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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 8, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, December 8, 2003

by Alex

Eric and Stephanie hold a dinner party hoping to get to know Oscar better. Eric is concerned about Bridget, but Massimo assures Eric that Oscar's shady past is behind him. Stephanie and Jackie dance around the topic of the paternity results while Eric chooses to face the tension with Bridget head on by stating that he is sorry about what happened to Deacon but feels he needed to protect his daughter. When Bridget can't take any more of Eric bashing on Deacon, she storms off to the terrace. Oscar follows her and reminds her she is lucky to have a family that cares so much. Meanwhile, Amber visits Deacon in the hospital and finds him in good spirits. Deacon attributes his mood to Bridget and their renewed connection. Amber counters that Bridget's feelings for Deacon are guilt and compassion but Deacon isn't convinced. Deacon receives a package he ordered containing a diamond ring for Bridget.

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

At Brooke's office Ridge carried a candle opera and romanced Brooke. Meanwhile, Sally pretended to be a writer. She met with someone who gave her information as to how to alter a paternity test.

Ozzie supported Bridget, however, he acknowledged that her parents are correct about Deacon. Ozzie described Deacon as Bridget's past and himself as Bridget's future. He told Bridget for the first time that he is in love with her. Stephanie calmed Eric by advising him that Bridget is interested in Ozzie who is good for her. Samantha advised Eric that Bridget wants him to have faith in her decisions.

From his hospital bed, Deacon showed Amber the ring he intends to give Bridget when he proposes to her. Deacon predicted that he will treat Bridget so well that Eric will welcome him back into the family.

Ozzie gave Bridget a ring and proposed marriage!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

by Anna

Bridget confesses to Oscar that she loves him to but is afraid to jump into marriage so quickly. Oscar urges her to listen to her heart. Bridget agrees to get married but wants to have a long engagement so they can get to know each other. She also tells Oscar she is not ready to make love yet. Oscar agrees, saying he is just happy they are engaged. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Brooke discuss Bridget's growing relationship with Deacon. They both hope Oscar can help Bridget forget about Deacon. They also talk about the possibility that Brooke's baby may not be Ridge's. Stephanie asks what she would do if it were Nick's child. Brooke will not entertain the thought; she is sure the baby is Ridge's. Nick finds Sally with Marv and grows suspicious. Sally sends Marv away and then rants about her hatred for Brooke. Nick won't say much but Sally comments that he will make a heck of a father.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Bridget blissfully tells Samantha that she and Oscar are engaged but is worried about how this is going to hit Deacon. Bridget goes to the hospital to break the news to Deacon before he goes into surgery. While she is gone, Oscar arrives to find Samantha but no Bridget. Samantha explains that Bridget went to the hospital to tell Deacon about their engagement. At the hospital, Deacon confides in Darla his plan to propose to Bridget. Darla states she is happy for him and thinks Macy would be, too. Bridget arrives to see Deacon after Darla has left. Bridget struggles to tell him about her engagement but before she can get the words out, Deacon proposes. Bridget is shocked. Meanwhile, Nick tells Brooke he is concerned that Sally may be up to something since their encounter. Brooke insists there is nothing more Sally can do to her and says not to worry. Sally gets into the lab, claiming that she is new in the I.T. department. When she is left alone, she starts hacking into the system with the paternity results.

Friday, December 12, 2003

by Alex

Deacon takes Bridget's hand and puts the ring on it while trying to convince her that things will be different this time. Bridget attempts to tell him about her engagement to Oscar but doesn't get the chance before he is taken to surgery. She returns home to find Oscar wondering how Deacon is. Bridget explains how Deacon proposed before she could tell him the news. Oscar questions Bridget's feelings for Deacon. She assures him that Deacon is not an issue. Meanwhile, Sally tries to cover her tracks at the lab when she's busted by a lab tech. She makes her escape before security can catch her. She then goes to report to Stephanie that she failed. Stephanie does not want to know what she tried to do since she promised Ridge she would not interfere with his and Brooke's marriage. Ridge and Brooke look at blueprints for the nursery and discuss baby names. Dr. Paxson calls to inform Brooke the test results are conclusive but does not say what they are.

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