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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, August 25, 2003

In Brooke's office it was pandemonium. Stephanie explained to Brooke that since she had given 2% of her stock to Little Eric that she was no longer the majority stock holder at Forrester Creations. And Deacon being Little Eric's legal guardian could vote for him. Stephanie told Deacon to cast his vote. Before he could do so Eric spoke up an said that he would not be obligated to Deacon Sharpe for anything.

Massimo was in his office when Samantha stopped by to discuss fabric for the dining room chairs. He did not want to talk about fabric and tried to pry information out of Samantha about what was going on over at Forrester. She did not have any information so Massimo gave her an update about Stephanie's plan to kick Brooke out of the company.

Bridget berated Deacon for his role in the situation. While Rick told Stephanie that she was a hypocrite for telling him and Amber that Little Eric belonged with them and not Deacon. More chaos followed and Deacon under pressure shouted 'Aye' effectively making Eric CEO of Forrester. Brooke refused to take the vote seriously until Stephanie opened the office door and brought in her lawyer who Ridge had asked to be there.

While Massimo was thrilled by the latest developments, Samantha wondered how Ridge was going to vote. Massimo told her that Ridge was loyal and he would vote for Eric.

Brooke was devastated to learn that Ridge knew what Stephanie was up to and still he voted against her. Brooke called for another vote to reinstate her as CEO. As each name was called Brooke implored them to recognize the wonderful contributions that she had made to the company.

Massimo and Samantha were still discussing the events at Forrester when Jackie walked in. After introducing Samantha to Jackie as an consultant that stopped by to give him an update on Forrester. Massimo gleefully told Jackie that Stephanie had slain a dragon. That dragon being Brooke. Jackie expressed sympathy for Brooke because she knew how much the company meant to her.

When Ridge's name was called, Brooke issued him an ultimatum - he could either vote for her or vote against her, which meant that their relationship was finished.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

At the Forrester Creations emergency meeting, Brooke failed to convince Ridge not to vote against her. Brooke insinuated to Ridge that if she voted against him, there would be no Brooke and Ridge. In spite of Brooke's threats to end their relationship, Ridge voted to reinstate Eric as CEO of Forrester Creations.

Immediately, Eric thanked Macy for her support and Deacon for his vote. Rick and Bridget left the meeting in disgust. Brooke warned Stephanie, Eric, Ridge and Thorne that Forrester Creations needs her-they would fail without her. Stephanie took the opportunity to insult Brooke. Stephanie told Brooke if the company needed her, they could find another whore! Insulted, Brooke left for her office.

While alone w/ Thorne and Stephanie, Eric had difficulty believing that he was actually in control of the company again. Thorne suggested that they put Eric's designs in production right away. Eric agreed and requested that Thorne do so. When alone with Stephanie, Eric complimented her on being a "clever girl." He thanked her for making it possible to have the company back. Stephanie explained that she saw this opportunity and decided to take a gamble. Stephanie revealed that she could never make up for Eric's losses in the last year, returning Forrester Creations was a wrong that she could make right. Eric corrected her and reminded her that it is not his company, it is their company.

Deacon allowed Macy to speak with Thorne momentarily. Thorne thanked Macy for helping to reinstate Eric as CEO. Macy explained to Thorne that she did not do this for her and Thorne-she did it for what is best for her new family! Meanwhile Bridget fumed at Deacon for voting against Brooke. Deacon simply explained to Bridget that Macy wanted Brooke to stop hurting everyone-guess what, it stopped! Deacon predicted that Brooke, as always would bounce back.

In Brooke's office, she did not want to hear what Ridge had to say to her. Brooke accused Ridge of being afraid to stand up to his mother, and of again choosing his family over her. Ridge offered to start a new company with Brooke. Brooke was not receptive to his idea. Brooke pointed out to Ridge that once again, she is second in line in his life. Brooke told Ridge to leave her office.

On her way out, Stephanie stopped by Brooke's office to gloat and again insult her. Stephanie had the janitor put Brooke into the trash can!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

by Anna

Brooke pulls herself out of the trashcan and warns Stephanie to enjoy this while she can. Stephanie reminds her that Brooke has no one left to seduce to get her job back, and that even Ridge voted against her. Stephanie begins cleaning up the office by throwing away Brooke's boas from the bedroom line. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is glad she doesn't have to worry about Brooke anymore. When Stephanie turns away, Brooke wraps a boa around Stephanie's neck, cutting off her air. Brooke hisses to Stephanie that she wants Stephanie to be very scared. Brooke lets go and Stephanie asks why Brooke is still there. She wonders if Brooke is waiting for Ridge to come and save her. Brooke insists that she can fight her own battles. On her way out, she pulls her CEO nameplate from the door and comments that she'll need it again sooner than Stephanie thinks.

At Forrester Ridge tells Eric how he and Brooke had been working things out, but now Ridge feels like he's pushed all of Brooke's buttons this time. Eric is glad to be back in power, but is unsure that Brooke will be able to forgive Ridge. Ridge tells his dad that at least Spectra will have some competition now that Eric is back in charge of Forrester. Ridge leaves. Rick stops by. He tells Eric that he respects him, but hates to see Brooke hurt. Eric assures his son that they will work together to see that Brooke is not devastated. He is sure that Brooke will recover because she always has before.

At Meroni, Samantha congratulates Nick for winning Brooke as a date to the wedding. She lets Nick in on how Ridge has eliminated himself from the competition by voting Brooke out of her job. Samantha explains how Deacon voted Little Eric's shares and Ridge sided with his family. Nick warns that Ridge will be sorry. He is upset that Ridge pretends to love Brooke and then hurts her. Ridge enters and Nick tells him that someone has to pick up the pieces after what Ridge has done to Brooke. He tells Ridge that this is the last time Ridge will do this to Brooke. Nick leaves. Samantha tells Ridge that she thinks he did the right thing by helping Eric. Samantha remembers how Eric worked to build the company. Ridge reminds her how Brooke worked hard too, but Samantha says that even as hard as Brooke may have worked, it didn't make the company hers. Samantha hugs Ridge and Ridge is grateful to hear her say that he did the right thing.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Macy and Sally revel in the fact that Brooke is no longer CEO of Forrester Creations. Nick embraces Brooke. She realizes that Nick could never do what Ridge did. Nick wants to take Brooke somewhere to have some fun. Rick and Amber welcome Little Eric home as Deacon looks on. After Deacon slips out, Little Eric tells them about the great time he had on his trip. Deacon admits to Sally and Macy that Little Eric, Amber and Rick share something that they don't. Sally assures Deacon that if he gives it time, the three of them will be a family, too. Sally wants to celebrate the fall of Brooke Logan, but Deacon isn't into it. Macy can't understand why Deacon still cares about Brooke. Deacon insists that he just doesn't derive any pleasure from hurting her, and adds that he's starting to think Macy does. Brooke and Nick are seated at Las Olas, and Brooke does a slow burn when she spots Deacon and Macy. She orders two margaritas, and has two sent to Deacon and Macy's table. Brooke explains that she thought they'd want to celebrate their victory. Macy responds by throwing the margarita in Brooke's face. Nick steps between them. Macy announces that the Brooke Logan Show is over. Rick tells Amber that he filed the adoption papers. Rick adds that Little Eric is right in the middle of the battle that's raging at Forrester. Amber can't believe the way Deacon turned against Brooke. She doesn't want Macy anywhere near her son now that Little Eric is just a pawn to her.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Macy continues to bask in her moment of glory over Brooke. After Macy again gloats over how Brooke is only getting what she deserves, for all the people whose lives she's stepped on over the years - Brooke has nothing new to say in her defense. Macy's verbal attack is so passionate that Deacon and Nick are left standing idly by, unable to do more than to let her get her words out in the open. Later that evening when they return home, Macy senses that Deacon is still not comfortable with her confrontations with Brooke. He questions if Macy's actions are driven by revenge, and wonders if using Little Dee's Forrester stock was all part of Macy's plan to take Brooke down. Macy assures her husband that she only wants Deacon to be happy with his children and tells him that after this day, there is nothing Brooke can do to ever hurt her again. She finally confides in Deacon, telling him the threat Brooke made on their wedding day to take Deacon away from her if she married him.

Across town, Ridge has been patiently waiting for Brooke to return home. When she does come home she soon sends Nick home so that she can be alone to ponder what she will do with herself now that she is, as Macy said, "A CEO without a company." After Nick leaves, Brooke changes clothes and comes back down to find Ridge sitting on her sofa. Angrily, she tells him he has 10 seconds to get out of her home. Ridge is a man on a mission. He tells Brooke he meant what he said when he told her he didn't vote against her (as she thinks), but he voted for their future. Brooke doesn't know what Ridge is talking about. He opens up a portfolio to reveal his surprise: a placard for "Logan's Designs." Ridge proposes that Brooke take over as CEO of what is currently Spectra Fashions, but will be renamed Logan's Designs. He tells her he will be her head designer. This will give them a chance to build a company together. It will be something they can create for themselves, free of interference from anyone in his family. Ridge assures Brooke that Sally will have to go along with the changes he makes if she wants to stay involved. This offer is too good for Brooke to pass up. She confesses she can't believe how easy it is to be angry at Ridge one minute and so in love with him the next. Ridge knows.

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