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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 9, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, August 9, 2004

Eric reiterates that someone is leaving the company, but not Thorne. Ridge says, "you are going to let this business be run by those two," (meaning Thorne and Darla). Eric tells him "that Forrester Creations was built as a family business, but his son's can't run it." They say it's too hard, too difficult, too impossible to work together as a family. Eric says that because it is too hard, he has decided to retire. He has done his last design. Ridge can have his office and Thorne can maintain the one he is in and together they can either run the place or sell it. However, he won't be there to watch it. He always pictured them together, each making his own mark, and he won't have his memories tainted by this, so he is calling it quits. He won't choose between his two sons. It is unthinkable to think that he would. Both sons tell him that leaving Forrester is not an option. It is his life. He tells them his family is his life and he won't be the one to tear it apart. Both son's once again agree that they will leave instead. Stephanie tells Eric that he can't leave. Ridge asks him if that was the decision he had made last night. Brooke cuts in and says it isn't. She noticed that Stephanie was shocked when Eric told them his decision. Now, Eric tells them he built the company to bring them together, not to have to choose between his two sons. Both Ridge and Thorne press on though, and this time Stephanie interrupts. She says that it is his company and his life's work, and both Ridge and Thorne are grown men and they will work this out, no matter what it takes. Thorne and Ridge start on each other again, and Eric yells at them saying, that he hates what is happening, that they are at each other's throats. Ridge tells him then, to end it, Dad, choose, one of them stays and one of them goes.

Amber answers the door to a delivery man who enters with a big bouquet of flowers. She feels he must be mistaken, because no one she knows is going to send her flowers. He shows her the delivery ticket and says they are for her, she apologizes and he leaves. She starts to look for the card but, Thomas calls out, "Is this what you are looking for?" Amber thanks him for the flowers, and, kisses him again. She tells Thomas, that he has to stop her from letting her, kiss him. Thomas tells her that his Father (Ridge) saw them kissing the night before. She is upset because Ridge all ready thinks she is a gold digger, and now she is out to corrupt another Forrester son. Thomas says they haven't done anything. Amber tells him, it must stop. He is just a kid. He tells her that she is Trouble with a capital "T." He doesn't care, they like being with each other. She tells him that she is not over Rick and that what he feels for Caitlin might just be infatuation. Thomas reminds her that sometimes it turns into the real thing. So, why fight it? Amber says that it's just his hormones and she doesn't want him to confuse it with something more. She doesn't want him to get hurt. He will be heir to the Forrester fortune, and a great life to look forward to, and their will be a girl in it for him, but not her.

Deacon is talking with Massimo. Jackie comes into the room. Deacon tries to excuse himself, but Massimo tells him to stay. She begs Massimo for a chance to come back to him. He tells her that she doesn't deserve to be a Marone, and she will never be again. He serves her with divorce papers. She leaves crying and Deacon wants to know what Massimo is doing. He tells Deacon it is none of his concern.

Deacon goes to Jackie. She is looking at the divorce papers. Deacon tries to comfort her. He tells her that he has been in the same place before. She tells him that she just wanted Massimo to forgive her. "Yes," says Deacon and instead he served you with divorce papers. He tells her that she is not to blame, and he isn't going to let her blame herself either. "You didn't let Massimo down; he let you down when you needed him the most," he says. Deacon says that she deserves so much more. She needs to sign the papers first. She needs to let the great Massimo Marone know that if he won't forgive her, she is going to forgive herself and she is going to move on.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Thorne forced Eric to choose between them as to who he wanted to remain at Forrester Creations. Eric made it clear that he had agonized and did not want to choose between them. Eric also made it clear that he wanted to continue to work with both of them as a family. He explained to them that their talent together would give the company an incredible edge. Eric reiterated that family means more than anything does to him; business is second. Eric said since Ridge and Thorne are forcing him to choose, he chooses Ridge. Eric rationalized his decision by saying that he needs Ridge for his designs. Thorne was stunned by Eric's choice. Eric begged Thorne not to leave, Eric told Thorne that he would choose Ridge, however he does not want either of his sons to leave. Eric offered Thorne a brand new office. Darla spoke for Thorne and told Eric that if a new office is all that is being offered to Thorne, he will not be back.

Meanwhile, Caitlin told Rick she could not believe that the fashion show really happened. She asked Rick to go to Big Bear with her again. Rick told Caitlin he was having a hard time thinking of anything else but her. Unbeknownst to Rick and Caitlin, Amber was listening to their conversation. When Caitlin left, Amber taunted Rick with his own words "How could I think of anything else?" Amber told Rick that she still misses him. Rick told Amber that they can't go back. Rick said he is very happy now. Amber made Rick say that she is not good enough for him. Thomas overheard Rick and Amber's conversation.

Felicia went to see Nick to obtain an explanation of why he told Stephanie that she has pills in her handbag. Instead, Nick suggested that Felicia thank him for telling Stephanie and being concerned about her. Nick insisted that he want to get to know who she is. When Felicia stepped out, Nick called his doctor to ask about the nature of the pills that Felicia had.

While still at Forrester Creations, Thorne was distraught over Eric's decision. He told Eric that he had been the good son, patient, loyal and forgiving and yet, Eric chose Ridge who is not his biological son. Thorne told his parents that they have turned their backs on him and let him down.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


In Thorne's old office, he has a hard time understanding how his parents chose Ridge over him and then want him to take back over production. He yells that they have constantly chose Ridge over him his whole life. Stephanie tells Thorne that he is over-reacting, but Thorne is still very angry and throws a chair through the window before storming out. Stephanie wonders what she and Eric have done.

Thorne goes home, where Sally is babysitting Alexandria. He tells her what happened at Forrester and says that Sally has been more of a mother to him lately than his own mother has.

Thomas goes to see Amber, who is crying over Rick. Thomas tells her that he heard Rick tell Amber that there is no way that they'll get back together. Thomas tries to make Amber feel better, but Amber tells Thomas that he is just a kid and she doesn't want him around.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Stephanie admits to Eric they've made a terrible mistake by choosing Ridge over Thorne. Upon entering the office they find Sally, waiting to inform them of her conversation with Thorne. When Stephanie asks if he is all right, Sally asks, "Oh, so now you care about him?- Where was all that concern when you were kicking him out on his ear? Eric defends his actions saying Thorne was not kicked out. Sally reminds Eric and Stephanie of their choice to replace Thorne with Ridge telling them Thorne was given the "bum's rush" while Ridge was given Thorne's job. An obviously distraught Stephanie begins to tell Sally what a difficult decision she and Eric were confronted with when Eric interrupts, "Darling we do not owe her an explanation." He then turns to Sally and says, "Sally, this is a family problem." Sally quickly reminds him, "Thorne is a member of my family too, you know." Eric tells Sally they're not interested in her opinion. She answers him in true Sally style, "I don't care!! You're gonna get it anyway. So you might as well shut-up and listen!!!" At that point Sally has their attention and she continues," When a son of yours grows up to be exactly what you taught him to be, you should reward him for that. What you should not do is give the reigns of the family business over to his trouble-making, illegitimate brother!"

Thorne tells Darla he feels he did the right thing by forcing his parents to make a choice, even though they chose Ridge over him, he now feels a tremendous relief, as if a huge weight has been lifted from him. Thorne tells Sally he has a proposition for her-to go to work for Spectra .

Back at home Brooke and Ridge discuss the events which transpired earlier that day, resulting in Thorne being fired by his parents. Although Brooke and Ridge each feel sorry about Thorne's situation, Brooke tells Ridge he can't feel guilty about his parents' choice. Ridge replies that Thorne will be missed but his antics will not be. He then adds, "Mom and Dad definitely made the right choice." Ridge confesses he wonders how he'd feel if Thomas and the girls were at each other as he and Thorne have been. Ridge gives Thomas a call on his cell phone and when Thomas won't tell his dad where he is and refuses to come home right away, Ridge contacts the GPS company registered to Thomas' car and learns he is located in Malibu. Ridge drives to Amber's house (used to be Taylor's house) and uses his own key to let himself in. He finds Thomas (still fully clothed) lying on the bed with Amber, who has thrown the sheet over her head to hide from Thomas' dad. Ridge tells Thomas to get up and 'whoever is under the cover' to come out, too. Amber remains under the sheet, hoping her identity will remain unknown.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Samantha and Caitlin chat in the living room, while waiting for Hector and Jimmy to return. Caitlin tells her Mother that she has told her Mother that she loves Rick. Samantha wants to make sure that they are not rushing things. She feels that Caitlin needs to tell her Father everything. Jimmy and Hector return to the living room with popcorn, and continue with the game of charades together. Hector says, he has a good one and the game begins. As Samantha is figuring it out, the pieces fit and the answer is "Will you marry me?" She is totally surprised. She asks everyone what their opinion is and Jimmy comments that everyday Hector saves so many lives but no one came to save his, until now. Samantha says "yes" to him and to her family.

Ridge arrives at what should be an empty beach house. He walks in and finds Thomas and someone hiding under the covers. He rants and raves and belittles Thomas unmercifully. He orders Thomas out and goes to reach for the covers for the girl. Thomas says no, that he is being unfair to her. Thomas removes himself and Ridge from the room, but, on the way out, an answering machine message comes on and that allows Ridge to recognize the voice. He is absolutely furious upon recognizing Amber's voice, and heads straight back for the bedroom. He pulls back the covers to expose Amber. Amber tells Ridge that it is not like it appears. They are just friends. He calls her a scheming gold digger out to get Thomas, the same way she did Rick, only, this time, she picked the wrong one. Ridge shouts at her that, she is not going to get her hands on his son. Ridge tells her to get out of the house (She had Rick's permission to stay there.) He throws her and her belongings out on the street, where, he says, she belongs. With her keys taken away, Amber stands outside. Ridge comes out and tells Thomas to get in his car. He turns to Amber, and picking up a lighted lamp, says that if she even so much as looks at Thomas again, she will burn in hell. She is frantic and throws her arms around her neck, holding the necklace that Thomas gave her, in her hands. She looks frightened, but, then she looks out cunningly.

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