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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 6, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, October 6, 2003

Calixto Docks

Massimo stared in disbelief at Sheila. Massimo wanted to know how she could have escaped. Sheila said that someone took pity on her and wanted to know if he thought about her while she was gone. Massimo told her that he thought about her every time he saw Ridge's motherless children. Sheila told him that her daughter Erica would not have anything to do with her and she blamed Massimo because he betrayed her. Sheila explained that she wanted to teach him a lesson by temporary borrowing his son's. She gave Massimo a choice to either let her go and his son's would live or have her arrested and they would die.

At the hospital

The doctor explained to everyone that Macy was in stable condition, but it was possible that she might have complications. Deacon angrily blamed Oscar for Macy's condition and threatened his life if Macy didn't recover. A Nurse told Deacon he could go see Macy. Bridget brought Oscar some coffee, he told her that she better stay away from him he was jinxed. Bridget told Oscar not to worry about Deacon he was just lashing out because he was afraid for Macy. Oscar told Bridget that it was more than that. He believed Deacon really loved Macy. Bridget looked surprised.


Ridge, Nick and Sugar were waiting for Sheila's return. Nick was trying to sweet talk Sugar in to letting them go. Nick apologized for making fun of her name earlier trying to warm her up, he commented on the romance novel she was reading. Sugar bought it and started to relax until Nick and Ridge asked her about the secret Sheila was keeping from Massimo.

The Docks

Massimo tried to empathize with Sheila and told her how sorry he was and how he understood what she feeling. Sheila told Massimo that he didn't understand, but he would when he has lost a child. Again, Sheila offered Massimo a deal to let her go. As she turned to leave, the police pulled out their weapons.

At the hospital

Deacon stood in the door of Macy's teary-eyed as he stared at her on life support. Sally entered to see Macy and told her that she was there and that everything was going to be okay. Deacon told Macy how much she had brought to his life and how much he loved her. Deacon pleaded to with Macy to fight for them.


Nick wanted to know whether it was going to be Sheila or Sugar that killed them. Sugar explained that they weren't going to die as long as Massimo gave Sheila the money. Sugar went on to say that Massimo owed Sheila a lot more than she was getting and that people in her position usually got a lot more.

The Docks

Sheila asked Massimo if he was going to shoot her. Massimo responded if he had to he would. She said she thought that he might, that is why she brought along something. Sheila opened up her coat to reveal a baby.

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

On the island, Brooke convinced Charlie to drive her to wherever Massimo is. Unbeknownst to Massimo, Brooke and Charlie pulled up quietly in the background. Brooke pointed out Sheila to Charlie.

Meanwhile, Ridge worried that he would be killed by Sheila. He made Nick promise to look after Brooke and the kids if he died. Ridge tried to point out to Sugar, that if Sheila's scheme went bad, she would be in trouble also, even though she is not really the guilty one. Nick tried to entice Sugar to take him with her when the ordeal is over. Nick continued to try to appeal to Sugar with his good looks and masculinity.

At his club, Ozzie looked at the broken chandelier. Ozzie worried about Macy. Bridget went to the club and saw Ozzie. He told Bridget that he had informed the police which men were responsible for Macy's accident. Even though the men were in police custody, it was no relief for Ozzie. He felt he caused the entire incident by being ignoring the mobsters and not giving them the money they wanted.

Massimo denied to Sheila that Diana could be his child. Sheila admitted that the kidnapping is about obtaining enough money to provide a good life for her baby. Massimo pretended to see a resemblance between himself and Diana. He asked Sheila to come closer with Diana so he could see what the baby looks like up close. He requested to hold his baby. Sheila was touched by Massimo's interest in baby Diana and came closer to Massimo. Sheila allowed Massimo to hold Diana in his arms. At that moment, Massimo ordered the armed guards to get Sheila. The guards shot in vain. Sheila managed to escape with baby Diana.

Brooke, who was hiding in the trunk of Sheila's car, called Massimo on a cell phone and told him where she was. She read a compass and was able to tell Massimo which direction Sheila was going!

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

by Anna

As Sheila flees in the car, she threatens to make Massimo pay for trying to take Diana away from her. Meanwhile, Massimo is talking to Brooke on the phone as she rides in the trunk of Sheila's car. He warns her to stay in the car and let the police handle Sheila. As the car comes to a stop, the phone's signal is lost. Brooke quietly gets out of the trunk. Inside the warehouse, Sheila tells Sugar about Massimo's attempt to trick her into giving up the baby. Sugar tries to convince Sheila they should just take the $10 million that they already got and run, but Sheila wants another $100 million to take care of her and the baby. Ridge and Nick are shocked to learn that they have a baby sister. Sugar and Sheila leave with the baby, leaving Ridge and Nick alone. Brooke slips in and is happy to see the two men alive. Ridge urges her to run before Sheila gets back, but Brooke stays to find a way to loosen the chains. She grabs a knife and tries to break the chains just as Sheila returns.

Deacon comes home from the hospital to tell Little Eric about Macy's accident. Amber arrives and offers to stay with Eric so that Deacon can go back to the hospital. Deacon is leery of Amber's idea, but agrees to let her stay at his house to watch Eric. Deacon calls the hospital to check on Macy's condition and learns that she has now slipped into a coma. As Deacon realizes that Macy may not be able to come home for a long time, Amber thinks about how she may be able to stay with Eric for a long time is Macy doesn't immediately recover.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Brooke attacked Sheila in order to try to free Nick and Ridge. Unfortunately, Sugar arrived and helped Sheila. Sheila told Brooke that she was disappointed in her because they had much in common in the past when they were friends. Sheila taunted Brooke by doubting that anyone would pay ransom to free her. Sheila elaborated her taunting by telling Ridge she now understands why he married Taylor-she had much more class than Brooke.

Ozzie visited Macy in her hospital room. Macy was in a coma as Ozzie tried to apologize for her accident. Bridget was warned by a nurse that Deacon was near Macy's room. Bridget got Ozzie out of Macy's room before Deacon arrived there. Deacon became distraught when the doctor told him that Macy was in a coma and may not come out of it. Deacon cried on Bridget's shoulder as Ozzie watched from the hallway.

Back on the island, Massimo, Charlie and the police searched deserted buildings within a five mile radius of Brooke's compass directions. The police advised Massimo that there is a foundry in the area. They all felt that Sheila could be melting the gold there. They decided to check if Nick and Ridge were there. They hurried to the foundry.

Sheila gave Sugar orders to chain up Brooke, then left to check on Diana. Nick signaled to Ridge that this is their chance to make their move.As Brooke and Ridge kissed, Nick asked Sugar to keep him company. Nick passionately kissed Sugar. He kissed her neck, and became more passionate. Nick could feel that Sugar was enjoying his kisses. As Nick kissed Sugar's neck, he was able to bite the key off of the chain she was wearing. Without Sugar noticing, Nick blew the key to near Brooke. Brooke and Ridge grabbed the key used it to undo the lock on their chains.

Friday, October 10, 2003

by CBS

Massimo and Charlie spot Anna and ask how to get to the foundry. She hesitates, then tells them the way. Brooke frees Ridge and herself. Sugar is furious when she realizes Nick tricked her. They are tying Sugar up when Sheila returns with Juan, who is holding a gun. Brooke warns Sheila that it's only a matter of time before Massimo tracks her down. As Juan approaches, Nick hits him and grabs the gun. Just then, Massimo bursts in on a motorcycle, followed by Charlie and the two agents. Sheila is surrounded. Caesar slips into the shadows. The agents are about to lead Sheila away when she insists that she has something to say first, giving Caesar a chance to get help and position them. A fight ensues. Ridge is able to rescue Brooke, but falls into the firebox, which Sheila accidentally ignites. Sheila escapes as Nick tries in vain to rescue Ridge from the flames. Bridget takes Deacon home and is surprised to find Amber there. Amber questions Bridget about her sudden concern for Deacon, and bristles when Bridget suggests that Amber is taking advantage of the tragedy. Deacon thanks Bridget for being there for him. Jackie tells Stephanie about the kidnapping. She tells her to grab her passport because the jet is waiting for them. Stephanie wants Jackie to tell her that they're all right, but Jackie only wishes they could. Stephanie is stunned when she realizes that Sheila might be involved and explains that Sheila is the devil herself.

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