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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 17, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, May 17, 2004

Massimo has called the police and is hoping for help in finding his wife. He is frantic. Jackie wakes up next to Deacon, having remembered they made love the night before. She tells him she was drunk and she feels guilty. What would Massimo do to the two of them if he knew. She knows that she must get home. Deacon reminds her that a call from the paternity tests should be due soon, but she is too distracted to even think of those now. She leaves Deacon's place. Jackie walks into her home and Massimo runs up to her, relieved to see her. He does however, ask her where she has been. Jackie tells Massimo she had met with Lauren Fenmore and one thing led to another, and the two of them ended up drinking more than they should have, and since she wasn't in any state to drive, Lorenzo told her to spend the night, and she did. She didn't mean to worry anyone and she feels terrible about all of this. Massimo, perturbed, finds Lorenzo's phone number and calls her. He asks if his wife really was with her. He tells her that the behavior displayed by the two of them was unworthy of those in such a high position, and after giving her the once over, Lorenzo promises that it will never happen again. Later, Jackie calls Lorenzo to thank her for going along with the alibi given to Massimo. Lorenzo only asks that the next time, to please give her the heads up. She hangs up relieved that it is all over, but then another call comes in and it is Deacon. He tells her that the results of the paternity test are on their way over and she needs to get there. She says she will make some excuse and come but it will be for the last time. Massimo opens the door to Jackie's room and looks at her solemnly.

Nick is worried about his Mother and Brooke is trying to comfort him.

Oscar phones Nick and tells him the story that Jackie told. Nick asks Brooke how the meeting at Forrester's went. She tells him that Ridge walked out on her leaving her standing alone in the office.

Amber arrives at Deacon's door. She notices the glass that held a drink. She asks him if he has fallen off the wagon. He tells her he did not and Amber questions him further. Well, whose is it? Deacon tells her it doesn't matter, because after what happened the night before, she probably won't ever see or talk to him again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

At home, Massimo questioned Jackie about how Lorenzo had recovered from her intoxication so quickly to return to Genoa City. Massimo questioned why Jackie had to attend a business meeting when the wedding planner was due to arrive shortly.

Nick and Brooke met with the wedding planner at Massimo's home. The couple had chosen Massimo's home to get married. Because Jackie had not been there for the wedding planner, Massimo felt that something was not right with Jackie. Massimo told Hudson that he feels there is something that Jackie does not want him to know about.

At Forrester Creations, Samantha told Ridge that Caitlin Ramirez is her daughter. Ridge was surprised and happy for Samantha. Samantha advised that a miracle happened to her and perhaps it could happen between him and Brooke.

Meanwhile, Jackie headed over to Deacon's house to obtain the results of the paternity test. She made it clear to Deacon that she loves her husband. She told Deacon that Massimo may have had her followed because he is suspicious of her whereabouts last evening when she did not return home. Deacon told Jackie that she had been too intoxicated to drive the evening before. Deacon explained to Jackie that when they had made love, she was a willing participant even though she was intoxicated. Deacon's friend arrived with the paternity test results. As Jackie waited out of sight, she had flashbacks of her and Deacon making love. When Deacon's friend left, Deacon informed Jackie that he had the test results, however, he wanted to make sure she was calm before he gave her the results. Jackie asked Deacon who the father of Brooke's baby is.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


At Deacon's, Jackie begs to know the results of the paternity test. Deacon refuses to tell her until they discuss what happened between them. Jackie is upset that she broke her vow to her husband.

Jackie doesn't want to talk about it, but Deacon is sure that she felt something between them. He admits that he felt it too. When he tells her that Nick is the father of Brooke's baby, she hugs him happily.

At Massimo's house, Nick can tell that something is bothering Massimo. Nick apologizes for upsetting the family with all his problems with Brooke and Ridge. Massimo tells him not to be sorry. Nick has the papers ready to change his name to Maroni. He tells Massimo that it can be official by tomorrow. Massimo's phone rings and he excuses himself to the balcony to answer it. It is Lauren Fenmore, returning his call. He tells her that he did some checking and knows that she has not left Genoa City in quite some time. Lorenzo admits that he is right. He hangs up the phone angrily.

Jackie arrives home to find Nick in the living room. She apologizes for missing the meeting with the wedding planner. Nick asks her if she is alright. She assures him that everything is fine. He leaves, headed for Brooke's house.

Ridge stops by to see Brooke. He upsets her by telling her that she is making the wrong choice. He apologizes for upsetting her, but he reminds her that he loves her and can't just turn that off. He kisses her passionately and tells her that he will find a way to get her back. He leaves. Deacon comes to the door. When Brooke opens it, he tells her that he needs to speak to her about the baby. Hope comes running to him. He hugs her and sends her up to her room. Brooke tells him that Hope and Nick get along well together. Deacon asks if he can spend more time with his daughter. Nick arrives and asks Brooke if she has spoken to Deacon about the papers. Brooke says no, and Nick tells Deacon that he would like to adopt Hope and make her a Marone Deacon is furious.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Massimo was determined to get the truth out of Jackie today about where and with who she had spent the night. He accused her of being unfaithful and lying to him as she tried to stick to her story, then changed it, then changed it again. She ended up telling him that she had a drinking problem and it had been getting worse until finally she had gotten so drunk...alone...that she had passed out in her car. She explained that when she came home to find the police and everyone so frantic about her, she had been overcome with embarrassment and lied because she was afraid to admit her drinking had become so out of control. Massimo demanded to know if she was with another man and that she had better give him the right name, saying he "would hate to kill an innocent man." She begged him to forgive her and understand her embarrassment. He asked again if she had been with any man but she replied that she had NEVER been unfaithful to Massimo and that she loved him dearly. Later, she quietly closed the door to her bedroom and called Deacon on the phone to tell him that Massimo knew she had lied about being with Lauren Fenmore. She went on to tell him that Mass was extremely suspicious and Deacon worried that Massimo would suspect him. Deacon told her not to worry and hung up but Jackie kept repeating "Don't hang up. Deacon...Deacon, are you there?" as Massimo opened the door and stood there staring at her whispering in the phone.

Eric and Stephanie were at odds over the wedding with Brooke and Nick but Eric changed the subject by telling her about the call he got from Massimo looking for Jackie. They commented on the possibility of there being trouble in Marone Paradise. While they were chatting, Lorenzo called and spoke to Eric, asking him had he seen or talked to Jackie. When he replied that he had not seen her in weeks, Lorenzo proceeded to tell him about Jackie not going home all night and how Massimo had caught Jackie in a lie when Jackie had told Mass that she had been with Lorenzo. Both Eric and Lorenzo were confused, and concerned about Jackie's whereabouts, as Stephanie looked on while they were having their phone discussion.

Brooke and Nick assured Deacon that they did not want to cut him out of Hope's life, but instead, they wanted her to have her father full time and be a part of her life just as long as Deacon promised to keep straight. Deacon balked at the idea that Brooke would let him have anything at all to do with Hope but she said Nick had changed her mind and her view about many things had changed. Nick explained to Deacon that he wanted to adopt Hope to give her the advantages of being a Marone, yet still have a life with her father. Deacon was touched as little Hope came down the stairs and showed him a picture she had drawn of herself, Deacon, Nick and Brooke. Convinced by all that Nick said, he agreed to the adoption. Nick invited Deacon over for a family get-together the next day. Deacon told him he doubted Nick's father would allow Deacon to be a part of the family but Nick said that Massimo would because Nick would tell him so. Deacon beamed and smiled, happy with the impression that Nick was a good guy.

After Deacon returned home and after hanging up the phone on Jackie, he burned the paternity test results.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Jackie calls Deacon, wishing he would not attend the ceremony today.

Sally visits Stephanie and asks her if it's true that Brooke is about to embark on yet another matrimonial trip. Stephanie says yes but all of the Forrester men are safe. Sally tells Stephanie that she should be relieved and finally have some peace of mind. Stephanie and Sally talk about Jackie and Massimo. Stephanie says that Massimo talked with Eric the other night, thinking that Jackie might be with him. She had stayed out all night and gave a rather flimsy excuse. Stephanie says that Jackie will find out how possessive and jealous Massimo can be. Sally says that Jackie has it all and it seems that isn't enough. She follows that with Jackie has the soul of a real tramp. She may not have been with Eric but Sally is willing to bet that Massimo all ready knows who it is.

Nick tells Deacon he will not keep him out of Hope's life. Nick walks to the front and asks everyone to be seated. He gives a personally warm speech about becoming a Marone. Next comes the signing of the papers for Hope. Hope is told that when Nick and Mommy marry, she will have two daddies. She will be the most loved little girl in the world. Deacon makes a toast to all and thanks Massimo for letting him into his family. Massimo tells him, "thank you" for your daughter, she is in good hands now.

Jackie and Nick have a few moments to talk. She tells Nick that she and Massimo are having a few problems and there is some tension between them. She says Massimo doesn't trust her. He believes that she was with another man. Nick tells her to take it slow and Massimo will trust her again. Just don't do anything wrong and be good.

Massimo gets a call. He asks, "What did you find out?" He then finds Deacon and asks to speak to him alone. He asks Deacon if he finds his wife attractive. Deacon is slow to answer. Massimo says that he knows he does. Massimo tells him there are certain things a man cannot allow. People who betray him pay a price. Massimo opens a box on his desk, pulls out a gun and points it at Deacon's head and says, "Prepare to die!!"

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