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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 13, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, October 13, 2003

The Hotel

Brooke was going through her suitcase in state of shock reminiscing about her time with Ridge and how he died. There was a knock on the door, Eric, Stephanie and Jackie had arrived and wanted to know how Ridge and Nick were doing. They hadn't been told anything and were anxious to find out what had happened.

At Ozzz

Oscar's was alone in the club when he heard a noise. Amber walked out on to the stage and asked what his plans were for the club. She tried to talk him into reopening. But Oscar doesn't think he would be able to pull it off with everyone knowing what happened to Macy there.

The Hotel

Eric asked where Ridge was, Brooke was too distraught to answer she just kept repeating that she was sorry. Finally she told them that Ridge was dead. Everyone was in shock and disbelief Stephanie didn't believe Brooke and told Eric to go find Massimo, he would tell them the truth. Jackie comforted Brooke while she told them how Sheila claimed she didn't deserve Ridge and now he was gone.

At Ozzz

Amber came on stage announcing the reopening of the restaurant. She put on a sexy performance on top of the piano. Afterward, she asked Oscar if he liked her show he told her yes but he still wasn't going to reopen the club.


Massimo was in the jungle crying, when Eric found him sitting on a tree trunk. Eric told him he saw Brooke and she was hysterical saying crazy things. Massimo told Eric that it was true their son was dead. Massimo apologized to Eric and told him he saw what happened. He told Eric about Sheila trying to kill Brooke and Ridge saving her and about the ransom. Massimo told Eric he would have been proud of his son. Eric became angry telling Massimo that Ridge is his son now that Massimo killed him. Massimo told Eric that he did everything he could. Eric yelled you didn't call me. Massimo told Eric that there was nothing more anyone could have done. Eric cried; he could have said goodbye.

At Ozzz

Amber announced herself on stage, this time as a topless magician wearing a top hat and bikini top for Oscar. She had a few tricks up her sleeve. But she accidentially set a scarf on fire. Oscar is not impressed an asked her leave. Amber said what do you care if I set the place on fire you've given up.

The Hotel

Brooke explained to Stephanie how Sheila killed Ridge. Stephanie was still in denial. Jackie tried to give Stephanie hope by telling her to wait and see what Massimo had to say. Stephanie demanded Brooke tell her the truth. Stephanie saw the truth in Brooke's eyes and cried out for her son. In her grief she hugged Brooke.

The Jungle

Massimo told Eric to be glad he wasn't there and explained how Sheila held them at a foundry so she could melt the $10 million in gold. That it wasn't the money that she wanted but revenge, against him for not helping her after she killed Taylor. They both tried to make sense of a crazed mind.

The Hotel

Stephanie wanted to know why Sheila killed Ridge. Brooke told her the story about Ridge trying to save her and how in the process he lost his life. Stephanie realized that Ridge did love Brooke. Brooke asked Stephanie what they were going to do without Ridge. Stephanie comforted her.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Charlie informed Eric and Brooke that Sheila had fled the country. Brooke vowed to make Sheila pay with her life.

In LA, Amber hounded Ozzie about hiring her to sing in his club. She refused to leave his apartment until she received an answer about the job. A determined Amber continued to hound Ozzie as he took a shower. Amber pulled back the shower curtain and saw a naked Ozzie. Just to have peace, Ozzie offered Amber the job singing at his club. Amber was so excited that she hugged Ozzie in the shower. Bridget walked in as Amber had nothing but a towel wrapped around her as she dried off.

Jackie found Nick and begged him not to shut down over Ridge's death. Nick recalled how he had disliked Ridge. He recalled how he taunted Ridge about being a dressmaker. Nick recalled that Ridge was a good man. Nick revealed that he felt guilty over surviving while Ridge died. Nick sadly told Jackie that Ridge had made him promise to take care of Brooke and the kids if he died. Nick felt that Ridge had picked the wrong man. Nick felt he knew nothing about taking care of Ridge's kids. Nick also revealed that he did not know how Brooke could get over Ridge's death.

While trying to get through his own grief, Eric also tried to comfort Brooke. He told Brooke that he never doubted that Ridge always loved her. He told Brooke that Ridge had not loved a woman the way he loved Brooke before or after he met Brooke. Brooke told Eric that she and Ridge had planned to have a baby together. Brooke was distraught as she realized none of hers and Ridge's dreams would come true. She believed she had nothing left to live for.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

by Anna

Oz explains to Bridget why Amber is in his apartment wearing only a towel, that she jumped in the shower with her clothes on. He tells Bridget that he has given Amber a job helping out in the club. Bridget asks him what he was thinking when he hired Amber. Oz tells Bridget that she doesn't have to be jealous, but Bridget insists that she's not jealous, only concerned about the club. She warns Oz that Amber means well, but her ideas could blow up in his face. Amber returns from getting dressed and tells Bridget to butt out. Oz tells Amber that he and Bridget have a date planned. Amber leaves. As Oz and Bridget leave the apartment, Amber is watching them.

Massimo and Nick talk. Massimo reminds Nick that Ridge asked Nick to take care of Ridge's family. Nick says that he can deal with hurricanes and crews, but not grieving widows. Massimo insists that Ridge left his family in Nick's care because he had faith that Nick could do it. He then reminds Nick that as a Marone, he can't turn his back on a promise. Nick admits that he loves Brooke still. Massimo asks him to go to Brooke.

Stephanie wonders how to tell the children about Ridge's death. Eric hugs her and says they will do it together. Stephanie and Eric finish packing up Ridge's things and are ready to leave. Stephanie goes to get Brooke, but Brooke says she can't leave Ridge. Brooke runs out. She goes back to the warehouse where they were held hostage. She looks around, remembering. She cries when she looks at the now cold furnace. Brooke finds Ridge's watch at the edge of the furnace. She uses a match to start the fire in the furnace. As the fire burns, she sees Ridge's face in the flames, asking her to come to him. As she starts to walk in, Nick comes running to save her.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

At the foundry, Nick stopped Brooke from going into the furnace. Brooke appeared to be distraught. She told Nick that she saw Ridge in the furnace. Nick was not able to convince her otherwise.

Bridget and Ozzie went to Las Olas for their date. They discussed Ozzie's hiring of Amber to sing in the club. Bridget warned Ozzie that Amber is capable of doing crazy things.

At Deacon's Amber was upset that Little Eric was not at home. Amber complained to Deacon about Bridget. Deacon advised Amber to not have anything to do with Ozzie because he is trouble. Amber told Deacon that Bridget is dating Ozzie. She let it be known where Bridget and Ozzie went for their date. Deacon seemed concerned about Bridget's dating Ozzie.

Deacon arrived at Las Olas and spotted Bridget and Ozzie. At their table, Deacon asked Bridget what she is doing with Ozzie. Deacon warned Bridget that Ozzie is dangerous. He reminded her that Macy's accident in Ozzie's club was caused by mobsters that Ozzie is acquainted with. Deacon demanded that Bridget leave Las Olas with him immediately. Deacon refused to leave without Bridget. In order to prevent trouble with Deacon, Ozzie told Bridget to leave with Deacon. As soon as Deacon and Bridget left, Amber went to Ozzie's table. Amber taunted Ozzie about Bridget and Deacon's history together. Ozzie figured out that Amber told Deacon that he and Bridget were at Las Olas. Ozzie was annoyed with Amber for ruining his date with Bridget. Ozzie told Amber that she probably likes him only because Bridget does.

Stephanie wanted answers from Massimo regarding Ridge's death. She questioned why Massimo had not called her immediately when Ridge was kidnapped. Massimo explained it was because he thought he had the situation handled. Stephanie wanted details about how Ridge died. Massimo explained that Ridge fell into the furnace while rescuing Brooke. Stephanie realized that Ridge burned to death. Massimo told Stephanie that Sheila claimed that he is the father of Diana. Stephanie thought it was quite possible because Massimo had slept with Sheila. Stephanie also felt that Sheila would have been angry if Massimo ignored her in prison, and then ignored her child. It was clear to Stephanie that Sheila killed Ridge for revenge against Massimo.

Back at the foundry, Brooke refused to leave the foundry because it was where Ridge died. Nick explained to Brooke that he also loved Ridge his brother. Nick proposed that they get through their grief for Ridge together. No matter what Nick said to Brooke, it made no difference. His attempts to comfort her were in vain. Brooke was too distraught over Ridge's death to be comforted by Nick.

Friday, October 17, 2003

by CBS

Bridget tells Deacon that he has to pull himself together for his son's sake, no matter how worried he is about Macy. She questions him about allowing Amber to take care of Little Eric and wonders if that's what Macy would want. Deacon knows that Amber has an agenda, but Bridget warns him to be careful and worries about the message he's sending to his son. Amber overhears and confronts Bridget about her interference. She warns Bridget to keep her nose out of her business. Clarke shows Samantha the collection he's designed and admits that he's excited about working for Brooke and Ridge. Samantha is devastated when Nick calls and breaks the news about Ridge. Clarke comforts Samantha as she cries. Brooke tells Nick that she was completely overwhelmed last night and doesn't know how she would have gotten through it without Nick. She wishes she'd been stronger, but Nick admits that they both needed a lifeline. Brooke returns to the spot where she and Ridge were married. In the water's reflection, Brooke thinks she sees Ridge standing behind her.

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