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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 20, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, October 20, 2003

Amber accuses Bridget of filling Deacon and Ozzy's heads with lies about her, and warns her to stay out of her life. Bridget doesn't care what Amber does with her life as long as it doesn't affect the people Bridget cares about. Deacon walks in on the two of them as they argue. Deacon tells Amber that he wants her to move out. Stephanie goes to the foundry and wants Nick to explain to her what happened. Nick assures Stephanie that her son was a hero. Nick suggests that maybe Stephanie and Brooke can help one another deal with their grief. Stephanie admits that it took losing Ridge to realize how much Brooke loved him. Brooke joyfully throws her arms around Ridge. Brooke wonders how Ridge got out alive and Ridge explains that he wants to let Anna explain. Anna recounts how she rescued Ridge through a hatch at the bottom of the furnace. Brooke thanks Anna for saving Ridge's life...and her own. Brooke and Ridge kiss.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

As Massimo and Nick waited on the jet for Brooke, she arrived. Moments later, Ridge arrived to Massimo and Nick's shock. Nick, Massimo and Ridge had an emotional reunion. Massimo wept on Ridge's shoulder. Ridge thanked Nick for keeping his promise to take care of Brooke if he had died.

At the hospital, Sally was livid when she read that Ozzie would be re-opening his club. When Darla visited Macy, Sally showed her the newspaper article.

Deacon told Amber that he wants her to move out of his house before she confuses Little Eric. Amber was very unhappy with Deacon's request. She blamed Bridget for placing the idea into Deacon's head. When Amber left, Deacon questioned Bridget's motives for helping him. Bridget revealed that because they were married once, that she had loved him even though he did her wrong. Deacon was impressed by Bridget's transition from a girl he had married to a sophisticated woman. Deacon again warned Bridget about Ozzie. At the club Ozzie sympathized with Amber over Little Eric. He also gave her an added job of promoting his club.

Stephanie was shocked to see that Ridge was alive. She explained that she did not know how she would go on because of the argument that they had when she last saw him. She hugged Brooke. She apologized to Brooke for her mean treatment towards her over the past years. She vowed to Ridge and Brooke that she would never interfere in their lives ever again. Massimo vowed the same to Ridge and Brooke. Ridge revealed that Brooke could already be pregnant with their child. Nick was surprised by Ridge's revelation.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

by Anna

Sally comes by Ozzie's club and remembers Macy's accident. She asks Ozzie not to do anything that would hurt Macy again. She tells him that if he respects Macy, he won't open the club. Amber and Ozzie are discussing this with Sally when Bridget comes in. Bridget agrees with Sally. Sally tells Ozzie that she knows he will do the right thing. Sally leaves. Bridget and Amber continue to argue. Ozzie tells them it is his decision. He announces that the club will open tomorrow night as planned. Bridget walks out, disgusted.

Thorne enters Macy's hospital room as Darla is sitting by her side. Darla tells him that Sally went to speak to Ozzie about not opening the club. Thorne wants to go down there to help Sally, but Darla asks him to come with her to her ultrasound. Thorne and Darla look at Macy, lying in a coma, and Thorne asks Darla if she ever feels guilty. Darla tells him that Macy would want them to be happy.

Jackie comes to see Nick on his boat. She sees maps and asks that they are for. Nick informs her that he is about to ship out to a small island near Korea. He tells her that he will be back in time for the wedding. Jackie asks him if this is about Brooke. Nick is upset by his mother's comment. Jackie apologizes for upsetting him, but she can tell that something is troubling him, and she guesses that it is about Brooke.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

At Eric's Stephanie, Eric, Massimo and Jackie celebrated the safe return of their children with a party. Ridge, Brooke, Thorne, Darla, Rick and Bridget were all present. Samantha also attended.

Stephanie toasted all who helped rescue Nick, Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie made a special toast to Brooke for risking her life to rescue Ridge. Stephanie described Brooke's actions as a demonstration of true love. Stephanie welcomed Brooke to the family. Eric was pleasantly surprised by Stephanie's change of attitude toward Brooke. Bridget and Rick were also amazed by Stephanie's new attitude toward Brooke. Jackie informed everyone that nick would not be attending because he was packing for a business trip to Korea. Ridge quietly told Brooke that he had asked Nick to take care of her and the kids if he had died. Ozzie telephoned Bridget and asked her to re-consider attending his club opening. Bridget refused to attend Ozzie's club opening. She told him that he was being hurtful to Macy and her family. Bridget told Thorne and Darla about the club re-opening. The three of them vowed to stop the opening.

At Sally's, she, Clark and Deacon tried to make sense of Ozzie's actions. Deacon told Clark and Sally he had not known Ozzie to be callous. They all decided to go to Ozzie's club to stop the opening. Coincidentally, Bridget, Darla, Thorne, Clark, Sally and Deacon all showed up at Ozzie's club to stop the opening at the same time. They were all shocked to find out that the club opening was a tribute to Macy.

At Nick's boat, Brooke questioned why Nick was leaving. He told her that it was because he felt guilty about what they had done. Nick was adamant that Brooke should never tell Ridge that they had made love-even if it was when they thought he was dead. Nick predicted that Ridge would not understand even though he and Brooke were feeling grief and pain over his death. Nick apologized to Brooke and told her he never meant for it to happen. Brooke disagreed that Ridge should not be told. Brooke did not want to keep secrets from Ridge, because he trusted her. Brooke told Nick that they must tell Ridge what happened between them.

Friday, October 24, 2003

by CBS

Ridge credits his kidnapping with bringing Brooke and his mother together. Stephanie expresses her confidence in Brooke's faithfulness and is sure the marriage will last. Stephanie's new attitude puts a smile on Ridge's face, even though she cautions that if Brooke hurts Ridge or the children she'll take back everything she just said. Ridge says he and Brooke want to have a baby. Stephanie points out that Nick might be leaving to spare his feelings for Brooke. Concerned, Ridge says he should head down to the marina to talk to Nick. Nick tells Brooke that Ridge will never forgive her for having sex with him. Brooke doesn't want to keep this secret but Nick says she deserves to be happy and begs her not to tell Ridge. Nick insists that Brooke would be selfish to tell Ridge the truth, as it would hurt him so much. Ridge comes downstairs and is surprised to find Brooke there. Ridge states he came to wish Nick a bon voyage, which is what Nick says Brooke was there to do, too. Brooke admits she knows why Nick is leaving. Ridge says he wants to hear it. Nick is afraid Brooke is going to tell Ridge everything. Everyone is touched that Oscar planned a vigil for Macy, especially Bridget. Sally says she wants to address Macy's fans. Oscar announces that tonight is the last night of any Ozzz event. Tomorrow Ozzz will be sold and all the proceeds the club earns will go to a Macy Alexander coma research foundation. Amber is shocked, but Bridget is excited. Sally goes onstage and thanks him for what he did. She expresses her appreciation for the fans' support and hopes those assembled will continue to think of her daughter. Amber tells Oscar she is angry with him for not discussing this with her and mad about losing her job. Amber stalks off. Oscar runs into Bridget, who is impressed with his speech. Bridget says she has forgiven him. Amber overhears and is irritated. Bridget kisses Oscar. Both Deacon and Amber are unhappy about the kiss.

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