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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 15, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, March 15, 2004


Nick and Brooke enjoy their sail; then take a dingy over to the island. Nick has brought food, blankets, and his guitar. At Brooke's request, Nick sings her the song he wrote for her. Brooke joins in and they sing together. Later Nick hands Brooke a shell, which contains an engagement ring.

Ridge comes to the guesthouse to see Sam after his mother tells him that she is upset over the loss of her dog. Sam is very happy to see Ridge. He is a little surprised that she is so upset about Poochie, but tries to be understanding. Sam mentions that her mother was in town and has left, furious with her for divulging a family secret. She tells Ridge that, like him, she knows what it's like to have a child ripped away from her. Ridge still thinks she's talking about the dog until she explains that the real reason that she left L.A. when she was a teenager is because she was pregnant and her mother couldn't deal with the embarrassment of it all. Sam cries on Ridge's shoulder as he consoles her.

Smelling the smoke coming from Amber's apartment, a neighbor bangs on the door awakening her. Amber throws water at the fire, hitting the stereo, blowing the fire up further. The neighbor tells her to call 911 while he alerts the rest of the building. Amber makes the call and is about to leave the apartment when she remembers the photo album and goes back in. As she is reaching for the album, a small blast blows her back and unconscious on the floor. A burning easel falls over closing the door and trapping her. Outside, the neighbor tells a fireman that he can't see Amber anywhere and explains what apartment she's in. The fireman knocks down Amber's door.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

On the island, Nick proposed marriage to Brooke. He admitted to Brooke that he did not expect her to accept his proposal. Nick hoped that Brooke would eventually say yes to his proposal.

Rick told Thomas that Brooke's baby will need a stable life with two parents. Rick advised Thomas that Nick is good for Brooke, not Ridge. Rick revealed that even though he and Amber are divorced, he still cares what happens to her.

Meanwhile, while unconscious, Amber was pulled from the fire in her apartment by Hector. Hector was able to revive Amber.

At Marone Industries, Ridge overheard Jackie speak with Marta on the telephone. Ridge heard Jackie tell Marta that Nick and Brooke might not make it home from the island that night. Jackie was hopeful that this night would be the most romantic evening for Nick and Brooke. When she finished speaking to Marta, Jackie denied to Ridge that she would do "anything" so that Nick and Brooke would be together. Ridge accused Jackie of manipulating the situation. Ridge told Jackie that he sensed that she is compromising every principle in her book just for Nick and Brooke to be together. Massimo arrived and stopped Ridge's lambasting of Jackie. Later, Massimo told Jackie that she has done no wrong.

Back on the island, Nick made an analogy of the diamond ring. He called the ring the North Star, which would put him and Brooke on the correct course. Therefore, the correct course would be for the two of them to get married. Back in LA, Ridge was also watching the North Star.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Hector checks on Amber at the hospital. She doesn't know who he is. He explains that she was in a fire and inhaled too much smoke. She recalls being awakened by her neighbor, but then going back to save her wedding picture. After Amber is shaken by the fact that she could have been killed, Hector reminds her that she is still alive and can be thankful. Amber is upset, telling him that her whole life was in that apartment. She has nothing now. Hector insists that the most important thing was that her life was saved. Hector admits that he was the one who pulled her to safety. Amber thanks him, but then asks him to leave. When Hector tells her that she will need support from her family, Amber tells him that she has no family, and that her life has been a failure. Hector tells Amber that he will stay with her, and she can start over. He insists that she is not a failure.

In Massimo's office, Deacon asks Jackie if she has thought about his proposal to get him a job with Massimo. Jackie insists that Massimo doesn't like Deacon, making it an uphill battle. Deacon tells Jackie that she had better make sure Massimo hires him if she wants to keep her secret. Massimo enters and asks Deacon what he is doing there. Jackie asks Massimo to hear Deacon out. Deacon asks Massimo for a job, but when Massimo refuses, Deacon leaves. Jackie follows Deacon out to the elevator. Deacon tells Jackie that he won't beg from Massimo and he won't keep secrets from Brooke, a woman he once cared about.

Thomas comes to see Caitlin at her apartment. Thomas is excited to tell Caitlin that he talked to her dad about her coming back to work at Forrester. Caitlin tells him that her dad is still against her working there. Paul, a firefighter, calls to tell Caitlin that her dad saved a girl in a fire today and that he might be late getting home. Caitlin explains to Thomas that her dad's job is more than just pulling people out of fires. Hector also helps people cope after the fire. Caitlin is sure that the reason her dad refuses to let her work at Forrester is because he is reacting to something that must have hurt him in the past, but she is unsure of what that might be. Thomas hopes he can spend some more time getting to know Caitlin's father.

Deacon goes to see Brooke. She is out of her office, but Clarke is there. He tells Deacon that Brooke is on her way back to her office, but she wouldn't be interested in anything that Deacon has to say. After Clarke leaves, Jackie catches up with Deacon and begs him not to tell Brooke. Deacon, angry, tells her that he poured his heart out to Massimo and it didn't get him anything. He insists that Brooke deserves to know that Ridge may be the father of her baby.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

The entire CBS daytime lineup will be pre-empted on Thursday, March 18th and Friday, March 19th for coverage of NCAA basketball. These pre-emptions were planned for and there will be no lost episodes.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, March 22nd.

Friday, March 19, 2004

The entire CBS daytime lineup will be pre-empted on Thursday, March 18th and Friday, March 19th for coverage of NCAA basketball. These pre-emptions were planned for and there will be no lost episodes.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, March 22nd.

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