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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 2, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, February 2, 2004

by Alex

Jackie said that it was for Brooke's own good that Ridge stay away from her. Ridge warned Jackie that she would not keep him from his wife again. Jackie pointed out that Brooke had gone home with Nick not Ridge. His marriage was over, and he needed to accept it. Ridge certainly wasn't going to take Jackie's word for it, but he could wait until the next day. Jackie was smug when Ridge asked her to tell Brooke that he had stopped by, telling him not to think twice about it.

Nick offered to stay on the couch, but Brooke would rather be alone. He went downstairs to leave and was surprised to find Jackie still there. She was disappointed that Nick was not staying the night, and Nick practically had to drag her out. Once they'd gone, Ridge emerged from the shadows, took out his key, and entered Brooke's house. He went upstairs and into her room. They were happy to see each other.

Ridge tried to convince Brooke that they belonged together no matter how difficult the situation might get. The alternative, being apart, was unbearable. Brooke asked him not to try to make her question her decision. While at the retreat, she'd listened to God's voice, and she'd learned that the world did not revolve around her. She was trying to stop hurting the people she loved.

Ridge reminded Brooke of the way they had always been able to be intimate with each other and told her she would always have a place to be safe and loved. She insisted that she had given up that right when she'd slept with Nick, but Ridge told her there wasn't anything they couldn't overcome.

Jackie was glowing when she went home to Massimo. She was ecstatic about the fact that Brooke was showing in her pregnancy. Massimo was worried about Ridge. He was also saddened by the examples he'd been setting in the family lately. He apologized to Jackie for treating her like a bird in a cage. He gave her a key to symbolize her release. He promised not to let his jealousy rule him again.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Ridge caught Brooke off guard and gave her a passionate kiss. She remained strong, pushed him away, and maintained that they could not give in to their passion. Brooke explained that the retreat had helped her realize her mistakes and how to prevent them from happening again. She was determined to raise her children with integrity and respect. Brooke reminded Ridge that his brother's child was growing inside her, and they had to accept what had happened and move on.

Samantha got Nick to admit how excited he was about becoming a father. She agreed to help Nick redecorate Massimo's penthouse. He said that he would be there for the baby and Brooke whenever they needed him.

Massimo told Jackie that he understood how lonely she has been lately and that he would make more time for her. Massimo revealed that Eric had paid him a visit the night before and had made him realize that his jealousy would tear Jackie and him apart. From then on, Massimo was going to concentrate on his family.

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

by Anna

Massimo announced to Nick, Oscar, and Jackie at breakfast that he no longer planned to take revenge on Eric and just wanted to focus on his marriage. Nick felt that Ridge should have been at breakfast to hear what Massimo had to say. Jackie told Nick that Brooke's future was with him and not Ridge. Massimo promised to be there for Nick, Brooke, and the baby.

Jackie headed over to Brooke's office, where she overheard Ridge tell Brooke that he would step down from Logan Designs. After Ridge left, Jackie offered Brooke some support and invited her over for a family dinner. Jackie explained that she just wanted Brooke to feel welcome in their home.

Sally visited Thorne and the baby. Although Sally had no sympathy for Brooke, Thorne tried to convince Sally that Brooke was a good person and that she had sacrificed a lot for the family.

Thursday, February 5, 2004

Bridget visited Brooke at her office. Brooke was apprehensive about Jackie's dinner party. She didn't want to raise their expectations about a relationship between her and Nick. Bridget told Brooke that she was very proud of her for being so selfless for her child and that she had made the right decision. Brooke was not at that place of acceptance yet and couldn't imagine her life without Ridge.

At the Marone house, Jackie saw Nick in a suit and beamed with joy. She gave Nick a classic, very expensive guitar as a gift. Nick started to strum the song he'd written for Brooke, and Jackie convinced him to sing a verse for her. Jackie was moved to tears and told Nick that he had to play the song for Brooke at the dinner party. Nick brushed her off and left to pick up Brooke.

Massimo went into Ridge's office and tried to convince him to go to the dinner that Jackie was throwing. Ridge wasn't interested and felt Massimo was asking too much. Besides, he was sure Jackie wouldn't want him there anyway. Massimo reminded Ridge that the baby would be his nephew, and Ridge responded that Jackie had been shouting it from the rooftops.

Just before going to the party, Bridget confided in Oz about Brooke's real feelings where Nick and Ridge were concerned. Nick took Brooke to the party, and Jackie made a speech in front of everyone about how happy Brooke had made Nick and how grateful she was. Brooke told Jackie that she knew Nick would be a great father, and the two women embraced.

At Ridge's office, Eric showed up to check on him. Ridge was furious with Jackie for interfering with his relationship with Brooke. Eric had to agree that Brooke should be with Nick, considering the baby. Ridge insisted it was not right and that his gut was telling him that he and Brooke were being robbed.

Friday, February 6, 2004

by Alex

At the Marones' dinner party, Jackie told Bridget that she would be very happy if both Bridget and Brooke were to marry into the Marone family. Bridget avoided her eyes and simply smiled, aware that her mother was nowhere near over Ridge. At the dinner table, Jackie said grace, thankful for her family and especially the special baby that Brooke was carrying. Just as it was Nick that drew her and Massimo together, it would be the new child that drew Brooke and Nick together. Brooke was fidgety and uncomfortable.

Jackie noticed that Massimo was quiet and asked if he was all right. He commented that for all his success and wealth, it was his newfound family that had finally given him happiness. Massimo turned to Brooke and acknowledged that they'd had their differences, but he was thankful to her for not turning the family upside down by pitting brother against brother. Brooke said there was a hole in her heart that could not be filled, but she had found her strength.

Brooke excused herself to get some air on the terrace, and Nick joined her. He apologized if she was feeling pressured by his mother's enthusiasm, but Brooke was delighted that her child would have so much love and support. She thanked Nick for being so understanding about what she was going through. He told her again how happy he was. He explained that he saw things differently, and the way his life had changed in the past year had made him start to believe in miracles.

Nick felt guilty about being so happy about the baby, but at the same time, he felt that it would be a crime not to. The two embraced. Jackie spotted them through the window and told Massimo that Nick was finally going to get the family and happiness he had needed for so long.

Eric went to see Ridge at Marone Industries. Ridge told him he was quitting Logan Designs until he could sort things out. He'd decided to work at Marone Industries full-time. Eric told Ridge that he was an artist and should be designing. Eric wanted Ridge to return to work at Forrester Creations. He then told Ridge about his bout of designer's block and that his biggest collection was not going well.

Later, Ridge went to Logan Designs to clear out his things. Clarke was disappointed that he was quitting but understood why. Ridge told Clarke that he just couldn't seem to give up on Brooke and the bond that was between them. She should be with him, having his baby. When Clarke left, Ridge flashed back to recent memories of him and Brooke. He took his box of belongings, turned out the light, and left.

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