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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 16, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, February 16, 2004

by Alex

Thomas continues to try to persuade Nick that letting Ridge adopt the baby would be the best thing for everyone involved. Nick explains that he has a responsibility to his son and he's not going to turn his back on him for anyone. Nick respects Thomas for trying to protect his family, but no one will ever take his son away from him, and no one will be the baby's father except Nick.

Bridget comes to see Brooke to see how she is doing. Brooke is reeling from having just signed the papers, but tells Bridget that she can't leave yet because she's waiting for Dr. Paxton to arrive. Nick shows up briefly to tell her that he heard about the annulment papers from Thomas and that if she ever needs to talk, night or day, he will be there for her.

Caitlin comes back to see Jackie because there was one sketch that she had forgotten to leave for her. Jackie is distraught and tells Caitlin that her son may not be the father of the baby after all. And if that is true, it will devastate him. Caitlin suggests that they could try for another baby, but Jackie explains that if the mother finds out that the baby is not Nick's, there will not be another chance.

Ridge finds out that Thomas took the car out by himself and went to see Brooke and Nick. Ridge tells him that it's not his responsibility to fix the problem. It's noble of Thomas to try, but he can't role back time. Thomas still thinks that the right thing for Nick to do is to give up the baby for the better good. They could have their family back if Nick could just do this one little thing, but Ridge tells him that Nick doesn't see it as a little thing.

At Brooke's office the phone rings and it's Jackie calling. Brooke says she thought it would be Dr. Paxton and Jackie realizes that Brooke doesn't know yet. Brooke's other line rings and she is given some kind of shocking news regarding Dr. Paxton. When she returns to the call with Jackie, she says that she can't believe the news. Jackie obviously thinks that Dr. Paxton has told Brooke about the paternity mix up.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

In her office, Brooke told Jackie that she was upset because Dr. Paxton had been killed in a car accident on her way over to see her. Jackie realized that Brooke did not know that there may have been a problem with the paternity test. After she finished her conversation with Brooke, Jackie realized how upset Nick would be to realize he may not be the father of Brooke's baby.

Brooke went to Ridge's to inform him of Dr. Paxton's death. Brooke did not know why Dr. Paxton had wanted to speak with her. Brooke did know that her baby's health was fine. Ridge was relieved to know that Brooke's baby is okay. Thomas revealed to Brooke how upset he was over her and Ridge's breakup because they all had been a family together. Thomas told Brooke that if he could not have his mother back, then he wanted Brooke for a mother that Taylor would be very proud of him.

Meanwhile, Nick was thrilled by the crib that Samantha designed for his baby. She also designed other baby items all with the nautical theme. Jackie arrived with the intention of informing Nick that there was a problem with the paternity test, which means he may not be the father of Brooke's baby.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

by Anna

Ridge dozes off to sleep on the couch dreaming of the good times he's had with Brooke. Steffy wakes her father up, after finding Brooke's scarf, and asks if Brooke had been there. Steffy admits to missing Brooke. She looks at Ridge and Brooke's wedding picture and asks her father to tell her about that day. Ridge explains how they dressed in traditional clothing, and that it was the best day of his life. Steffy apologizes if she has made Ridge sad; but Ridge tells her it's okay. He likes remembering his time with Brooke.

At the Insomnia, Thomas talks with Caitlin. Thomas tells her how upset he is that Nick has taken his family away from him. He tells her about Brooke and Ridge and the baby. As Caitlin's dad arrives to pick her up, Caitlin asks Thomas not to let on that she works at Forrester. She explains that her dad doesn't know and she doesn't want him to find out.

At Nick's penthouse, Jackie is about to tell Nick about the botched paternity test when Brooke arrives. Brooke is visibly shaken and Jackie assumes that Brooke has found out why Dr. Paxton was coming to see her. Brooke then begins talking about the car accident. Jackie explains to them that there is something Brooke and Nick need to know. Just then, Jackie's phone rings and she steps out of the room to take the call. When she finishes with the call, she watches from the doorway while Nick tells Brooke about his dedication to his son. Jackie excuses herself and leaves Nick alone with Brooke. On the way out, she tells herself that it can wait till morning.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

by Alex

Stephanie comes to Brooke's house to see how she's doing. Stephanie urges her to keep her resolve and then tells her the maybe she and Ridge are just not meant to be together at this moment. Brooke remembers that the nun at the retreat said the same thing. Before leaving Stephanie tells Brooke that she and Eric have reconciled and Brooke congratulates her.

Caitlin shows up at Jackie's hoping to get her order from the Forrester line. Caitlin says that she knows that the doctor that was here the last time she was is dead and wants to know if she ever got the chance to tell the mother of Jackie's son's child that there was a question in the paternity. Jackie tells her no, that the doctor had not had a chance to talk to Brooke. Caitlin clues in that the mother of the child is Brooke Logan, the woman that is married to Ridge Forrester. Jackie tries to explain just how important the baby is to Nick's happiness. Caitlin insists that it's not right to keep this information from the people involved and Jackie agrees.

Ridge shows up at Nick's boat while Nick is baby proofing the place. He tells Nick to that he had no business taking to Thomas or any of his kids after what he's taken from their family. Nick comments that Thomas is a great kid and that he hopes that his son is as great. Ridge is disgusted and accuses Nick of taking advantage of Brooke when she was distraught and desperate, essentially raping her, and then trying to romanticize it into some kind of fairy tale. Their argument turns to shouting as Brooke arrives and begs them to stop. Ridge says he will as soon as Brooke disillusions Nick of his notion that he and Brooke will be a happy family. Brooke says that Nick knows that. Ridge continues to insult Nick and turns to Brooke telling her she should give Nick his two weekends a month with the baby and to hell with him. It's bad enough that what he's already done to Brooke, but now he has the nerve to try to court her and sing her songs. Nick explodes that Ridge has overstayed his welcome and tells him to get off of his boat. Brooke pleads with Ridge to leave before it gets ugly so he does it for her. Brooke then turns to Nick with an evil eye. She's furious with him for engaging Ridge. It's too soon for everyone to expect either she or Ridge to be over the end of their marriage. They love each other and want to be together but they push each other away because everyone tells them they should. If Ridge wants to come over and vent then let him. She runs up the stairs of the boat, trips and is left on the deck writhing in pain.

Friday, FEBRUARY 20, 2004

by Alex

Nick picks Brooke up off the deck and insists that she go to the hospital to get checked out. At the hospital, a doctor listens to the baby's heartbeat, which is not as strong as he would like it to be, and decides to do an ultrasound.

Jackie goes to Massimo's office but can't have lunch with him because she must find Nick immediately. Massimo can't understand why it can't wait but before Jackie can explain, her cell phone rings. It's Nick telling her what happened and that he and Brooke are at the hospital. Despite Nick's protests, Jackie tells Nick that she and Massimo are coming to the hospital.

Caitlin sees Thomas at Insomnia and flashes back to her conversation with Jackie. She decides, however, that she shouldn't get Thomas' hopes up about the baby's paternity until she knows something for sure. Thomas can tell that she is in a good mood but when she won't tell him why, he pesters her for information. Caitlin asks how Ridge is doing. Thomas tells her that his dad is devastated that the baby he wanted more than anything turned out not to be his. He tells her about his relationship with Brooke and how she never pushed him. She just left the door open until he was ready to walk through it. Again he wishes that there were some way to have his family back. She hints that he shouldn't give up hope. Ridge, Steffy, and Phoebe show up at Insomnia to pick up Thomas for a sailing trip. They meet Caitlin and the girls tease Thomas about his new "girlfriend." Ridge laughs and assures Caitlin that they are actually a very close and loving family. Caitlin says that Thomas has told her all kinds of stories, including the time the kids proposed to Brooke. Ridge agrees that they were a happy family and Caitlin says that they might be again. Ridge is taken aback.

Jackie and Massimo barge in as Brooke's ultrasound is about to begin. Brooke says that they can stay, but she wants Massimo to call and tell Ridge that she is fine, just in case he hears that she is in the hospital. Jackie protests a little, but Massimo goes to call. Jackie stays behind and watches as Brooke and Nick bond over their son. The doctor tells them that the baby is perfectly fine. Nick is so awed by the image on the monitor that he begins talking to the baby on the screen. He tells the child all the things that they will do together and Jackie watches, crushed that she has to take her son's happiness from him.

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