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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 29, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, March 29, 2004

Brooke tells Nick that things are moving too fast and that she can't marry him. Nick tries to be understanding and says when she is ready he will be there for her.

Jackie confides in Deacon, who promises to keep her secret. Jackie feels flustered by the spark between her and Deacon. When Jackie returns home later, Nick reveals that Brooke turned down his proposal.

Hector questions Caitlin about her relationship with Thomas. They are interrupted by Amber who comes to thank Hector for making her realize that her life is worth living despite her terrible loss with the fire.


At Chuck's Bar, Nick told Jackie that she was worried about him and the situation with Brooke. Nick informed Jackie that he was at Chuck's simply to play a new song that he wrote for Brooke. Nick called Brooke while she was with Massimo. Nick convinced Brooke to join him at Chuck's.

Meanwhile, at Logan Designs, Massimo told Brooke that she should leave town for a while. He advised her that Ridge's outburst at the board meeting was quite a disruption. Massimo advised that Brooke marrying Nick would be the only thing that could provide closure to Ridge for her and Ridge's relationship.

At home, Caitlin and her father argued about her relationship with Thomas. Hector refused to tell Caitlin why he does not want her to work at Forrester Creations or associate with the Forrester family.

Thomas informed Samantha and Clark that Caitlin's father had forbid her to work at Forrester Creations or associate with the Forrester family. Samantha decided in that case that she should offer Caitlin a job a Logan Designs. Thomas was ecstatic that Samantha had come up with such a good idea. When Caitlin arrived at Logan Designs, she was thrilled to meet Clark because she was familiar with his designs. Later, Samantha offered Caitlin a job at Logan Designs.

Brooke arrived at Chuck's Bar. Nick surprised Brooke by telling her that he was about to perform a song that he had wrote for her.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Nick sings to Brooke at Chuck's Bar. Deacon watches Brooke from across the room as she enjoys the music. When Nick is finished, Brooke tells him that she loved the song. She had come from the office feeling tense and distracted and the song made her feel better. Nick pulls Brooke to him and kisses her. She is left speechless. Nick goes to help load up the band's equipment. Deacon comes over to Brooke and sits down. She tells him to go away, but he stays. Deacon urges her to accept Nick's proposal.

In Samantha's office, Samantha assures Caitlin that she really wants Caitlin to work for Logan. After Samantha leaves, Caitlin thanks Thomas for helping her to get the internship. She is worried about what she will tell her dad. She doesn't want to lie to him.

Amber takes Hector to the Oasis for coffee before she heads out apartment hunting. Hector offers to let her stay with him a little longer. He tells Amber how Caitlin is hanging around with some rich people who put a lot of emphasis on who you are and where you came from. He explains that Caitlin is spending time with a boy who has always been given everything and has never had to work for anything in his life. Hector admits that he once got pulled into that world. He tells Amber of a girl that he loved who was from a rich family. He thought she loved him too, but she left him. Now he hopes he never has to see her again. Samantha enters the Oasis and looks around, seeing Amber sitting with Hector.

Thursday, April 1, 2004


Amber advises Hector to let his anger at the girl who broke his heart go because it is affecting his relationship with his daughter. When Amber goes to check out the dessert tray, Sam approaches her to ask how she is doing after the fire. Amber explains that she was saved by a fireman. Hector comes up behind Sam and she drops her glass in shock when she turns to see him. Hector is cold and rude. Sam is surprised at his reaction to her and can't understand why they can't talk to each other. Hector blows up at her, telling her to leave "them" alone. Samantha runs out crying. Back at Hector's house, Amber is furious at Hector for making her look bad by treating Sam so rudely. She tells Hector that she and Sam work in the same business; fashion. She tells Hector her last name is Forrester and that is where she used to work. Hector asks her to leave but Amber refuses to stop pestering him about Sam. She concludes that Sam must be the rich girl that broke his heart, but she still doesn't understand why he is so upset after all these years. Hector explains that her family moved away because of him, and what they gave away, they'll never get back.

Sam cries by the fire at the guesthouse. She tries to burn an old picture of she and Hector but can't bring herself to do it.

Thomas and Ridge discuss Hector and Ridge remembers him, but doesn't recall there being any reason for Hector to hold a grudge. Ridge advises Thomas to give Hector a break and stay out of his relationship with his daughter.

Massimo is optimistic about his conversation with Brooke and Jackie is elated. Massimo wants to spend sometime with Jackie but Jackie gets a call from Deacon saying that he is right outside the gates of her place in his car and he wants her to come talk to him. Jackie reluctantly agrees and makes an excuse about work and says she'll join Massimo once she makes a few calls. A little while later Hudson tells Massimo that it appears that Jackie has taken a walk. Massimo decides to catch up to her. In the car, Deacon tells her that he saw Nick kiss Brooke at the bar and he's quite sure that Brooke will accept Nick's proposal. Deacon says he approves of Nick raising his daughter and is happy to have some part in getting the two of them together. Jackie says that it has nothing to do with them, and that Brooke and Nick are just meant to be. Deacon comments that fate has a funny way of bringing people together, and kisses Jackie. Jackie is stunned and jumps out of the car.

Friday, April 2, 2004

Brooke is unsure of whether to go to Steffy and Phoebe's birthday party but Nick convinces her it's a good idea, saying that they need to know they are still important to Brooke.

Meanwhile, Ridge, Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe try to enjoy themselves but they all miss Brooke's presence at the party.

Jackie breaks from the kiss and reminds Deacon that she is happily married to Massimo.

Later, Massimo suggests to Jackie that they throw a party cementing Brooke and Nick's relationship and their baby, in the eyes of the public.

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