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Insisting that Nick was a cheat, Ridge dragged Maya along to help him bust up Brooke and Nick's wedding. At the wedding, Ridge accused Nick of having an affair with Maya, and then the FBI raided the house to arrest Nick and Massimo.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 31, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, May 31, 2004

Nick called Brooke. They bantered back and forth on the phone about their wedding and their honeymoon.

Ridge was in his car. He called Eric and said that he was on the way to Brooke's place and then to the Shady Marlin, Nick's boat. Eric asked if it was about the wedding. Ridge told Eric there wasn't going to be any wedding.

Deacon arrived at Brooke's to pick up Hope for the wedding. He thanked her for letting him do it.

At Massimo and Jackie's home, she fussed over the wedding preparations. Nick told Jackie to calm down. He insisted everything would be fine. She was happy because Nick would be able to give his son what he had never had.

Later, Nick arrived downstairs, almost completely dressed for the wedding. Massimo said Nick was missing one thing. He put a boutonniere on Nick and said that he wished Nick's grandfather were there. He had thought that Massimo might never get married, yet Massimo was standing up for his son, the same way that "Nicky" would someday be doing for his son.

The doorbell rang, and it was Deacon and Hope. Brooke arrived at Jackie and Massimo's home, and Massimo told her that she looked radiant. He then asked everyone to give the lovebirds a few minutes alone.

Everyone left the room. Brooke asked Nick if the minister had given him any final last-minute advice. "I told him I knew what I was doing," Nick responded.

Brooke noticed that Hope had forgotten her flower basket and headed for the door as the doorbell rang. It was Ridge. He said he was there to explain a few things to her about Nick -- and then she could call off the wedding.

Ridge asked Brooke if she had ever heard the name Maya. Ridge claimed it was Nick's lover, and he asked what she really knew about Nick. Brooke said that Nick loved her and was an honest guy. He told her about the millions of dollars that had been sent and the phone conversation he had overheard between Nick and Maya. Nick had told Maya not to call him because they couldn't risk it.

Brooke told Ridge she loved him, but she didn't want her child growing up in a war zone, so if Ridge couldn't control himself, she would have to cut him out of her life. Brooke again said, "I love you, and I wish to God things could have been different, but they are not, and we have to face that reality." Ridge asked Brooke to ask Nick. Brooke said, "You want me to ask my fiancé, on our wedding day, if he's having an affair?" Ridge said yes.

Brooke asked Ridge to let her go and let her be happy. Ridge wanted Brooke to stall Nick for a few hours. He told her that Nick would never make her happy. Brooke responded with, "He already does." Ridge claimed that was because she was seeing what she wanted to see.

Brooke said Ridge thought that Nick was a horrible person, and she insisted he was not. "He is a good man," she said. Ridge said he would prove her good man had been lying. He said, "A couple of hours, Brooke, that's all I need." Brooke clarified, "You want me to stall him?" Ridge told her not to give up on them and said he never would. He kissed her and repeated, "I never will, Brooke."

At Brooke's, Rick entered the house and said that he had noticed Ridge's car had just left. Rick asked why Ridge had been there. She told him Ridge had wanted her to postpone the wedding. Ridge thought he had found out something about Nick. Brooke believed Ridge was grasping at straws. "On your wedding day, he does this," Rick said with disbelief. Brooke informed her son that Ridge had said she would be making a terrible mistake and that Nick couldn't be trusted. "You didn't believe what he said," Rick observed.

"Nick is a good man," Brooke said. "Well, of course he is," Rick told her. Rick said Ridge was desperate. Brooke said Ridge was just hurting. "I know he is," said Rick, "and I feel for him. I really do. He knows you're marrying someone else, but he shouldn't be doing this to you."

"Whether he stopped by or not, I still would have been thinking about him," Brooke told her son. "We were so happy. I look around, and I don't even recognize my life anymore," she said sadly. Rick responded with, "So it's not exactly what you planned, but that doesn't mean it can't be terrific. You just need to let go of the past. You have to let go of Ridge."

Ridge boarded the Shady Marlin. He looked around and asked the person standing before him, "What are you doing here? Dad, you shouldn't be here." "Neither should you," was the response. Ridge said, "You don't know what's going on." Eric asked Ridge to tell him.

"I'm meeting someone here. She should be here in a few minutes," Ridge explained. Eric asked what that had to do with Nick. Ridge shared his belief that Nick was having an affair. "What, you think he's cheating on Brooke?" Eric asked. "Yeah, I do, and I'm gonna prove it too," Ridge said.

Eric asked Ridge if he had said that to Brooke. "Oh, she didn't believe me," uttered Ridge. Eric was not surprised. Ridge said that he was not just shooting in the dark with his belief. "Look, I heard a phone conversation between Nick and this woman. It was all very secret and clandestine. Then I got into his computer," Ridge revealed.

"Oh, for heaven's sake," Eric said. "Dad, I found emails going back months. It was all about secret meetings and wire transfers," Ridge explained. "Well, that doesn't mean they're having an affair," Eric answered. "Well, it ain't business, because I would have known about it," Ridge said.

Eric insisted that Ridge stop. Eric said that he was not happy about the wedding, but it had been very difficult for Brooke to make her decision. Eric was frustrated that Ridge was asking Brooke to cancel the wedding just because of "some suspicion." Ridge insisted, "All I need is confirmation." Eric asked, "And then what?" "Then Brooke gets on with her life, without Nick," Ridge answered.

Maya boarded the boat. She called out for Nick. Ridge appeared and told her Nick had just left. She started to go, but Ridge grabbed her. "Okay, what's going on with you and lover boy?" Ridge demanded.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

On Nick's boat, Ridge confronted Maya. She denied that she was in a relationship with Nick. She claimed that the emails and the electronic payments were because she was selling her yacht to Nick. Nick was going to surprise Brooke with the yacht as a wedding present. Ridge did not believe Maya.

Ridge tried to drag Maya to Nick and Brooke's wedding. Maya got away. She drove erratically to try to lose Ridge. Ridge called Brooke from his cell phone. Jackie saw that it was Ridge calling and turned off Brooke's cell phone. Ridge caught up with Maya with the intention of taking her to Nick and Brooke's wedding.

Upstairs, Brooke got dressed for the wedding. Katie sensed that something was not right with Brooke. Brooke admitted that she was upset because Ridge had asked her to postpone the wedding.

Deacon flirted with Jackie. Jackie thanked him for running a second paternity test, which proved that Nick was the father of Brooke's unborn child. Later, Massimo questioned Deacon as to whether Jackie had seen anyone or had any phone calls. Deacon told Massimo that he'd had his eyes on Jackie all day.

Oscar, Bridget, Katie, and Nick all prepared for the wedding. Katie reported to Bridget that Brooke was shaky but fine. Nick and Brooke's wedding began.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Eric told an agitated Stephanie that Ridge was at Nick's boat, meeting a woman he believed to be Nick's lover.

Meanwhile, the minister began the ceremony, and Nick and Brooke exchanged heartfelt vows.

Ridge and Maya speedily drove to the wedding and arrived just in time to stop Nick from putting the ring on Brooke's finger. Ridge accused Nick and Maya of having an affair, but both denied it. Brooke felt sorry that Ridge seemingly looked like a fool.

Thursday, June 3, 2004

A determined Ridge demanded to know who Maya really was and whether or not she was Nick's mistress. Ridge then stated he knew something wasn't kosher because he had broken into Nick's computer.

The guests received notification that the FBI was at the front gate. After Ridge escorted Brooke out, the agents arrested Nick and Massimo.

Back at the Forresters', Eric defended Ridge, but Stephanie claimed that Brooke had Eric wrapped around her finger. Later, Ridge tried to convince Brooke that Nick wasn't worthy of her love. Ridge told Brooke that he would always love her and be there for her.

Friday, June 4, 2004

Brooke and Ridge shared a moment of intimacy. He reminded her that the only reason two people should be getting married was because they loved each other.

Stephanie and Eric went over to Jackie's. Jackie told them it was all Ridge's fault. He had ruined everything. Jackie told them that FBI agents had arrived and arrested Massimo and Nick. Eric said that Ridge had only been trying to break up the wedding because he had thought Nick was having an affair.

Stephanie tried to quiet Eric down and told Jackie that everything would be all right. She declared that it was just some kind of misunderstanding. Jackie realized that Ridge was with Brooke at that moment and rushed out of the house to look for them. She found Brooke, and when she did, she encountered Ridge also. She told Ridge that he had to leave because Brooke was worn out. He told her in no uncertain terms that he was not leaving, but she was.

At the police station, the FBI agents questioned Nick and Massimo. The agents said they had been watching Marone Industries for months but hadn't gotten anything on them until that night. That was because Ridge had decoded all the files. Massimo's lawyer walked in and said that if that was all the information that they had, with no proof, they were leaving.

An agent explained that according to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, they were only allowed to pay money to minor officials. The lawyer thought it was nonsense. The agent asked where their records were. He said they were required by law to keep honest and up-to-date records.

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B&B dedicates episode to Betty White


B&B dedicates episode to Betty White
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