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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 8, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, September 8, 2003

Brooke's house:

Rick was angry with Deacon for calling the police on Amber for kidnapping Little Eric. Rick tried to justify Amber's actions. Detective Baker stopped by to question Rick about the kidnapping. He wanted to know of any possible places that Amber might go. Macy suggested New Mexico, but Deacon thought that she might be headed to Furnace Creek. They rushed out the door to find Amber. Macy stayed behind with Rick in case Amber showed up at the house. Detective Baker asked for assistance from the Furnace Creek police department to be on the lookout for Amber's BMW. Rick told Macy that as long as she was there Amber would not come back to the house. Macy pointed out that Amber just gave her and Deacon what they needed to keep them for seeing Little Eric permanently.

Ridge's office:

Brooke was hesitant to make love to Ridge. He tried to convince her that they are right for each other and that he would be there for her. They made love and shared pillow talk. Ridge wanted to know when the wedding would be. He jokingly suggested a double ceremony with Massimo and Jackie. Brooke wanted something intimate so they decided to elope. Brooke told Ridge that she had to tell Nick about their relationship.

At Marone Industries

Nick and Samantha were in the new office that she decorated for him. She offered him her condolences for things not working out between him and Brooke. They discussed Brooke and Ridge's merger as business partners. Nick wanted to believe that the arrangement between Brooke and Ridge was strictly business. Samantha told Nick that for Ridge to offer Brooke such a gift he had to know he had her. Nick was upset by Samantha's comments, she apologized and left the office. Later Brooke showed up at Nick's office. They made small talk and Nick asked her if she was going back to Forrester.

Furnace Creek:

Amber showed up at Joe and Tilly's house in frenzy. She asked for their car because she knew the police would be looking for hers. She told them about Deacon obtaining custody of Little Eric. Tilly and Joe were surprised to learn that Deacon was back in the picture and agreed to help. The Furnace Creek police were outside and had the house under surveillance.

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Lt. Baker, Deacon and the police went to Furnace Creek to take Eric from Amber. Becky's parents were appalled when Amber explained to them that Deacon had won custody of Eric.

Macy advised Rick that he needs to stop defending Amber's behavior. Rick tried to make Macy understand what it is doing to Amber to be losing Eric. Macy was not sympathetic towards Amber. Macy worried more about the danger that Amber was putting Eric in.

When Ridge told Samantha that he and Brooke would be eloping, she congratulated him with a kiss. Ridge was surprised by Samantha's kiss. He told Samantha that he loves Brooke and planned to remain faithful to her. Ridge offered Samantha a position designing household furnishings at Logan Designs.

Nick calmly listened to Brooke's explanation of why she is resuming her relationship with Ridge. Brooke told Nick that she loves him. Brooke was certain that any other point in time, they would have been together, but now she is returning to Ridge. Nick warned Brooke that she is making a big mistake by returning to Ridge.

At Furnace Creek, the police broke down the door to get in. They could not find Amber and Eric. The police realized that Amber had left with Eric when they heard a car start up. The police and Deacon chased Amber and Eric. Amber pulled her car over and took Eric out of the car. Amber was standing on the edge of a cliff. Amber threatened to move backward with Eric if the police or Deacon came near her.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

by Anna

Amber holds Little Eric as the police and Deacon try to convince her to let go of the boy. Tearfully, she lets Eric go to Deacon. A police officer takes Eric to the police car to wait.

At Rick and Amber's house, Rick asks Macy to leave and wait somewhere else for news. He accuses her of forcing Amber to run with the child. After Rick and Bridget go upstairs, Macy is preparing to leave when Brooke comes home. Macy explains the Amber took Eric. Brooke tells Macy that while Macy has been here gloating, Sally has been lying in a hospital bed. Macy is stunned, but only until Brooke reveals that is was all an act. She explains that Sally faked a heart attack to buy time after Ridge announced that Brooke was taking over Spectra. Brooke explains that she is taking Spectra from Sally, just like Macy and Deacon have taken Little Eric.

Upstairs, Rick worries that they'll never be able to see Eric again after what Amber has done. He is upset that Amber could do something so stupid. Just then the phone rings. It is Little Eric calling from the police car to tell his dad that he is okay.

Deacon tries to talk Amber into coming away from the edge of the cliff. Deacon tells Amber that Little Eric doesn't understand what is happening. Amber is afraid that Eric will think she abandoned him when he goes to live with Deacon. Deacon wonders what Becky, Eric's biological mother, would say if she could see Eric in the back of a police car. Deacon promises to work something out with Amber if she will just take his hand and come away from the cliff. Amber continues to scream and cry. She tells Deacon that he and Macy will probably start drinking again and then Eric will be alone and scared like Amber was as a child. She slips and falls. Deacon rushes to the edge of the cliff to see her silent body lying below.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

After her fall at Furnace Creek, Amber was rushed to the hospital in LA. Eric ran over to jump in Rick's arms at the hospital. Lt. Baker and Deacon informed Rick of what Amber had done. Deacon did not mesh his words with Rick. He told Rick that Amber had almost driven her car off a cliff-with Eric inside! Rick spoke to Amber when she woke up. He told her that he knew what had happened in Furnace Creek; she could have died!

Bridget witnessed how affectionately Eric responded to Macy when she arrived. Later, Macy egged Deacon on to press charges against Amber for kidnapping Eric.

As Massimo and Jackie, relaxed, he asked her for a wedding date. The conversation was interrupted by a telephone call from Massimo's relative-Oscar. He asked Massimo for help financially. Massimo refused him and hung up. Oscar called back. As he again pleaded for help, gunshots could be heard by Massimo as Oscar's friend was shot.

Macy went into Amber's hospital room and taunted her. Macy cruelly told Amber that she would never have Eric. Macy agreed with the judge that she and Deacon are the better parents for Eric. As Amber's heart was still breaking over losing Eric, Macy just continued to be cruel with Amber. Amber asked Macy to come close to her. When Macy got close, Amber bit her on her ear!

Friday, September 12, 2003

Clarke tries to encourage Sally to accept the idea that Brooke is taking over Spectra Fashions. Sally refuses to throw in the towel. She decides to give Stephanie a call, saying that Stephanie owes her a favor in return for Macy stepping in to help the Forresters. Sally finally reaches Stephanie, but before she can tell her about Brooke's involvement with Spectra Fashions, Stephanie congratulates Sally saying that she thinks Ridge's idea will do wonders for Spectra. Stephanie thinks she's talking about Ridge's idea to hire Samantha. Sally is talking about Brooke taking over her company. Stephanie says she is on her way over to thank "her" for everything "She" has done for her.

Stephanie returns from her trip. With her eyes closed, Eric leads her to her welcome home surprise - her old office has been prepared for her. As an added touch, Eric has framed the christening gown all of their children had worn. Stephanie says now things are officially back to where they should be at Forrester, with Brooke out of their company and out of their lives for good.

Ridge shares with Nick that he and Brooke plan to elope. Ridge explains that he and Brooke want to marry while his mother is away and can't cause trouble. Ridge also tells Nick that at the press conference announcing the change from Spectra Fashions to Logan Designs.

Eric and Stephanie arrive at Sally's office and Sally tells them that Ridge has made Brooke his partner. Stephanie is furious and storms out of the office to go to the press conference. Before they get there, Ridge gets down on his knees to ask Brooke to marry him, ring in his pocket. Massimo can't stand watching this scene and leaves the room. Nick stands by looking like he will be sick. Camera's flash as Ridge is about to put the ring on Brooke's finger. Stephanie walks in and yells "Stop! Ridge don't you dare."

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