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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 26, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, January 26, 2004

by Alex

In Eric's office, Deacon points out that Bridget marrying a Marone is going to put her in the middle of his conflicts with Massimo, and makes another plea for Eric to give him a chance. If Eric approves, Bridget will give him a shot. Eric reiterates that he will do whatever is necessary to keep Deacon out of Bridget's life.

In the cutting room, Caitlin is working on receiving materials when Thomas comes in. Caitlin obviously has no idea that Thomas is a Forrester and Thomas has a little fun toying with her. Later Caitlin sees Eric in the cutting room and asks him if he would allow her to interview him. Eric agrees and tells Caitlin they can do the interview in his office. At the same time, Deacon is still in Eric's office griping about Eric's treatment of him. He searches through Eric's drawers and finds his taxes as well as the sketches that he made of Jackie. He sneaks out the back door before Eric and Caitlin enter.

Jackie apologizes to Massimo for upsetting him at the party. She was only explaining her reason for quitting the Forrester account. She admits that she does not want to quit her job. She explains that it has nothing to do with Eric; it's about all the work she has put in to it, her self-respect, and her pride. If Massimo makes her quit she will be unhappy and that will not be good for their marriage. Massimo apologizes for making her feel that he doesn't trust her loyalty. He agrees that she should keep that job if it means that much to her. He seems satisfied that they are on solid ground.

Bridget is at the Marone house for breakfast with Oz when the argument between Massimo and Eric comes up. Bridget thinks that Massimo is insanely jealous over nothing. Oz feels that Massimo had a right to be since Eric is clearly hitting on Jackie. Bridget is angered that Oz would insult her father that way and insists that her father would never put himself in the middle of Jackie's marriage and that he was not hitting on her. They stop themselves and decide that this is not their battle, and although they will inevitably disagree and even argue over the matter in the future, they should remember that they love each other. Jackie overhears and tells them that that is a wonderful idea and that she and Massimo have just decided to do the same.

Deacon calls Massimo on his cell and tells him he has something for him regarding Eric. Massimo says he doesn't want it. He's loves and trusts his wife and for her sake he is going to put the vendetta to rest. Deacon tells him about the sketches which infuriates Massimo and sets him off again in his determination to destroy Eric.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

At Forrester Creations, Caitlin interviewed Eric. She admired Eric's sketch of Jackie. Jackie arrived while they were still working. She told Eric that she will continue to be the buyer for Fenmore's. She told Eric that she is happy with Massimo. She told Eric he is her friend, but refused Eric's lunch invitation.

At Marone Industries, Massimo informed Hudson that he will not be going through with the plan to obtain information from Oscar about Forrester Creations. Deacon delivered papers to Massimo. The "papers" were Eric's tax records. Hudson found the records to be legitimate. Meanwhile, Ridge told Bridget that he will never give up on love or Brooke.

Nick located the Sacred Heart Retreat Center. He disclosed that he is the father of Brooke's unborn baby and pled to see Brooke.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

by Anna

Bridget enters Eric's office. She tells her dad that she is concerned about Ridge, and also hopes her mom is finding some peace. Bridget says that Ridge believes that he and Brooke will get back together eventually. Eric asks Bridget if she is worried about her relationship with Oscar. Bridget wishes she could put an end to all the hostility between the Forresters and the Marones. After Bridget leaves, Eric calls Massimo to tell him that he wants to come over and talk to him.

Jackie comes to see Ridge in his office. She is glad that Nick went to look for Brooke. Jackie wants Brooke to be with her family. She tells Ridge that he must let Brooke go and move on. Jackie wants Ridge to step aside and let Nick be a father to his baby. Just then, Ridge's secretary interrupts. She gives Ridge the phone number for where Brooke is staying.

Nick convinces one of the Sisters to let him see Brooke.

Brooke prays to God to help her understand and accept what has been chosen for her life. Brooke asks God to give her a sign to show her what path to take. Just then the phone rings. It is Ridge, but before he can say anything, Jackie hangs up the phone for him. Brooke is left wondering who it could have been. Just then Nick enters her room. She is surprised to see him and tells him that she had just asked God for a sign. He tells her that he searched for her to make sure she was okay. As he turns to leave, she tells him that she is ready to come home.

Ridge is angered that Jackie interrupted his attempt to contact Brooke. He tells Jackie that he doesn't want her advice. Jackie insists that Ridge is making things difficult for Brooke by refusing to let her go.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Brooke, Nick, and Hope board the jet to head back to California. Nick interacts with Hope and tells Brooke that he is very excited about the baby coming. She seems very calm and rejuvenated, but thinks that she needs to be on her own for a while. Nick says he only wants to be her friend, but there is a whole world waiting for her when she's ready and he wants to be there. Brooke falls asleep and Nick finishes the lyrics to his song. Later he has a daydream about Brooke, him, and the baby having a day out together.

Hudson notes that he has never seen Massimo so content. Massimo is happy that Nick is bringing Ridge home. Eric comes over and tells Massimo that for Bridget and Oscar's sake, they have to put their feud behind them. The obstacle, says Eric, is the tension that will escalate between Ridge and Nick when Brooke returns. Eric is surprised when Massimo tells him he's happy that Brooke is coming home with Nick-she belongs with the father of her child. Eric is wants Massimo to remember what all this is doing to Ridge. Massimo says he'll loves and protects Ridge and Nick equally. Eric is glad. He also mentions that he's happy that Massimo has allowed Jackie to continue working with Forrester and Massimo accuses him of really coming over just to sniff around about Jackie. Eric tells him that the huge picture of Jackie he has over the fire place is all he'll have left of her when he's finished.

Thomas is at Insomnia with a friend when his friend notices Caitlin sketching in the corner. Thomas brags that he knows her and calls her over to their table to prove it. Caitlin teases him by pretending not to recognize him. Thomas friend leaves, calling him "Forrester" as he goes. She realizes who he is and starts questioning him about Ridge. She is extremely impressed with his family line. They talk about interning at Forrester. She says he's lucky that he can intern at Forrester and Logan Designs if he wants to, but Thomas tells her that she had to earn her internship and that is much more impressive. Thomas flirts, Caitlin is shy, but receptive, and it becomes clear that Caitlin's presence at Forrester is making that internship look more attractive by the moment.

Friday, January 30, 2004

by Alex

Bridget shows up at Ridge's office to check on him. He can think of nothing but Brooke and although he is not pleased that it was Nick who brought her home, he remains devoted to her and can't wait to see her.

Nick brings Brooke and Hope home to Brooke's house only to find Jackie inside. She has had the place cleaned and stocked the fridge in anticipation of their return. She does nothing to hide her enthusiasum at becoming a grandmother, which obviously makes Brooke a tad uncomfortable. Once Brooke is upstairs she lays into Nick for not forcing the issue of he, Brooke, Hope and the baby becoming a family. Nick wants to let Brooke have the time she needs to settle into the idea. He knows that her heart is still with Ridge and believes that if he pushes her too hard, she'll shut him out altogether. But Jackie will not stop pushing the issue. She tells him to go upstairs and claim his happiness. Eventually he does go upstairs to see Brooke. She tells him that he has been very helpful, but now that she's home, all she can think about is Ridge. She wants to see him so badly that it hurts.

Eric catches Caitlin in his office looking at his sketches again. She has copied his sketch and made her own changes. She is worried that Eric will be insulted, but he is actually impressed with her work. She mentions that she has met Thomas. Eric says it's a shame Thomas wasn't older, or he would consider setting the two of them up. Caitlin is flattered, but says that her career is her only focus at the moment. Eric asks about her family. Caitlin says that her mother died when she was young and that her father doesn't know that she is interning at Forrester. He is very protective of her and wants her to have a serious career, not something like fashion which he considers frivolous.

Thomas brags to Thorne that Caitlin has the hots for him, but can't produce any proof when questioned on his progress with her. Thomas sings Caitlin's praises but Thorne tells him to be careful.

Ridge realizes that Brooke must be home by now and runs out to see her. When he arrives, he finds Jackie in Brooke's living room. She tells him he has no right to be there, since Brooke is not his wife any longer. When Ridge tries to go upstairs to see Brooke, Jackie blocks his way and tells him to back off and leave Nick and Brooke alone.

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