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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 1, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, March 1, 2004

Ridge and Taylor hug. Ridge assumes Taylor knows about the shambles that his life is in and wants to know whether she is there to reassure him or prepare him for the worst. Taylor tries to convince Ridge that Brooke is succeeding in doing the right thing and that Ridge needs to have faith that everything will work out the way it should. Taylor has seen Brooke's heart and she has changed. She's glad that Brooke could comfort Ridge if she couldn't. Ridge worries that the kids have suffered without a mother but Taylor says the kids have all they need in Ridge. Taylor takes Ridge upstairs and they going into Thomas' room, then Phoebe and Steffy's room, watching them sleep. Ridge asks about Brooke's baby and Taylor tells him he should have more faith there too. Ridge is confused; is Taylor telling him he shouldn't give up on Brooke, or is she telling him that he should accept the way things are. Taylor responds that things are not as they seem. She tells him he will find contentment from the most unexpected places. Ridge thinks she's referring to another woman, but he insists that he's only loved 3 women in his life and there is no one else out there for him. They kiss and Taylor leaves.

Jackie is drinking in her evening gown and tells Massimo that she couldn't sleep when he comes down looking for her. Jackie is looking through old photo albums of Ridge and Taylor's wedding. Massimo is worried because earlier when Ridge and Nick were arguing, it sounded like Jackie thought that just because Ridge had a family with Taylor, that now it's Nick's turn with Brooke. It's not about turns. Things don't work that way and he wants both his son's to be happy. Massimo goes back up to bed but Jackie continues to drink and starts speaking out loud. Saying that she doesn't need any more tests to prove that the baby is Nick's because there is no doubt in her mind. Suddenly, Oz is in the doorway and she's worried that he might have heard what she said. He asks if she's all right and why she's drinking alone. Jackie smiles and says that she's celebrating because she saw her grandchild's picture today and he looks just like his daddy. Oz asks if she means Nick and she angrily replies, "Who else?!." Oz has an amused but knowing look on his face. Jackie says that she wouldn't trade being a grandmother for anything and that she'd make a pact with the Devil before letting Nick give up the baby. Oz points out that if Nick is happy, then why is she downstairs getting sloshed. Jackie says that she and Massimo just see certain things differently. Oz asks if she means who is going to raise Massimo's grandchild. Jackie is irritated, saying that she's said that she felt bad for Ridge repeatedly and if he would only back off and let things happen the way she...oops. I mean the way it should. Busted? Not sure really, Oz goes up to bed without letting on.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Even though it was late at night, after Taylor's visit, Brooke went to see Ridge. Brooke and Ridge revealed to one another that Taylor had appeared to them. Brooke was happy that Taylor said that she is proud of Brooke. Brooke no longer questioned her decision to leave Ridge, even thought she will always love him. Brooke told Ridge that she has learned to do the right thing, rather than act on impulse as in the past. Ridge wondered if he and Brooke would be reunited. Ridge promised Brooke that he would always love her and be nearby.

Nick told Samantha that he has a new life thanks to his unborn baby. He advised Samantha to go with her feelings. Samantha reminded Nick that if Ridge fell in love with her, he would no longer be a problem for Nick.

Meanwhile, Taylor appeared to a frightened, intoxicated, Jackie. When Jackie realized who Taylor was, she became defensive. Jackie denied to Taylor that she was keeping any information from Nick, Brooke and Ridge. Taylor did her best to convince Jackie that she needs to tell Nick, Ridge and Brooke the truth about the paternity test. Taylor warned Jackie that if she continued to be dishonest about the paternity test, she would regret it for the rest of her life.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004


While Ozzie and Hudson eat breakfast, Jackie stumbles in wearing her robe, needing coffee. She admits to being tired from being awake all night. She tells herself it was all a dream.

At Forrester, Deacon, Sally and Amber prepare for the trial showing of their designs. Eric and Stephanie enter and take a seat. Sally assures them that the designs will be like none they've ever seen. After the showing, Eric bursts their bubble by telling them that the designs have gone too far and he will not produce them. Deacon explodes, telling Eric that it's not the designs that are the problem. Deacon is sure that Eric has a problem with him. Deacon quits and storms out. Sally and Amber follow him, trying to calm him down. Sally tells him not to ignore the opinions of Eric, but Deacon doesn't want to be under Eric's thumb.

At Forrester, Thomas runs into Caitlin. She thanks him for telling her about his mom. Thomas thanks her for understanding. Thomas tells her that his dad seemed to be in a better mood this morning. He hopes it will last, but admits Ridge is not happy without Brooke. Thomas leaves and Caitlin sees Jackie. Caitlin stops Jackie to ask about the paternity test. Jackie pulls her into Deacon's empty office to tell her that there is no need to talk about it anymore. Caitlin grills Jackie on the details of how Jackie found out that the results were not compromised after all. Jackie tells her not to worry about it, but Caitlin tells her how Thomas has been open and honest with her, and Caitlin wants to be just as honest with him.

Deacon heads for his office, but stops at the door when he hears voices. He listens as Jackie tells Caitlin to forget about Dr. Paxton's uncertainty with the paternity test results.

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Deacon listens in as Jackie and Caitlin rehash the paternity situation. Deacon learns that Brooke is unaware. Jackie manages to convince Caitlin that she has solid confirmation that the tests were accurate.

Caitlin's dad comes into Insomnia looking for Caitlin and is surprised that no one knows her. Thorne hears him describe Caitlin and say her name and interrupts, saying that the description matches a Caitlin that interns at Forrester. Caitlin's father says her last name is Ramirez but Thorne says that the Caitlin at Forrester goes by Caitlin Ross. Thorne is shown a picture and confirms that they are one and the same. Caitlin's father storms out.

Megan helps Thomas set a romantic lunch at Forrester for Caitlin. Caitlin is thrilled. They discuss the fact that Caitlin is still lying to her dad and she admits that she will have to tell him eventually. Thomas thinks he may be proud, but Caitlin's pretty sure that he'll make her quit. Thomas says that she definitely shouldn't tell then, because he's addicted to seeing her everyday. Caitlin feels the same way. Thomas goes to kiss her but her father bursts in and tells her they're leaving.

Deacon follows Jackie to Café Ruse and introduces himself. Jackie says with disgust that she knows who he is. Deacon comments that if she's at a bar drinking in the middle of the day, then she must have one big problem. She brags that Brooke and Nick are having a son. Deacon figures it must be nice that the test results went in her favour. But it must be hard on Brooke. There's only one man for Brooke and that is Ridge. The baby will never bring Nick and Brooke together. Deacon pushes it further by suggesting that tests could be wrong, if say, there was a computer glitch. He then grabs a newspaper and pretends to be reading an article about the lab's paternity scandal. Jackie freaks out and Deacon laughs that if Jackie wants to have private conversations in his office, she should make sure the door is locked. Finally, he threatens to tell Brooke himself if Jackie won't.

Brooke and Nick spend the day playing hooky from work. They spend the day playing in the pool with Hope. In the hot tub, Nick gives Brooke a little kiss.

Friday, March 5, 2004


Caitlin's father asks her why she would lie about her name and if she is ashamed. Caitlin begs her dad to let her continue to work at Forrester and Thomas tries his best to help her make her point. But Caitlin's dad insists that was raised to be a person of value and Thomas understands from this that he does not respect what the Forrester's do. Stephanie enters the room unaware of the tension and recognizes Hector Ramirez, but neither of them says how they know each other. Hector tells Caitlin that they are leaving immediately and she is forced to comply.

Deacon and Jackie argue about telling Brooke the truth. Jackie tries to sway Deacon by saying that Bridget would never forgive him if he caused her mother further grief. Deacon cannot be manipulated and tells Jackie that he's going to tell Brooke now. He leaves and passes Nick on the way out. Nick questions why Jackie looks as though she wants to chase Deacon out. She blows the question off, but then tells him that she can't have lunch with him because she's got something urgent to take care of.

Brooke wanders into her old office at Forrester, which is now Stephanie's office again. Stephanie and Brooke talk a little about how Brooke is hurting. Stephanie again tells her how proud she is of how Brooke is making decisions based on her child's best interest. They hug and make plans to have lunch sometime soon.

Ridge shows up a Brooke's office and finds Ric there. Ric tells Ridge that he shouldn't be there because his mother is trying to move on and his presence only makes it more difficult. Ridge won't budge and can't believe Rick would take Nick's side. Rick insists that he is only on his mother's side. When Brooke arrives, Ric goes to leave and wants Ridge to join him but Ridge refuses. Once Ric is gone, Ridge and Brooke rehash their pain and Ridge suggests that the dream of Taylor is a sign. Still Ridge feels badly for making thing harder on Brooke by not leaving her alone. They hug just as Deacon enters and tells them that he has something to tell them that they will both want to hear.

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