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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 5, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, January 5, 2004

by Alex

Ridge explodes in anger at Nick for ruining his marriage and blames him for the loss of his future with Brooke. Although Nick can't deny that he is happy to be the father of the baby, he feels compassion for his brother. At Café Russe, Jackie suggests a spontaneous getaway with Massimo. He declines and leaves to find Nick to tell him to stay away from Ridge. Eric is surprised at how sincere Stephanie is about being proud of Brooke for leaving. After their discussion, Eric heads to the Café Russe where he spots Jackie. He admits that he needs someone to talk to and kisses Jackie's hand, not knowing that Massimo has reentered and seen the gesture. After Jackie exits Café Russe, Massimo threatens Eric. Meanwhile, Sally tries to get the scoop from Stephanie regarding Brooke and Ridge. Sally also warns Stephanie that she better get a hold of Eric while she can or somebody else might.

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

At Forrester Creations, Deacon worked hard to be able to walk independently. Deacon failed in his attempt to walk and fell to the floor. Stephanie discovered Deacon on the floor. She assisted a very discouraged Deacon back up. Stephanie gave Deacon a pep talk about not giving up on his recovery. Deacon revealed that he was also upset over Bridget's engagement to Ozzie. He told Stephanie that he is sure that Bridget has feelings for him. Deacon questioned what he would do without Bridget in his life.

Ozzie and Bridget prepared to go to dinner at Jackie and Massimo's home. They predicted that Massimo would lecture them about their engagement.

Meanwhile, Massimo confronted Jackie about her encounter with Eric at the Café Rouse. Jackie did not think that it was a big deal. She reassured Massimo that she is committed to their marriage and has feelings only for him.

At the Marone household, Massimo advised Ozzie that he is not upset that he employed by Forrester Creations. Massimo recognized that it was Ozzie's deceased mother's birthday. Massimo and Jackie congratulated Bridget and Ozzie on their engagement to be married

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

by Anna

In Eric's office, Sally admits to trying to hack into the lab computer to change the paternity results. She assures Eric that she was unsuccessful. Sally warns Eric to stay away from Jackie Marone. Eric tells Sally that the day Jacquie sees through Massimo, Eric wants to be there for her.

Ridge looks at the partially finished nursery. Samantha enters and tells him that she's sorry he's hurting. Ridge tells her that he told the kids that there wasn't going to be a baby. Samantha tries to comfort him with reassuring words.

Oz looks at the Marone ring that Massimo has given him. He tells Massimo that he wants to prove himself before he wears it. Massimo tells him that the ring means loyalty to the family. Oz assures him that he will prove himself, whatever it takes. He thanks Massimo for having faith in him. After Oz and Bridget leave, Massimo thinks out loud that Oz will earn the ring while he works so closely with Eric Forrester.

Thursday, January 8, 2004

by Alex

Ridge comes to Massimo's office and Massimo expresses his concern for Ridge and what he's going through after finding out that Nick is the father of Brooke's baby. Ridge says that Massimo got what he wanted-Brooke out of Ridge's life. Which must make Jackie happy since it clears the way for Nick to swoop in and pick up the pieces when Brooke gets back to town. Massimo assumes that Ridge will quit Logan Design's now, but Ridge insists that he is more determined than ever to make the business a success. He also makes it perfectly clear that intends to keep on loving Brooke, more than ever.

Thorne, Eric, and Oscar talk briefly about Thorne's new daughter Alexandria before they get into the subject of Oscar's new role in the company. Thorne is concerned that giving Oscar the responsibility of running Forrester's new ad campaign is more than he can handle with such limited experience. Oscar agrees with Thorne, but promises that he will earn their trust and live up to the standards of excellence that they have set. When Oz shows Thorne his ideas for the new campaign he is impressed and tells Oscar that he thinks Eric made a good decision. After, Oz finds a note that Bridget slipped him telling him to meet her at her place. When he gets there she surprise him with a picnic but after he explains the new position her father gave him, she agrees that he should get back to work. He says it can wait a little while and they kiss. Oz tells her that she has made him a new man and he owes all his recent success to her.

At home, Jackie reminds herself that she has a business meeting with Eric, then indulges in a few flash backs of past times with Eric, while Massimo's voice rings in her ear saying that Eric still has feelings for her. On the landing above, Hudson, the butler, watches intently. When he descends the stairs Jackie mentions her dinner with Massimo at Spago and Hudson informs her that he has cancelled the dinner because Massimo prefers to dine at home. Jackie muses that if Massimo had his way, she'd never leave the house. As Hudson goes back up stairs, he turns to stare at Jackie as she says to herself that at least she has her business meeting and Massimo can't spoil that. Eric shows up at Jackie's to cancel the meeting, saying that he thinks that Fenmore's will have to find a replacement for her on the Forrester account since they cannot work together. He claims that he is doing it to help her since it makes Massimo so angry. She laments her husband's interference and controlling nature. Eric asks Jackie if they can ever really be just friends. They gaze into each other's eyes as Massimo watches from the window, having been warned by Hudson that Eric was at the house.

Friday, January 9, 2004

by Alex

Ridge, at home, looks longing out the window and is obviously very sad. Stephanie shows up at the door and announces that she is moving in. Ridge protests when her bags are delivered that he doesn't want that. Thomas (now a young teenager) sees them squabbling from the landing and laughs. He comes down stairs to voice his opinion that Stephanie moving in might be exactly what Ridge needs since he hasn't smiled once since Brooke left and Thomas is very worried about him. Stephanie suggests that they put it to a vote and after Thomas and she negotiate some ground rules, he agrees to vote for her to stay.

Oscar and Bridget come running out of the rain into her place after their picnic is rained out. They joke around for a bit and then Bridget tells Oz to take off his clothes. In their robes, Bridget sets up the picnic on the floor but the food is all wet. Oz suggests that drink the bottle of wine she packed but she suggests that they have hot chocolate instead. Oz tells her that when she said to take off his clothes, he had something else in mind and starts to kiss her neck. She reminds him of the conversation they had when he agreed that they should wait until they are married so it will be special. She tells him that she wants to do things right this time, not like with Deacon. Oz is disappointed but agrees to what she wants because there will be plenty of time for them to make love as he is definitely in this for the long run.

Jackie tells Eric that, of course they will remain friends. Eric says it wasn't the answer he was looking for and they reminisce about when they lived in the beach house together. Still Eric respects her decision to marry Massimo and doesn't want to make her uncomfortable which is why he is asking her to remove herself from the Forrester account. Jackie reminds him that it will be much more uncomfortable to tell Lauren Fenmore that she's has been asked to find a replacement. Eric tells her that it's the only way, since Massimo is so jealous. It will put too much strain on her marriage. When Jackie looks dismayed, Eric asks if she is really happy in her marriage. Massimo, who is standing in the doorway, tells her to answer the question. Jackie is stunned to see him there and turns timidly to Eric and tells him that she is happy. Massimo rakes Eric for coming into his home and trying to steal his wife. Eric asks Jackie if she doesn't mind being treated as one of Massimo's possessions. He also apologizes for causing Jackie trouble and goes to leave, but Massimo insists he first admit that he is attracted to Jackie. Eric admits that she is the most stunning woman that he has ever known but insists that he is no threat to their marriage. Massimo threatens Eric as he is leaving. Since Eric ignored his warnings to stay away from Jackie, he will pay.

When Eric is gone, Massimo asks Jackie if she is indeed happy. She is angry at Massimo's dramatic display and wild accusations, reiterating that Eric is only a friend. She is happy but she refuses to keep on defending herself all the time. Massimo tells her that Eric was a friend, but not anymore. Jackie is shocked that Massimo would try to dictate who she can be friends with. He asks her if she has contacted any of the charities that they discussed her getting involved with and she says she hasn't had time with being so busy at work. He tells her that there is really no reason for her to work now. Jackie tells Massimo in no uncertain terms that she loves her job and will not be locked away from the world just because he is jealous. She hugs him, but he is clearly still upset.

Later, Massimo tells Hudson that Eric will regret the day that he ever crossed paths with him. Hudson asks Massimo to think about what a war with Eric might do to Oscar and Bridget's relationship. Massimo says that Bridget will be a Marone soon and she will understand and celebrate with them.

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