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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 2, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, August 2, 2004

People are everywhere preparing for the next day's festivities. Thorne is talking with Oscar about the energy they hope will be part of the excitement of the show. On the other side of the room, Caitlin is speaking with Rick. He is telling her that tomorrow she will no longer be just a young budding design intern. Ridge approaches her and says she will be a young hot design diva. They discuss the fact that Thomas will be escorting her down the runway to tie in the Forrester family with the designs. While all together, Amber comes in and presents each of them with a rose. She is there to wish them all luck. She tells Caitlin to enjoy herself as this experience is going to be a once in a lifetime happening. Feeling out of place, Amber leaves and runs into Oscar. He asks her why she is there, and she tells him that she wanted to wish everyone good luck. He suggests that it is because her "ex" is involved. She tells Oscar that she wants a second chance. Having forgotten her purse in the showroom, Amber heads back and finds Rick bringing it to her. She tells him that she has never gotten over what she had with him. She misses him and the whole Forrester family.

Over at Spectra, Sally and her company are rejoicing. They think they have a big hit on their hands. Sally says she owes it to Darla. Clarke suggests that maybe even Thorne had something to do with it. They only know that they are ready to swoop down on the competition. Spectra figures they will beat Forrester down the runway.

While Caitlin is preparing to head for home, she says good-bye to Rick. He tells her they can't take any chances so the best he can offer her for now is this, and he kisses her. At home, Caitlin is telling Samantha about her day. She can't believe that she even came home in a limo. The doorbell rings and it is Thomas. He has come to wish her luck and to give her a gift. She opens it and finds a bracelet inside. Thomas would like her to wear it for luck at the showing. He tells her that he too is nervous but is thrilled to be presenting her. He goes to kiss her, but, she backs off and tells him that they need to have a talk. Samantha enters the room and tells Caitlin that she needs to be heading for bed since she has a big day tomorrow. Thomas agrees and ends up kissing her on the cheek. They will talk after her showing. After he is gone, Samantha tells her that Thomas is crazy about her. Caitlin says she knows, but she is in love with Rick. Her Mother tells her that she is young and not to rush, she doesn't need to be committed to anyone right now. Ridge receives an awaited call from Thomas. He tells his Dad that Caitlin loved the bracelet and is all excited about tomorrow's preview show. He thanks his Dad for his help, and in return his Dad tells him just to enjoy himself and have fun. Upstairs in her bedroom, Caitlin receives a call from Rick as she prepares for bed. She tells Rick that she is so lucky and so happy and it is all because of him.

Darla gets a call from Sally as she is standing with Thorne. Sally is thanking Darla once again for her "birthday present." Darla and Thorne cannot believe the fuss that Sally has made over the "photos" of the birthday party.

In her office Sally is talking with Clarke. She tells Clarke that the fallout could be shocking. Sally says that when the Forresters find out, tomorrow, that the marriage between Darla and Thorne could blow sky high.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

At Forrester Creations, Ridge told Rick and Samantha that sales for the new line were good, but poor domestically. Ridge blamed Darla for Spectra having marketed their line first. Ridge pointed out if Darla had not provided the photos to Sally, Forrester Creations would have been much more successful. The subject changed to Rick and Caitlin's relationship. Samantha advised that she had not told Hector because she trusted that Rick would act responsibly.

Nick went to Stephanie's to give her the "heads up" about Felicia. He informed Stephanie that he felt that she should be aware that something seems to be wrong with Felicia, but did not know what. When Stephanie asked him why he felt this way, Nick told her that a bag of pills had fallen out of Felicia's bag. Later, Stephanie called Felicia and asked her to stop by.

At the Insomnia Café, Caitlin apologized to Thomas in person for hurting him. Caitlin told Thomas that she would still consider him a friend. Thomas was angry with Caitlin. Even so, Thomas warned Caitlin that she could risk her job at Forrester if her father found out about her and Rick. Caitlin returned the bracelet to Thomas that he had given her. When she walked out, Amber comforted Thomas.

Thorne convinced Darla to go to Forrester Creations with him. Thorne was infuriated when Paul the security guard, informed them that Darla would not be allowed into the building. Thorne rushed into the building to confront Ridge. Ridge was using Thorne's office. A horrible verbal argument ensued between Ridge and Thorne. Thorne told Ridge that he is fired from the company. Ridge had a smug attitude. Thorne suggested that they allow Stephanie and Eric decide who should leave the company, Thorne or Ridge. Thorne told Ridge to find a new company and a new family!

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Amber and Thomas have been frolicking on the beach and they, go to Amber's deck to have a cool drink. Thomas tells Amber he's having a lot of fun, Amber said She figured he could use a "pick-me-up" after... When she hesitates, Thomas tells her it's ok to say Caitlin broke up with him. He continues," I don't know what she sees in Rick " Amber stops Thomas from bashing Rick, saying, "Rick's an incredible guy...but so are you." Thomas kisses Amber (no resistance on her part) but after the kiss, Amber reprimands Thomas asking him, "What have I told about that?" Thomas playfully passes it off asking Amber, "What's wrong, all we're doing is messin' around a little?" Amber reminds Thomas a little can lead to a lot. Amber Jokingly says he is trying to seduce her. When Thomas asks her if it's working, Amber takes the 5th, saying "I refuse to answer on the grounds it might incriminate me."

Thomas offers to rub sunscreen on Amber's back, she turns him down at first but soon agrees. As he clears his things away from the chaise, the bracelet he gave to Caitlin falls out of his pocket, Amber asked about it Thomas tells her he gave it to Caitlin and she didn't want it. Amber tells him maybe he'll get a second chance. They talk a little more, Amber tells Thomas he's sweet, he tells her Caitlin said he was sweet. Amber tells him Caitlin didn't know what she had, Thomas reminds Amber, "neither do you." Amber tells Thomas, "I don't have you." He quickly adds, "but you could." Amber tries to change the subject by having him rub sunscreen on her back (I never knew a sure way to get a teenaged boy's mind off sex is to let him massage lotion on your bikini clad body) Amber wants to know why Thomas is in such a rush and asks him hasn't he heard the expression-"Innocence is Bliss"? Thomas corrects her saying it is "Ignorance is Bliss" and he doesn't want to be either. Thomas then asked Amber to "Take me out of my misery- Have sex with me." Astounded, Amber gets up and walks into the house (of course Thomas is on her trail). He tells her he is ready, he just needs someone to make it "official" to bring him up to speed. Amber tells Thomas he doesn't necessarily want speed when it comes to making love. He asks her to show him what she means, and Amber begins kissing him. While smooching class is still going on, Amber tells Thomas his first time should be very special he replies it would be special with her, he then asks her to teach him.

Felicia stops by her mom's home expecting to see other family members there because Stephanie sounded so anxious on the phone. Stephanie tells her she just wanted to spend some time with her baby girl. Felicia tells Mom ,"You should've called me." Stephanie reminds her ,"You told me not too." Felicia passes it off telling her mom she shouldn't have listened to her. Stephanie begins with the typical generic parental chit-chat and questions, Felicia comments she feels like a teenager again with all the questions. Mom says she just wants to catch up - it's been so long since we've talked, Felicia quickly asks, "Have we ever?" reminding Stephanie of the "prickly" relationship between them. Felicia continues on by asking Stephanie how many times in the past year has she called her. Stephanie, a little caught off guard, stammers," if you'd needed me..." Felicia interrupts her mother telling her she knew better than to need her, that was Ridge's department. Stephanie defends herself saying Ridge did have a lot going on in the past year, Felicia quickly adds, "Yes, that takes precedence." Stephanie reminds her daughter she has been staying halfway around the world and asks what does she expect from her? Felicia answers, "This"(referring to her mother's excuses and the tension between them ) she stands to walk out until her mom stops her. Stephanie explains to Felicia she's sorry if she hasn't been as available to her as she might have liked, things have taken place that had nothing to do with Felicia and she needs to not take it so personally. Stephanie goes on, " Honey you are not the center of my world, you have to learn to live with that." Felicia, apparently upset by Mom's revelation, tells Stephanie, "I'm not going to live with anything, you just take your maternal concern and shove it!" Stephanie tells her she is worried about her, and she knows something is wrong. Felicia tells her mother, even if something was wrong, it's too late now. Stephanie pushes the issue a little further and asks Felicia if she is using drugs. Felicia is insulted by her mom's accusation, and tells Stephanie to forget about calling her on the phone as she had asked earlier. Outside, Felicia begins to cry as she leaves her mother's home.

Ridge warns Thorne it will be a mistake to force Eric to choose between his sons, telling Thorne, "you may not think of me as his son, but he sure as hell does!" Ridge acknowledges he is not Eric's biological son but he feels that he is in every way that counts. Thorne reminds Ridge he truly is not Eric's son, and this time things will not go his way. The "boys" continue their arguing, discussing back and forth who's the most valuable or deserving, while Ridge adds fuel to the flames by blaming Darla for the contention and present problems facing the Forrester family and business. Thorne informs Ridge it is no longer about Darla or the designs, it is about Ridge's smug, condescending attitude, and his trying to "push Thorne down", as he has his whole life. Ridge tells little Brother that he is the Future of the company, to which Thorne responds, "We can get another designer for this company, Dad can't get another first born son." An unsuspecting Eric walks in on the brothers ready give him an ultimatum. Ridge announces ,"Thorne has drawn a line in the sand, he goes or I go. You choose." Eric is more than a little annoyed by being put on the spot and tells Thorne and Ridge he's tempted to fire both of them. Thorne tells his Dad he can't take Ridge and his egotistical attitude any longer, he also tells Eric that he has to make a choice and it has to be made by tomorrow. Thorne reminds his Dad he is his first born and he'll never have to question his allegiance. Ridge chimes in he is the one they can't afford to lose. Ridge kisses Stephanie on the forehead and tells her he'll be waiting for her answer. After Thorne and Ridge leave, Stephanie looks at Eric and asks, "What are we going to do?"

Thursday, August 5, 2004


At home Eric and Stephanie discuss Ridge and Thorne. Eric wonders how they can choose one son over the other. Stephanie suggests mediation, but Eric wants to work this out within the family.

After Brooke puts the kids to bed, she comes downstairs to find Ridge relaxing with a glass of wine. Ridge is confident that Eric won't fire him. Brooke is afraid that Stephanie could convince Eric to choose Thorne because of the bad feelings between Brooke and Stephanie.

Darla and Thorne discuss the situation. Thorne hopes his parents know how long he's waited for his turn. There is a knock on the door and Sally comes in, apologizing for what happened with the designs. She said she never would have borrowed them if she had know it would cause Thorne to be thrown out of the company. Thorne assures her that it will be Ridge that will be leaving Forrester.

Amber drives Thomas home. She tells him to get inside before Ridge sees them together. Thomas kisses Amber just as Ridge calls from the front door for him to come in. Amber quickly drives away and Ridge asks Thomas who the girl was that he was kissing. Thomas avoids giving her name and heads upstairs to his room.

Darla goes to see Eric and Stephanie. She pleads Thorne's case by saying that for Ridge, Forrester is just another accomplishment. To Thorne, Forrester is more than a job. She begs for them to give Thorne a chance. As Darla leaves she sees Brooke heading in to talk to Eric and Stephanie.

Inside Brooke invites Stephanie over to see the children. Stephanie feels that Brooke only offered because of the problems between Ridge and Thorne. Brooke asks Stephanie not to let her feelings for Brooke get in the way of their decision. Eric tells Brooke that there were changes made while Ridge was gone. Brooke is sure that there are many people that could do a good job as president of Forrester.

On Brooke's way out, Darla stops her in the courtyard. Darla tells Brooke that since she had been married to Thorne, Brooke should understand the scars Thorne has from being in Ridge's shadow for so many years. She tells Brooke that if she told Ridge to start a new company, he would. Brooke insists that she can't do that and take away Forrester for Ridge because it is his birthright. Darla points out that technically, Ridge isn't a Forrester.

Eric realizes that whatever decision they make will change everything. Stephanie tells him that they have to choose or risk loosing both sons. She reminds him that Ridge is a talented designer. Eric is impressed with all the relationships that Thorne has formed inside and outside of the business and of Thorne's dedication to the company. He tells Stephanie that when they made him president, there were tears in his eyes. There's only one decision we can make.

Friday, August 6, 2004

Felicia goes in to talk with Ridge and Brooke. Ridge asks Felicia to talk to Thomas and find out if he is all right, and what is going on with him. Thomas comes downstairs and she makes light of the fact that he slept so long. She says that they can catch up on everything without the old folks being there. He tells her that he was in bad shape but is doing better now and will survive. Felicia admits to him that his Father is concerned, and that Thomas needs to be a better friend to his Dad. She says, "it will be a sad day when he comes to realize that he is gone, and he needs him."

Stephanie and Eric talk. Eric starts to discuss the decision they have made. Stephanie says they fought so hard to protect their children but never thought they would have to protect them from each other.

Darla is helping Thorne to get ready. She tells him that she went to see His Parents the night before. She felt she should because she did not want them to blame Thorne in any way for the mistake she made. While there, she says, Brooke came in. She had also turned up to speak on Ridge's behalf. She was there to make sure the decision was based on Ridge's competency and not Stephanie's feelings about her. Brooke and Ridge receive a call asking them to come over. Brooke says his Father's voice sounded grim. Thorne and Darla are also on the way. Once there, barbs are again thrown as the four of them continue to banter back and forth.

Eric has had enough, and finally turns around and says, someone is going to leave and it's not going to be Thorne.

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