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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 12, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, April 12, 2004

Eric overhears Stephanie encouraging Brooke to make a commitment to Nick. In private, Eric questions Stephanie's sincerity. When Ridge sees that Brooke is not wearing the engagement ring Nick gave to her, he asks her if she has made a decision about marrying Nick.

Darla gives Thorne a pep talk and with her by his side, Thorne asks Eric to promote him to the new president of Forrester Creations.

Jackie admits to Deacon that she feels the growing bond between the two of them.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

At Darla by his side, and Stephanie present, Thorne asked Eric to make him president of Forrester Creations. Eric was surprised by Thorne's request. Thorne gave Eric time to think over his request.

When Thorne left the office, Stephanie pointed out to Eric that Thorne wants to be as important to Forrester Creations as he is to his own family. Stephanie urged Eric to make Thorne president of Forrester Creations as he requested.

Later in Thorne's office, he thanked Darla for being present while he met with Eric. Thorne revealed to Darla that even with their relationship, a new baby and work, there was something missing from his life. Thorne gave Darla diamond earrings. Darla seemed disappointed that they were not an engagement ring. Moments later, Thorne gave Darla more jewelry; an engagement ring. Thorne praised Darla for the person and mother that she is. Thorne romantically proposed marriage to Darla.

In Nick's office, Jackie informed Nick that she and Massimo are throwing a party for Nick and Brooke. Nick demanded that she cancel plans for a party immediately.

At Marone Industries, Ridge asked Brooke if she intends to marry Nick. Ridge could not understand why she had accepted his engagement ring, but not accepted his marriage proposal yet? Brooke admitted she had hopes and dreams of her and Ridge living happily ever after, hence the hesitation. Brooke pointed out that Stephanie had said she is proud of Brooke for now putting her child first. Ridge advised Brooke not to listen to others. Ultimately, Brooke told Ridge that the voices in her head tell her that her baby belongs with his father. A few moments later, Brooke suffered a breathing attack and collapsed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Ridge calls the paramedics. Massimo, Jackie and Nick rush to Ridge's office when they get word of Brooke's collapse. The paramedic explains to them all that Brooke had an anxiety attack, but will be fine. He does add that repeated episodes could lead to problems in the pregnancy. When the paramedics leave, Nick wants to go in and see Brooke; but Ridge locks his office door keeping them all out. Nick, angered by Ridge's action, threatens to have maintenance break the door down. Massimo convinces Nick to leave Ridge alone with Brooke. In the office, Ridge tells Brooke that he will always be there for her and that he will help her make the right decision. However, Brooke tells him that it is a decision she must make herself.

Thorne and Darla go to see Sally at Logan Designs. They want her to be the first to know of their engagement. Sally is excited for them and wishes them the best.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Nick tends to Brooke's needs as she recovers from her anxiety attack. He blames Ridge as the cause of her stress. While discussing her panic attack Nick feels Brooke should start to look forward to the future like everything is a big adventure in life waiting to happen. He decides to show Brooke the invitation to the party. Brooke feels going may not be a good idea as she is not ready to face people.

Meanwhile, Massimo takes the initiative and decides that something must be done to remedy the situation. The baby's health and safety must be considered. Massimo announces he has someboy coming that could help and also is familiar with everyone and knows Brooke. James Warrick arrives and stuns everyone with his appearance. After he is caught up to date by the people there, on what is happening, they discuss Brooke's stress. James says the stress could cause a breakdown in her if not addressed. James says he will get Brooke to go upstairs where they can talk at the party and Stephanie offers to speak with Brooke to make sure she will attend.

As Stephanie and Brooke visit, Brooke tells her that Ridge was there for her again. Stephanie lets Brooke know that she has made so many good choices for her baby that the baby will thank her someday. Brooke decides to attend the party at Stephanie's urging and as Brooke gets ready, Stephanie calls Massimo to tell him that Brooke will be attending. the party after all. Stephanie silently feels that if Brooke will put on Nick's ring that night, that, that will be that.

Darla is busy showing her new engagement ring to everyone at Logan Designs when Sally announces her intent to get Spectra Fashions back. Darla says its only fair to ask the employees how they feel and in doing so, is met with the facts that they were not all that happy with the running of Logan Designs. They liked the old "KNOCK-OFF" shop better. Speaking with someone in the know they discover that Logan designs could have a possible asbestos problem. While looking back at some pictures that Darla came across, such as Ridge proposing to Brooke, Sally now feels she has found a way to reclaim her beloved company, Spectra Fashions.

Friday, April 16, 2004

The night of the big party has arrived and Jackie is doubting that all will go well. Massimo assures her that everything will succeed if everyone remains strong. The object of the intervention is to free Brooke and make it possible for Nick and Brooke to marry and raise their child together.

Stephanie and James speak of Brooke and her lifelong attraction to Ridge. Ridge was the one person who defined Brooke's life. This could possibly be disastrous if it doesn't go well. Brooke will be giving up everything she has known in her life to make this happen. Stephanie and Jackie are hoping the evening will end up with Nick's ring on Brooke's finger. Oscar makes an appearance at the party without Bridget due to tests that Bridget was studying for. He says the night should belong to Nick and Brooke anyway, as they had their night also.

As Brooke is readying herself for the party, she tells her son Rick, she still has doubts about attending this party, but, he reassures her that everything will go well and not to forget she is the guest of honor. Rick then gives her a corsage, made from an Iris, symbolizing courage and wisdom, the things she has strived for in her dilemma.

Nick picks Brooke up for the party. He presents her with a rose. He reassures her that if she is uncomfortable in any way, they will leave the party. Upon leaving, an unanswered phone is left ringing, only to bring a message from Ridge that he hopes she is getting a lot of rest and that he will call her tomorrow.

Eric has disapproved of the intervention idea plans, and has decided not to attend the party. Even after Stephanie tried to convince him that Brooke has to accept the fact that she can have a life without Ridge. Eric feels Stephanie may have ulterior motives and so they agree to disagree.

Ridge goes to Eric because he is upset and Eric informs him that something is planned for Brooke at the party she was attending, and that was why she couldn't be reached. Ridge tells Eric about the conversation between Brooke and Stephanie. He says Stephanie told Brooke that she loved her and admires her for what she is trying to do. Brooke finally feels she has won Stephanie's love and approval.

At the party Brooke and Nick socialize and Rick looks on and is pleased at the fact his Mother is having a good time. Stephanie now approaches Nick, Hope and Brooke. She whisks Brooke away but promises Nick, when Brooke returns, she will belong to him only.

The intervention is set. Upstairs, James prepares everyone, and Brooke is led to James, Massimo, Rick, Jackie and Rick by Stephanie. When James explains what is going on, Brooke tells him that her problem is her problem to solve. James explains she is suffering from separation anxiety. Her son, Rick, tells her not to be afraid, they will all be there for her. Stephanie shows her Nicks ring and explains that it symbolizes a new life, a new baby, and, the baby being raised within a family unity.

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