The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 1, 2003 on B&B

In the hospital, Deacon was puzzled when he realized he had no feeling in his legs. The police arrested Eric for the attempted murder of Deacon Sharpe. Jackie asked Ridge to step aside if Nick turned out to be the father of Brooke's baby. Determined to help Stephanie rid herself of Brooke, Sally lurked near the lab that was handling Brooke's paternity test.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 1, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, December 1, 2003

by Alex

Bridget watched Deacon sleep after having spent the night in his hospital room. She and Deacon's doctor, Mark, discussed having to tell Deacon that he might be permanently paralyzed, and they both agreed that he'd have to be told as soon as he woke up.

Oscar showed up at the hospital and found Bridget outside of Deacon's room. He told her that he had read about the shooting in the newspaper. Bridget was infuriated that the press had already gotten a hold of the story. Oscar asked her what she had been doing at Deacon Sharpe's house. She told him what had happened but left out any mention of the kiss that Eric had walked in on. Crying, Bridget told Oscar that it was because of her that Deacon might never walk again.

At the Forrester offices, the family lawyer, Jonathon, met with Eric, Thorne, and Rick about the escalating press coverage of the story. Eric angrily dismissed the idea that he had done anything wrong and stated that he and Deacon had been destined for a showdown. Jonathon begged Eric never to say anything like that in public, pointing out that things were not looking good for Eric, especially with the past animosity and the recent business dealings between the two men. He pointed out that Deacon could decide not to back up Eric's story.

Before Bridget had a chance to tell Deacon about his condition, Little D slipped away from Stephanie, who was watching over him, and ran into Deacon's room. Deacon explained to his son that he would be good as new in no time and that he'd still be able to coach Little D's soccer team like he had promised. Little D grew excited and jumped on Deacon's legs.

Suddenly Deacon became aware that he had no feeling in his legs, and a look of shock crossed over his face. Stephanie took the child out of the room, and Deacon demanded that Bridget tell him what was going on. Bridget finally told Deacon that the bullet had caused damage to his spinal cord and that he might be paralyzed for life. They both broke down into tears, Bridget sobbing on Deacon's chest.

Meagan entered Eric's office and told Eric, Jonathon, Thorne, and Rick that the press was gathering outside the building. Shortly after, she returned, but this time the police followed her in. Eric was placed under arrest for the attempted murder of Deacon Sharpe. Eric was vocal in protest, and Jonathon advised him once again not to say anything.

Eric asked Thorne to help protect the family from the press. Eric was led out in handcuffs and encountered the waiting press and photographers, who had made their way into the lobby.

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

At home, Stephanie told Samantha that Brooke had not been thinking when she'd slept with Nick. Stephanie asked Samantha to stand by Ridge if Nick turned out to be the father of Brooke's child. Stephanie realized that Samantha was still in love with Ridge, even after many years. Stephanie appealed to Samantha to advise Ridge that he was married to the wrong person -- Brooke.

At the Café Rousse, Brooke informed Nick that Ridge had forgiven her. She tried to convince Nick to be a part of their lives. She tried to make him understand that Ridge was his brother and would forgive him. Nick wanted no part of what Brooke wanted. Jackie walked in and witnessed Brooke embracing Nick.

At Marone Industries, Jackie met with Ridge. He thought it was about business. Jackie explained that she wanted to know what would happen if Nick were the father of Brooke's child. Ridge denied that Nick could be the father of Brooke's child. Jackie asked Ridge to step aside and allow Nick to raise the child if it were his. Ridge believed that the child would be just as happy with him and Brooke.

Samantha went to Ridge's office as Stephanie had requested. When she arrived, she told Ridge she could not tell him why she was there. When Ridge asked her about ideas for a nursery, she became upset and let Ridge know about her feelings. Samantha told Ridge that she thought what had happened between Nick and Brooke was wrong. She reiterated what Stephanie had said about Brooke being the wrong woman for Ridge.

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

by Anna

At Stephanie's, Eric hoped that the lawyers could convince the jury that Deacon's gunshot wound had been an accident. Eric speculated that Bridget could convince Deacon to sign an affidavit saying it had been an accident. Bridget entered, having overheard their conversation. She was upset that Eric was only worried about himself while Deacon was facing more surgery, physical therapy, and possibly never walking again.

Stephanie told Bridget that she was concerned about Bridget's feelings for Deacon. Bridget defended Deacon, reminding them of how hard Deacon had worked to turn his life around. She stormed out.

Oz went to see Deacon at the hospital. Deacon was down and wanted to give up. Oz tried to convince him to be a fighter. He reminded Deacon that Little Eric needed him. He wanted Deacon to remember all the good parts of his life. Deacon thought about Bridget and decided he did have something to live for.

Oz left, and Bridget entered. Deacon told her that he was going to walk out of the hospital when he left. Bridget told him that she believed in him. Deacon told her not to pity him because it was not her fault. Bridget kissed him. Oz walked in and interrupted.

Massimo wished his sons had both picked good women to love instead of Brooke. Jackie tried to defend Brooke, saying that Brooke reminded her of herself. She gently reminded Massimo that no matter who the father of Brooke's baby was, the baby would still be Massimo's grandchild. Massimo accused Brooke of having Ridge, Nick, and Jackie all twisted around her finger. Jackie wished Brooke were married to Nick and feared that Brooke would miss out on the real love of her life, just as Jacquie had. Massimo warned Jackie not to put ideas into Nick's head, but Jackie was sure that Nick would be the father of Brooke's baby.

Stephanie and Ridge talked. Stephanie told Ridge that Eric was settled down for the night in the guesthouse, where the media wouldn't bother him. She told Ridge that Ridge needed to face what was happening in his life.

Ridge asked his mother to support his marriage and stop bashing Brooke. He insisted that Brooke had been grieving, and Nick had taken advantage of her. Ridge was sure the baby was his and asked his mother to go back to the good feelings she'd had for Brooke. He asked her to forgive Brooke. Stephanie agreed by saying that she'd do anything for Ridge.

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Nick told Massimo that what he and Brooke had done hadn't been an affair. Nick didn't like Massimo's comments about the woman who could be the mother of his child. Massimo could tell that Nick was still in love with Brooke. Nick finally admitted that he'd be thrilled to have a child with Brooke, but because of what it meant to Brooke, he hoped Ridge was the father of her baby.

Sally was shocked that Stephanie seemed to be willing to overlook Brooke cheating on Ridge. Stephanie insisted that there was nothing she could do about it, and she didn't want her bitterness to drive a wedge between her family and her again. Sally thought Stephanie needed to get Brooke out of Ridge's life. Sally told herself that if Stephanie couldn't get rid of Brooke, Sally would do it for her.

Oscar asked Bridget what he had walked in on. He pointed out that Deacon needed support, not pity. Oscar admitted to Bridget that he was crazy about her, and he didn't like the idea of sharing her. Deacon realized that Oscar was angry because he had seen Deacon and Bridget kissing. He promised that he'd be out of bed soon to give Oscar a run for his money.

Ridge noted that Brooke seemed tense, but Brooke insisted that she was not worried about the next day's test.

Friday, December 5, 2003

by Alex

Dr. Paxson explained the procedure to Brooke, who wondered how soon they would have the results. Ridge kissed Brooke and offered encouragement as the doctor began.

Jackie hoped the baby was related to her, but Stephanie pointed out that the chances of that were slim. Jackie believed that Brooke had a bond with Nick and that Brooke also knew that Nick loved her. Jackie thought Brooke and Nick belonged together and told Stephanie that their future would be decided by the results of the test. She added that Ridge had gotten his chance at marriage and family; Nick deserved one, too.

Brooke revealed to Dr. Paxson that intuition told her the baby was Ridge's. She admitted that she loved Nick, but not the way she loved Ridge. As the men waited to give their DNA samples, Nick swore to Ridge that he didn't want to interfere with Ridge's marriage. Brooke heard them bickering and reminded them that she loved them both, and they loved each other. Once the results of the paternity test were in, they could start picking up the pieces of their relationship.

Sally lurked in the hall as Dr. Paxson sent the tests to the lab.

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