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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 14, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, June 14, 2004

It is Darla and Thorne's wedding day. In what is now the room where the wedding is to take place, all their friends and relatives are in attendance. Kristin Forrester has arrived. Hector, Samantha and Caitlin have come as a family to attend the nuptials. Thomas and the twins are there. C.J. has also made an appearance as have many others.

Thomas sees Caitlin and rushes her out to the veranda. He gives her a kiss. Hector stands on the sidelines and watches.

Stephanie is still talking with Ridge about Brooke and the children. She is concerned how all of this is affecting them. Ridge tells her to stop interfering with his life. He will do what he wants. He has had enough and there will be no more. Thorne comes in and agrees with Ridge.

Sally tells Darla as she is getting ready that she has always deserved this kind of happiness. Darla comments that on this day she thought Saul would be the one giving her away. Sally remembers Saul also, and, tells Darla that she need only to remind herself, that, Saul will be beside her, as she is walking down the aisle to Thorne.

Rick and C.J. are chatting. C.J. says that he doesn't know half the people in attendance. Rick tries to catch him up on who is who and then comes to Caitlin. He says to C.J. that "he would like to know Caitlin better."

Before the wedding, Sally is telling Thorne that he will be considered a part of her family also. That also means that Sally and Stephanie will be somewhat related too!!!

The wedding begins and Darla walks down the aisle.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

At the Forrester home, Thorne and Darla exchanged wedding vows. As they celebrated with their families, Thorne made a toast to Darla. Thorne "promised to make Darla as happy as she has made him." Darla replied by making a statement that this is the type of wedding she had always dreamed of. Darla revealed that she did not have a family until she met Sally. Darla also told Caitlin "I know how you have felt these last few weeks, meeting a woman who is your mother."

C.J. and Rick observed Brooke and Ridge carrying on together. Ridge quietly told Brooke that he believes "they are coming together as a couple again." Rick introduced himself to Caitlin. He told her that she is beautiful and that he always notices he most beautiful woman in the room.

Meanwhile at the jail, Nick and Massimo complained to Jackie that they were not out of jail fast enough. Nick promised Jackie that the minute he gets out of jail, he and Brooke would go to the courthouse to get married. Nick worried that Brooke was with Ridge at Thorne's wedding.

Ridge asked Samantha and Caitlin to return to Forrester to work. As a matter of fact, he nicely demanded that they leave Spectra. Hector sat and observed Ridge as he demanded Samantha and Caitlin return to Forrester to work. Later, Ridge asked Rick to set aside his opinions of him and Brooke and not let them get in they way of them working together at Forrester Creations.

Stephanie cornered Brooke in the study and degraded her for being with Ridge at Thorne's wedding. She reminded Brooke that this is no longer her family. Ridge broke into their conversation. Ridge told Stephanie that the next wedding will be his and Brooke's. Stephanie replied "over my dead body."

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


In the private dining room, Brooke feels guilty and tells Ridge that she should be with Nick. Ridge insists that she listen to what he has to say. Brooke tells him that going over this again still won't change anything. Ridge pleads that she should stay and hear him out because she owes "us" that much. Brooke says that she hates what she's done to him. Ridge promises that he will never let her down again. He admits that he was a mess when they found out the baby was Nick's, but assures her that he can handle the baby. What he can't handle is living a life without Brooke. Ridge guesses that Brooke's decision to be with Nick stems from the night Ridge couldn't make love to Brooke. He assures her that he is over all that now. Brooke's cell phone rings but Ridge tells her not to answer it. He says, "Isn't it obvious how much I love you?" Brooke tells him that it is obvious, but that it's not enough for her son. She asks Ridge what will happen if the baby looks like Nick or acts like Nick. She is sure that Ridge will never be able to forget. She tells him that she can't ask her son to settle for less than a father that truly loves him. "No matter how much I love you, I just can't."

In jail, Massimo assures Nick that they will be out of there soon enough. Just then the officers come into ask more question. Frank, an influential man in the justice system, walks in and asks the officers why he wasn't informed of this investigation against Massimo. Frank tells them all about Massimo's humanitarian efforts that have led to good will towards the United States. Nick asks the officers if he can go now.

Jackie enters Deacon's house, asking what is wrong now. When Deacon tells her that Ridge is putting pressure on Brooke, Jackie accuses Deacon of making up emergencies just to get Jackie to drop everything and come running over. Deacon assures her that Ridge is with Brooke right now. Deacon has a friend who drove the limo for Ridge. Deacon knows that Ridge stopped at Brooke's house to pick her up on the way to the wedding. He tells Jackie that the two are still together at the private dining room. Deacon is sure that Ridge's pressure is working. He tells her that the only way he'll be a father to Hope is if Brooke stays with Nick. He admits that as long as Ridge thinks Nick is the father of Brooke's baby, they still have hope. Jackie questions him to why he said that. "What do you mean? Show me the test results." Deacon admits to burning them. The only reason Jackie can imagine Deacon would burn them was if Ridge was really the father. She screams at Deacon, "You lied to me!"

When Nick and Massimo arrive home, Nick is unable to reach Brooke on her phone. He tells Massimo that if it wasn't for Ridge, he would be on his honeymoon with Brooke right now.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Nick calls Jackie and asks her if she knows where Brooke and Ridge are. Jackie informs him that they are eating in the private dining room.

After telling Brooke that he loves the baby as if it were his own, Ridge proposes. Brooke says yes, but then quickly wonders how she'll break the news to Nick, just as Nick enters. After Ridge leaves, Nick reveals to Brooke that he's tired of the drama and wants out of the relationship.

Jackie begs Deacon to tell her the truth about the paternity of Brooke's baby. Deacon tells her that Ridge is actually the father. Jackie is destroyed because she knows that if she tells Nick the truth she could lose everything.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Ridge talks with Rick. Ridge tells him that he and his Mother are getting back together. He intends to be a Father to the new baby and he will always put the baby's needs first. He will not put the baby in a war zone, and Nick will always be a part of the baby's life. Rick tells him that at Thorne and Darla's wedding, he could tell that there was still something between the two of them. He won't interfere with their relationship. Ridge explains that he wants the two of them also to be family again. He tells Rick of his new plans for the fashion line. A younger line that will involve Rick. He wants him to be a part of it. Rick agrees that the idea is a good one. They are both on the same page now.

Brooke and Nick are in conversation. She is telling him how sorry she is for everything. He says he wouldn't have changed anything, except, maybe for the outcome. He, at least, has discovered that he is a heart. Brooke tells him that he has the biggest heart she knows and the baby will know that also. Ridge wants him to be a part of the baby's life. He comments that Ridge would say anything to get her back, but then, so would he. He reminds her that he was told she and Ridge had too much history between the two of them for it to end. Brooke calls Nick amazing. He has caused so many good changes in her life. She watched and studied him and wondered how he ever got to where he is. She wishes she was more like him, and could reach the places that he has. He walked with calmness and was never afraid. She tells him she was lucky to have him in her life, and so is the baby. She is sorry she could not have given him more. He deserved so much better. He doesn't think there is anyone better than her either.

Jackie arrives at the boat and finding Nick there, asks if he has seen Brooke. He informs her that it is over. Brooke went back to Ridge. Jackie tells him that she has something important to tell him. He comments that his relationship with Brooke was like a ship that never left port. Jackie is still trying to get through to Nick with what she has to tell him. He's tired and asks her to wait. She tells him, that with what he just found out, this might come as a relief. He comments that the only thing getting him through all of this, is his kid. He wants to be able to look at him, see him. He tells Jackie that it is funny that now he needs his son more than his son needs him. Jackie comforts him with the fact that she is there for him also. He thanks her and tells her that she means the world to him. Nick is questioning why this happened with the baby. He remembers the back and forth situations with Brooke, Ridge and him. First Ridge was dead, then not, then she was his, then not. Finally Brooke was pregnant Jackie has the answers, but has not told Nick anything as of yet. Nick has told his Mother that his son is now his entire life. It might not have happened ideally, but it probably won't happen any other way. He wants to be in the baby's life, part of the baby's life. He needs to be in his life. Jackie is heartbroken as she prepares to tell Nick the dreaded news. She says that some time ago, the Dr. that did the paternity tests, came by the house. She told her that there was a possible "glitch" in the tests and a second test needed to be run. After the second test was run, she didn't want to upset anyone unnecessarily, so she said nothing. Nick doesn't remember a second test being run, and Jackie tells him that she took care of it all. He asks, "What happened, I am the Father right?" He grabs her and asks again, "I am the Father, right?"

Ridge and Brooke speak of love and commitment. Brooke announces that the baby is coming!!

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