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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 19, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, January 19, 2004

by Alex

In Massimo's office, Nick and Ridge demand to know where Brooke is but she refuses to tell them. She assures them that she, Hope, and the baby are just fine and that they are "home." For a moment they think that she is back in L.A., but she says that she has hurt too many people-Ridge and Nick are family and she has caused only conflict between them. Ridge and Nick are understandable worried. She tells them that she will be in touch and hangs up the phone. As they try to figure out where she may be, they remember that the call would have been recorded and Nick suggests that perhaps there is something on the tape that could help them figure out her whereabouts. Ridge thinks that they should respect Brooke's wishes and leave it alone but Nick disagrees.

Bridget helps Deacon back into his wheelchair as he cries, calling himself pathetic. Bridget reassures him that he simply over-exerted himself and that he will be fine, but because of himself, not her. She tells him that he will find love, just not with her. Deacon protests that they can make it work. Bridget thinks that he must know that it wouldn't work after everything that he has done to her and her family. She says goodbye and leaves while Deacon cries and pleads with her to come back.

Massimo is suspicious of where Jackie could be, stating that he knows where she had better not be! Jackie goes to Eric's beach house but thinks better of it and turns to leave. Eric spots her and asks her not to go. She obviously needs a friend. Jackie tells him that she would never cheat on Massimo, but she also can't have him dictating to her either. Eric tells Jackie again that Massimo is too controlling. Jackie wants to be the woman that she has always been, before she married Massimo, and doesn't want to lose Eric's friendship. He assures her that she won't.

At Massimo's, Oscar shows up to move in and notices that Massimo is upset about not knowing where his wife is. He tells Massimo not to worry, as Jackie can take care of herself and besides that, no one would be fool enough to mess with Massimo Marone's wife.

Jackie comes home and Massimo is waiting for her demanding to know where she has been. She tells him that she took Nick to see the penthouse and then went shopping. Massimo insists that she stay up and have a drink with him, but Jackie says she is too tired and just wants a bath and her bed. He reminds her that she hasn't kissed him goodnight. She does, and then ascends the stairs to retire for the evening. Massimo grabs Jackie's coat and sniffs it. He smells sea air on her coat and concludes that she must have been at Eric's beach house. He is furious, throws the coat, and swears that he will crush Eric.

Meanwhile, at the beach house, Eric is drawing sketches with Jackie and the model.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

When Nick announces that he and Ridge heard from Brooke, Massimo and Jackie urge him to respect Brooke's wishes. Oscar mentions that Eric is throwing him an engagement party and giving him new responsibilities at work, and Massimo bursts out angrily at hearing Eric's name. The mood becomes tense and uncomfortable so Oscar and Nick leave Massimo and Jackie alone. Massimo confronts his wife about the night before. Jackie admits to seeing Eric but says that they only talked. Since Massimo is still upset, Jackie offers to resign from her job, which appeases him. Meanwhile, Bridget tells Eric about her night with Deacon and he is furious. Eric warns her to beware of Deacon's tricks and to focus on her life with Oscar. Later, Oscar offends Bridget when he wonders if Eric and Jackie are having an affair. Bridget insists that they are only friends and predicts that the Marone and Forrester family will act as one at their engagement party later that night. Deacon reveals to Amber that his attempt to reunite with Bridget failed, but that doesn't stop him from asking for Eric's blessing, which is turned down flat. After Deacon leaves, Massimo storms into Eric's office and threatens Eric not to go anywhere near Jackie.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

by Anna

Massimo prepares to go to the engagement party. Hudson encourages him to make peace with the Forresters. Massimo is sure everything will be fine as long as Eric doesn't touch Jackie.

Eric calls Jackie on her cell phone while she is upstairs, dressing for the party. She tells him that Massimo and she had a talk. Jackie wants to honor Massimo's wishes that she not speak with Eric. She hangs up on Eric.

As Stephanie and Bridget finish decorating for the party, they discuss Brooke. Bridget hopes that she is not destined to make the same kind of decisions that Brooke has made. Stephanie assures Bridget that she is not the same person that Brooke is. Bridget confesses to Stephanie that she is taking her time with the engagement to make sure that she and Ozzie are compatible and meant for each other.

Eric enters Deacon's office as Deacon is talking with Caitlin, Forrester's new intern. After Eric leaves for the party, Deacon admits to Caitlin that he and Eric don't always agree. Caitlin doesn't believe that Eric could be a mean person. Deacon informs her that he used to be married to Eric's daughter, and that he would be again, if it weren't for Eric.

Stephanie welcomes Massimo, Jackie and Hudson to the party. Eric enters behind them and greats Massimo and Jackie. When Jackie goes to pour herself a drink, Eric follows her, insisting they must get together to talk about the new Forrester line. Jackie tells him that they no longer have business to discuss, and she excuses herself to the balcony. Eric follows her outside. Jackie explains that she is resigning as Fenmore's representative to Forrester. Eric grabs her shoulders as Massimo sees them, cursing Eric.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

by Alex

Eric holds on to Jackie's shoulders trying to convince her that she is only quitting the Forrester account because Massimo intimidates her. She tells him she is not intimidated by her husband and to let go of her. She begs Eric to stop all of this and says that she won't have her marriage ruined over it.

Nick arrives and pulls Ridge aside to tell him that the call from Brooke was international. Ridge already knows as he has checked into the call also. Ridge asks Nick to tell him if he learns anything more about Brooke's whereabouts.

Massimo comes out on the terrace and tell Eric to get his hands off of his wife. Eric and Massimo get into another heated argument and Massimo announces that they are leaving. Jackie tells Eric she doesn't want any more of this and she and Massimo leave.

Bridget and Oz are upset that their families are fighting. It appears that Oz is going to take Massimo's side, but he restrains himself so that Bridget and he do not argue also.

Nick gets a call telling him that Brooke's call was traced to France. He calls to have the Marone jet fired up for him.

Thomas flirts with Sam at the party and makes it clear that he is not fond of Oz, although he doesn't say why. Later, he reiterates this to Bridget saying that Oz had better treat her well, or answer to him. Bridget finds this cute.

Stephanie catches Eric trying to call Jackie and stops him, reminding him that this night is supposed to be about Bridget and Oscar. He agrees and makes a toast to them. Then Oz and Bridget make their own toasts, declaring their love for one another.

At Los Olas, Deacon has a drink with Caitlin, the new intern. She is nauseating in her admiration of Eric. Deacon warns her that she is in a whole other league now and not to be too trusting. She leaves just as Massimo arrives at the bar and orders a drink. Deacon approaches Massimo and lays down a challenge. It is time that someone did something about Eric Forrester and they should be the ones to do it.

Friday, January 23, 2004

by Alex

After the engagement party for Bridget and Oscar, Stephanie is clearly upset with Eric for causing a scene with Massimo over Jackie. She tells him that Jackie is a grown woman that has made her own choices and that he should stay out of it. Eric is in no mood to listen and leaves.

Eric finds Caitlin in his office looking at one of the dresses from his new collection. She proceeds to flatter him to excess and it pleases him.

At Los Olas, Massimo and Deacon discuss Eric. Massimo insists he will not allow Eric to interfere in his marriage. He will find Eric's weakness and exploit it. Deacon agrees that Eric must be stopped. It is was not for Eric, Deacon would be with Bridget now. Massimo tells Deacon that Oscar and Bridget are happy and that their relationship must be respected. Regardless, Deacon volunteers to help Massimo find dirt on Eric. Massimo is reluctant at first, saying Deacon is too emotionally involved. But once Deacon points out the position he is in at Forrester and the access he has to Eric's life, Massimo agrees that Deacon should start digging into anything he can find.

Nick gets on the Marone jet and sets a course for Paris. Waiting on board is a note from someone that has spotted Brooke and Hope there a few days prior. Nick phones Ridge from the jet to say that he is on his way to see Brooke. Ridge says that he is upset that Nick isn't respecting Brooke's wishes, but truly he is unhappy that Nick will have a free pass at attempting to win over his wife. Ridge tells Stephanie that he needs the jet to follow Nick to Paris. Stephanie manages to convince Ridge that he might ruin Brooke's attempts to do the right thing, and more importantly, his children need him more. Ridge agrees reluctantly and decides to let whatever happens, happen. Nick grabs his guitar and beings to compose a song for Brooke.

Brooke is meditating at the convent when one of the nuns enters her quarters to discuss her situation. Brooke admits that she is feeling more at peace than ever before, but nothing in her life is simply. She feels that she has hurt her son before he is even born because he won't have the father that he is meant to have. The nun doesn't believe that Brooke is in a position to make that judgment and God is clearly keeping she and her husband apart for a reason. Brooke admits that Nick is a good person, but she can't let go of the certainty she had that Ridge was the father of her baby. The nun tells Brooke that she is a strong woman, but that she feels only her own yearnings. Brooke has come to this place to be sure she makes the right choice and that the life inside her knows its father. Brooke is happy to be away from outside distractions so she can figure out what to do and how to find her future. The nun replies that, if she lets it, Brooke's future will find her.

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