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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 8, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, March 8, 2004


Stephanie and Sam come back from their lunch. Sam is upset that her mother stood them up as she always does. Bridget and Eric are at the house with bad news. Poochie, Sam's dog, has died in the living room. At first Sam is in denial, but when she sees the dead dog she gets hysterical. She's sobbing like a child when she runs out. Bridget follows her to the guesthouse and makes her some tea while Stephanie calls her mother, Priscilla. Priscilla apologizes for missing lunch but says that she must leave for Hong Kong immediately. Although she is reluctant, Stephanie finally manages to convince Priscilla to delay her trip and come to see her daughter.

Thorne walks in on Thomas cleaning up after his lunch with Caitlin. Thorne explains having seen Hector Ramirez at Insomnia and telling him about Caitlin. Thomas can't believe the way Hector acted and asks Thorne if he's ever seen him like that before. Thorne says he's never met the guy before and is surprised when Thomas tells him that Stephanie definitely knew him. As though she recognized him from when he was young. Thomas questions if perhaps Hector had been a friend of Ridge's.

Caitlin is furious with her father for humiliating her in front of Thomas. Hector says that she humiliated him by lying. Caitlin demands to know what his history with the Forresters is and why he obviously hates them. Hector admits that he played soccer against Ridge back in high school and that they had quite a rivalry. He tells her that he doesn't associate with people like the Forresters and that she shouldn't either. Caitlin tries to convince her father that fashion might be her calling but that she can still do a lot of good for people in her life. He offers to help her find another internship at a different fashion house, just not Forrester. He refuses to explain further.

Jackie races in her car to get to Brooke and stop Deacon from telling her the truth. Ridge and Brooke are rude and unreceptive to Deacon when he tries to tell them that he can help them with their situation. Jackie comes barging in, as Deacon is about to spill the beans. A maintenance worker comes in right after her telling Brooke that a water pipe has broken and that there is flooding. Brooke and Ridge rush out to see the damage. Alone with Jackie, Deacon is curious about the timing of the pipe bursting and questions whether he would find a wrench in her purse if he looked. Jackie comments that if she had a wrench, Deacon wouldn't have made it out of the restaurant. Deacon tells Jackie that it's not enough to learn your lesson, that you must walk the talk and he is no longer going to lie to people he cares about. Jackie pulls out all the stops to convince Deacon to stay quiet, telling him that Massimo is very powerful and that if Deacon were to stir things up now that everything has been settled, Massimo would be very "disappointed." However, if he were to keep quite, perhaps they could help him earn the respect he craves so much. Brooke and Ridge come back even more irritated at Deacon and tell him to spit it out, whatever it is, and get out. Deacon is conflicted.

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Jackie arrived in Brooke's office just in time to stop Deacon from telling Brooke and Ridge that the paternity test needs to be re-conducted. Jackie lied that Deacon was there to ask to work for Logan Designs. Ridge and Brooke rudely told Deacon they would not consider hiring him.

Samantha's mother, Priscilla, arrived at Stephanie's request. Priscilla minimized Samantha's grief over the loss of her dog. Samantha was not thrilled to see her mother. Samantha and her mother argued over the past. Sam told her mother that she would never forget the past.

Later Deacon told Jackie that he is not sure that he wants to keep "their secret." She advised him that if he told Ridge and Brooke about the paternity test, he would only upset them when they learn the baby is Nick's. Jackie told Deacon that he would be compensated well for keeping quiet. Deacon taunted Jackie and told her that it would be a god deal for him, but not so good for Ridge and Brooke.

Later in Brooke's office, Ridge told Brooke that he cannot stay away from her because it feels wrong. He poured out his heart that he hurts to be around her, but hurts when he is away from her. Ridge suggested that they go away together to sort things out. Brooke nixed his idea. She told Ridge that she did not want to "cross that line." Ridge left unwillingly at Brooke's request. After Ridge left, Brooke broke down and sobbed.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Priscilla hisses to Samantha that this is not the time to discuss this. When Stephanie and Eric enter the room, they all go to the dining room. During the meal, while Priscilla rattles on about her life, Samantha is quiet. Stephanie asks Samantha if she is all right, but Priscilla interrupts to say that Samantha is fine. Priscilla offers to get Samantha a new dog, but Samantha accuses Priscilla of trying to replace Poochy. Samantha tells them all how the pain of losing her own baby girl years ago has come flooding back. Stephanie comforts Samantha while Samantha shouts at her mother. "You drug me off to New York so no one would find out. You imprisoned me in that townhouse and pretended everything was fine." Samantha remembers that day at the clinic when her baby was taken by c-section while Samantha was under anesthesia. When Samantha awoke, the baby was gone. Samantha was told that the baby was stillborn, and wasn't able to say good-bye to her. Priscilla reminds Samantha that she couldn't have become the successful woman she is today if she had been raising a baby. Samantha informs her that she still has an empty place in her heart. Samantha turns to Stephanie and cries.

Rick goes to see Nick in his office. He tells Nick that he supports a relationship between Brooke and Nick. Nick tells Rick that he is not going to pressure Brooke, but Rick insists that Brooke needs someone to love her. He tells Nick that it's time to make a move. After Rick leaves, Nick makes a call on the phone to set up a surprise for Brooke.

Thomas goes to see Hector at the fire station. He tells Hector that he's making a big mistake by making Caitlin quit her internship at Forrester. Hector insists that he made it clear to his daughter why she couldn't work there anymore, but Thomas tells him that they both still don't understand. While Caitlin watches the two from the doorway of the fire station, Hector tells Thomas that he wants to protect her. Hector guesses that Thomas is crazy about Caitlin, but he is too.

Thursday, March 11, 2004


Sam is having a nightmare in the guesthouse when her mother shows up to tell her that she's leaving for the airport. Priscilla is angry at Sam for telling the Forresters about their family secret. Sam is disgusted with her mother for caring only about her own precious reputation. Priscilla claims that she only wanted to put it behind them because it was so difficult for Sam to get past the depression of it in the first place. Sam suggests that if they had taken her to a hospital rather than the clinic, the baby may have survived. Priscilla counters that one didn't take a girl of standing in her condition to a fancy hospital in those days. Sam asks her mother to leave and she does.

Eric and Stephanie wait for Amber and Sally in Eric's office and discuss how cold and unfeeling Priscilla was with Sam. Ric comes to the meeting also. Amber and Sally arrive and explain that they are through trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole. They hand over the keys to the office and quit. Stephanie, Eric and Ric all try to convince them to stay, but neither Sally nor Amber wish to be burdens on them any longer. Ric offers them severance, but Amber insists that she's taken enough from the Forresters already. There are a few tears and hugs before both women depart.

Nick cleans to Shady Marlin until it's spotless. All the while, he hears Ric's advice in his head telling him to make his move with Brooke. Jackie comes to the boat at Nick's request and he asks her to arrange to have Marta take care of Hope for the evening so that he and Brooke can spend some time together. Brooke arrives just as Jackie is leaving. Brooke is reluctant when Nick suggests a sail, but Nick tells her that she must move on or people are going to continue to get hurt. For the sake of their son, she needs to give them a chance. He mentions that Ric agrees and thinks that he is good for Brooke. Nick begs Brooke to just let it happen.

Friday, March 12, 2004


On the Shady Marlin, Nick continues to try to spark an interest in Brooke about the possibility of a future for the two of them. He's convinced that if they sail back to the island they had been marooned on before, they can find that chemistry again. Brooke isn't convinced that she can be swept away by a boat trip and reminds Nick that their time on that island was long ago. Nick smothers her with more of his endless sailing metaphors until she agrees to go with him just to get him to stop talking.

In Massimo's office, Jackie tells Massimo about Nick's plans for he and Brooke. Massimo says that he desperately wants some normalcy in his family. Ridge tempts Brooke every time they are in the same room. On top of that, Nick and Ridge can't even be in the same room together. Massimo is determined to talk some sense into Ridge and he heads over to his office. Deacon is waiting behind a newspaper in the lobby outside Massimo's office and he goes in to talk to Jackie once Massimo is gone. Deacon worries Jackie when he tells her that the guilt is getting to him. Jackie again says that she knows that the baby is Nick's so the whole thing is pointless. Deacon tells her that if that were true then Jackie wouldn't be so determined to keep it all a secret. She flat out asks him what it is that he wants in exchange for keeping the secret. He tells her that he wants an opportunity to prove himself and if she can't make it happen he'll tell Brooke everything.

In Ridge's office, Massimo tries to convince Ridge that he is tearing the family apart and that he needs to let Brooke go. Ridge is furious and says that it's not going to happen if it involves Nick sailing off into the sunset with his wife. Massimo corrects him by saying "ex-wife."

Amber is looking over old photos of her and Ric when he shows up at her door. He tells her that he still cares about her and knows that this must all be very hard for her. Amber tries to put on a brave face but doesn't do it well. She apologizes to Ric for hurting him. She tells him that she came to L.A. to make a better life for herself and now she has no life and no friends. Ric tells her that she's grown up a lot and learned from her mistakes. But Amber feels that it's too little to late. They embrace and Ric leaves. Later, while Amber sleeps on the couch with the photo album on her lap, she knocks a burning candle over and her place begins to burn.

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