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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 24, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, May 24, 2004

Eric goes to visit Brooke. He apologizes for what Stephanie did but tells her that as far as he is concerned, she will always be part of the Forrester family. To prove that, he brings in a gift for her. A wedding dress that he designed and he hopes she approves. He tells her that she will always have his support, even if Stephanie turned against her.

Still pointing the gun at Deacon's head, Massimo tells him this is what happens if someone crosses him. Does he understand that? Deacon emphatically says yes. Massimo removes the gun from Deacon's head and says, now welcome to my family. Massimo asks Deacon if it's true that he would do anything to be part of his organization. Deacon responds with the fact that it is true. Massimo tells him he needs to be able to trust him. Deacon says he can. Massimo explains that he has an assignment for him, and now he must decide whether or not he wants in. Deacon says he wants in. What is the assignment? The job is this. Massimo wants him to become a close confidant of Jackie's. They are friends all ready, sort of. Deacon asks why Mass would want him to spy on his wife. Massimo knows Jackie was lying to him. She was out all night and gave the excuse of being drunk but Massimo thinks something else and he wants to know if she is seeing someone. Deacon is then to report back to him. Deacon knows not to get on Massimo's bad side, but the person that Massimo thinks Jackie is seeing, is Eric Forrester. Deacon and Massimo emerge from his den. They shake hands and Deacon leaves. Jackie asks what was going on between the two of them and Massimo replies that he had just welcomed Deacon into the family.

From his car, Deacon and Jackie talk on their cell phones. Deacon tells her that Massimo didn't believe her story the other night. Massimo is playing a game of "I Spy" with her, and he has hired someone to keep an eye on her. Jackie asks, "Who?" and Deacon replies, "Me"!!

Jackie and Nicky spend a few moments talking. He is all excited about the events of the day. He tells his Mother that since he met Brooke so much has happened to him. First, he became a Marone, then he got himself engaged to be married, he has a brand new baby son on the way and an adopted daughter. Jackie is somewhat befuddled. She can't figure out why Nicky wanted to invite Deacon to the ceremony. Nicky tells her that he will always have a part in Hope's life. She needs to get that straight right now. Nick implies that Eric must have told her all about Deacon's past, because it sure colored the facts and everyone deserves a second chance. Later Nick tells Brooke that he doesn't like the way Jackie and Massimo are getting along. Something is going on with them. Nick tells Brooke that they must always tell each other everything to keep all things out in the open, even if the other person doesn't like it. Nick tells Brooke that he is her Captain.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

At home, Massimo confided to Stephanie his worries about Jackie. Stephanie confirmed for Massimo that if Jackie is having an affair, it is not with Eric. Massimo revealed that he had hired Deacon to spy on Jackie.

At his house, Deacon told Jackie that Massimo had hired him to spy on her. Deacon explained that he had no choice but to accept the job. Furthermore, Deacon explained that if he did not take the job Massimo would have hired someone who may have discovered the truth about what happened between the two of them. Deacon explained he can protect Jackie now that he will know what Massimo is thinking. Jackie was suspicious that perhaps Massimo does know what happened between her and Deacon and is just playing a game with them. While Jackie was still there, Massimo telephoned Deacon. Deacon reported to Massimo that Jackie went shopping and later was with a handsome man at a Beverly Hills restaurant. Deacon quickly explained that the handsome man is the waiter. Deacon advised Jackie to actually have shopping bags when she arrives home. Deacon passionately kissed Jackie over her protest.

When Jackie arrived home, Massimo badgered her about what is going on with her. Jackie "confessed" to Massimo by saying that she loves him. Massimo melted and softened.

At home Brooke and Nick planned their wedding party. Nick would ask Massimo to be his best man; Brooke would ask Katie to be her matron of honor. They decided Hope would be the flower girl. Brooke admitted to Nick that she would always love Ridge. Nick said he understood. He advised Brooke that the two of them need to be completely honest with one another; otherwise their marriage would not work out. Brooke told Nick that because he has been patient and never gave up on her, she loves him.

Meanwhile, Ridge sneaked into Nick's office to search for information to use against him. While he was there, Nick walked in to answer a pager. While Ridge hid, he overheard Nick speak to a woman on the speaker phone. The woman indicated that she needed to see Nick. She requested that he meet her at his boat. Nick refused to meet her because he explained to her that it was too risky and that he had too much to lose.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Sally calls Darla, Thorne and Clarke into her office for an emergency meeting. After they all rush in, she announces that she has offered to buy Logan Designs from Massimo for the same amount that he paid her for Spectra. She is sure that he will agree to it, as Logan Designs sales have been low ever since Ridge left. Over the P.A. system, she tells all the employees to meet outside her office for an important announcement.

Meanwhile, Massimo goes to see Brooke and asks what she thinks of selling Logan Designs back to Sally. After Brooke agrees to the sale, Massimo calls Sally and tells her that he will be right over. When he arrives, he pushes through all the people in the hall to tell Sally that he is accepting her offer.

Samantha and Caitlin sit in Caitlin's room looking at old pictures and memorabilia. Caitlin asks Samantha if she can call Samantha "mom," and of course Samantha says yes. Caitlin then asks about Samantha's relationship with Hector. As Hector stands in the door way listening, Samantha hesitates to tell Caitlin much about her feelings for Hector. Caitlin tells her that she wants Samantha to live with them. Hector enters and tells them that it is a great idea.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

At the Forresters', Samantha told Stephanie and Eric how grateful she was that they invited her to live there. She told them that if they had not, she would have gone back to New York and never met her daughter. She then told them that Hector and Caitlin asked her to move in with them, which Eric thought was wonderful but Stephanie asked if Sam was really ready for that. Sam explained that there was a lot of catching up to do and and that the reason for Stephanie and Eric watching the kids for them was the reason why she wanted to let nature take it's course and told them she didn't want to worry about anything. A knock on the door signified that Hector, Caitlin and Jimmy had arrived. After sharing pleasantries, and with Caitlin running into Sam's arms and saying, "Hi Mom!", Hector walked over to Sam took her hands and kissed her cheek, commenting on how good it was to see her. Thomas and the girls came downstairs and were introduced to Hector's son. Stephanie and Eric are talked to Sam and Hector about how amazing their story is. Eric told Hector that he's a lucky man. Hector agreed. Hector thanked them for inviting them all over. Eric and Stephanie told him that Sam is family, which meant that he's family too. They joke around a bit, and then Sam said she did not realize there would be such a houseful. Stephanie told her it was just like old times. Jimmy told Stephanie that she has a "phat crib." Stephanie told him he "ain't seen nothin' yet" and suggests Thomas take them all down to the pool. Eric told Hector and Sam not to worry about them, they'll keep a close eye out. Stephanie takes Sam to the side and gives her a bag. Sam says "Please don't tell me this is lingerie!" Stephanie told her it was, and they both laughed. Then Sam left to make sure everything at the guest house was "just right." Eric and Hector had a drink and discussed the travails of raising a teenage daughter. Suddenly Hector asked where Samantha was and Stephanie told him she was in the guest house waiting for him, and pushed him in that direction. As Stephanie and Eric head for another part of the house, Caitlin and Thomas walk in. Caitlin surmised that Thomas wanted to get her alone. Thomas said he wanted to see how she was doing. Thomas asked her if it was too much finding out that Samantha was her mother. Caitlin says it was what she's always wanted. Thomas says it would be understandable if she was freaking out. Caitlin just doesn't want to mess anything up, and told Thomas about inviting Sam to move in. Thomas was surprised and asked how she reacted. Caitlin said Sam was thinking about it. She said they hadn't seen each other in years and they would have to get to know each other again. Thomas said that's what tonight was about. They didn't tell Hector about it, they wanted it to be a surprise. Thomas says he's gonna be surprised alright!

Hector arrived at the guest house to find the door ajar. He pushed it open calling out to Samantha. He walked in and found candles and champagne waiting for him. He called her name and she walked into the room in a sexy black dress. "I'm right here." She said softly. Hector had a really big smile on his face.

Jimmy and the girls walked back in and found Thomas and Caitlin. Thomas said he kept getting his guides mixed up and the girls joked around playing name games with him. Jimmy asked where his dad was, and they told him he was down at the guest house with Sam. Jimmy rolled his eyes and anticipated romance for his dad. Caitlin told him it was just a dinner. James said "Yea, but if it goes well...." And began rubbing his hands together in laughter. "It will," says Caitlin. "It has to."

Eric and Stephanie shared a drink and a quiet moment in the moonlight. "Hector seems like a nice man," said Eric. Stephanie said he is....and he's still crazy about her after all this time. Eric said that Samantha deserved to have something good happen in her life. Stephanie said life was so strange sometimes. "Some people have all the luck, some people don't have any" and then commented on how lucky they were to have found each other again.

"You look stunning!" said Hector. He was wowed by all the trouble she went to. She said she felt they needed a little time by themselves. Hector realized they weren't going to have dinner with Stephanie and Eric after all, but were going to spend the evening alone together. He didn't seem disappointed! They picked up their champagne glasses and clinked them in a toast, looking at each other intently. Hector told Samantha that her everything was so nice as Sam explained that they needed some time alone. He told her that years before he had promised her he would always love her and that had not changed. He told her she was the most beautiful woman in the world....even more beautiful than when he knew her before, plus she was the mother of his child. He explained that he didn't need more and that it had always been Sam.

Oscar was in Massimo's den looking at a book. Massimo walks in and said, "Oscar, there you are, what are you reading?" Oscar said family history. Massimo said the shelves were filled with books on their family history. Oscar said that makes him proud. Massimo told him he's a good man. Then Oscar approached Massimo about the job he asked him about. Massimo told him he had not forgotten. Oscar asked if he had talked to Nick about it yet, because he felt he was wasting his time at Forrester Creations. Massimo asked if things had gotten any better over there since Thorne was made President. Oscar told him nothing had changed, and that he felt he just didn't fit in. "So you want to work for Marone Industries, you want to earn your ring?" Asked Massimo. Oscar said he'll do anything, work on the docks, drive a fork-lift, load crates, anything. Massimo took that to mean that he'd rather work on the docks at Marone than have his own little office at Forrester Creations. "What can I tell you, fashion is not my thing." Said Oscar. As they further discussed Oscar's ambitions, Nick walked in on them. He apologized for interrupting. Oscar gave Massimo one last request for him to think about it, and then left leaving Nick and Massimo alone. Mass explained that Oscar was looking for a spot in the family business. Massimo says Oscar was campaigning hard for it. Nick said they could always use another fast talker. Well he is a Marone after all said Massimo. They discussed some business that Massimo had asked Nick to take care of. Nick says it was all handled. Then Nick said there was another important item they needed to discuss, and asked Massimo to be his best man. "You want me to be your best man!" said Massimo. Nick asked him if he wanted the job, and Massimo told him it would be an honor. Nick told him to just wait until he had Massimo running his errands! "Anything for my son," said Massimo. Then Massimo wondered if Nick would let him take care of the honeymoon. But Nick said he had that covered. "What about a bachelor party?" said Massimo. "NO! No bachelor party," said Nick. "But it's traditional!" Said Massimo. Nick said he was an untraditional guy. "And no baby showers!" he added. Massimo seemed frustrated. Nick told him to just be there for him. Massimo said he had dreamed of this time and that in all he had achieved, nothing compared with Nick being engaged to Brooke and being happy. Nick reminded him that best man was not an honorary title and that he was going to work Massimo hard and that he expected him to be up to the task. "Aye, aye Captain!" said Massimo.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Deacon sits a corner watching Brooke, her sister and Jackie. Deacon gets a call from Massimo. Massimo asks how everything is going. Deacon says all is well and they are having a good time.

Nick stops in to see Massimo. He is telling his Father that no one would say anything about the bachelorette party and he doesn't even have any idea where it is. Massimo tells him they are at Café Russe and having a delightful time. The wedding is scheduled to be the next day. Nick turns up at the restaurant and sings a song for Brooke. He meets her sister and then leaves.

Ridge breaks into Nick's office. He is trying to find out any info on Nick. He tries to figure out Nick's password and realizes that it has been changed. He searches until he figures out the password is Brooke. Next, there is a restriction code. He finds a series of numbers on the bottom of the keyboard. He is able to get through.

He finds that Nick's one and only pen pal is a woman by the name of Maya. He finds also that there are cryptic messages, wire transfers $100 grand. What is all this? Massimo wouldn't do business like this. Ridge looks into Nick's telephone file and finds the initials M.S. with the same email address. He is interrupted by a phone call from Massimo himself. He is calling to see how Ridge is and he wants to see him. Ridge suggests the next day. Massimo says Ridge knows that is the day of the wedding. Ridge claims there isn't going to be any wedding. Massimo tells Ridge that Nick is trying to do the honorable thing. Ridge tells him to keep telling himself that. He hangs up and calls Maya. He is pretending to be Nick. He makes a date with her for the next day. Ridge hangs up. Gotcha!!

Samantha and Hector celebrate their being together. They start out with a special dinner that Samantha planned. They end up making love

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