to Mexico with them on their honeymoon. Amber explained to Eric and Stephanie that Deacon had parental rights and that she had been informed that if she interfered, the newlyweds would take Little Eric away from them. She then vowed to fight for her son and stated that nobody would come between them. Amber went on to say that if Deacon and Macy got Little Eric on the plane to Mexico she would never get him back. Stephanie reminded her that Macy's family was here, so they would have to come back eventually. But Rick said that the longer they had the boy, the less chance Amber and Rick would have in court. Obviously surprised, Eric said he didn't know anything about court and Rick quickly filled them in on the fact that he and Amber were filing for adoption of Little Eric, but that if Deacon contested they would have a long fight. Eric asked what flight Macy and Deacon were on, but Rick explained that they could only go through Deacon's lawyer for information and he wouldn't tell them anything. Eric and Stephanie then left to go ask Sally for more information about Macy and Deacon while Rick told Amber she should go lie down and rest. As Amber went upstairs, Edward, Rick's lawyer arrived. He asked Rick to please discount the story of Amber's upheaval of Macy and Deacon's wedding. Rick told him it was all true and then Edward reminded him that they couldn't afford to have any more slip-ups. Rick got upset and wanted to know why he and Amber had to defend themselves when Deacon and Macy were both recovering alcoholics. Edward explained that Amber was now the problem because of her outburst at the wedding and her past history with the law. His only suggestion to Rick for gaining custody of Little Eric was to divorce Amber. Rick couldn't believe it, but the lawyer reminded him that there was a tape of her meltdown at the wedding and it proved a pattern of violent behavior. Just then, Amber came downstairs and Edward got up so they could discuss the situation. Amber seemed excited that there may be a new development to the adoption case, but Rick had a hard time telling her Edward's idea of getting a divorce.

With Sally and Clarke, a newly-married Macy and Deacon celebrated their nuptials with Little Eric and prepared to leave for their honeymoon to Mexico. Sally and Clarke tossed confetti at the trio as they loaded onto the elevator to head to the airport. As the doors closed, Sally teared up and she and Clarke talked about Amber's antics at the wedding. Sally said that they didn't matter now because the Spectra family was in charge now. As she gloated about Macy's new life, Clarke announced that they had company. Sally turned around to find Stephanie and Eric standing in the doorway. They first asked to talk to Macy and when they found she was gone they asked what flight she was on. Clarke immediately jumped in and said that the Forresters were not very good losers. Stephanie rebounded saying that it wasn't a competition and they only wanted what was best for the little boy. Sally said to tell it to the judge and Eric then understood that Deacon was indeed seeking custody of Little Eric. Stephanie tried to diffuse an argument and Sally said she knew they came over to stop Macy and Deacon from taking her grandson with them to Mexico. When Eric questioned her about Little Eric being her grandson, Sally laughed and said that he was now indeed legally her grandson. Eric reminded Sally that Amber and Rick raised the little boy, but Sally wouldn't give in and said now he was with his real father. Finally Sally said she'd help them only by giving them some advice: to watch their back. She then gloated that now Eric's namesake would be a permanent part of the Spectra family and the Forresters would no longer have any contact with him...the boy would be free.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Nick takes Brooke to Corky's bar for their date. Brooke can't get her mind off of the situation between Deacon/Macy and Rick/Amber. Nick tries to get her mind off of her troubles. At first Brook is a little uncomfortable being in a bar where there peanuts all over the table and Nick casually brushes them onto the floor. Nick also questions if Brooke isn't feeling guilty for being out with him. She admits she doesn't like thinking about Ridge sitting at home alone waiting for her to call him after her date. She says she doesn't like putting either man in an awkward position, but she just doesn't know what to do. Nick tells her she is going to have to choose who she wants to be with.

Stephanie comes home and is told my Ridge that he invited Sam to stay in one of his mother's guesthouses. After giving Ridge an update on Deacon taking Little Eric to Mexico with him and Macy on their honeymoon, Stephanie invites Sam to go for a swim in the pool. Stephanie comes back from getting the guesthouse ready for Sam to find Ridge in deep thought. She tells him that she watched him and Sam together and was saddened by the fact that it has been such a long time since she saw Ridge laughing. Stephanie tells her son, he is wasting his time pining away for Brooke, when he may be missing opportunities for happiness that are right in front of his eyes (meaning Sam). Stephanie insists that Brooke has never made Ridge happy and she gets angry at the thought of him settling for anything less than the very best that he can have.

Rick tells Amber the painful advice he received from their Lawyer. Amber is shocked to hear Rick tell her that the best chance they may have to hold on to Little Eric, is for Rick to divorce Amber. Even though Deacon and Macy are not perfect, neither of them has half the recorded misbehaviors nor police record that Amber does. At first she stubbornly opposes what Rick is saying. She doesn't want to end her marriage. Eventually, Amber realizes that Rick may be right and she tells him that she is putting a stop to his being brought down by having her in his life. Amber tells Rick he can have the divorce. Then she tearfully runs out of the house.

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