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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 19, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, April 19, 2004

While the party goes on downstairs, everyone upstairs is telling Brooke that she must finally put Ridge behind her. Rick tells his Mom, she has always been unhappy if she didn't have a man in her life or something going on at work. He tried as he was growing up to make her happy. He played sports, got good grades, but he couldn't make her happy. Brooke explains it wasn't his job and he agrees but she was only happy with Ridge. He tells her he doesn't want this child growing up feeling like he did. He wants her to please say yes to Nick and to marry him. Massimo tells her that what she had with Ridge is over. The baby deserves to be brought up with his father. Stephanie tells her that she thought she (Brooke) was always obsessed with Ridge and that for all those years she never believed that Brooke was in love with him. Then she finally realized how much Brooke did love Ridge when something happened to him. She (Stephanie) became upset and enraged with her again, when she slept with Nick, and, then she (Brooke) turned around and did the most unselfish thing, she gave Ridge up to prove she thought of the baby's future first and not herself. She also feels it is right for Brooke to accept Nick's proposal.

Downstairs, Nick and Oscar talk. Wondering where Brooke is, they see James come down the stairs. Jackie, speaking with Brooke says all will be fine and she and Brooke descend the stairs and mingle with the guests at the party. Stephanie tells Nick that now is the time to propose to Brooke. Massimo takes the floor and announces how proud and overwhelmed he is that they are attending the celebration, to announce a brand new addition to the family, a baby boy. Nick interrupts, stating that even though this was not planned for the evening, he has been on his knees twice before to propose to this lady, and he hopes that the third time will be a charm. He tells Brooke how much he loves her, and asks her to marry him.

As Eric and Ridge continue their conversation, Ridge tells Eric how much Brooke respects Stephanie. Eric feels Stephanie is up to something at the party and tells Ridge that because Brooke wants Stephanie's approval and love so much, that the best way to get Brooke out of Ridge's life is to pretend to be her friend. He feels Stephanie might do anything to keep the two of them from being together and he also thinks that Stephanie might be using others to do so. Ridge now feels he must do something to get Brooke away from the party. Ridge calls Stephanie, just as she was coming downstairs and wants to know where Brooke is. He feels he must stop the goings on at the party or something wrong will happen. Stephanie tells him that Brooke will be fine.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

At Massimo and Jackie's party, Nick got on his knees and proposed to Brooke. Nick told the party guests that he was uncomfortable with everyone watching. Nick re-phrased his proposal. He asked Brooke to sail away with him. Brooke accepted Nick's proposal. Rick, Massimo and Jackie congratulated Brooke and Nick. James advised Stephanie that perhaps Brooke's acceptance of Nick's proposal happened too fast.

At home, Eric told Samantha that he could not shake the feeling that Massimo and Stephanie would try to pressure Brooke into accepting Nick's marriage proposal at the party. Samantha reminded Eric that Brooke has a mind of her own.

Later, Nick and Brooke thanked the guests for attending the Nick announced that they were leaving the party to spend time alone together. Nick took Brooke and Hope to the Marone jet to destination unknown-paradise. Nick told Hope that the three of them were going to be a family.

Ridge arrived at Massimo's party. He observed Massimo, Jackie, Stephanie and James celebrating something. Ridge blasted the four for pressuring Brooke. He accused James of playing head games with Brooke. Stephanie coldly advised Ridge that Brooke had accepted Nick's proposal. Ridge accused Stephanie of pressuring Brooke. Stephanie denied pressuring Brooke. Stephanie coldly demanded that Ridge must let Brooke go.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004


At Massimo's, Ridge tells Jackie, Massimo and Stephanie how he feels. He accuses them of blind-siding Brooke and forcing her into accepting Nick's proposal. He tells Stephanie that he doesn't believe her "act" of being Brooke's friend. Stephanie admits that she is glad Brooke will finally be out of the Forrester family. Ridge angrily tells Stephanie that he doesn't want to talk to her ever again. Ridge then accuses Massimo of taking sides. He is sure that Massimo doesn't really care about Brooke; he only wants to protect the Marone dynasty. Ridge takes off his Marone ring and gives it back to Massimo.

On the plane to Hawaii, Nick puts Hope to bed. When he returns, he notices that Brooke doesn't seem very happy about the trip to Hawaii. Brooke tells him how Stephanie, Massimo, Jackie, Rick and James locked her in a bedroom and insisted she accept Nick's proposal. He tells Brooke that he won't be Brooke's second choice. He is furious that his parents put Brooke in that position. He goes to tell the pilot to turn the plane around, but Brooke stops him. Nick asks Brooke to take off the engagement ring. Brooke tells Nick that she still wants to go to Hawaii and asks Nick to take her away, just like he did on their island.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

While Jackie is overjoyed with Brooke's decision to marry Nick, she is skeptical of Stephanie's motives concerning Brooke. Stephanie declares that she is genuinely heartbroken for Ridge, but believes this is best for everyone.

Massimo sympathizes with Ridge, but reminds him to think of the children who are affected by this situation.

Later, Ridge screams in agony and throws his wedding band off the balcony, while Nick and Brooke begin their adventure together.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Deacon and Jackie chat. Jackie says she will make sure Deacon gets to spend more time with his child. She will do that because she has seen him and knows how much he cares about his child. This can now happen because Nick is with Brooke and not Ridge.

Brooke and Nick talk about Stephanie. Nick asks if Brooke thinks Stephanie's motives are innocent. Brooke says for the first time in her life, Stephanie respects and loves her.

Eric and Stephanie battle over the reasoning for wanting Brooke with Nick and out of Ridge's life. Stephanie says she did what she thought was best. Eric responds with the fact that he does not believe one word. Stephanie flies into a rage screaming that yes, she wanted Brooke out of Ridge's life, everyone's life, since she has brought only heartache to them all. She will not allow it to continue with her grandchildren also. She had to stand by and watch Brooke steal her husband away. She watched Brooke snatch away the man that she loved. Yes, she wants her out of their life. Eric, somewhat contrite, tells Stephanie that she does not condone what Steph's done and hates her motives for doing what she did, but vows to her that he will never leave her again.

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