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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 26, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, July 26, 2004

People are everywhere preparing for the next day's festivities. Thorne is talking with Oscar about the energy they hope will be part of the excitement of the show. On the other side of the room, Caitlin is speaking with Rick. He is telling her that tomorrow she will no longer be just a young budding design intern. Ridge approaches her and says she will be a young hot design diva. They discuss the fact that Thomas will be escorting her down the runway to tie in the Forrester family with the designs. While all together, Amber comes in and presents each of them with a rose. She is there to wish them all luck. She tells Caitlin to enjoy herself as this experience is going to be a once in a lifetime happening. Feeling out of place, Amber leaves and runs into Oscar. He asks her why she is there, and she tells him that she wanted to wish everyone good luck. He suggests that it is because her "ex" is involved. She tells Oscar that she wants a second chance. Having forgotten her purse in the showroom, Amber heads back and finds Rick bringing it to her. She tells him that she has never gotten over what she had with him. She misses him and the whole Forrester family.

Over at Spectra, Sally and her company are rejoicing. They think they have a big hit on their hands. Sally says she owes it to Darla. Clarke suggests that maybe even Thorne had something to do with it. They only know that they are ready to swoop down on the competition. Spectra figures they will beat Forrester down the runway.

While Caitlin is preparing to head for home, she says good-bye to Rick. He tells her they can't take any chances so the best he can offer her for now is this, and he kisses her. At home, Caitlin is telling Samantha about her day. She can't believe that she even came home in a limo. The doorbell rings and it is Thomas. He has come to wish her luck and to give her a gift. She opens it and finds a bracelet inside. Thomas would like her to wear it for luck at the showing. He tells her that he too is nervous but is thrilled to be presenting her. He goes to kiss her, but, she backs off and tells him that they need to have a talk. Samantha enters the room and tells Caitlin that she needs to be heading for bed since she has a big day tomorrow. Thomas agrees and ends up kissing her on the cheek. They will talk after her showing. After he is gone, Samantha tells her that Thomas is crazy about her. Caitlin says she knows, but she is in love with Rick. Her Mother tells her that she is young and not to rush, she doesn't need to be committed to anyone right now. Ridge receives an awaited call from Thomas. He tells his Dad that Caitlin loved the bracelet and is all excited about tomorrow's preview show. He thanks his Dad for his help, and in return his Dad tells him just to enjoy himself and have fun. Upstairs in her bedroom, Caitlin receives a call from Rick as she prepares for bed. She tells Rick that she is so lucky and so happy and it is all because of him.

Darla gets a call from Sally as she is standing with Thorne. Sally is thanking Darla once again for her "birthday present." Darla and Thorne cannot believe the fuss that Sally has made over the "photos" of the birthday party.

In her office Sally is talking with Clarke. She tells Clarke that the fallout could be shocking. Sally says that when the Forresters find out, tomorrow, that the marriage between Darla and Thorne could blow sky high.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

At Forrester Creations, there was preparation for the showing of the Ingénue clothing line. Samantha showed Hector around. He was taken aback when he saw what Caitlin would be modeling. Although Hector did not approve of the clothing, he did not try to prevent Caitlin from modeling it. Later Rick wished Caitlin good luck. He told her just how much he wanted to kiss her, but knew that he could not be caught. Thomas interrupted Rick when he came over to wish Caitlin good luck from a far, Rick watched Thomas wish Caitlin good luck.

Meanwhile, At Spectra Fashions, they raced to get loads of orders out of the designs they had stolen from Forrester Creations. Sally admitted to Clark that she does not understand why Darla risked her marriage to give them copies of Ridge's designs. Clark ignored Sally's questions. Instead, Clark showed Sally a check for $250,000.00, which was the profit from the designs they had already sold.

Instead of going to the Forrester Fashion show, Felicia visited Nick on his boat the Shady Marlin. Nick was not happy to see Felicia. He told Felicia that she is a "spoiled little girl who has issues with her mother." Felicia returned Nick's compliments by telling him that he is a "stubborn, grumpy, know it all." Nick resentfully showed Felicia how to fish. Felicia alluded to the fact that she may be fishing for more than just "fish."

Back at Forrester Creations, Darla and Ridge were sarcastic with one another. She wished him luck but then told him the response to the new line may not be what he thinks it will be. Backstage Ridge tried to calm Caitlin's stage fright. Megan interrupted him with a photo of his designs with the Spectra name on them. Ridge was livid that Sally had stolen his designs. Ridge immediately accused Darla of giving the designs to Sally. Ridge cancelled the fashion show, and then the Forrester clan headed over to talk to Sally. Sally denied that she had stolen Ridge's designs. Sally refused to admit who provided her with the designs. When Ridge accused Darla, Sally denied that Darla stole the designs. Darla asked Sally to tell Ridge who stole the designs.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Sally reveals her source was Darla. Darla is horrified as she realizes that she mistakenly gave Sally the designs instead of her birthday party pictures. Ridge is furious, but Thorne remains silent, which scares Darla even more. Meanwhile, at the showroom, Rick decides not to disappoint Caitlin and to go ahead with the show anyway. The line is a huge hit with the crowd, but when Thomas sees Rick and Caitlin kiss backstage he runs out, extremely upset. Though Thomas was supposed to escort Caitlin down the runway for the showstopper, Rick must escort her instead because Thomas is nowhere to be found.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Thomas and Amber are hurt by the discovery of Rick and Caitlin's relationship, and both leave the fashion preview in tears.

Later, Thomas unexpectedly runs into Amber and they comfort each other.

After seeing Thomas's reaction, Caitlin and Rick decide to tell a furious Brooke and Ridge about their feelings for each other.

Meanwhile, Darla begs Thorne to leave her because she deserves it, but in the end, Thorne forgives Darla.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Rick comes out to speak with Ridge. Ridge has told him that there is still no word from Thomas. Ridge lays into Rick and he tells Ridge that he has no right to tell him what to do. Caitlin is inside telling Brooke that she never meant for this to happen. Brooke lets Caitlin know that she can understand why she is attracted to Rick, although she might be a little prejudiced. She informs her that no matter if he behaved like a perfect gentleman or not, she must understand why Thomas would not feel the same way. Caitlin would however like to talk with Thomas to explain things. Rick and Ridge come in from outside. Ridge receives a phone call from Thomas. He tells him that he is with a friend, and he will be home soon. Caitlin and Rick leave. After they are gone, Ridge tells Brooke that he will ground Thomas till he's thirty. Brooke tells Ridge that she understands that Caitlin wants to be with Rick and not Thomas. After all, the girl cannot help how she feels.

Thomas tells Amber that Rick is family and he just stole his girlfriend. Amber tells Thomas, that Rick doesn't realize that he is giving up the best sex ever. Thomas is somewhat embarrassed by her comment. Then she realizes that he has not ever done anything. She feels that it is good, he is waiting for someone special. He tells her that he thought,that someone,was Caitlin. Amber suggests to Thomas that he call his Dad. He tells Ridge that he will be home, he is with a friend and he won't do anything stupid. Ridge tells him that Caitlin is there and wants to talk with him, but knowing that Rick is there also, he refuses to come home now. Amber and Thomas talk with each other about their feelings. They are bonding, and at the same time trying to forget about the people that they care about. Amber tries to comfort Thomas and make him feel better. She thinks a massage would be good for him. She has him take off his shirt and she starts to rub her hands over his neck and then his chest. He is starting to relax. She tells him that his Mother is a beautiful, talented woman and his Father, is so very talented. Someday, comments Amber, years from now, he will have women throwing themselves at him. After all, he is heir to the throne. Thomas dozes off thinking about what Amber said. Amber looks up and thinks.

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